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DISCLAIMER: This site is in no way affiliated with the Monkees or personal relations thereof. All fan fiction and fan art is intended for entertainment purposes only and no defamation of character is intended whatsoever. To break it down one more time: It's all just for fun, folks.

"Soft Dominance"

Title: “Soft Dominance”

Author: Calico Girlfriend

Genre/Pairing: Mike/OFC

Rating: NC-17

Warnings: Sexual situations and language

Disclaimer: I do not know any of the Monkees and this is 100% fictional and written for

entertainment purposes only!

Summary: Mike and his new gal have some fun his hotel room.

Author's Note: I was inspired by the photos of Mike sitting on that chair. I saw it and literally, immediately, began writing.

“Come on over here, darlin’. Ah wanna show you something,” he drawls with a mischievous look in his eye. Silky black hair spills to the left as his fingers run through it. A powerful man with no hint of regret, he pats his lap gesturing to her. She knows better than to give in right away.

“I’m busy, dear,” she says leaning over a messy hotel room desk. She knows exactly what she is doing; popping her rear end out a little more than usual. “Why don’t you help me, Michael? This is your mess after all.” Receipts and bills cover the expensive wooden table top.

Michael just returned from a busy and prosperous night playing a gig with The First National Band. An accomplished musician, entertainer and all around sex god, or so he heard. He watches her pert ass sway from side to side as she pretends to concentrate on the task at hand. Michael is still sweaty and a little smoky; the adrenaline continues to flow from the encore the boisterous crowd demanded.  

When he doesn’t reply, Sally spins around on her suede knee-high boot heels and cocks her hip. “Um, I’ve had a long day; I’d truly appreciate your help.” She is wearing a tan and orange chevron mini and her hair is loose around her pretty face.

As she meets his hungry brown eyes she feels the lower half of her body burn up. He is sitting in the high backed forest green and black arm chair; the one that makes him look like a king. His position is awkwardly proper with legs crossed at the knee and hands folded in his lap, she can tell he is desperately trying to control himself.  Michael’s wearing a fitted country western style black button up shirt and tight blue jeans that hug all the right places or rather, the right place, and black boots.  He’s impatiently eyeing her up and down.  Sally notices a bead of sweat roll off his dark hair line and stop abruptly on his brow. Those eyes, she thinks, are enough to kill you or at least melt you into a puddle.

“I know, babe, but my head hurts; the crowd was so loud. Some of ‘em was so damn cocky. Could ya make it better?” he winks at her; uncrossing his long lean legs then casually crossing them at the ankle. The focal point is now a large bulge. His feet look impossibly enormous in his pointed leather cowboy boots.

She considers this for a moment then decides she doesn’t want to make it easy for him, at least not too easy. A few weeks ago they met after a show he was playing; following one very intense and unforgettable night they were quickly addicted to each other. Sally heard the rumors about Michael’s bedroom expertise (which she can say, with confidence, are rumors based on hard truth) but was interested in more than that; she wanted to know the man behind those beautiful eyes.  But for now, the romping around was more than satisfactory for her.

Michael carefully rolls his sleeve up, exposing a dark furry wrist with a black and silver watch, then he stomps his foot and stands up. “Listen little lady, ah know what you’re doin’ and I don’t have time for it,” he says with power. He walks toward her slowly. Everything he does or says is carefully considered, it’s almost as if he knows that with a hasty immediate embrace a bit of the lusty fun would evaporate too quickly. She was glad for such a thoughtful lover.

“Oh, I’m not doing anything,” she switches hips and playfully pushes his trim abdomen. The white buttons glimmer in the light of the swanky 60’s hotel room. “You are just so demanding, Michael. I mean really, why don’t you go…” before she can finish he scoops her up into his enormous arms. Not enormous in the conventional way but long and enveloping; the safest arms a girl could ever have wrapped around her.

He looks down, about a foot down in fact, to meet her hazel eyes and then brushes a few strands of her loose hair away. With both hands Michael grabs her face and kisses her with such fierce passion that she feels herself go completely limp for a moment. When the moment passes, she reciprocates and puts both of her small hands on his face. He has the longest and most attractive side burns she has ever seen and she loves the feel of the rough manly hair on her soft hands; especially as they kiss.

Michael continues kissing her, his tongue darting into her mouth for just a moment before withdrawing; it’s playful and so sexy and something you wouldn’t really expect from him. He pulls back just enough to lick her lips then grabs the back of her head and kisses her deeply. If there is one thing he knows, a man skilled at foreplay and compliments reaps the best benefits.

“Ya know, you’re-ah mighty fine looking girl; kiss pretty well, too,” he teases as he pulls her towards him, sitting back down on the royal chair. Her tight skirt tensely stretches against her skin as she straddles his lap. Sally feels his hard desire against her ass and that familiar flush comes over her skin. “I’m just gunna sit here while you make me feel better, babe,” Michael says with a soft dominance.

She turns around to see a glorious sight; his head tilted and all of his long black hair cascades backwards, perfectly formed bow lips pursed and his eyes closed. The small constellation of oddly attractive moles is showing at the base of his neck. Sally’s gaze goes further past his stubbly 5 o’clock shadow, the tuft of dark chest hair peeking out of his collared shirt, and finally stops at the bulky silver belt buckle which holds in a monstrous love.

“Alright, baby. You’re a hard workin’ man,” she leans up to whisper in his ear. And quickly melts off the chair, digging her nails into his thighs; knees almost touching the floor. With pressure against his thighs, she pushes her hands up feeling his soft skin beneath his shirt. Her fingers grace his toned torso and his nipples become hard with her light touches. He lets out an ever so slight whimper, followed by a shift in position so as to cover up the apparent vulnerability. Then she unbuttons his black shirt; 1 button, 2 buttons, 3 buttons… Michael isn’t wearing an undershirt and when the shirt slides off Sally has trouble catching her breath as she looks at this perfectly formed delicious Texan man.

Grabbing his long slender fingers, Sally opens her mouth and starts sucking on his index finger. She flicks her tongue around it; sliding it slowly in and out of her warm mouth. With his other hand, Michael responds by squeezing her ass. His head’s still tilted back, eyes tightly shut and legs sprawled apart. She fumbles with his belt buckle and throws it to the floor at once. Unzipping his extremely tight blue jeans she catches sight of the bulge beneath his blue boxer briefs. Ah-ha! She thinks to herself and tugs the jeans off his hairy legs that seem to stretch for miles.

As Michael arches his hips upwards, his hard cock escapes; pulsing and eager it rises to a ridiculous 8.5 inches long. With force Sally gropes his balls and lifts them out of his boxers. She strokes the throbbing organ and slowly surrounds it with her mouth. The tip is warm and smooth; a little pre-cum drips out as she takes her mouth off. Quickly she laps it up while making eye contact with Michael who’s now an active spectator.

He grunts, “Uhhh, yeah,” and his large hand fiercely comes down upon Sally’s ass.  He pulls a mass of her long hair and shoves himself inside her mouth; both hands are now holding onto the armchair for the ride.

Sally licks and sucks; his cock becomes harder with each movement. She twirls her tongue around the tip and teases him, but Michael hates to be teased so he continually pushes her hungry mouth over his dick. She trails her fingers up his naked body and pulls his nipples. Faster and faster he rocks his hips to meet her mouth and Sally grips the base of his throbbing cock, letting him do as he pleases.

“Ohh, mama…” he groans and feels himself begin to lose control of his body. She picks up the pace and waits for the explosion of his warm cum in her mouth. Michael’s body tenses for 4 seconds and he rams his cock further down her throat; he lets out a loud groan and a crooked smirk appears on his face as he thrusts himself out of her mouth. In one swift motion, he rips her top down exposing her supple breasts and comes all over her chest. Hot and sticky, it glistens as it drips down her pink nipples.

Sally is desperate for Michael to fuck her. She takes both hands and rubs his wet juice all over her breasts. She massages her nipples as a completely naked Michael smiles; his chest heaving.  Sally strips down to her black lace panties then places one of Michael’s fingers on her dripping pussy. His cock is nearly ready for her and the anticipation is killing Sally.

“I’m feelin’ so good now,” Michael declares. “Now I’ma make you scream, baby.” He picks her up and with one hand shoves all the papers off the desk she had been organizing earlier.

As she lay on the table, he grabs one of her legs; kissing the inside of her smooth thigh. His soft plump lips feel like clouds against her skin. His mouth moves closer and closer to her pussy, each kiss sending electric shocks up her body and radiating warmth overcomes her as he drives his tongue into her.  Sally grabs his long, now messy, hair and pulls.

Both of his hands push her thighs wider apart and he breathes in her delicious scent. Licking and lapping, he returns the generous favor she just did so well for him. With two fingers he rubs her clit in a circular motion then eases his long fingers inside of her. Michael flicks his fingers around and Sally starts going crazy, squeezing his head between her thighs.

Still with his fingers inside her pussy, Michael leans up and starts sucking on her tits. His cock is hard with eagerness and he begins rubbing her wet clit with it. The entire scene is a mess of passion and grunts; dominance and pleasure.

“You’re so fucking wet. Tell me you want me,” demands Michael. He spins around, grabs a cowboy hat and sits it upon his head.  

Sally can barely talk but she lets out a quivering confirmation, “Michael, I NEED you.”

“You want me to fuck you, huh? You want it rough?” Michael says in a low growl.

“Yes, please,” she says spreading her legs. He picks her up, still with the cowboy hat on, and brings her to the king size bed.

“Turn over, now,” demands Michael. Standing, he grasps her ankles and pulls her to the edge of the bed. Her round ass is high in the air. “Oh yeah, that’s lookin’ damn good.” He rubs her thighs and pushes her ass all around, feeling the soft plumpness. Standing with one foot on the bed, he takes the tip of his erect cock and teases her; rubbing the pink tip around her dripping wet hole.

“Oh PLEASE, please just fuck me,” pleads Sally, she tries to push backwards onto his dick but Michael pulls away and smacks her ass.  

“Say you want me!” commands Michael. He loves watching a woman beg.

“Ohhhh, baby, I want you in…” he interrupts her; ramming his cock deep into her wet pussy before she finishes her sentence.  

“Uhhh…” she moans. A state of pure bliss descends upon her as he pumps his hips; her ass shakes with each smack.

In and out, she can feel the entire length of him inside of her.  He moves fast and Sally can barely think one single thought. Then, Michael slows the love making pace and savors each tight squeeze as he rocks his cock into her.  Sally reaches beneath her naked body and grabs his balls; his black cowboy hat falls off as he throws his head back in pleasure. “Ohh my, my,” he says with his out-of-this-world Texas drawl.

Michael bends over and lifts her up and around. The muscles in his arms bulge as he elevates her entire naked body against the wall and shoves his dick into her. He holds her arms pinned beside the wall and her smooth legs are wrapped firmly around his lean body.  Michael kisses her neck tenderly then playfully runs his tongue along the curve of her clavicle. He makes his way up to her ear and whispers, “You drive me crazy.”

A naughty look comes over his face. Roughly, he pushes her back onto the bed grabs one of her legs, bringing it up to her face. Now he has full view of her beautiful glistening pussy. He pushes his cock in and watches the pleasure come over her face.  Sally arches her body to meet his and digs her nails into his back. Michael grabs her arms and crosses them above her head; one hand pins her arms down while the other squeezes one of her breasts. He has her completely dominated and he loves the feeling. The sight of this beautiful woman obediently doing as he says and moving as he pleases sends him into a state of near unconsciousness.

Michael moves his hand up to her mouth and inserts a finger. Still fucking her; she lets out small cries with each thrust. He bends his head down and his hair falls onto her face. It smells like leather and guitar strings. Sally pumps against him; faster and faster. Their bodies move to the same rhythm and Michael grunts as he nears his second orgasm. He reaches down and rubs her wet clit so they can finish together. Sally begins to feel that recognizable tingling sensation mounting in her.

“Michael! Oh, YES, Michael! Yes!” she screams; curving her body and tightening her legs, she feels the sweet release. She automatically grabs his ample ass and squeezes tight.

“Ohh, God. Sally…” he mumbles as he stifles himself into her neck. With one final push, he bursts and falls upon her. She can still feel his cock pulsing inside of her body. Sally wraps her arms around Michael’s broad back. They lie in silence as one; feeling each other’s pounding hearts and heavy breaths.