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Title: Curiosity
Author: Tig/spoonzees
Rating: R. Definite R.
Pairing: Mike/Peter (I should really start branching out...)
Genre: Strange. Smutty, I hope enough for this community :) But also strange.
Warnings: Sexual content and... actually, I think Mike keeps his potty mouth to a minimum here.
Disclaimer: Totally never happened, especially on the show, but damn, if it had... *fans self*
Summary: Belly buttons. And that's all the summary you get.

Mike wasn't normally the cuddling type.

He had known when this thing with Peter started that it would be unlike any other relationship he'd had, but he hadn't anticipated

Yet, here he was, slouching against the headboard, Peter tucked snugly underneath his arm while the blond man drew patterns on his chest with a finger.

"Having fun?" Mike asked amusedly, watching as Peter 'drew' swirls and loops on his pale chest.

"Mmhmm..." Peter mumbled, nuzzling closer to Mike. "You're comfortable."

Mike gave a small smile, squeezing Peter closer with the arm he had wrapped around his shoulders.

Peter moved his finger lower, watching with a grin as Mike's stomach muscles jumped.

He lazily circled Mike's navel, looking up in surprise when the other man shuddered.

"Mike? Is something wrong?"

"N-no. Just... don't do that," Mike responded, his lethargy gone. His entire body had tensed up.

Peter's brow furrowed in confusion.

"What, this?" He circled Mike's belly-button again.

"Oh!" Mike exclaimed in a low voice, his back arching slightly. "Stop doing that!"

"... Why?" Peter asked, tilting his head to the side curiously. "Does it hurt or something?"

"N-no," Mike stuttered again. "It... it doesn't hurt."

"Are you turning - you're blushing!" Peter cried, lifting his head from Mike's shoulder excitedly. "I made you blush! I can
never make you blush! I... how did I make you blush?" he asked, bemused.

"I'm not blu-ohhh," Mike cut himself off as Peter circled again, slowly this time, carefully watching Mike's face.

"It turns you on, doesn't it?" Peter asked quietly, with dawning comprehension.

"No," Mike replied quickly. "No, it doesn't."

"Yes, it does!" Peter grinned. "You're
still blushing and you just moaned!"

"No, I did-mmm, stop
doing that!" Mike cried out as Peter delved a fingertip into his navel.

"You like it," Peter whispered, grin gone. His pupils dilated as he watched Mike squirm and Mike looked back at him warily. He knew that look on Peter's face couldn't mean anything good.

"No, I don't, I just oh God,
Peter!" Mike barely managed to keep from squeaking, as Peter had leaned down and slid his tongue around the edge of Mike's belly-button. "Wh-wh-" he was incapable of forming words.

"You do. You love it. You want me to do it again." Peter stabbed his tongue inside, watching with glee as Mike gasped, writhing.

"No, it's not what, I don't -
Jesus, Peter, you have to stop!" Mike squirmed as Peter nipped at his stomach before returning to his navel.

"Why?" Peter asked between small sucking kisses. "You seem to be enjoying yourself."

"Be-because, 'cause I, I can't-" Mike had lost all of his words to that mouth, that hot, wet mouth that kept licking and his hands flew to the back of Peter's head.

Peter slid a hand to Mike's pants and nimbly undid the button, reaching inside to grasp his erection. He bagan to stroke it, moving his hand in time with his tongue.

Mike whimpered rhythmically, bucking his hips into Peter's hand and tangling one of his own hands into Peter's hair.

"Pe... Peter... I... gonna..." Mike attempted to warn.

Peter gave a small nod, too busy kissing and licking and sucking to communicate much more than his basic understanding of Mike's fragments.

"Ohhh God Peter so good, oh, oh Christ,
Peter!" Mike groaned as he spilled into Peter's hand.

Peter reached the hand up to his mouth, quickly licking it clean before he wiped his mouth and chin of saliva. He snuggled back up to Mike's shoulder as though nothing had happened.

He waited for Mike's breathing to regulate before he spoke.

"So... does that
always happen when..." he trailed off.

"Yeah," Mike said, looking winded and slightly embarrassed but satisfied. "I don't know why, either. Just, every time someone touches me there...

A slow grin began to form on Peter's face.

"That... is very nice to know."

Mike narrowed his eyes.


"What?" Peter asked, an innocent look upon his face. "I only came in here for a hug, you're the one you turned it into something dirty..." He leaned up and placed a kiss on Mike's cheek.

Mike's heart melted and he pulled Peter closer to him, resting his head on top of Peter's. He inhaled the scent of baby shampoo and smiled.

"You smell good."

"I smell like sweat and come."

"No," Mike smiled. "If you tell-"

"I won't," Peter responded exhaustedly, eyelids already fluttering closed in drowsiness.

"Good. Now go to sleep."

"Okay, Mike. I love you."

"... Love you, too."