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Maestro Moondreams' Fics


"You and I" Series (Mike/Peter)

Elusive Ragings

Take a Giant Step (NC-17)

You're So Good To Me (PG-13)

For Pete's Sake (NC-17)

I Fall to Pieces Part 1: Pretty Little Princess (NC-17)

I Fall to Pieces Part 2: Where the Wilde Things Are (R)

Dyin' Of A Broken Heart (R)

Other Fics

Pillow Time
(Mike/Peter - NC-17)

You Mess With My Head (Mike/Peter - R)

Dressed to Impress (Mike/Peter - NC-17)

Come on In (Mike/Peter - R)

They Say It's Your Birthday (Mike/Peter - PG)

Forget That Girl (Mike/Peter - R)

Seeing Stars (RL Mike/Peter - NC-17)

Dress Sexy For Me (RL Mike/Peter - NC-17)

Naughty and Nice (Mike/Micky & some Peter - NC-17)

The Questions of a Thousand Dreams - P1, P2, P3, P4 & P5 (Mike/Peter, Peter/Steve - NC-17)

Of Fates and Fortunes (Mike/Peter - G)


Early Morning Moans and Screams (Mike/Peter - NC-17)


The Wizarding World of the Monkees - Part 1 (Peter/Micky, Micky/Davy, Mike/Peter - NC-17)



Home Slash Fiction Het/Gen Fiction Donatella's Head

DISCLAIMER: This site is in no way affiliated with the Monkees or personal relations thereof. All fan fiction and fan art is intended for entertainment purposes only and no defamation of character is intended whatsoever. To break it down one more time: It's all just for fun, folks.


Miss Mini's Fics


Dueling Banjos (Mike/Peter - R)

In the Red (Mike/Peter - NC-17)

Long to Lay My Head (Peter/Micky - R)

Peter and the Lollipop (Mike/Peter - NC-17)

Private Screening - Part 1 (Mike/Peter/Micky - NC-17)

Under the Summer Sun (Peter/Micky - NC-17)

Can't Take My Eyes Off You (Mike/Peter/Micky - NC-17)

A Night at the Nutcracker (Mike/Peter/Micky/Davy - NC-17)

Morning Routine (Mike/Peter - R)

Living In Sin (Peter/Micky - NC-17)

Picking Up the Line (Mike/Peter - R)

Backstage Passes (Mike/Micky - NC-17)

Words (Peter/Micky - NC-17)


Supplicio (Mike/Peter - R/NC-17)


Spread (Mike/Peter - R)


Reading Lessons (Peter/Micky - R)


Enraptured (Mike/Peter - NC-17)