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DISCLAIMER: This site is in no way affiliated with the Monkees or personal relations thereof. All fan fiction and fan art is intended for entertainment purposes only and no defamation of character is intended whatsoever. To break it down one more time: It's all just for fun, folks.

Gondorbunny’s Fics

(NB: These are all in the same timeline and are linked as such)

You Do Something to My Soul (Peter/Micky - R)

A Simple Thought May Occur to You (Peter/Micky - R)

With Your Wings, I Can Learn to Fly (Peter/Micky - NC-17)

Strange Voices in My Ears Part 1 & Part 2 (Peter/Micky - PG/NC-17)

To Prove My Love is Truly Yours Part 1, Part 2 & Part 3 (Peter/Micky - PG/NC-17)

Today (Peter/Micky - NC-17)

Do You Know What You Do? (Peter/Micky - NC-17)

It's Such a Pity, The Shape I'm In (None exactly - R)

Every Dream That You Have I'll Fulfil (Mike/Peter - R)

Leave Yesterday Behind (Mike/Peter/Micky - R)

You Look Mighty Good To Me (Mike/Peter - NC-17)

As We Go Along (Peter/Micky - R)

Phantasmagoric Splendor (Mike/Peter/Micky - NC-17)

It Could Be Done So Easily (Peter/Micky - R)

He Looked At Me (Mike/Peter/Micky - NC-17)

When to Keep and When to Share (Mike/Peter/Micky - NC-17)

Why Am I Standing Here? (Mike/Peter - NC-17)

Strength Is Mine When We're Together (Peter/Micky - NC-17)

Never Mind the Furthermore (None really - PG)

It's a Very Extraordinary Scene Part 1 & Part 2 (Mike/Peter - PG/NC-17)

Free From All the Helpless Worry (Micky/Peter - NC-17)

Can't Find a Place to Hide (None really - PG)

Nine Times Blue (Mike/Peter - R)

Shades of Grey (None exactly - PG-13)

All Alone on Christmas (Peter/Micky - NC-17)


Reunited (Peter/Stephen Stills - NC-17)