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"Aqua Monkees"

Title: Aqua Monkees

Author: HunyR0ry

Genre: Action/Comedy

Rating: G

Characters: Davy, Mike, Micky, Peter, OFC

Summary: Davy has a new job...

It was a normal sunny morning on the beach.  The Monkees were playing with a beach ball and running in and out of the sea.

Then a young woman approached Davy.  She had long red hair, green eyes and a slender figure shown off to perfection by her cut-off jeans and T-shirt.

Davy's eyes started to sparkle and he didn't even notice when Mike waved a hand in front of his face.

The Texan sighed.  "There he goes again....."

The girl smiled.  "Hi, my name's Gwendolyn Price.  I'm an artist and I'd like you to model for me...."

Davy's eyes widened and he recoiled.  “In the nuddy?  You must be joking!"

Gwendolyn grinned.  "I don't think the aquarium would approve of that sort of thing.  They're strictly family entertainment!

Don't worry.  Your virtue is quite safe!"

They sat down on a blanket and Gwendolyn explained the situation.

"Do you know the 'Aqualand' aquarium?"

Peter smiled.  "I've been there.  They've got some groovy angel fish!"

Gwendoly grinned back.  "They've got a new dolphin and I've been commissioned to provide some advertising posters for them."

"That's great!"  Micky beamed.  "But what has that to do with Davy?"

"They've come up with an Ancient Greek 'Boy and Dolphin' theme and I think he'd be ideal!"

Micky groaned.  "You realise you’ve just inflated his ego by ten per cent!"

Davy smirked.  "I didn't hear her asking you.....!"

Mike looked thoughtful.  "How much does it pay?"

"The aquarium can give you fifty dollars for a day's work...."


All four Monkees arrived at the aquarium early next morning.

Mike would act as 'chaperone' for Davy while Micky and Peter explored the premises.  They had recently bought an 'instant' camera and were eager to try it out.

Gwendolyn took them round to an open-air pool and introduced them to 'Freddy' who would be Davy's 'co-star'.  The bottle-nosed dolphin clicked happily as Davy patted his nose.

"How's he doing?"  Gwendolyn asked Vince Hernandez who was looking after the animal.

"He's fine.  Eats well and loves leaning new tricks!"

"OK, Davy.  You can change in the office over there,"  Gwendolyn told him. "The costume's on the chair."


Davy was a bit nonplussed when the saw the outfit:  a loin-cloth held together by Velcro fasteners and a head-band, but a job was a job.

"I don't suppose it would fit any of the others."  He thought.

Davy pulled himself up to his full height and emerged to join his friends.


"It's a bit early for Halloween! Isn't it?"  Micky grinned.

"I think you got lucky, Shotgun.  I read a book on the Ancient Greeks and it said their athletes used to compete naked!"  Mike declared.

"It's OK.  You look great!"  Peter reassured him.

Gwendolyn eyed him closely.  "The girls will go crazy!"  She smiled.

Davy's confidence began to improve once he was in the water.

He swam across to Freddy and gently patted him.

"You're doing great."  Vince told him.  "See if you can hold onto his back."

A little gingerly, Davy did so.  He was fully aware that Freddy out-weighed him by several pounds and that although he appeared to be smiling, his teeth were sharp....!

Freddy seemed to like him though and they were soon rushing through the water.

Davy whooped with joy.  He'd never experienced a feeling like it, wonderfully free.

Then his heart sank.  He was feeling a little bit too free!

Davy looked down and spotted the loin-cloth floating on the surface of the water.

"Er, fellas...!"  Davy concealed himself behind Freddy.

He didn't notice a click and a flash of light.

"Don't worry, Shotgun!"  Mike was deadpan.  "I'll get you a towel!"

Micky nudged Peter.  "I think they can manage without us.  Time for a quick getaway!"

He quickly pulled the other Monkee around the corner and into another part of the aquarium.


"How about some pictures?"  Peter asked.  "I like the giant octopus in the tank over there."  He pointed the camera and pressed the button.  Then he did a double take.  "Micky!"

Micky had been caught by a tentacle and lifted a few feet off the ground.  He wriggled helplessly.

"It's OK, Man.  I'll get you down!"  Peter reached up and tickled the octopus next to the offending tentacle.

The octopus convulsed and Micky dropped to the ground.  "Nice going, Peter!"

He stood up and looked at the creature.  "Er, I think we'd better get out of here.  He doesn't look very happy!"

They ran.


Meanwhile, Davy had re-attached the loin-cloth and was happily posing with Freddy.

Mike smiled to himself. Davy was never fazed for long.


"Can we stop for a minute, Micky?  I'm bushed!"  Peter sat down next to a shallow pond.

He smiled.  "I like that rustic log seat.  It looks very natural!"

Micky took a closer look and gulped.  "That's not a rustic log seat, Peter!  That's an alligator!"

He pulled Peter to his feet and then they were running again....


They arrived back at the dolphin pool and skidded to a halt.

"What happened to you?"  Mike asked.  "Gwendolyn's finished her preliminary sketches and Davy's changing."

"I'll tell you later."  Micky panted.  "One thing's for sure.  I'm never going to audition for 'Tarzan'!"


The re-launch of the 'Aqualand' aquarium was a great success.

Gwendolyn produce dsome small versions of her 'Dolphin and Boy' posters to sell, and she, the aquarium and the Monkees split the profits.

Davvy happily signed copies and spent a happy day surrounded by adoring girls.

"You know what."  Mike said to Micky.  "I think he's growing up.  He hasn't shown an inch of ego all day!"

Micky smirked.  "That's down to me.  I told him that if he did I'd give all those girls a picture of him without the loin-cloth!"

He laughed.  "It's a good thing he doesn't know that photo never came out....!"