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DISCLAIMER: This site is in no way affiliated with the Monkees or personal relations thereof. All fan fiction and fan art is intended for entertainment purposes only and no defamation of character is intended whatsoever. To break it down one more time: It's all just for fun, folks.


"You Own My Heart"



Title: Two Hearts – You Own My Heart
Author: Barrelracer
Genre: Slash
Pairing: Torksmith
Rating: NC17
Warnings: Dirty words, sexuality (without the actual “sex”)
Disclaimer: I don’t own The Monkees and do not claim in any way that this ever happened.
Summary: Mike and Peter find themselves alone for an entire weekend and a slight misunderstanding gets the two lovers off to a rocky start.

Mike rolled over; throwing an arm across his eyes to shield them from the early morning sunlight streaming brightly through the bedroom window. He was an early riser by habit and this morning was no different, in fact he’d been awake for close to an hour. It had been three days since that fateful blind date that had been a turning point in his and Peter’s lives, changing them from band mates and friends into band mates and hopefully soon to be lovers.

Mike turned his head, looking at Peter’s still sleeping form in the next bed. In all his twenty four years he had never before felt any desire to be with another man, but Peter had changed all that. He didn’t know if it was the blonds’ easy going, loveable nature or the fact that they were kindred spirits, having the same deep never ending love for the music they played. But, Mike knew that what ever it was, it had started a spark in his soul that he couldn’t put out. When he had first realized his feelings for Peter had changed, Mike had tried to brush it off, thinking… hoping that the feelings would pass. Then the night that they had all gone to “The Hot Spot” for an evening of fun, and some smart ass jerk had made a comment about Peter that had brought tears to the bass player’s eyes. Before he’d realized what he was doing, Mike had given the guy a bloody nose and blackened one of his eyes. Micky and Davy had been right there and had seen everything, including the comforting hug he’d given the blond out side in the parking lot… a hug that had lasted just a bit longer than it should have.

Mike rolled to his side, still gazing at the blonds slumbering body. In spite of his shyness, Peter had turned out to be one hell of a kisser. Mike grinned to himself remembering the passionate kisses they had shared next to the rocks down by the waters edge. His smile grew wider remembering the feeling of Peter’s tongue gently rubbing against his. When Mike had shakily revealed his true feelings to the bassist he’d been afraid of Peter‘s reaction at first but when Peter had shyly, softly replied “I love you too” he hadn’t been able to contain himself wrapping the blond in a heated, passionate embrace that had left them both gasping for breath and wanting so much more.

That small spark had grown into a raging fire and Mike was in no hurry to extinguish it. He had fallen in love with Peter… fallen hard, he knew it and now so did Peter. Mike rolled onto his back again to stare back up at the ceiling, his family had never been ones for open displays of affection and as a result Mike had never felt comfortable openly showing people how much he cared about them. Peter on the other hand was always open, always affectionate and Mike knew that for Peter’s sake he was going to have to get over his uneasiness about such things. Just the night before he’d gently but firmly pushed the blond away when Peter had given him a good night kiss on the lips and Mike had caught the hurt look in the other mans eyes just before he had turned away.

Mike knew that Micky and Davy were going camping with some friends for the weekend and he desperately hoped that Peter would give him a chance to make it up to him.


Peter got up from his seat on the couch to turn the TV off; only half listening to Micky and Davy’s back and forth banter as they made last minute preparations for their camping trip. When he and Mike had first learned they were going to be alone for the entire weekend he’d been a little nervous but excited at the prospect having the tall Texan all to himself. In his exuberance he had placed a kiss right on the surprised man’s mouth the night before, only to have Mike push him away. Feeling sure that Mike was having second thoughts, Peter felt as if his world was slowly crumbling.

“Come on Davy get a move on will you, we’re going to be late” Micky yelled, walking into the living room and glancing at the clock again.

“Ok, ok don’t get your knickers in a ruffle” Davy exclaimed, opening the bathroom door and pausing to look at himself in the mirror again “I’m ready” he said coming out and closing the door.

Micky rolled his eyes and looked at Mike, who had just come down the winding stair case “we’re going camping and he has to make sure he looks good”

Both Mike and Davy grinned as Davy replied “well you neveh know what kind of …uh…birds you’ll find in the woods”

Micky snorted “bluebirds, humming birds” he paused to pick up Davy’s sleeping bag and tossed it at him” black birds…..um what else is there” Micky picked up his own things and opened the door.

Davy added as he walked past Micky out the open door way “canaries, love birds……”

“Canaries?” Mike asked in a shocked tone and grasped the door knob as Micky and Davy went out into the hallway; Davy briefly turned back, shrugged his shoulders and grinned.

“Hey you two packed warm clothes I hope, this is October and it gets damn cold in those mountains at night” Mike yelled leaning out the door, he must have gotten an affirmative answer because he grinned and shook his head as he closed the door.

Still grinning Mike looked at Peter was standing beside the couch. Noticing the tears glistening in the other mans eyes, Mike’s smile slowly disappeared as he got the sinking feeling that Peter had misunderstood why Mike had pushed him away the night before.

“You ok, Pete?” Mike asked walking to the blond and lifted a hand to his face, softly running his thumb across Peter’s slightly stubbly cheek. Giving Mike a watery smile Peter nodded and attempted to move out of Mike’s grasp.

“I’m ok, Michael”

Peter’s retreat was stopped by Mike’s other hand on his other cheek.

“I’m sorry, Peter” Mike kept his hands firmly on Peter’s face, afraid that if he let him go now he wouldn’t get another chance.

“It’s ok, Michael….you, you’ve changed your mind……..I understa……” Peter didn’t get a chance to finish because Mike’s lips were suddenly on his, kissing him hard. Finally Mike pulled away, looking deeply into Peter’s eyes and seeing that Peter was more confused then ever.

“I haven’t changed my mind, babe……I‘m sorry about last night, I shouldn’t have pushed you away like that” Mike said gently.

This time Mike could see hope building behind the tears, hurt and confusion in Peter’s eyes.

“You still want me?” Mike’s heart nearly broke at the sound of Peter’s shaky voice.

Mike wrapped his arms around Peter, holding his trembling body tightly against him.

“God….yes I still want you, don’t ever doubt that again”

Peter lips turned up into one of his dimpled, breathtaking smiles, giving a small hic-up he slid his arms around Mike’s waist, holding on as if his life depended on it. Mike kissed his way across Peter’s face to his mouth, catching a stray tear along the way. Peter’s mouth opened readily under his, moaning slightly as Mike slid his tongue in, softly caressing the inside of the bass players mouth.

Both men groaned as the kiss became more heated and the tip of Peter’s tongue flicked across the underside of Mike's…..
god that feels amazing…..Mike’s thinking became hazy as Peter started to run his hands up Mike’s sides then down to his thighs and back up again, spreading his fingers wide as he slid his hands past Mike’s hips. Mike broke the kiss just then, staring hard into Peter’s eyes and seeing the unspoken question in them, he smiled.

“Don’t worry babe, we’re just gettin’ started” Mike said, his voice slightly husky as he back walked Peter to the edge of the couch.

As the back of Peter’s legs touched the end of the cushion Mike again captured Peter’s mouth in a wildly heated kiss, pushing the blond down onto the couch into a reclining position, following him down and laying full length on top of his band mate. Mike could feel the hard ridge of Peter’s erection through his sweat pants, knowing that he was the one causing this reaction in Peter made the Texan grow bolder. Mike’s lips moved to Peter’s cheek and down his neck, flicking his tongue across the warm, smooth skin at the base of Peter’s throat.

Peter groaned and turned his head to one side to give Mike better access as his hands began to restlessly move up and down the taller man’s back then slowly, searchingly moved past the top of the Texan’s pants to settle on his firm buttocks, pulling the other man’s crotch hard against his raging hard on. Both men groaned at this new pleasurable sensation and Mike began to rock his hips against Peter’s. After a minute or so of reckless thrusting Mike’s hips suddenly stilled their rocking motion, the Texan laid his forehead against Peter‘s shoulder, breathing hard.


“Gotta slow down, gonna come too soon” Mike gasped. After a minute he sat up pulling Peter up into a sitting position as he did. As Peter swung his legs over the side of the couch, Mike snaked an arm around his shoulders.

“I’m gonna make it up to you, Pete”

“Michael, you don’t have…….ohhhh god” Peter groaned as Mike slipped his hand under the waist band of Peter’s sweat pants.

……son of a bitch…… Mike thought as he started to caress the satin encased steel like ridge. He gently pulled Peter’s erection out of the cotton garment and involuntarily gave a small gasp. Mike knew he wasn’t exactly small by any means but Peter was just downright…damn, the boy was huge! Mike quickly got over his shock as the corners of his mouth turned up in a small smile when Peter softly moaned. He wrapped his fingers around Peter’s erection and began stroking in slow sensuous movements, rubbing his finger tips gently over the mushroom shaped head.

Peter gasped and his eyes rolled back in his head.

Mike quirked an eyebrow and rolled his thumb over the tip again, this time Peter groaned and his head fell to the back of the couch as his hands grabbed fistfuls of the cushion. His eyes fluttered closed as the hand grasped his aching cock with a slightly firmer grip and continued to slowly stroke him.

“That feel good, babe?” Mike’s voice was husky with desire.

When Peter only nodded Mike tried again, feeling an overwhelming urge to hear Peter’s pleasured response.

“Ya like my hand on your cock, Peter, ya like getting it rubbed?” Mike whispered in Peter’s ear.

This time he wasn’t disappointed.

“Oh fuck…..it feels so good, ohhhh, please don’t stop” Peter’s moaning reply was instantaneous almost as if he knew Mike needed to hear the words.

Mike watched as Peter slowly began to fall apart under his ministrations, sweat beginning to dot across his forehead. Peter’s hips lifted off the cushion as he began thrusting into Mike’s hand.

Peter could feel his balls tightening almost painfully as the pressure continued to build.

“Oh god, oh god Mike I’m gonna come” Peter groaned, clenching his teeth.

“Come on babe, come for me” Mike ground out, the hand becoming a blur on Peter’s cock.

Peter let out an ear piercing wail as he arched his back and his seed shot out, splattering onto his t-shirt and covering Mike’s hand.

Breathing hard, Peter sprawled haphazardly against the back of the couch as he tried to catch his breath, feeling Mike’s fingers gently brushing his sweat dampened blond hair away from his eyes, he turned his head to find the Texan’s face inches from his. Neither man said a word as they stared into each others eyes, then Mike closed the distance between them and placed a gentle kiss on Peter’s lips.

“Am I forgiven?” Mike asked, a crooked smile forming on his lips.

Peter didn‘t say anything just hooked a hand behind Mike’s neck dragging him closer and placed a deep passionate kiss on the Texan’s lips that said without words, all was forgiven and forgotten.

Mike’s lips trailed to Peter’s neck, nipping then soothing the tiny stings with quick flicks of his tongue. Peter couldn’t stop a small moan escaping past his lips when Mike flicked his tongue in his ear then traced the outer shell with the tip of his tongue.

“Wanna feel you against me” Mike whispered after a minute, his breath hot in Peter’s ear. He leaned back a bit to look Peter square in the eye.

“All of you”

One corner of Peter’s lips turned up in an incredibly sexy smile (that had Mike almost gasping for breath) as he grasped handfuls of Mike’s shirt tugging it out from the waistband of his tight fitting pants as Mike began to unbutton his shirt. As he reached the last button his eyes fell on Peter’s lap, surprisingly the blonds’ massive member was already beginning to twitch and swell again.

Mike shrugged the rest of the way out of his shirt as Peter pulled his t-shirt over his head in one swift move. Pressing his back against the back of the couch, he reached for the waistband of his sweats as Mike stood to remove his pants. Raising his eyes to Mike’s face he found himself looking into a pair of lust filled, dark eyes.

Mike pushed his pants and underwear past his hips and knees; he leaned forward and placed a hand on Peter’s shoulder to steady himself as he stepped out of them. As he straightened back up he noticed that Peter’s eyes were riveted on the hard cock pointing proudly straight out from the nest of dark curls between his thighs. The lecherous grin that had begun to form on Mike’s lips turned into a groan when Peter wrapped his fingers around it and began moving his hand in slow tantalizing strokes.

Peter glanced up and gave Mike a not so sweet smile as he leaned forward and flicked his tongue across the swollen head, tasting the slightly salty pre come that had begun to collect at the tip. Mike groaned again as Peter took the head of his cock in his mouth and began to gently suck.

“Oh fuck” Mike muttered breathlessly, watching Peter’s slow decent onto his cock. Peter tilted his head to one side so he could watch Mike’s face as he sucked. The two gazed into each others eyes, one set of eyes was heavy lidded and lustful, the other set was watchful and teasing. Finally, Mike had all he could take and placed a hand on Peter’s blond head. Giving Mike one last gentle lick Peter scooted back on the couch again, his fully erect cock gently moved against his stomach as he waited for Mike’s next move.

He didn’t have long to wait as the other man practically pounced on him, pushing him back down onto the couch and stretched out full length on top of him, hungrily feasting on Peter’s mouth. Slowly breaking the kiss, Mike braced himself on his elbows gazing down at the man under him as Peter wrapped his hand around both straining cocks and Mike began to thrust his hips against Peter, in slow, sensual deliberate movements, both groaning at the amazing friction of their two cocks rubbing together. The feeling of intense pleasure increased as Mike’s hips began to buck against Peter’s wildly, after the blow job Peter had given him, Mike knew he wasn’t going to last long.

“Fuck…..I’m gonna come” he ground out, Peter moved his mouth close to Mikes ear as the other mans head rested against his.

“Come for me Michael, I want to feel you come”

Mike grunted as his hips bucked and strained, pushing hard against Peter’s as his hot seed coated the stomachs of both men. Peter groaned loudly in Mike’s ear as he added to the sticky mess between their bodies.

The two lay there, each listening to the others rapidly beating hearts as they waited for their breathing to return to normal. Finally Peter wrapped his arms around Mike’s waist, holding him close. Mike turned his head placing a gentle kiss on Peter’s sweat covered neck. He smiled happily when he heard Peter’s raspy whisper.

“I love you Michael”

“I love you too babe”


Mike winced slightly and stretched, trying to get the kinks out of his back then filled his coffee cup and placed another on the table for Peter. The two had spent the rest of the afternoon and late into the night naked and curled up under a blanket that Peter had pulled over them when the coolness of the evening had brought a chill to the room. As he took a drink he softly smiled to himself remembering Peter’s pleasure drenched groans as Mike had jerked the blond off under the blanket before sleep had overtaken their tired bodies.

"…Oh yes” Peter moaned as the hand on his cock sped up. The hands on Mike’s thighs gripped hard as Peter writhed in Mike’s arms…the words Mike had whispered in Peter’s ear had driven the blond mad with frenzied desire …

“What are you smiling at?” Mike looked up to see Peter, who had just come out of the shower standing by the table clad only in his tight fitting pants and drying his hair with a small towel. Raking his eyes down Peter’s toned body; Mike wondered if it was too early in the morning to get his hands on the bassist again.

Mike raised his coffee cup to his lips, “Jackin' you off last night” he said, hiding his amused grin behind the cup as Peter flashed bright red.

Peter ducked his head as the red hot flush of embarrassment flooded his face; he remembered what he’d yelled out as he had orgasmed.

"……oh shit, oh fuck….Michael yes, yes….rub that fucking cock……"

Mike took a drink and set the cup down as Peter dropped the towel on the floor and pulled out a chair and sat down.

“I didn’t know you were so um….vocal” Mike said, still grinning.

“Well, you do it so well” Peter said quietly, the bright red flush was still present but a twinkle was beginning to form in his expressive hazel eyes.

“I’ll remember that, ya know” Mike chuckled, taking another drink.

Peter picked up his cup, “Oh, I hope so” he said, as a sexy smile played across his lips. “Especially when you tell me how much you like having my big, thick cock in your hand”

Mike nearly choked on his coffee.

…..definitely not too early…..


The bed springs on Mike's bed squeaked in protest as the two squirming bodies on it abruptly shifted. Mike groaned in ecstasy as Peter licked a long line up the underside of his swollen shaft. An even louder groan was wrenched from his throat when Peter’s wicked tongue swirled around the head of his cock. Mike’s hands fisted in the pillow under his head, sweat ran down the sides of his face and neck as he strained to keep from thrusting his hips up and shoving his cock down Peter’s throat, but Peter it seemed, was doing a pretty good job of that himself. Hollowing his cheeks and sucking hard, Peter raised and lowered his hot mouth again and again on Mike’s throbbing erection; each time pausing at the top to run the tip of his tongue through the leaking crack.

Peter had been treating Mike to one of the most mind blowing blow jobs the Texan had ever experienced, slowly bringing the man to the point of explosion and Mike was nearly delirious with the need to come.

“Fuck, Peter I need to come…..make me come” Mike’s wheezing voice reached Peter’s ears and he decided to give Mike what he asked for.

Peter reached up with one hand and grasped Mike’s balls, rolling the hard sacks firmly between his fingers as he swallowed the big cock and nuzzled his nose in the dark curly hairs at the base of Mike’s shaft, humming softly.

Fireworks seemed to go off in Mike’s head as the muscles in Peter’s throat vibrated around the head of his cock. With a deep groan Mike’s body stiffened, shooting the thick, warm liquid down Peter’s throat. Mike felt the muscles in his neck ripple as the blond swallowed every drop and slowly raising his head, Peter gently licked the remaining fluid off the head of Mike’s spent member.

Crawling up beside his gasping lover Peter stretched out on his side, placing his elbow on the bed and resting his head in his hand. Peter gently caressed Mike’s heaving chest while the other man lay listlessly on the bed.

As soon as Mike felt he could talk he looked into Peter’s bright toffee colored eyes.

“Where…did you…learn to do that?” Mike’s voice was still raspy.

“Listening to you”


“Uh huh, when I did something you liked your groans got louder” Peter’s eyes twinkled with merriment.

Mike pondered this for a moment while his breathing returned to normal then catching the blond a little off guard, he turned swiftly, rolling on top of Peter and feeling the hard ridge of Peter’s cock against his belly .

“Let’s see how loud I can make you groan…or hollar” Mike growled, crashing his mouth down on Peter’s. Mike was determined to give Peter as much pleasure as the blond had just given him, driving his tongue deep into Peter’s mouth and running his hand up and down the bass player’s side grazing his thumb over a puckered nipple. Mike slowly rolled his hips from side to side, rubbing himself against Peter’s erection; he was rewarded for his efforts by a low moan from the man under him.

Mike slowly worked his way down Peter’s tanned body, taking his time to lick and suck every part of Peter’s warm skin his lips touched, spending a fair amount of time rolling his tongue around Peter’s nipples then gently sucking. Peter’s breathing became little pants as Mike continued downward, pausing to dip his tongue into Peter’s navel and briefly giggling when Mike hit a particularly ticklish spot. The giggle turned into a disappointed moan as Mike bypassed his crotch, kissing his way down one thigh to the blond’s knee, gently grazing his fingertips down the inside of the opposite leg as he went then began to work his way up the other thigh.

Mike paused at Peter’s hip bone, licking the slightly sweaty skin. He knew he was driving Peter crazy when he heard the bassist moan.

“Oh god, Michael…please”

“Please, what?” Mike quietly asked, gently stroking his finger tips threw the hairs surrounding the base of Peter’s cock.

“Suck me, please…suck me” Mike grinned; those were the words he’d been waiting to hear.

Slightly shifting positions Mike lowered his head, swirling his tongue over Peter’s testicles then drawing one of the firm sacks into his mouth and gently sucking before moving his attentions to the other and doing the same, trying to remember every thing Peter had done to him. Peter moaned, his breathing harsh and ragged, the moan turned into a huffing pant as Mike’s tongue began to lick a lazy path up the underside of his throbbing cock and slid over the pre-come glistening head. Peter lifted his head so he could watch the action as his hands fisted in the rumpled sheets. Mike’s mouth closed over him and Peter’s blond head fell back to the pillow as a deep guttural groan was wrenched from him.

Mike continued his slow ministrations, licking up one side of Peter’s massive erection and pausing at the tip to gently suck and roll his tongue over the pulsating head before licking down the other side.

Peter’s eyes rolled back into his head and his jaw went slack at the sudden feeling of Mike’s finger slowly stroking over his tight passage. His breathing became ragged as that sinfully wicked mouth began to suck him in earnest; his moans became long drawn out groans as Mike began to massage his puckered opening with the pad of his thumb.


Peter’s groans were becoming louder, more desperate sounding and Mike knew he was getting close, hollowing his cheeks Mike sucked hard, taking in as much of the blond's cock as he could. Peter’s hips began to lift off the bed, almost gagging Mike as he felt the head of Peter’s erection nudge the back of his throat. Quickly grasping Peter’s hips, Mike pinned him to the bed as the blond writhed under him.

“Oh, OH FUCK MICHAEL” Peter’s wail echoed throughout the pad, his orgasm slamming into and through him. The gush of warm fluid took Mike a little by surprise causing him to gag for a moment but the Texan quickly recovered. Peter lay gasping as Mike continued to gently lick and suck the rapidly shrinking member until the sensation grew to intense for the blond and Peter whimpered, placing his hand on Mike’s dark head. Swiping the back of his hand over his mouth Mike moved up to lie next to his band mate.

Wrapping Peter in a gentle embrace Mike kissed the top of his head as Peter nestled against him and rested his head on Mike’s chest. Mike smiled remembering Peter scream his name at the peak of his orgasm, he didn’t think he could be any more in love with Peter then he was at this moment. The room was silent for a few minutes as the two basked in the warm afterglow and the serenity of just being near each other. Then Mike heard Peter’s quiet voice.



“Next time…um…would you make love to me?”

Peter raised his head, looking at the Texan's face as Mike’s eyes widened in horror.

Past the Point of No Return My Heart Aches for You