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Naked Persimmon have now taken over Tumblr! While the website provides you with fanfiction, fan art, galleries and quotes, the Naked Persimmon Tumblr is a place where your webmistresses run rampant about whatever random Monkee-ness is occupying their minds at the time. Whether it be proposed favourite sexual positions of the boys, picture caption challenges or impromptu ficlets; almost anything goes!


For the full NP Tumblr experience, follow us here! Ask us questions, send us pictures, we want to hear from you! Meanwhile, enjoy the latest we have to offer with this live feed…

DISCLAIMER: This site is in no way affiliated with the Monkees or personal relations thereof. All fan fiction and fan art is intended for entertainment purposes only and no defamation of character is intended whatsoever. To break it down one more time: It's all just for fun, folks.