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"You Mess With My Head"



Title: You Mess With My Head
Author: Moondreams
Rating: Hard R maybe?
Pairing: Mike/Peter
Genre: Slash, smut
Warnings: Language, sexuality
Disclaimer: I don’t own The Monkees and make no claim that this ever really happened. It is purely the result of an overactive imagination.
Summary: An innocent enough competition stirs some unsettling feelings in Mike...
Author’s Note: OK, so I started the next part in my series when this damn PWP popped into my head and would NOT go away until I wrote it. Half-way through I decided I probably wouldn’t post it because it’s a bit out there and Peter’s fairly OOC and basically it’s not brilliantly written.

It was all Micky’s fault. Or maybe it was Davy’s...Nope, it was
definitely Micky’s fault. He was the one that started it, he just wouldn’t let it lie and now Mike was suffering for it.

They had all gone out for a bite to eat after a well-paid gig to celebrate a job well done. They weren’t even sure how they got onto the subject but it somehow got totally blown out of all proportions.

“Well, you would, Davy! Doesn’t mean you’re right.” Micky snapped.

“Look, cool it Micky. He does have a point, he does get all the chicks after all.” Mike said, trying to settle them down.

“So? That doesn’t make him the best kisser. That just makes him a slut.”

“’Ere! That’s not on, is it? I can’t ‘elp it if the girls like me more than you guys.” That just managed to rile Micky up even more. Mike put it down to the fact that he’d just been dumped by a girl he was going steady with and was now going through something of a crisis when it came to his sex appeal.

“Fine. There’s only one way to settle this.” Micky started to look searchingly around the diner, craning his neck over Mike’s head.

are you doin’?” Mike asked, shaking his head.

“I am looking for a girl who would kiss each of us in turn and then we can get an honest answer.” Everyone’s eyes widened, Peter’s more than anyone.

“Micky! We can’t do that, it’s not fair. I mean, it’s not fair on the girl. I mean...” He couldn’t finish the sentence in a way that satisfied him so he just maintained his wide eyed expression. Mike smiled softly to himself. Out of all the them, Peter was the one that never really had girlfriends and the only one that Mike had never really seen kiss a girl. He understood why he was hesitant and felt bad for him.

“Listen Mick, ain’t that a little drastic. So what if Davy’s the best kisser, he doesn’t exactly hang on to the girls does he.” Davy snapped his head towards Mike with a scowl.

“Did I miss something? Is this pick on Davy day or what? Fine, what do I care, go find a girl and we’ll settle this fair and square.” Micky grinned triumphantly, continuing his search while Peter looked on miserably.

He finally spotted a brown haired woman in a white dress who surprisingly seemed to be on her own. He nimbly slipped out of his seat to approach her while the others watched the interaction. They saw her shrug and then follow Micky back to the table.

“This is Joanne. She’s up for it, so what say we go back to the pad and resolve this?”

“Fine by me.” Davy said, sternly. Peter and Mike just exchanged awkward glances. They didn’t see how this concerned them but they knew there wouldn’t be any point in arguing, they may as well just go along with it. It was just a kiss after all.


As they bustled into the pad, they took turns in the bathroom to freshen up and then made themselves comfortable, scattered around the living room. Joanne looked decidedly unimpressed by her surroundings and had already made the decision not to stick around after they settled their score.

They all began to realise how absurd this was but Micky was too stubborn to back out now and decided that he would go first. Mike realised he had inadvertently sat where he had a perfect view of everyone. Despite himself, he couldn’t help but watch the unfolding events.

Micky’s kiss seemed to be over pretty quickly and from what Mike could tell, he seemed a very gentle kisser. Not what he would have expected from someone so energetic and boisterous. He noticed how Davy was also watching, trying to judge his competition and appeared to look quite smug at the conclusion.

Mike was next and just took it in his stride, he had nothing to prove and felt a little self-conscious at the idea of his band mates watching him. Still, he didn’t think he did too badly and she didn’t seem to have any complaints. She would linger a little after each kiss, as if committing it to memory before the next one.

Next, she strolled over to Peter, spinning him around seductively in his chair. Mike knew how nervous Peter was probably feeling and wasn’t going to watch but...

Holy crap...

Mike’s eyes widened as he watched the kiss before him. He realised for the first time that he had never actually seen Peter properly kiss a woman before, why the hell would he? It wasn’t exactly something he ever thought about. But now he couldn’t take his eyes off it, it felt like it went on forever.

His lips looked so full and soft as she pressed her own against them, making the kiss deeper while her hand seemed to slip between Peter’s thighs. He noticed how his tongue slipped into her mouth briefly and then out again, his eyes remaining gently closed the entire time.

Mike was unconsciously holding his breath, thinking about what it would be like to feel those lips on his own when he felt the lower half of his body stir.
Shit, I can’t believe this is turning me on. What the hell is wrong with me? But he still didn’t look away.

As she pulled back, he felt a slight sense of disappointment. She spun him back round as she moved on to Davy. Mike was vaguely aware of some weird goings on involving birds and windows flying open followed by a defeated huff from Micky but his eyes never strayed from Peter whose own eyes remained closed.

He looked longingly at those lips, now able to just admire them without anything obscuring the view. Then his eyes glided over his whole face, taking in the delicate features he’d never paid particular attention to. The way his hair fell gracefully against the headrest, the solid jaw line, the little mole above his lip. Mike subconsciously licked his own lip in concentration. That seductive smirk...

Mike suddenly snapped out of his daze when he realised that Peter was staring intently at him under half lidded, lazy eyes.
Shit, how long has he been watching me? Looking around, he saw that Micky and Davy were still watching Joanne so he quickly picked himself up out of his seat to break the unsettling moment.

After seeing Joanne out, Micky and Davy just looked at each other.

“Even?” They both repeated a little sceptically.

“Looks like we’re all reasonable kissers after all, Mick.” Peter stated.
You have got to be kiddin’ me, shotgun. Mike thought randomly, silently cursing himself. What was wrong with him? Micky pouted slightly but resigned himself to the fact that Davy was at least no BETTER than him. He became his usual self for the rest of the evening, laughing and joking with everyone.

But Mike’s mind was reeling. He couldn’t think about rehearsing or watching the TV or writing or reading...his mind kept travelling back to Peter, and so did his eyes. He’d keep watching him move around the pad, absorbing all his movements. No matter how much it unnerved him, he didn’t want to look away, he was entranced. A part of him was sure Peter was aware that he was being watched, the way he would bend over to pick something up, or brush past Mike briefly. Of course, it was probably just all in his head.

After a while, the close proximity was driving him wild and he just wanted to distance himself from the blond and hopefully, his thoughts.

“I’m gonna turn in guys, see ya later.”

“It’s only 8:30. You alright, Mike?” Davy asked, slight concern in his voice.

“Yeah, yeah. Just, uh...just need some sleep is all. Night.”

“Night, mate.”

“See ya!”

“Goodnight, Michael.” A shiver ran down Mike’s spine as Peter spoke. He picked up his pace, taking the steps two at a time to get to the bedroom quicker, throwing himself onto his bed. He stared up at the ceiling, thoughts running erratically through his brain. He tried suffocating them by holding a pillow over his head but it didn’t help. He decided to just try and get to sleep instead.


Peter was back in that chair, ready and waiting. Mike sidled up to him, slowly, seductively. No words exchanged between them before Mike pressed his lips against Peter’s, hard, tasting him, running his tongue over his lips to dive into his wanting mouth. Peter moaned beneath him, his hand moving up to pull him closer, deepening the kiss.

Mike nimbly slipped into Peter’s lap, straddling him, pressing forward to feel Peter’s arousal. Mike groaned loudly at the feel...waking himself up as he realised he’d made the sound out loud. He also noticed he was achingly hard as his cock pressed uncomfortably against his pants.

He looked at the clock: 8:40.
Dammit! This is ridiculous! He decided that there was no point in fighting it, he just needed the release. Then maybe the thoughts would go away and he would be able to sleep and look at Peter as he always used to. At least, that’s what he hoped.

His hand began to slowly trail down his chest then past the waistband as he groped himself roughly through the fabric. His breath hitched slightly in his throat at the much needed contact. He massaged himself rhythmically, circling his hips.

He then moved his hand back up to pop open the button and draw the zipper down, arching his back to pull the pants down along with his underwear, freeing the throbbing member.

He wasted no time in stroking it to immediately relieve the aching tension. He sighed loudly, but tried to quiet himself, remembering the others were only downstairs. But soon enough, he slipped out of himself again, eyes closed as he continued the rough jerking motions.

His other hand started undoing the buttons on his shirt as he began to sweat slightly then gripped the blanket below him as he hurried himself towards his climax. Images of Peter forced their way into his head, of him yearning for Mike, begging him to kiss him, to touch him.

“Mmmm...” Mike picked up his pace even more, thrusting up into his own hand. In his lust filled state, it took him a couple of moments to comprehend that the purring moan of appreciation he’d just heard had not in fact escaped from his own lips but from somewhere to his immediate right.

His eyes flew open as he stared at the honey coloured eyes that looked back at him, scanning over his whole body, hovering at certain places. Mike’s hand was still wrapped around his cock, too shocked and embarrassed to move.

Peter was leaning nonchalantly against the wall next to the bed, arms crossed in front of him.

“Don’t stop on my account. Please.” He moved his hands in a waving motion, signalling for him to continue. Mike just looked at him absolutely bewildered. What the hell was going on, was this still a dream?

“What- What the fuck?” Mike finally shifted position, moving sitting himself up so his back was against the head board. He began to pull his pants up again when Peter suddenly moved, making him jump. He sat beside him on the bed, legs tucked underneath him, his hand grasping Mike’s and holding it steady.

Mike swallowed hard as he felt Peter’s hand so close to his cock which had lost some of its hardness due to the compromising situation. He looked back up at Peter who was now leaning in very close, watching Mike’s every expression with extreme interest. He then spoke very low and quiet, making Mike tremble.

“I said. Don’t. Stop.” Mike licked his lips again. This was most certainly not a dream but he still had no idea what was happening. Since when did he find Peter attractive and since when did Peter become so sexually...anything? This was
Peter! Sweet, innocent Peter. Why was he going along with Mike’s sick fantasy?

When Mike was not forthcoming with his movements, Peter grasped the index and middle finger of the hand he still held and began running them lightly over the gorgeous cock before him.

Mike’s eyes fluttered at the sensation. Even though it was his own hand, he could feel Peter through it. Feel how it was so different than the way he did it to himself. There was an agonizing slowness to it, a relish that had him moaning almost immediately.

Peter kept his gaze solely on Mike’s face, delighting in every little detail. The parting of his lips, the small furrow in his brow, how his eyes would clench tighter as he brushed past a particularly sensitive spot. It was strange, Peter had always found the Texan very intriguing and was instantly attracted to him but he never would have expected to have Mike think of him as anything other than a friend. And yet he’d seen Mike staring at him with a look of unbridled desire and he suddenly wanted nothing more than to satisfy him, but he didn’t want to make it easy for him. He was in a playful mood...

He continued to brush Mike’s fingers over the pulsating cock, his own body stirring with each deep-throated sound that Mike made. He ran the fingers up and down the shaft, then around the head hearing Mike take a sharp intake of breath. He could tell from his writhing that he needed more contact, he was dying for it. He took Mike’s hand fully, wrapping it around his cock, moving it up and down with more vigour.

“Ngh, fuck. So good.” Mike’s hips began to move in time with the movements, his hands flying out to either side of the bed, holding himself in place.

“What were you thinking about?”

“Mm?” Mike was finding it hard to concentrate on so much at once, the sensations shooting through his body taking most of his attention. Peter used his free hand to run his fingers over the rapidly tightening balls, making Mike’s eyes fly open gaining his full attention as his breathing got heavier.

“What. Were you thinking about? When I came in here?” Even with his cock in Peter’s hand and his orgasm not too far off, he still felt embarrassed about admitting to the fantasies that had been getting him off.

“I- I was thinking...about-“ He couldn’t bring himself to finish it. Peter leaned in closer so they were practically nose to nose, his breath ghosting over Mike’s lips.

“Tell me.”

“-You.” The word practically tumbled out of Mike’s mouth with another moan. Peter smiled back, hearing what he already knew but wanted to hear from Mike’s own lips. He moved Mike’s fingers over the head again, spreading around the pre-cum collecting there. He then moved the hand away, up to his mouth with Mike watching wide eyed. He took the slicked fingers into his mouth, sucking them, licking them and tasting the slightly salty flavour.

Mike was getting restless, so turned on was he by watching Peter taste him. Peter’s other hand mercifully wrapped itself around the momentarily neglected cock, pumping him hard and fast.

“Tell me, what you want to do to me.” Peter said, between licks. Mike’s breathing became even more laboured at the gruff tone in Peter’s voice, so unlike him, so full of lust.

“I want...to kiss you.” Mike mumbled, trying to stop himself from speaking but that voice and that hand was making him unravel. Peter leaned in close again, right up to Mike’s lips as if to kiss him but moved over to his ear at the last minute, making Mike whimper slightly.

“Mmm, what else?” He whispered.

“I want to - feel you...”

“Mm-mm. You can do better than that, Michael. Try again.” Peter’s hand began to slow down until the movements on Mike’s cock almost stopped. Mike didn’t want it to stop.

“Nnh, I wanna throw you up against a wall, running my hands over your cock, watchin’ ya get hard for me. So hard.” An encouraging moan of pleasure escaped Peter then and as confused as Mike was about what was happening, he couldn’t hold back now.

“I’d get those pants out the way, pulling the zipper down so damn slowly you just beg me to hurry it up.” Peter saw how Mike’s eyes were focused on the prominent bulge in Peter’s snug pants. Smiling to himself, he resituated himself so that he was straddling his thighs and began to remove Mike’s tie one handed while the other stayed around his manhood.

“Then what?”

“Then...” Mike tried to keep things going but he was finding it harder and harder to concentrate, it just felt too good. “Then I’d get down on my knees and lick you. Suck you. Pin you hard against the wall so you’re helpless.”

Mike noticed with delight how Peter seemed to slip out of himself and into Mike’s fantasy, seeing it all so clearly in his mind’s eye. His hips began a gentle rocking motion allowing Mike to feel his erection against his thigh. But he wanted to feel it without that darn fabric in the way.

“Yeah, I’d suck you so hard you can barely stand up. You need so bad, need me to make you come.” As he continued to talk, his hands started working to undo Peter’s pants without him noticing.

“Mmm, yeah, take it all the way, Michael. All the way.” Still with his eyes closed, he traced Mike’s lips with his fingertips which Mike saw as the perfect opportunity to distract him properly. He took two of the fingers into his mouth and promptly began to suck, lick, kiss.

Peter began to moan in earnest now as he imagined that wicked tongue moving that way around his aching cock, teasing him to full hardness as he fucked that hot, inviting mouth. He then became aware of how confined he felt and he just wanted out of the clothed prison. It was then that he felt a hand slide carefully over his crotch. He couldn’t let Mike get away with such behaviour.

He leant forward again, stopping all other movement as his hands moved to either side of Mike’s waist and brushed the side of his face with his own. He tutted in Mike’s ear disapprovingly, making him squirm in anticipation when Peter suddenly nipped at his ear lobe.

“Hey!” He yelled, which was followed by a loud
smack! Mike looked up at Peter in utter incomprehension and slight horror. Instinctively, Mike had slapped Peter right across the ass.

“Peter. Man, I’m sor-“ But he was stopped mid-sentence as Peter ripped open his shirt, running his hands up and down his now bare chest. Mike looked into Peter’s eyes and it was as if they had changed colour, they were darker now, so full of desire. He bit Mike’s chest, a little harder this time and picking up the cue, Mike smacked him again, harder. This time, the yelp was accompanied by a grateful moan.

“...harder...” He managed to choke out.

“Hm?” Mike was very much getting into it now, so much so that he was willing to push his luck.


“What’s the magic word?” Peter glared at Mike but he didn’t fail to pick up the hint of playfulness that accompanied it. Peter then pinched Mike’s nipples sharply making him yell in pain.

“Harder, now!” Mike spanked him so hard it hurled him forward but Peter just let out a sob of pleasure. While Peter was lying forward, Mike managed to get his pants down, freeing his cock fully. Peter then sat back up to straddle his waist resuming his previous rocking motion, now revelling in the feeling of his cock gliding sweetly over Mike’s taut stomach. Mike smiled, but this time there was tinge of wickedness to it. Peter was beginning to crumble and Mike was the one causing it.

Mike watched the enormous piece of flesh before him. He couldn’t get over how hard it was, or how
big. He was certainly full of surprises. His own cock ached to be touched but right now, he wanted to concentrate on Peter. He gripped his hip one handed and began pumping with the other.

“Ahh, god, yeah. That’s it, more.” Peter realised that he was rapidly losing control of his own game but that was OK. He decided he liked Mike’s rules better.

Peter’s movements became more vigorous as he thrust into Mike’s hand, head rolling back as his breathing became more and more laboured. As he would thrust back, his bare, slightly bruised ass would brush Mike’s hard-on, making them both groan in tantalizing pleasure.

“God, I wanna fuck you Peter. That’s what I wanna do. I wanna get you on the bed, run my hands all over your body, then my tongue…” Peter began to squirm as his need for release became more and more prevalent. He started to kiss down Mike’s chest, slowly, lovingly.

“Like this?”

“Ungh, yeah babe, just like that. Then I’d spread those gorgeous legs, pull you up closer…” He began to roughly massage the uncovered flesh of Peter’s thighs were, watching Peter’s cock twitch at the contact.

“And then I’d thrust in so hard you think you’ll explode. Fucking you. Filling you, so deep, yeah babe, god you feel so good and you love it, you want more, you need more. Hearing you come, seeing you squirm and buck and beg.” Mike began to lose control the more he thought about it and the more Peter began to thrust against him, sharing in the delicious fantasy. Mike needed a release and he needed it now. He arched up suddenly but as he did, it ever so slightly brushed past Peter’s entrance making Peter cry out in a ragged sort of sob.

He suddenly grabbed hold of Mike’s hands, pinning them above his head, forcing him to grab hold of the head rest and Peter twined his fingers with Mike’s as he laid flat across the body below him.

“Ahhh, fuck, yes Peter. More, please, I need more.” Their raging erections were now level and Peter began bucking against him causing a mind-blowing friction that Mike could barely handle. He just wanted to free his hands so he could grip on to that tight ass and really grind into him but instead all he could do was arch up, trying to meet the thrusts. Looks like Peter hadn’t been as willing to relinquish command as he’d thought.

Their movements became more erratic as their hardness slid against their bodies, all sense of rhythm lost. Mike forced himself to open his eyes and look directly at Peter who looked back at him, trying to focus through his sweat covered bangs. Mike’s voice dropped low, his accent become thick as he whispered into Peter’s ear.

“And then I fuck you so hard that you come all over me as I explode in your ass, pounding into you harder and harder. So tight. You scream my name, scream it! Please, Peter, fuck I need it, please!”

“UNGH! MICHAEL, FUCK!” Peter quickly removed his hand from the headboard to grip both of their cocks at once, pumping them in unison which was all Mike needed to get sent over the edge with images of Peter lying prone and desperate beneath him, wanting him, craving him, loving him.

As Peter ceased his grip completely, Mike could finally grope that beautiful ass, pushing him down further as he felt their combined fluids cover their stomachs.

Peter slumped on top of Mike, laughing lightly as he felt their hearts beating rapidly against each other. Mike was still totally overwhelmed but most certainly fulfilled. He realised that he’d wanted that since way before this morning. Way before.

Peter rolled over to lie next to him, attempting to do his zipper up but his cock was still too sensitive to touch. He looked over at Mike, seeing the dazed look on his face and he immediately began to worry. He’d tricked him, he didn’t really give Mike a chance to back out of it. He seemed into it but then, maybe that was just what he wanted to believe.

Mike picked up on the apprehension in his friend and gave one of those rare smiles, turning over to face him properly.

“You are one dark horse, Peter.” Peter smiled lightly before becoming very serious again.


“What, babe?”

Peter turned fully on his side and without any hesitation, kissed Mike square on the lips.

Mike was glad he was lying down because his legs became like jelly, he would most certainly have collapsed had he been standing. It was a hundred times better than he’d imagined it to be. Those lips were so tender, so gentle, Mike was almost too scared to kiss back. Peter’s tongue brushed over Mike’s bottom lip and he welcomed it as it thoroughly explored Mike’s mouth. He thought it was quite possibly the best, most loving kiss he had ever experienced and he was grateful at how it seemed to last forever.

As Peter pulled back, he watched Mike carefully, trying to see if he’d gone one step too far. Getting off was one thing, but a kiss meant more to Peter than anything and he could see that Mike had understood that and more importantly appreciated it.

“Dark horse, indeed…” Mike mused. Peter grinned wider, and there it was…the old Peter, bright eyed and bushy-tailed as always. How did he do that?

“So…that was one thing off the list. Let me get a pen and we’ll write that other stuff down too for later!” Peter leapt off the bed like an excitable kid in search of something to write with. Mike just laughed to himself, it sure had been an odd day.

Yep, all Micky’s fault. He made a mental note to buy Micky a present in the morning.