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"When to Keep and When to Share"



Title: When to Keep, And When to Share
Author: Gondorbunny
Pairing: Torklenz (Or is it?) :)
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: More slashy loving between consensual adults (Emphasis on "sensual") :)
Disclaimer: Do not own!
Summary: Peter wants to spice things up a bit more

“New thing?” Micky asked, a trifle suspiciously as Peter drew him into the bedroom.

Peter nodded enthusiastically. “Yeah. Just something I’ve been thinking about. I want to try it.”

Micky narrowed his eyes slightly, appraisingly. “Pete...You know I’m up for just about anything, but...”

“Aw, come on, Micky,” Peter wheedled, leaning his head against his lover’s shoulder with a winning smile, his tawny eyes shining. “It’s just a little fun thing. Trust me, please?”

Micky’s expression softened as he ran a hand idly through Peter’s soft golden hair. “You know that I trust you, Peter. You don’t even have to ask that.” He paused, considering, then said. “Okay. What is it you want to try?”

Peter’s smile widened into one of his dimpled grins. “Great! Umm...Okay. Get on the bed,” he said, pointing.

Micky’s own smile turned slightly wicked. “Hmm...Sounds good already,” he commented, climbing up on the makeshift double and reclining onto the mound of brightly colored and patterned pillows.

Peter joined him, running his hand up and down Micky’s thigh as he said quietly. “We need to get you out of these clothes for this to work right.”

“Better and better,” Micky replied, yanking his loose cotton shirt over his head, while Peter assisted him with the removal of his pants.

Once he was lying naked on the bed, Micky smiled lazily at Peter, asking in a slightly teasing voice. “So, does this game involve you losing your clothes too? ‘Cause you know that’s my favorite kind of game.”

Peter smiled, stroking down Micky’s slim body. “Well, of course that’s part of it,” he replied, shucking off his own shirt before stretching out over Micky’s body, taking his lover’s mouth in a kiss that was both deep and slow, making Micky sigh beneath him.

As Peter continued the kiss, he quietly slid open the bedside table drawer, grasping a few long nylon scarves that he had stashed there earlier in the day. Then he used his free hand to slide down Micky’s right arm in a soft caress, grasping his hand as he reached it and slowly drawing it up toward the headboard.

Softly separating from the kiss, Micky murmured against Peter’s mouth, “Pete? What are you doing?”

“Just relax, Micky,” Peter whispered, mouthing his way down the side of Micky’s neck. “You’ll love this, I just know you know you will.”

The combination of Peter’s confident words and the sensations he was creating against his neck shut off any further questions Micky may have been formulating. He decided...uncharacteristically...to just shut up and go with it.

“Mmm...” Micky purred, stretching his head up to give Peter more access to his sensitive flesh. He didn’t even flinch as Peter swiftly bound his right wrist to the headboard with one of the scarves, and there was similarly no reaction when the same treatment was afforded to his left wrist. In fact, Micky couldn’t help but feel a bit turned on by this development.

Though it was true that some of the scenarios between him, Peter and Mike had had their own share of kinky moments to them, this was the first time that he and Peter had ventured into such territory on their own. Maybe there were more advantages to getting Mike involved in their relationship than Micky had anticipated. After all, Mike had certainly managed to discover a side to Peter that Micky never would have found; a darker, more sexually adventurous side.

Once Micky’s hands were firmly secured, Peter dove in again for another kiss, this one rougher and more impassioned than the first. Seeing Micky so helpless had affected Peter more than he would have believed. His cock was hard and raging inside his pants, and the urge to remove them and slide immediately into that hot, willing body was almost irresistibly tempting.

He did manage to rein himself in, however, with a great effort, telling himself that having his way with Micky now would spoil the surprise.

So instead, he backed off again, noting the lovely dark eyes that looked at him with a combination of expectation, arousal, and trust.

Then those eyes were blocked off as Peter deftly tied a third scarf...this one thicker and darker...around Micky’s head, effectively cutting off his vision.

“Hey,” Micky protested mildly. “I’m not so sure about this part, Pete. How am I supposed to lust after that gorgeous body of yours if I can’t see it?” He pouted prettily, and Peter could not resist dipping his head to kiss those inviting lips again.

“Just use your imagination,” Peter said simply as he pulled away again, hearing Micky sigh in response.

“I already do
that all the time,” Micky said grumpily, though his voice held an edge of good humor that Peter detected easily. He smiled, and then slid off the bed.

Micky immediately felt the absence of weight beside him, and he stiffened, leaning up as far as his bonds would allow. His voice now held the first faint trace of alarm. “Hey wait! Where’re you going?”

“I forgot something out in the other room,” Peter said lightly over his shoulder as he headed for the door. “Hang on. I’ll be right back.” Then he was gone before Micky could protest again.

Micky slumped back against the pillows. “Great,” he muttered. He pulled experimentally at the ties around his wrists, but they held fast with no sign of giving. Yet they were comfortable, and did not feel like they were cutting off any circulation no matter how Micky twisted his hands. Peter had certainly done his job well.

Speaking of Peter, Micky’s ears perked up as he heard the bedroom door opening again.

“It’s about time!” he scolded gently, smiling. “I don’t know how much more patient I can be, tied up and blindfolded, and then you just
leave me here. Some friend you are!”

Peter didn’t utter a word, but Micky could feel the weight of him rejoining him on the bed, and the slow, even sound of his respiration. Then he felt a guitar-calloused hand slipping up the inside of his thigh, rubbing in slow up-and-down motions, the tips of the fingers just coming within brushing distance of his groin each time, and then cleverly sliding away again.

“Mmm...” Micky hummed blissfully, shifting his legs slightly. He pushed his hips up, trying to encourage more contact to his most needy areas.

However, relief wasn’t going to come that easily, it seemed. Now he felt the weight shift between his legs, and now both thighs were being stroked in that same titillating fashion. This time, the fingertips would just barely rake over his scrotum for a breathtaking split second before moving away. It was becoming downright maddening.

Micky growled softly, pulling gently on the scarves. “Oh, come on baby,” he murmured. “Don’t tease. I want you too badly for that.”

Just then, Micky heard a sound that he knew but couldn’t quite place. Before he had a chance to figure out what it could be, however, he found his left leg suddenly seized below the crook of his knee and shoved up toward his chest. His breath caught in his chest as he felt the cold, slippery sensation of Vaseline being applied around his opening, and then a finger was being inserted with knowledgeable precision.

“Oh yeah,” Micky sighed, pushing his hips down as best he could, trying to take more and more. He was almost insanely horny right now, and he was craving the sensation of being filled up. He whimpered eagerly as a second finger slid in beside the first. Then both fingers were twisting inside him as they moved slowly in and out, opening him up most effectively and making a thin sweat spring out on Micky’s brow.

“Yeah, baby,” Micky purred, getting caught up in the delicious rhythm, but at the same time needing more...so much more. “Ooo...That feels so good. You want to fuck my ass? Do you? Come on, babe...I’m waiting for it.”

He heard Peter give a sudden exhalation of breath like a harsh sigh, and then the fingers were suddenly being withdrawn. Micky could not help but whimper slightly at the loss, but he didn’t have time to grieve long, for now both legs were being pushed up, and a hard, slick cock was running up and down his crack searchingly, almost driving Micky out of his mind with anticipation.

“Do it,” Micky whispered, almost unaware he was speaking out loud in the extremity of his arousal. “Do it now. Please.”

Then he felt the slight burn and stretch as his body was invaded, the cock sliding into him with one long, slow thrust, not stopping until he felt the slightly coarse pubic hair pressed against his buttocks.

“Ohhhh....” Micky groaned, hurting but loving it at the same time. He barely had time to adjust to being so full when Peter pulled back and then pushed in again, harder this time, causing a surprised sound to be jerked from Micky’s mouth.

“Peter, be careful, babe. You...” Then another, rougher thrust followed, abruptly cutting off Micky’s words. This time, however, the thrust was angled slightly differently, so that the apex of this one bumped squarely against Micky’s pleasure center.

The groan that now tumbled from Micky’s lips had nothing to do with discomfort. He wriggled his hips, begging silently, his arm and shoulder muscles standing out as he strained against his bonds.

“More please,” Micky asked, his voice deep and hoarse. “God, please. Fuck me. Fuck me hard.”

He got his wish, and then some. He felt himself literally tacked to the mattress as Peter’s cock rammed home again and again, stimulating his sweet spot every few strokes and making Micky cry out and writhe with almost mindless pleasure.

Almost mindless, but not quite. He had no idea that Peter would be so into these little bondage games. He had never known his lover to be this demanding, or their sex to be this rough, but there was something in Micky that was caught up in all of this as well. He rather liked being completely at Peter’s mercy; being unable to do anything except take whatever he was given.

“Oh shit,” Micky sobbed, arching up into the brutal thrusts, feeling like he would go insane if he didn’t come soon. His cock was throbbing, his balls ached. As much as he loved having Peter inside of him, his need was just too great. “Peter, please...I have to come, baby. Please make me come.”

A few agonizing seconds went by, and then he felt the most welcome sensation of a fist closing around his erection. He snapped his head back, gritting his teeth as he was stroked, as the cock in his ass made contact with his prostate again.

“Oh god,” Micky ground out, his face wet with sweat, the cords on his neck standing out as he strained toward his release. “Oh god, baby. Oh yeah. Please don’t stop...Oh god...I...Oh

Then Micky’s cock was exploding in a white-hot flare of ecstasy. A hoarse shout was directed toward the ceiling as he felt the highly pleasurable spasms wrack his body, and his abdomen and thighs were doused with his fluids.

As he was basking in the warm afterglow, he dimly heard Peter give a harsh grunt and felt his cock jump inside him as his reached his own orgasm as well. Micky felt him lean against him, one hand on each of his knees, while at the same time, he was carefully unwrapping his fist from around Micky’s softening cock.

Wait.....three hands????

Suddenly his post-coital fog was slashed to pieces as if with a knife, and he was suddenly pulling up against his ties. “Hey...Wait a minute...”

Seconds later, his blindfold was whisked away, and he spent a moment blinking in the comparative brightness of the bedroom for a moment before focusing completely on the tall, slender man that was kneeling between his legs with his cock still buried inside Micky’s ass.

“Mike???” Micky’s eyes widened and his mouth dropped open in shock.

Mike smiled in a lazy, satisfied fashion. “Yeah, it’s me, Mick. Surprise!”

Then Peter was settling down on the bed next to Micky’s head, looking down at his lover, his expression tense and anxious.

“You’re not mad, are you?” Peter asked quietly, as Micky turned his dumbfounded expression on him. “Mike wanted to have sex with you, but he wasn’t sure you’d go for it.”

“Yeah,” Mike drawled, slowly pulling out of Micky’s body and then stretching out on his side, his head propped up on his elbow as he looked at Micky and Peter. “I thought that maybe you would think you were being unfaithful to Peter or something if I asked you straight out. So Pete and I thought up this idea.”

You wanted me?" Micky asked, still stymied by the entire scene, even as his body was still tingling from the aftermath.

Mike’s dark hazel eyes sparkled with amusement. “Yeah, that’s right. Let’s just call it curiosity. After all, Peter can’t get enough of you, so of course I had to find out why.”

“And did you?” Peter asked, his voice deep and soft as he turned toward Mike.

“And how,” Mike replied, stretching luxuriously. “If he’s that hot when he’s tied up, I’m really anxious to see how he’d be if he had use of his hands.”

Now that he was getting over his shock, some of Micky’s natural good humor began to return. He lifted his eyebrows, saying suggestively, “You just might find out, Mikey boy. You weren’t so bad yourself.”

“Hmmm...Sounds like a date. On that note, I think I’m going to hit the shower,” Mike said, shifting off the bed and walking naked over to the bedroom door in a completely unself-conscious fashion. “As usual, guys. It’s been fun!” With that, he slipped out, shutting the door behind him.

Micky’s eyes now shifted to Peter as Peter said, “So you aren’t upset that I...well, I guess you can say I tricked you.” As he spoke, he began to untie the scarves holding Micky’s wrists.

Micky shrugged slightly, flexing his fingers a few times to get the blood flowing through them again. “Yeah, you tricked me, but there were good intentions behind it, and I know you’d never trick me into anything that would hurt me.”

Relief now showed plainly on Peter’s face. “That’s all true, and I only did it because Mike really wanted you and because I knew you’d really enjoy being with him if you tried it.”

“And I did,” Micky agreed, smiling. “He’s definitely got a different style, but it’s something I could definitely dig once in a while.” He paused, slipping his hand gently up the back of Peter’s neck as he added, “Though I would rather be with you than anyone else in the whole world. You know that, don’t you Peter?”

Peter nodded, his eyes shining. “Yes, I know that, and the same goes for me.”

“Good,” Micky said. “I think that when Mike is done with the shower, we'll need one too. After all, you haven’t had a chance to get any action yet, and it’s only fair, isn’t it?”

Peter’s smile lit up the room as he replied, “Whatever you say, Micky.”






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