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"Trading Places"



Title: Two Hearts- Trading Places
Author: barrelracer
Pairing: Torksmith
Rating: NC 17
Warning: Sexual situations,language
Summary: Peter wants something.
Disclaimer: I do not own The Monkees and do not claim in any way that this ever happened.

Peter stood leaning his arms on the porch railing as he gazed up at the twinkling stars scattered across the night sky, the light breeze gently whispering through his hair like ghostly fingers. The evenings dishes had long since been washed and put away and he’d come out here to escape the lingering heat from inside. It wasn’t the actual heat inside the house he mused but the heat of a different kind, the kind that churned and boiled inside his groin.

He wanted it so bad he could almost taste it.

He wanted to be the one with his cock buried deep inside Mike’s body.

There was only one problem; he hadn’t made love to the Texan since that day on Mike’s uncles’ farm, two months ago. Mike hadn’t mentioned it since then and Peter had a feeling that the tall dark haired man didn’t relish the thought of a repeat performance, even though he’d acted like he’d enjoyed it at the time.

The voices of his friends filtered through the kitchen’s open window and he heard Mike’s deep voice as the Texan said something to Davy causing the small Englishman to laugh. A second later the back door opened and Peter turned his head to see Mike step through the open doorway.

The Texan closed the door and crossed the wooden floor, stopping behind the bassist and sliding his long arms around Peter’s waist, nuzzling his nose into the soft blond hair. He smiled as Peter’s hands automatically rose to intertwine their fingers.

“Whatcha thinking about?” Mike asked quietly, placing a kiss on the sun streaked golden head.

…if only you knew…

“Nothing really, just looking at the stars” Peter replied.

Mike frowned slightly; Peter wasn’t what you’d call a star gazer by nature so Mike knew that if he was out here looking at stars then something was bothering him.

Mike began to think back over the past several days, had he said or done something to upset Peter? He gave a mental shake of his head, no, if he
had done something, Peter would have told him.

Then he began to wonder if there was something Peter may have wanted to do but was afraid to ask. As he stood there with the blond wrapped tightly in his arms, something finally dawned on him…when they made love;
he was always the one to take control, always the one in the drivers’ seat, so to speak.

He gave the blond a gentle hug, sighing when he felt Peter’s body relax against him. Was that what was on Peter’s mind? If it was, Mike knew Peter well enough to know that the bassist wouldn’t ask to change things, even for one night.

Mike rested his chin on the top of Peter’s head, thinking back to that day in his uncles barn when Peter had taken his virginity, once the initial pain had subsided, he’ d enjoyed it…a hell of a lot more than he’d anticipated.

One side of his mouth turned up in a crooked smile, Peter had demonstrated very well that day that the stage wasn’t the only place those sexy hip movements came in handy.

The more Mike thought about it, the more he became sure that was what was on Peter’s mind.
God, I’m an idiot he thought, of course Peter would want to top, he was a man after all and besides, now that he was thinking about it, the thought of lying on that bed with Peter between his legs was starting to turn him on. He felt the all too familiar twitch a few inches below his belt and began to run his hands up and down Peter’s arms, nuzzling his neck.

“Wanna know what I’m thinking about?” Mike asked, letting one hand slip under the hem of Peter’s shirt and up across his chest. Peter leant his head back on Mike’s shoulder, sighing softly as the Texan’s hand continued its exploration.

“What are you thinking about?”

Mike ran the tip of his tongue along the outside of Peter’s ear, “Gettin’ ya upstairs, on the bed,” Mike’s warm breath ghosted over Peter’s ear, “All hot and hard for me.”

A tiny moan escaped as any other thoughts he might have had fled with a rush as mental images flooded Peter’s brain…that is until he heard Mike’s next words.

“Wanna feel ya inside me...”

Peter blinked in surprise and turned in Mike’s arms, the hand that had been inside his shirt now rested on his hip.

“But I thought…”

Peter didn’t get a chance to finish before one of Mike’s fingers settled on his lips, silencing him.

Mike leaned in close, whispering in Peter’s ear….

“Don’t think Peter, just screw the shit outta me.”

Mike swooped in for a hard but brief kiss then leaned back so he could look into Peter’s somewhat dazed eyes.

“What do ya say, wanna take me to bed?”


Micky and Davy looked up from their chairs in front of the TV set as Peter and Mike walked hand in hand back into the room.

“Uh, guys hope you weren’t planning on tryin’ to get some shut eye any time soon,” Mike said as he and Peter headed toward the twisting staircase.

They both watched as the pair climbed the stairs then looked at each other trying to hide amused smiles.

“Do you think Mike is trying to tell us something?” Davy asked, wiggling his eyebrows in a suggestive manner.

“I think things are going to get verrry interesting up there.” Micky answered, snickering when he looked up in time to see Mike gave a playful swat to Peter’s back side as he closed the door behind them.

“Think we’ll need to put cotton in our ears?” Davy asked turning his attention back to the TV.

“Naw, they know we’re here, they won’t get too loud.” Micky answered, as he too turned back to the program.


As soon as Mike closed the door, Peter was on him, nearly knocking him backwards into the door as he pulled him into an extremely passionate kiss.

Mike groaned as Peter’s hot tongue filled his mouth, tracing every little detail. A shudder ripped through his body when he felt Peter’s hand slide past the zipper and begin groping him roughly through the fabric of his pants.

Mike grabbed Peter’s ass, pulling him into the cradle of his thighs, Peter barely had time to jerk his hand out of the way and both men groaned as their erections clashed together.

“Fuck,” Mike gasped as Peter began to swivel his hips back and forth, grinding his cock into Mike's at the same time gathering fistfuls of the Texan’s shirt and yanking upwards, pulling the bottom past his belt. Mike grasped Peter’s t-shirt, pulling it over his head in one swift movement then began to fumble with the buttons on his own.

Peter smiled and brushed his hands away, quickly sliding each button through its respective hole then pushed it off Mike’s lean shoulders.

His long fingers glided down Mike’s chest, feeling his stomach muscles flutter under the tickling sensation. His eyes followed the path his fingers took until they reached the buckle then flicked back up to gaze into the chocolate colored eyes as he slowly unfastened it, unbuttoned Mike’s pants and pulled the zipper down.

Peter’s hands then moved around to the Texan’s backside, rubbing in firm slow circles over the taut buttocks as he leaned in, placing feather light kisses on Mike’s collarbone and began working his way up Mike’s neck, licking and kissing as he went.

“Love you so much,” Peter said quietly in Mike’s ear before gently running the tip of his tongue over the lobe.

Mike closed his eyes, groaning as he tipped his head back while Peter placed open mouthed kisses under his jaw line. One of Peter’s hands slipped to the front, working its way into the open plackets of his pants and grasped the ridged hard on through his cotton underwear.

Mike groaned again, louder this time as that hand began to expertly stroke him with long smooth fluid movements.

Before long the tip of Mike's cock was peeking out from the waistband of his low slung jockey shorts and Peter couldn’t resist running the pad of his thumb over the engorged head.

Neither one had realized that they had slowly worked their way further into the room until Peter felt the edge of the bed nudging the backs of his legs. Mike turned them both so that the Texans’ legs were against the hard frame of the bed then pulled his pants down and sat, quickly stripping off the rest of the garments.

“Ummm, ya know I think you’re a little overdressed shotgun, how bout we do something about that?” Mike said, his voice becoming deeper with lust as he reached for Peter.

Mike hooked his hands in the waistband of Peter’s pants and hauled him forward, briefly running his hand along the hard bulge making an impressive tent in the front of the material.

After divesting Peter of his pants, Mike quickly reclaimed the huge erection bobbing up from the dark blond curls between Peter’s thighs.

Peter gave a low gasping moan as Mike’s hand moved up and down his hard length, tracing the velvety smooth head with his thumb while the fingers on Mike’s other hand lightly caressed the smooth skin on the inside of his left thigh.

Mike looked up into Peter’s eyes noticing that the honey colored orbs had become darker and slightly glassy; he gave Peter a lazy, half crooked smile and slowly leaned forward….

Down stairs two pairs of wide, shocked eyes flew to the closed door of the bedroom when the sound of a loud ragged groan reached their ears.

Davy flung a quick look at his curly haired friend and without saying a word, reached to turn the volume up a notch.

Peter placed his hands on Mike’s shoulders to balance himself, watching as Mikes mouth now retraced the path his hand had taken.

“Oh …Michael…”

Mike cocked his head to one side so he could look at Peter’s face as he ran his tongue over the silky smooth head. He watched Peter’s eyes drift shut and his head fall back on his shoulders as he ran his tongue through the crack, gently lapping the mushroom shaped tip as if it were the sweetest ice cream cone he’d ever tasted.

Then, giving the blond no warning, Mike dove in, taking the enormous cock down his throat and silently congratulating himself on doing so without gagging.

Peter’s eyes flew open and his body stiffened…


Both men down stairs glanced uncomfortably at each other and shifted a little lower in their seats...

Just a few plunges down that hot sucking mouth was about all Peter could take, he squeezed Mike’s shoulders.

“Stop…or this will be done before we even get started.” He gasped.

Reluctantly Mike sat back up and scooted further up onto the bed and reclined back laying his head on the pillow.

“Ya liked that, huh?” he said with a grin as Peter moved up to sprawl lengthwise across Mike’s body.

“Mmmm, too much.” Peter answered, leaning down to run his lips across Mike’s chin then looked at him with a dimpled grin, “One good turn deserves another.”

Peter bent his head, licking at the skin on Mike’s neck, slowly working his way down across the fur matted chest and paused to run his tongue over a puckered nipple.

Reaching his destination Peter gave Mike a saucy grin and ran his tongue up the underside of the throbbing erection in front of him, reveling in the sound of Mike’s throaty groan.

“Do you like it when I suck your cock, Michael?” Peter asked, his voice a husky deep timber; he leisurely ran his hand along the hard contours of Mike’s member.

“Fuck yeah, suck it Peter...”

“Watch me.” Peter said, his voice suddenly dropping a notch, then making sure he had Mike’s full attention leaned in, swallowing the Texans cock in one swift motion….


Mikes’ back arched as that warm delicious mouth descended on him….

Again the two men downstairs looked at each other with shocked expressions; each noticed a pink stain beginning to spread across their respective faces.


Two voices yelled as one as they sprang up from their seats and began to make a mad dash across the room toward the bathroom.



Without breaking stride both changed direction, Davy's arms slightly wind-milling in his haste to turn and headed out the back door to the quiet empty sand beyond.

Peter kept his eyes locked on Mike’s face as he continued to suck hard at the trembling cock in his mouth. Each of Mike’s breaths came out in a groan as his body began to buck beneath Peter. He placed his hands on the lean hips, holding them firmly to the bed.

Mike’s hands flew to the sides of the bed, gripping hard onto the edges, it felt like Peter was trying to suck his balls right up through his cock but, oh damn did it feel good.

But before Mike could reach that final hurtle Peter gave a final lick to the head of his cock and sat up then moved off the bed, bending his knees to get the kinks out of them.

As Mike lay sprawled on the bed giving the bassist a somewhat disgruntled glare Peter softly chuckled and moved to the bedside table, his erection standing impressively at attention. He pulled open the top drawer and removed the jar of Vaseline then walked back to the end of the bed.

Peter swung his leg back up on the bed and moved to sit between Mike’s sprawled legs; setting the jar beside him he gently ran his hands along the insides of Mike’s thighs carefully avoiding the needy erection in front of him.

“Do you have any idea how good you look…lying there like that?” Peter asked, leaning over to place a kiss on the top of Mike’s right thigh.

Mike grumbled, “So ya leave me riding higher than a kite and you tell me I look good?”

Peter gave a light laugh,“ Oh, we haven’t even come to the riding part yet.” He replied, drawing Mike’s legs up so that his feet were firmly planted on the slightly rumpled bedspread, Peter placed a hand on each of Mike’s knees pulling them further apart.

Mike’s breath hitched in his throat as he stared at Peter’s massive cock as the blond unscrewed the lid on the jar. He watched as the bassist liberally coated himself with the jell then let out a deep breath feeling Peter’s fingers softly exploring his entrance, spreading the slick substance.

Still feeling the strong urge from his southern region the Texan moaned in pleasure as Peter’s finger breached him, moving slowly in and out then a second finger was added, still moving in that same slow rhythm.

Giving his hand a little twist with each inward stroke, Peter grinned as Mike’s feet left the bed lifting high into the air.

“Do you like that?” Peter asked, picking up the rhythm a bit.

“Ah, fuck that feels good.” Mike said, moaning in delight as those fingers moved deliciously in and out of his body. He closed his eyes, wondering why the thought hadn’t occurred to him sooner to let Peter fuck him. The feelings of several months before came rushing back as he slowly rotated his hips. If that cock felt as good as he remembered…as good as Peter’s fingers did right now, he was definitely going to have to do this more often.

Mike opened one eye to gaze at his lover perched between his legs, his cock twitched at the look in Peter’s eyes.

“You gonna get to the ridin’ part soon?”

Peter grinned again as he removed his fingers and Mike almost groaned at the sudden loss.

“Eager for it are you?” the blond asked, scooting closer to Mike’s body, he took himself in hand and ran the tip along the crack in Mike’s ass.

This time Mike did groan “Do me babe…do it now.”

Peter pressed in, slowly pushing into Mike’s body, Mike gasped and his hands flew up to grasp hard at the brass bars on the headboard.

…Jesus Christ…Mike’s eyes clamped shut and his jaw tightened as Peter’s cock became fully sheathed inside him. Peter leaned forward gently kissing Mike’s neck until he felt one of Mike’s arms settle around his shoulders.

“Are you alright?”

“Yeah, just…shit does it always hurt?”

The corners of Peter’s mouth curled, “No, but it’s been awhile for you.” He gave Mike a moment then sat up balancing his weight on his heels. He ran his hands down Mike’s sides and over his stomach before pulling Mike’s legs down, placing his feet back on the bed.

Grasping Mike’s waist Peter began a slow thrusting rhythm, the tightness surrounding his cock threatening to undo him at any second; he thought back, remembering how he’d gotten Mike to loosen up the last time.

“God babe,” using the Texans’ pet name for him, “You feel so good, so fucking tight.” He scraped his fingernails lightly along Mike’s thighs then wrapped his fingers around Mike’s cock which had lost some of it’s stiffness when Peter had entered him, stroking in the same slow movements as his hips.

Mike’s body began to relax and opening both eyes he gazed at Peter, watching as the blonds’ body moved in a slow sensuous rocking motion against him.

Peter smiled a not so sweet smile, “You like watching me fuck you, Michael?”

“Ummm yeah, that cock feels good.”

Softly grunting Peter rose up onto his knees pulling Mike’s ass up with him, moving his hands around to the taller man’s butt and cradling it in his hands. He increased the rhythm of his strokes, watching as the Texans’ body rolled with every thrust of his hips.

“Ah fuck babe, deeper...” Mike groaned, he shook his head tossing the dark hair out of his eyes and wrapped his legs around Peter’s waist as the blond thrust in again, “Oh yeah, that’s it.”

Peter rested one hand on Mike’s thigh and grasped Mike’s cock in the other, stroking it as he shifted slightly and thrust in again, making contact with that special magic spot inside Mike’s body. He watched through hazy eyes as Mike’s jaw dropped open and his eyes rolled back into his head.

Mike’s moans became mixed with uncomprehendable words while Peter fucked him, hitting Mike’s pleasure spot with every thrust. The bassists’ hips rocked against him, gradually picking up the pace as Peter drew closer and closer to his orgasm.

Peter’s breaths started coming in harsh pants as he closed his eyes and let his head fall back on his shoulders, sweat trickled down his face but he didn’t care….he was close now….so close. The speed of his hand on Mike’s cock picked up as he began to thrust harder, faster.

As he felt the ever-increasing rush into that mindless abyss he heard Mike’s hoarse shout which helped to push him over the edge.

He groaned deep in his cheat as he shot into the writhing body beneath him, somewhere in the back of his mind he felt the warm rain of fluid misting his hand as it spurted out onto Mike’s stomach.

Peter’s hips and thighs quivered under the strain of supporting two much weight as he gave a few more thrusts, milking the remaining fluid out of himself then he collapsed next to the prone body of his lover and friend.

Mike released the bars on the headboard, flexing his fingers to get the blood flowing again and wrapped an arm around Peter’s shoulders. Peter sighed in happiness as he laid his head on Mike’s sweat covered chest listening to his rapid heart beat.

“Yep,” Mike said between breaths, “I’m definitely going to have to do that more often.”

Going With the Flow