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"To Prove My Love is Truly Yours - Part 3"



Title To Prove My Love Is Truly Yours-Pt.3
Pairing Torklenz...of course! :)
Rating NC-17
Warnings Slashy goodness, language, and some drug use.
Summary Micky's special night has arrived!

Micky was so keyed-up that he had trouble even eating, and was only shoving his food aimlessly around his plate with his fork. The anticipation of what would take place in a matter of hours had his blood whipping through his veins, making him feel flushed and a bit high.

Peter sat across from Micky, carefully working through his food bite by bite. If he was feeling the same excitement as Micky, outwardly he was hiding it well. His eyes, however, every time they flickered up to glance at his lover across the table, told the real story of how he felt.

Meanwhile, Davy prattled on about this or that while Mike sat silently chewing, nodding his head at the appropriate junctures in Davy’s stories. It seemed almost impossible that they could not detect the almost palpable aura of sexual tension floating around the dinner table, but either they were oblivious to it, or just tactfully ignoring it.

After what seemed an eternity to Micky, in which he almost dropped plates twice on the floor while drying the dishes that Mike was washing up, it was finally time to go to bed.

“Alone at last,” Micky sighed as he and Peter entered their bedroom. Peter shut the door by leaning slowly backward against it, and then he merely stood there for a moment in silence, his gaze glued on Micky, who looked back at Peter curiously.

Peter’s voice was low in the stillness, “Come here, Micky.”

Micky’s heart seemed to skip a beat and he unconsciously licked his lips in an anticipatory fashion as he stepped into his lover’s waiting embrace.

The kiss Peter bestowed on him was simply amazing in its intensity. It was long, deep, and sensual. His fingers dove into Micky’s unruly mop of hair, tugging gently, massaging his scalp.

A tiny whimpering sound was all Micky seemed capable of making right now. He clung to Peter, almost seeming to need his solid frame for support as his mouth was plundered so efficiently.

When Peter broke away, he couldn’t help but smile at Micky’s dazed expression. “You’d better snap out of it, Mick…We’re just getting started,” he said, his eyes glinting a trifle wickedly.

“Oh shit,” Micky moaned in mock distress. “What have I got myself into?”

“Mmm…Wait and see,” Peter said mysteriously, taking Micky’s hand and leading him toward the bed.

Micky sat down on the edge, watching as Peter quickly slipped his shirt off over his head and tossed it to the side. Then Peter joined him, sitting down beside him and slipping his hand up one of Micky’s slender thighs, bringing it to a halt when his fingertips were just within brushing distance of Micky’s crotch.

“Planning on joining me?” Peter asked, a touch of humor in his voice as he leaned in to nuzzle Micky’s neck, pressing soft kisses to the warm flesh.

Micky shivered. Mostly from desire, yes…but the unease had also returned, frustratingly so. Why couldn’t he just get it together and take what Peter so obviously wanted to give to him?

Peter’s brow creased faintly as he pulled back to look at his friend. “Micky? Are you okay?”

Not wanting Peter to think that he was reconsidering, Micky immediately looked at him, his expression all bright eyes and broad smile.

“Oh sure, Pete! I’m fine! Nothing wrong here. No sir. Fine fine fine.”

Peter tilted his head, his expression clearly showing his lack of confidence in Micky’s assertions. He sat and observed how Micky’s eyes didn’t want to meet his own for any length of time, but instead flickered randomly around the room, as well as the way his hands seemed to want to keep fidgeting with each other. He was the perfect picture of a bundle of nerves.

Micky’s behavior suddenly triggered a cross-patch memory in Peter’s mind, causing Peter’s mouth to turn up in a small smile. At this moment, Micky reminded him of Jody, the girl that had been his wife for 3 brief dizzy months in the summer of 1960. She had been a virgin when they had got together, and the first time that Peter had taken her to bed she had acted just like Micky was acting now.

Peter recalled that a couple of nips from a bottle of cheap rye whiskey had relaxed Jody’s nerves considerably, and he knew that similar measures would probably be helpful in this situation as well.

He turned and slid open the drawer of his bedside table. Tucked way in the back, behind a stack of saved letters from his mother, was a small imitation-wood box. He fished out the box and opened it. Inside were several guitar picks, some spare change, and three joints that he had carefully put away for safe keeping a little over two weeks ago. He tried to keep a small ready supply at hand, for he sometimes liked to light one up when he was in here alone working on songs.

Now he pulled one out and replaced the box in the drawer. He grabbed his battered Zippo lighter from that he had purchased in the Village years ago.

Micky watched attentively as Peter placed the joint between his lips and lit it. The sweet, heady aroma instantly filled the small room. Peter took a long pull, inhaling deeply, and then reached out to hook a hand around the back of Micky’s neck, drawing him toward him. Sealing his lips over Micky’s, he shotgunned his lungful of smoke into his lover’s mouth. Micky’s instantly inhaled, feeling the tingly, mellowing effects almost immediately. They stayed like that temporarily, licking at the insides of one-another’s mouths for a couple of extra minutes before pulling reluctantly away.

Peter offered Micky one more hit from the joint, which Micky gladly accepted. When Micky passed it back to him, Peter took one more small toke himself, and then extinguished it. It was enough for now. He wanted to keep his wits about him for what was to come, so there would be no mistakes.

Once Peter had replaced the remainder of the joint into his secret box, he turned to Micky, smiling gently. “Feeling more relaxed now?”

Micky’s mouth turned up at the corners as he nodded. “Mm-hm. Very relaxed.” Now his heavily-lidded eyes flashed naughtily as he slipped his hands down the slopes of Peter’s bare chest, raking his fingernails lightly over his nipples and causing Peter to stiffen and sigh. “Not
too relaxed, though.”

“That’s exactly what we were going for,” Peter said happily, busying himself with unbuttoning Micky’s shirt. “I figured that little bit would be enough. After all, we don’t want you so stoned that you don’t remember any of this, now do we?”

“Most definitely not,” Micky agreed huskily, shrugging out of the opened shirt and then purring deep in his throat as Peter laid him back on the bed, kissing him deeply.

Micky opened his mouth against Peter’s and went completely with the flow of sensations that were coursing through him. All fear was gone now. He wriggled invitingly, silently asking for more contact, and Peter was quick to notice and respond. Micky moaned down Peter’s throat as Peter slid his knee between Micky’s legs, nudging his rapidly growing erection. Micky rubbed his hips over Peter’s leg like a dog in heat, eager whimpers erupting from him as he grew hotter and hotter with each passing moment.

Peter’s hand slid down Micky’s belly, tracing the thin line of dark hair running from his navel down into the waistband of his pants. He slowly drew down the zipper, his kisses growing more aggressive as his own feelings slowly began to transition from mere desire into a more primal feeling of utter lust for the other man.

Feeling as eager as Peter was, Micky lifted his hips, assisting Peter with pulling his pants down around his knees. Immediately Peter wrapped his fingers around Micky’s shaft, stroking it with a practiced touch until Micky was arching up into his hand, breathing heavily.

Through glazing eyes, Micky noticed that Peter still had his pants on, even though the proof of his arousal was pushing insistently at the thin fabric. If Peter’s pants were looser, he would be pitching quite a tent right now.

Biting back a moan of pleasure, Micky gestured vaguely toward Peter’s lower half. “Aren’t you a bit overdressed for the occasion?”

Peter smiled, glancing down at himself. “I guess I am at that,” he agreed, reaching down with his free hand to remedy the situation. He continued to steadily stroke Micky as he did this, and made sure Micky’s attention was fully drawn to the sight of Peter oh-so-slowly drawing down his zipper, then raising up slightly in order to slide his pants down to his ankles, where he kicked his way out of them.

Micky licked his lips hungrily as Peter’s fully erect cock sprang into view. He felt a little echo of his former unease as well, though. Peter was simply enormous. How, Micky thought, was he going to be able to take that inside himself?

Always quick to pick up on how Micky was feeling, Peter decided he needed to distract him a bit more. Sliding down to the floor on his knees, he moved up between Micky’s slightly spread legs, pulling his pants the rest of the way off. He slid his hands up the inside of Micky’s thighs, feeling smooth skin and slightly coarse hairs beneath his palms, pushing slightly to encourage Micky to open his legs wider. Micky did so, almost humming with anticipation. Even so, when Peter’s tongue suddenly swirled over his scrotum, he gasped with surprise.

Peter did it again, a long lick that took him straight up the underside of Micky’s cock. He briefly and cleverly tongued the ridge just beneath the head, then swooped back down again. He reveled in the taste of salty skin and the delicious, irresistibly musky scent of Micky in full arousal. It made him crave more of it, and so he licked back up to the top of Micky’s cock again, watching his lover writhe with delight, and then he took the entire shaft deep into his mouth.

“Ohhhh…” Micky groaned long and low, a sexy throaty sound that made Peter’s cock jump. He loved pleasing Micky. He loved that Micky allowed him to please him like this. It could have so easily gone completely wrong the day that Peter confessed to Micky that he felt “that way” about him, but thank heavens that hadn’t been the case.

“Peter…oh man…” Micky murmured. With a great effort, he kept his head up and his eyes glued to the action down below his waist. He very rarely watched Peter giving him head, and now he tried hard to figure out why that was. It was almost unbearably sensual, watching his cock, glistening with Peter’s saliva, disappearing so completely into those rosy lips again and again, to watch the minute rippling of Peter’s throat as he swallowed his entire length; and when Peter flickered his eyes up to meet Micky’s at one point, Micky thought for sure he was going to lose it right then and there.

“Mmm…god, Peter…You look so fucking sexy sucking my cock, you know that?” Micky growled softly, his eyes narrowed in concentration. “You’re making me want to come down that gorgeous throat of yours.”

Peter’s tawny eyes flashed and he smiled a bit around Micky’s cock at the words he spoke, then he got back down to business. He paused briefly to coat one of his index fingers with saliva, and then continued to deep throat Micky relentlessly. Meanwhile, he slipped his finger over the surface of Micky’s balls, and then lower, tickling the sensitive area of skin just below his scrotum, and then prodding at the entrance to Micky’s body.

Micky swallowed hard, but forced himself to stay relaxed. It wasn’t too difficult, not with the positively out of sight blowjob he was receiving. However, he still couldn’t prevent his body from doing an almost automatic defensive tightening as he felt Peter’s finger breach him for the first time.

Peter knew how to handle this, however. Whenever he felt Micky tense up, he would put an extra bit of flicker in his tongue against the head of Micky’s cock, and Micky would temporarily forget all about the finger that was slowly but relentlessly sliding inside of him.

Using this system, the first finger was successfully inserted, and all that remained now was for Peter to introduce Micky to the great mystery of why men would want to be penetrated in the first place.

Here’s what you’ve been missing, Mick, Peter thought wickedly, and rubbed his fingertip firmly against Micky’s prostrate.

Micky saw a white flash before his eyes and his hips bucked involuntarily as the searing instant’s worth of pleasure assaulted his senses. A startled sound between a gasp and a moan escaped him.

Watching Micky’s reactions closely even as he continued his oral ministrations, Peter repeated the move deep inside Micky’s body, tickling the small gland repeatedly. Micky’s hand spasmodically pistoned out to the side to snatch one of the pillows from the bed, and he jammed a corner of it into his mouth, biting down hard to keep from crying out and alerting Mike and Davy to what was going on down here. He twisted and flopped like a fish out of water, as muffled, almost tortured-sounding groans escaped him.

Peter almost smiled again at seeing how powerfully this was affecting Micky. This had been a test to see how sensitive Micky actually was, and evidently he was even more so than Peter himself. He had absolutely no doubts now that Micky would absolutely
love being at the receiving end of sex.

Micky, meanwhile, was almost out of his mind. The pleasure he was feeling right now was almost painful in its intensity. He had never felt anything like this in his life. He wanted it to stop. He didn’t
ever want it to stop.

Unable to keep quiet any longer, despite the consequences, Micky ripped the pillow free from his teeth and begged desperately in a breaking voice, “Peter…Holy mother of god just make me come please please

Giddy with happiness and at the same time so horny by now that he felt he might die himself, Peter decided to cut Micky a break. He hollowed his cheeks and sucked Micky’s cock as hard as he could, lashing the head with his tongue at each upstroke. It only took about thirty seconds of that before Micky’s back arched like a bow and, with a sobbing cry of ecstasy and relief, he came with the force of a fire hose straight down Peter’s throat.

Micky collapsed in a boneless heap, panting, his head spinning. He honestly thought for a moment there during the peak of his orgasm that he was going to black out. It was seriously that intense.

Peter sat back on his heels and stretched, rolling his head back and forth between his shoulders a few times to work out the kink in his neck. He then leaned forward and placed a feather-light kiss to Micky’s stomach, just above his navel.

In the silence that followed, both of them could clearly hear Davy’s voice in the bedroom above, speaking to Mike.

“Are you sure it was a good idea to give them a room together?”

Peter and Micky locked eyes for a moment, and then both of them burst into a fit of laughter, trying to keep it as quiet as possible.

“They’re going to rue this day for a long time, I think,” Peter snorted.

“Eh, what have they got to worry about? It’s not like they have to get up early and go to work, right?” Micky replied, grinning. Then he sobered some, saying in a low voice, “Peter, that was probably the most incredible thing I’ve ever experienced. I never knew it could be like that.”

Peter pulled himself up onto the bed, lying on his side next to Micky, his head propped up on his elbow, his fingers tracing random patterns over Micky's skin. “It can be even better than that. Are you ready for me to show you?” He studied Micky carefully, looking for any sign of reluctance.

There was none. Now that Micky had got a taste of what this was all about, he was by nature insatiable to have more, whatever the consequence. He nodded without hesitation.

Peter immediately sat up, and his voice assumed an instructional tone that Micky had seldom heard him use before outside of band rehearsals.

“Get over here on your elbows and knees.”

Micky moved at once to do Peter’s bidding, crouching down with his head toward the foot of the bed, feeling oddly exposed and vulnerable in this position. He waited, watching Peter over his shoulder as Peter reached into his bedside table again, retrieving the ever-present Vaseline jar.

Jesus, this is it, Micky thought, dully alarmed. Then he chose to concentrate not on the size of the rock hard cock that Peter was now liberally coating with petroleum jelly, but on the memory of the pleasure he had just recently felt. If Peter could make him feel like that again, and this time do it with their bodies joined together…well, Micky reckoned that was worth just about anything.

Peter knelt behind Micky, taking in the luscious sight before him of Micky offering himself to him. It made Peter’s breath momentarily stop in his throat, the momentousness of this occasion. He was literally about to take the virginity of the man he loved. He could think of no drug he had ever taken that could match the high he was feeling right now.

Carefully, he slipped his greased finger into Micky again, and then followed it up with a second one, stretching Micky as much as possible in preparation. Micky stiffened a bit, but then blew out air through his pursed lips in an effort to relax and let Peter take control. It burned, but it wasn’t bad. At least not yet…

Actually, Micky had to admit as the burning subsided somewhat that it felt rather good, Peter slowly sliding his fingers in and out of him like that. It wasn’t the mind-blowing pleasure he had got from having that magical spot touched, but it was…nice. Very nice indeed. Micky began to hum happily and rock his hips a bit in time to Peter’s movements. Yes, he could easily get used to this. Incredible as it seemed, his cock was actually starting to stir a bit again. Micky had thought after coming so hard that the little guy would be out of action at least until next Tuesday, sleeping it off.

Gauging from Micky’s reactions that he was ready for the next step, Peter withdrew his hand, smiling a bit at Micky’s sigh of disappointment.

“Ready, Micky?” Peter asked, running his hand up and down his own cock. He knew that
he was definitely ready. He was aching so badly now that he thought he would die if he didn’t get some action soon.

“Yeah, I’m ready,” Micky said, hoping he sounded more confident than he felt. “Go for it.”

Peter leaned over to kiss the base of Micky’s spine gently, then he lined himself up with Micky’s entrance and began to slowly lean into him. For balance, he placed his hands on Micky’s lower back, just above the swell of his buttocks.

Very slowly, the tip of his cock began to slide into the slightly loosened orifice. So far so good. Micky was staying relatively relaxed, though his breathing was slightly ragged. However, when the rest of the head of Peter’s cock suddenly broke through with an almost audible pop, Micky couldn’t stifle a cry of pain.

Peter instantly stopped moving, even though the constriction around his cock was agonizingly tight. He tried to put that out of his mind as he began to run his hands up and down the planes of Micky’s back, which was already becoming damp with sweat. The motions were long and soothing.

“Shhh…Micky,” Peter cooed softly. “It’ll be okay. Relax, babe.”

“God, it fucking hurts,” Micky whimpered, though he had to admit to himself that Peter rubbing his back like that was making it easier. At first he thought Peter’s cock was just too much for him, that he would be literally split in two if he tried this. In fact, for about five seconds Micky had seriously considered demanding that Peter withdraw and forget all about it. But the initial burst of sharp pain had immediately dissolved into an intense burning, and he knew that if he had come this far, he would see it through to the end.

“I know, love. I know,” Peter murmured, now massaging Micky’s lower back gently, his thumbs caressing in deep semi-circles, loosening tightened muscles. “It’s like that at first, but it will get better. I promise. Much better.”

Micky took a deep breath and let it out with a long sigh, forcing himself to relax. He had no reason to doubt what Peter said. After all, hadn’t he seen Peter on the receiving end himself enough times? Peter absolutely loved it, so evidently there was a time when the pain stopped and the pleasure eclipsed everything.

Feeling the tension in Micky’s body melting considerably, Peter took this as his signal to continue his slow, careful progress. There were no more overt expressions of pain from Micky, though Peter did hear his breath hitch a couple of times. At one point, shortly before Peter’s entire length was sheathed, he himself could not help but groan passionately at the heat and tightness and the sheer reality of finally being inside Micky.

Micky could feel Peter’s hips pressed up against him and knew that it had been accomplished. He had done it! But oh, was his ass going to be killing him in the morning? Something told him that was a big 10-4.

However, he didn’t want to think of that right now. What mattered was that Peter could now make love to him, instead of the other way around. The residual pain was actually starting to abate, and Micky was starting to think that he could get to like this.

Now Peter’s slightly strained voice spoke in the stillness. “How’re you doing, Mick?”

“Good, actually. Really good. Hey Peter? Guess what?”


Micky turned his head as far as he could to grin at his lover. “I’m not a virgin anymore!”

Peter flashed him his brilliant, dimpled smile. “I know! Isn’t it great?”

“Yeah. Yeah it is,” Micky said, his voice roughening a bit with emotion. That was Peter’s cue to slowly pull back, and then slide forward again, tentatively. When Micky showed no adverse reaction, he started a slow, even rocking motion with his hips, his strokes lengthening more and more each time.

Micky’s head dropped down to rest on his hands, which were clenched in the bedspread in front of him. A soft, almost pleading moan escaped from him.

“Oh Micky…” Peter murmured, rocking a bit faster. He knew there was no way he would last long. Micky was just too tight. “Damn, you feel so good…”

When the tip of Peter’s cock brushed by his hidden pleasure center again, Micky jumped as if hit by a mild electrical shock. A startled gasp was forced from him, and he began to push his hips back to meet each of Peter’s in-strokes, increasing the stimulation for both of them.

Peter shook his hair out of his eyes with an impatient jerk of his head, trying with all his might to hold back his release as long as he could. His hands slid from atop Micky’s lower back down to gently grasp his hips, anchoring himself for even more forceful thrusts.

“Oh yes,” Micky breathed, feeling the change and rocking back into Peter more enthusiastically, matching his tempo. “Give it to me, baby. That’s it. Fuck me. Oh yeah.”

Peter came within a hair’s breadth of losing it then. He couldn’t believe that Micky was so hot and so into this on his first time out. This went way beyond Peter’s hopes.

With a soft growl, Peter leaned over and wrapped his arms around Micky’s chest, then lifted, encouraging Micky to sit up on his knees, his ass cradled in Peter’s lap as he bucked up into him over and over again.

“Oh shit, Peter…” Micky whined, letting his head fall back against Peter’s shoulder as his body was so thoroughly plundered. He groaned as Peter's cock stimulated his sweet spot over and over again.

Peter let his hands stroke down over Micky’s chest, slipping over his stomach before coming to rest between his legs, where his cock was fully erect again despite having come so forcefully earlier.

When Peter began fisting Micky’s cock in time to his thrusts, Micky arched his back and cried out, his eyes closed, his face wet with sweat, his hips alternately pushing backwards to take Peter’s cock to the limit, then pumping forward through Peter’s hand.

“Oh god, Peter…Oh god. Yes. Yes. Oh fuck…
Yes!!" Micky exclaimed, his voice hoarse as he came yet again. This time was not as forceful as the first, but he still moaned loudly as the pleasurable sensations again wracked his thin body.

Peter was not far behind. He gently bit down into Micky’s shoulder, his eyes squeezing shut as he thrust up hard into the body on his lap. Once…twice…and then relief came. He tried to stifle the cry that wanted to explode from him, and only partially succeeded as he felt his cock explode. He gripped Micky tightly, his arms locked around his midsection, holding his hips flush against his thighs. Micky felt a tremor rack his lover’s body as the last of his orgasm slowly released its hold.

Peter leant his head between Micky’s shoulder blades, breathing hard, his heart thundering within his chest. A moment later, thumping sounds came from over their heads. It was the sound of Mike’s foot stamping on the floor of the bedroom above. Then his drawling voice filtered down to them.

“Come off it, guys. That’s enough for one night. Go to sleep already!”

That sent Micky and Peter into breathless, secretive giggles again, like a pair of little kids that had been caught staying up after lights-out.

“I wonder how much it costs to soundproof a room?” Micky mused, groaning slightly as Peter eased his shrinking cock out of him.

“Might be worth looking into,” Peter concurred, smiling. As Micky turned around to face him, Peter wrapped him up in a warm, affectionate hug. “Did you really enjoy that?”

“God, yes,” Micky breathed without hesitation. “Shit, Peter…That was wonderful. Now I wonder why I waited this long.” He pulled back to look his lover in the eye, his expression serious, but his tone light as he said, “You realize, of course, that this has just made me love you all the more.”

“That’s just what I was hoping would happen,” Peter murmured, his eyes shining as he raked long fingers through Micky’s mussed curls and leaned in to kiss his lips gently. Then, reluctantly, he backed off, swinging his long legs over the side of the bed. “Be right back,” he said.

When he returned, he had cleaned himself of any sticky trace of their activities and held a wet washcloth in hand to do the same courtesy to Micky. Once both of them were washed off, they immediately pulled back the rumpled covers and slid into bed together, spooning on their sides, Micky’s back pressed up against Peter’s chest, Peter’s knees tucked up under Micky’s thighs, his arms around him.

“Goodnight, Micky,” Peter breathed, softly kissing the nape of Micky’s neck, inhaling deeply his warm, almost citrusy scent.

“Goodnight, Peter,” Micky replied, drawing Peter’s arms tighter around him with a contented sigh, feeling more at peace than he had in a very long time.

Everything is complete now, was Micky's last semi-coherent thought as he drifted down into sleep.


Today To Prove My Love is Truly Yours - Part 2