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"To Prove My Love is Truly Yours - Part 2"



Title: To Prove My Love Is Truly Yours-Pt 2
Pairing: The scrumptiously adorable Torklenz again
Rating: Maybe moved up to PG-13 this time.
Warnings: More light slashiness. Nothing too heavy YET.
Summary: Micky continues to debate within himself...Will he or won't he?

As the band went through afternoon rehearsal, Micky found his mind turning to the question that he had so quickly silenced that morning.

Ever since he and Peter had officially become lovers, Micky had always been the dominant partner. It wasn’t anything that they had discussed, it was just that every time things got really hot, that’s how things just ended up. Not that Peter seemed to mind being the one penetrated all the time. On the contrary, there had been many times when Peter had been absolutely begging for Micky’s cock. He had never even brought up the subject of their roles being reversed.


Micky could tell there was an unspoken question there. It wasn’t any one particular thing that made him aware of that. It seemed to be more on a subconscious level. Something in Peter’s eyes, maybe. Micky wasn’t sure. But he did know that Peter badly wanted to make Micky feel the amazing sensations that Micky had created in Peter so many times before, and there was really only one way to accomplish that.

The thing was this…Micky was actually terrified by the idea. For now, he could tell himself that even though he was having sex with another man, he still wasn’t completely queer because he had never allowed another man’s cock in
his ass. He could fuck Peter the same as he would fuck a woman, and still keep some semblance of his masculinity completely intact.

That’s ridiculous, he told himself angrily. You’re still going to be a man, no matter what you and Peter might do in the sack together. Do you look at Peter as any less of a man because he lets you stick it to him?

No, Micky had to admit that he did not. In fact, it was the more masculine aspects of Peter that seemed to really stand out for Micky whenever they made love. There was nothing at all weak or shrinking or feminine about Peter, even in the most intimate of moments.

So why the hell would you think things would be any different for you? Micky now demanded of himself.

He didn’t have an answer, and that was the stupidest thing of all. There was no real substance to his fear. It was all vapors and shadows.

Micky certainly couldn’t deny that he was curious, especially about this whole thing with the prostrate. He never even knew that it had any sort of function. He thought it was just some useless body part like your tonsils or your appendix. To know that it held the power to potentially make a man come without anyone even touching his cock…like he had done to Peter just last night…
that was definitely something to be explored. If he dared.

It wasn’t just curiosity, though. He loved and trusted Peter, and he wanted to share everything he had with him. If Micky actually took the final step and gave up his virginity to Peter, it would be the ultimate declaration of how he really felt.

Micky let his eyes wander over to where Peter stood playing the bass. He watched him surreptitiously while he continued his drumming. He noted again the way that Peter always seemed to completely let himself go while they were playing. He would give himself over to the music totally, moving along with it in a free and un-self conscious fashion. It was, Micky realized, the same way Peter reacted to sex. No holding back whatsoever. Giving it everything he had.

Such a strong wave of love suddenly passed through Micky that he almost stuttered in his drumbeat. He recovered quickly, but he suddenly realized his mind was made up.

He was giving himself to Peter. Tonight.

Actually, things worked out in Micky’s favor far more than he ever could have hoped for. Not only had their two wonderful friends and fellow band mates completely accepted their relationship, but they had come to the decision that they were going to change the sleeping arrangements in the Pad permanently.

“We talked it over,” Mike explained to Peter and Micky, while Davy stood by, a slight smile on his handsome face. “And we’ve decided that from now on, Davy will move into the upstairs bedroom with me, and Mick…you and Peter get to share the downstairs room.”

Micky’s mouth dropped open. He couldn’t believe it. Of course Peter immediately tried to be chivalrous and do the “oh, you guys don’t have to do that for us” routine, but of course Mike and Davy overrode him, and the matter was settled.

So for the next hour or so, the four of them had all pitched in and helped with the transition of moving Davy’s things upstairs, and Micky’s things downstairs. Micky barely felt the strain of moving, which was normally one of his least-favorite things in the world to do. Actually, come to think of it,
any kind of manual labor was Micky’s least-favorite thing in the world to do. But this time the chore seemed an absolute delight.

Soon everything was put to rights. Micky’s bed stood where Davy’s had once been, and Mike and Davy stood by smiling like indulgent parents, listening to Peter and Micky talk about where exactly Micky’s possessions should go.

Micky stood back toward the doorway where the other two stood, taking in the entire room, his face studious. Suddenly he shook his head.

“Nope, there’s still one more thing to do to make this absolutely perfect,” he said decisively.

“What’s that?” Davy asked, curious.

With a slightly wicked grin, Micky walked up to his bed and began to push it across the small expanse of floor until it was pushed together with Peter’s bed. Then he dusted off his hands in an exaggerated manner and walked away.

“There, that’s much better,” he announced, waggling his eyebrows suggestively at Peter.

Mike cleared his throat and then did what came naturally to him when faced with a situation that felt awkward to him…Talk for the sake of talking.

“Well…I…I guess you just put things however you want them, guys. That’s why we did this thing here that we did, with the rooms and all. So…” He suddenly looked at the watch that didn’t exist on his wrist, exclaiming, “Wow, would ya look at the time! We need to get some dinner together.” He quickly turned to Davy, speaking in a voice that was much too loud, “Come on, Davy. Let’s go and get some dinner together, out in the kitchen there. What d’ya say?”

“Oh. Yeah!” Davy said, catching on all at once. “Let’s go and do that, Mike. We’ll call you when it’s done, fellas,” he said to Micky and Peter as he and Mike withdrew from the doorway and shut the door behind them.

Micky plopped down on the side of the makeshift double bed and started to laugh. “They may have accepted us, Pete…But I still think it’s going to take some time for them to get used to it.”

Peter smiled, then moved over to sit beside Micky, asking quietly, “Like you’ve got used to it?”

Micky’s joviality faded as he regarded Peter carefully. “Pete…I’ve been doing some thinking today…” He paused, trying to arrange what he wanted to say. Peter sat patiently, merely watching and waiting. When Micky reached down and picked up Peter’s hand from where it lay on the bedspread, Peter let him do it.

“See…the thing is…I realize that things have been kind of one-sided with us as far as…you know…sex and everything. I know that I’ve been kind of reluctant to try…that.” He sighed in an almost impatient manner, working hard to get out these few words. Peter nodded encouragingly at him, even though he was confused about what Micky was trying to say.

“It’s really been a drag, I know” Micky continued. “But I want to change all that.” Now he squeezed Peter’s hand between both of his own, probably a bit too hard, but Peter never even flinched. He just continued to look steadily at Micky, giving him his undivided attention.

“Tonight, Peter. I want you to…to…”

Peter’s eyes widened as comprehension truly set in. His mouth dropped open in surprise, and he quickly shut it again, only to open it once more as he asked in a hushed voice, “Micky…Are you saying that you want me to make love to you?”

“Yeah, Pete…That’s what I’m saying…Or at least what my brain was
trying to make my mouth say,” Micky said, smiling gently, even though he was so nervous that his stomach was a tight knot within his middle.

“Micky,” Peter said, his eyes shining so brilliantly that they almost looked like burnished copper. He suddenly embraced his friend and kissed him, briefly but exuberantly. “You don’t know how long I’ve wanted to…This is just incredible.”

Micky suddenly realized that reservations or not, nerves or not, he was doing exactly the right thing. Anything that made Peter this happy could definitely not be bad.

Peter’s expression sobered a bit, but the joy in his eyes never changed as he slowly ran his hand over Micky’s cheek. “I promise, I will try to make tonight one of the best nights of your life.”

Micky felt that swelling of emotion inside again, and he sighed, turning his face to kiss Peter’s palm as he replied, “Every night I spend with you is one of the best of my life, Peter.”

“And now, thanks to Mike and Davy, we can spend every single one of them together from now on,” Peter said, smiling brightly again. “Oh Micky, this is going to be wonderful. It’s like a whole new beginning for us all over again.”

Peter’s enthusiasm was just contagious, and Micky’s nervousness could not stand up to it. He suddenly grinned just as widely as Peter and abruptly tackled his lover, pinning him down on the bed on his back.

“God, the things you do to me,” Micky murmured, staring down at the beautiful man below him. Then he was bending down to seal his mouth over Peter’s, and the two of them stayed just like that for a long time, exchanging hot, tongue-tangling kisses and letting their passions ebb and flow and ebb and flow, in preparation for the more intense activities they had planned for later that night.

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