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"The Wizard of Belgravia - Part 7"




Title: The Wizard of Belgravia - Part Seven: Rewards and Recovery
Authors: LadyLoveLonesome and Matty_Bean2393
Rating: G
Pairing: None
Genre: Fantasy, Crack.
Warnings: None
Disclaimer: Don't own any of these boys. Wish I had a least two of them, though. :P
Summary: Sam and the guys meet back up with Wizard Glick and recieve what they've been waiting for. :)
Author's note: This is the final part of the story!

We quietly entered Wizard Glick’s throne room. He was sitting with his head resting in his hand, apparently lost in thought.

I cleared my throat. "Wizard Glick?" He lifted his head and looked at us. His eyes lit up and he sprang out of his chair.

"You’re back!" He yelled. "How did it go?" I opened my hands to reveal Kirshner’s golden ears. Glick let out a small gasp.

"You did it! Oh, thank you! Thank you! You don’t know how much this means to me!" he said, hugging each of us and patting Davy on the head. He conjured up some seats and motioned for us to sit.

"So…tell me…how did you do it? I want details." Glick said eagerly. My friends and I exchanged odd glances.

"We don’t really know, sir." Michael said. He launched into the whole story of the battle. Glick hung on every word; he was on the edge of his seat.

"And suddenly, Kirshner disappeared while we were playing. And when we went to find Sam, she had the ears." Michael concluded.

"Yeah," I butted in. "They appeared out of nowhere, right at my feet."

"Hmmm…I wonder why your music didn’t destroy him instantly?" Glick questioned.

"Maybe we weren’t good enough," Peter suggested.

"No, no…that can’t be it…" Glick said. He was now pacing and scratching his chin thoughtfully. "I’m sure you’re all great musicians…" He stopped pacing and looked at me. "Sam, what were you doing on the balcony?"

"Well, I was…crying…and the sounds of the battle were freaking me out, so – this sounds so silly, but - I sat down and started singing this love song that my boyfriend wrote for me. I was trying to calm myself down any way that I could."

"Oh my! That’s it! A love song!" Glick exclaimed. I gave him a puzzled look. "Don’t you see? Love is power! Can you think of anything more powerful than love?"

My jaw dropped as it clicked in my head. "So, I’m the one that really killed Kirshner?" I asked. Glick nodded.

"We weakened him, but you finished him off!" Peter said. We sat in silence for a minute, taking in how tremendous of a feat it truly was.

"Hey, since we helped you, are you gonna help us?" Micky asked.

"Of course!" Glick said. "Did you think I would break a promise?"

"So, where’s my brain?"

"And my courage?"

"And my heart?" My friends looked at Wizard Glick eagerly, waiting for their rewards. Glick smiled and laughed.

"I can’t give them to you. You already have them," he said.

"Huh?" Micky said loudly.

"You all played a part in this. Each of you used the thing you desired the most."Glick said. "Just think for a second."

"I used my courage to fight for something I believed in!" Peter said. Glick nodded in agreement.

"Oh! And I used my brain to create a plan to destroy Kirshner." Micky said. Glick nodded again then looked at Michael.

"It was impossible for me to do anything, ‘cause I don’t have a heart…never had one, never will." Michael said miserably.

"That’s not true," I added. "You said that you cared too much about me to see me get hurt. You do have a heart." Michael didn’t look at me, but his mouth twisted into a tiny, inconspicuous smile.

"It was a good opportunity for you to use them."Glick said.

Micky chuckled. "Wizard Glick, you are a very strange man. But thank you so much for helping us." He said, shaking Glick’s hand.

This whole time, I had been sitting silently in my chair. I was terrified of asking Glick if he could send me home, because I was sure that the answer would be no.

"Hey, what about Sam?" Michael asked. Glick turned his eyes on me.

"Oh," I said bashfully. "I don’t think there’s anything you can do to help me."

"Oh, but I can. Wait here." Glick walked to the door and opened it to talk to one of his guards. Moments later, the guard entered holding a mysterious potted plant. It was around six feet tall with huge, shiny green leaves. At the top of it was a football shaped eye.

"What the…?" I said, staring at the plant in awe. It began to blink and move.

"Greetings," it said in a high-pitched voice. "I am the Frodis Plant."

"Frodis, can you help Sam return to…uh…where did you come from again?" Glick asked.

"Los Angeles."

"Oh, yes, right…Los Angeles."

"Certainly. I can send you home in a second."

"Oh my God! Thank you!" I yelled excitedly. "That’s great!" I turned to face my friends. They didn’t look as happy as I did. The smile faded from my face. "Oh…it’s gonna be really hard to say good-bye…"

With a sigh, I walked up to Micky and hugged him tightly. "Good-bye," I whispered. He replied in the same way. I did the same thing to Peter. When I reached Michael, he hugged me and whispered good-bye, but his voice was very shaky. I looked into his eyes and saw that he was on the verge of tears. "Oh, don’t cry," I said with a nervous laugh. "You might rust." I glanced back to make sure Micky and Peter weren’t looking, I gave Michael a kiss. He gave a shy smile.

"Are you ready?" Glick asked.

"Yeah." I sat down in a chair and Davy jumped on my lap. Glick moved the Frodis closer to me. A strange pink fog began to seep out from its leaves. The fog traveled up my nostrils and my muscles relaxed. I slumped in the chair. My eyes tried to fight the overwhelming drowsiness, but I gave in and drifted off into unconsciousness.

* * *

"Hey, fellas! I think she’s waking up! She’s moving!"

"Petah, where’s Mike?"

"Probably gone to get coffee or something."

"Well, go get ‘im!" I heard footsteps gradually fade away. I opened my eyes and blinked a few times. Davy and Micky were next to the bed I was lying on.

"Hey, babe," Micky came a little closer. "How ya feeling?"

"Pretty…strange," I said. "Where am I?"

"The hospital, love." Davy said. "You were hit by a car."

My jaw dropped. "Are you serious?"

"Yeah, the doctor told us you needed a few stitches on your head and that you cracked two ribs. Plus, you arms were pretty cut up." Micky explained.

I ran my hand across my forehead and found the stitching that was holding my flesh together. My arms were covered with bandages; some of them had a red tint.

Suddenly, Mike came running into the room, followed by Peter.

"Hey…how’re ya feelin’?" Mike kissed me and held my hand. He was shaking a little.

"Strange, confused, and now that I’m awake, in a bit of pain," I answered as I struggled to prop myself up in the bed. "I went to the strangest place…and you, and you, and you….and you were there!" I said, pointing a finger at each one of my friends.

Micky laughed. "Well, Dorothy, you’re safely back in Kansas now." The other guys laughed as well.

"No, I’m serious! We had to fight this…this evil guy and…there was a wizard…and…frodis…and Davy, you were my dog!"

"What? Why would I be a dog?"

"No different than you are now," Mike mumbled. Davy frowned.

"So…you guys don’t believe me?"

"Aww, Sam…" Peter said soothingly. "You just had a bad dream. That’s all." I laid back on my pillows and pouted.

Micky rubbed his stomach. "Man, I haven’t eaten all day," he said. "I’m gonna go get a bite to eat."

"I’ll come," Peter said. Davy joined them as well. They hugged me and promised to be back soon.

After they left, I looked at my bedside table. There were a few ‘Get Well’ cards from friends and a bouquet of lilies from Mike. Also, there was a small, strange, leafy potted plant. A tiny football shaped figure was hidden among the leaves. I picked up the card that was sitting with it.

Get well soon. When the plant gets to its full height, I hope you’ll come back to visit.
- Wizard Glick

I smiled and giggled. Mike looked at me.

"Who’s that one from?" He asked.

"…Just a good friend." I answered.
















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