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"The Wizard of Belgravia - Part 6"




Title: The Wizard of Belgravia - Part Six: The Rescue
Authors: LadyLoveLonesome and Matt (Matty_Bean2393)
Rating: G
Pairing: None
Genre: Fantasy, Crack
Warnings: Really, really, REALLY long part.
Disclaimer: Don't own the Monkees. Would be groovy if I did.
Summary: Sam, Michael, and Peter attempt to save Micky.

"Elliot…" I said, placing my hand on the brown mailbox. "Is this the place?"

"I think so," Peter answered. We followed a broken stone path up to a round door on a pyramid shaped cottage. I raised my hand to knock, but the door flew open before I had the chance. A short elderly man with white thinning hair stood before me.

"Hello, we’re here for…"

"The instruments. I know, I was told you’d be coming." Elliot said, looking at me through his tiny spectacles. "Follow me." He went into his living room, flipped up a few boards in the floor, and descended down a hidden spiral staircase. We traveled deeper and deeper below the ground, finally reaching a steel door. Elliot typed in a code on a small keypad and the door slid open.

A room stretched out before us. It was filled with thousands of instruments – flutes, saxophones, guitars, keyboards, drums – anything you could imagine. Peter and Michael walked around the room, staring in amazement. Davy weaved in between several instruments, stopping to explore the giant bell of a tuba. I giggled at the sight of his little black tail sticking out of it.

"I’m afraid that’s a bit too big for you, Davy," I said, picking him up into my arms. He let out a small whimper.

"Hey, this looks just like my guitar!" Michael beamed, holding it up to show me.

"I found one that looks just like the bass I used to have!" Peter said at the far end of the room.

"Sam," Michael turned to me, looking concerned. "What are you gonna play?" The smile faded from my face. I didn’t even think of that.

"I don’t know how to play anything." My heart started to race with panic. "What am I going to do?" Michael walked around, looking for a solution to the problem.

"I got it!" He held up a tambourine.

"A tambourine?" I said incredulously. Davy’s ears perked up at the word. "What’s
that gonna do?"

"Not much," he said sadly. "But it’s really you’re only option." I let out a sigh and grabbed the tambourine.

"Okay, I think we’re ready to go. Thanks for the help, Elliot." I said.

"Good luck." He said briefly. He snapped his fingers and we were immediately outside his house.

"Strange man…" Michael said.

Peter pointed towards the horizon. "That must be Kirshner’s castle. Let’s get going."

* * *

We reached the edge of the trees, just before the castle grounds. Large gray clouds loomed overhead, blocking out the beautiful sky. The bland stone castle towered above us. It had no decoration or any hint of cheerfulness.

"I don’t like this place at all," Peter said fearfully. "It’s like it’s supposed to drain all of your happiness."

"I can’t imagine Micky being in that dreadful place," I said. I bit my lip to hold back the tears and knelt down beside Peter, resting my head on his furry shoulder.

"We gotta keep movin’," Michael said. "You guys see anyone around?"

I stood up and looked around. "I don’t see a soul." My eyes scanned the windows. "Wait!" I yelled. I pointed at a window that was only two floors up. It had thick iron bars across it and someone was peering through them.

"Is that….MICKY?" Peter asked.

"Sure is!" I said excitedly. "Let’s go get him!" We started running across the grass at full speed. "Micky! Micky!" I cried, waving my arms so he would see me. "Mick-GAHHHH!"

The ground had disappeared and we dropped through a dark hole. We slid down this pitch-black slide through many twists, turns, and sharp drops. Davy was barking madly and I could hear the clanging of tin on the sides of the tunnel. Suddenly, we dropped straight down. All of us screamed as we fell towards a strange bright light…

We landed harshly on a cold stone floor. The room was lit all around with small torches bolted on the walls, with the exception of one dark corner. A large wooden door was to my left. I stood up and looked out one of the massive windows. The trees below looked like those miniature umbrellas put in drinks. Somehow, we were in one of the tallest towers of Kirshner’s castle.

"Great! Now how’re we gonna find Micky?" Michael asked.

"Oh, I could help you with that…" a bitter voice said. I froze at the sound of it. The hairs on my neck stood on end. Slowly, I turned to face the source of it.

A man had emerged from the dimly lit corner. He was wearing a black pin-striped suit with a black cloak over it. He had cold, empty eyes and a wicked grin across his face. His brown hair was neatly slicked back. But the most striking feature was his polished, shimmering, golden ears.

He took a few steps forward. We took a few steps back in response. Davy began growling at him. "Allow me to introduce myself. I am the great Kirshner. But I’m sure you already knew that…" he said vainly.

"WHERE’S MICKY?!?" Peter yelled. Michael and I were shocked by his sudden confidence.

"Why, he’s right here…." Chuckling, Kirshner motioned to the once dark corner of the room. Micky was cowering in fear from the two guards that were watching over him. Each of them had large torches burning with fire in their hands.

Kirshner slowly walked up to Michael. He glanced at the guitar he was holding. "Do you really think you can stop me with those shabby instruments?" He laughed again. "Fools…" He pushed Michael vigorously with one hand and he slammed into the wall. Kirshner was more powerful than he looked.

Anger boiled up inside of me. "HOW DARE YOU?!?" I lunged at Kirshner, but he was too quick for me. With a swift flick of the wrist, a beam of green light shot out of his hand and hit me. I was thrown backwards and skidded on the stone floor. Whatever he hit me with felt like millions of fire ants crawling under my skin. I shook and screamed in pain.

The attack was just enough fuel to ignite the fire. Peter stood on his hind legs and began to play his bass and sing. Kirshner twitched at the sound, but it wasn’t strong enough to completely weaken him. He shot spells and curses at Peter, but Peter was quick enough to dodge them.

I tried to stand up, but the spell had weakened me. I collapsed on to the floor again. "Sam!" I heard Michael call. He reached the spot where I lay and picked me up in his now slightly dented arms. Michael rushed me out of the tower through the nearby door.

"Stay here!" He ordered as he set me down on the balcony that the door had led to. He turned to leave, but I quickly grabbed his hand.

"No! I….I have to help you g-g-guys…"

"Sam," Michael came closer to me. "I care about you too much to let you back in there." He touched my face with his hand, and then ran back towards the door, slamming it behind him. I stumbled over to it and pulled the handle. It was locked.

"No…" I whispered. "Oh no, no, NO! I pounded my fists on the door. "Michael! Peter! Micky! Davy! Someone let me in!" I was screaming as loud as I could, but no one answered my pleas. I sank to the ground, pulling my knees closer to my body. Tears were streaming down my cheeks. I could hardly breathe. I listened to the sounds from the neighboring room. I could hear the guitar and bass, as well as a mix of voices singing different songs. Loud rumbles came once in a while, probably from Kirshner’s spells hitting the walls.

Suddenly, a loud shriek stood out above all other sounds. I knew immediately whose voice it was – Michael’s. "Oh...God…" was all I managed to say. I closed my eyes, trying to pretend all these terrible things weren’t happening. I was terrified that I wasn’t going to see my friends – my Belgravian ones as well as The Monkees – ever again.

I know that something very strange
Is happening to my brain
I'm either feeling very good
Or else I am insane…

I lifted my head and opened my eyes. The song ‘Sweet Young Thing’ began to play in the back of my mind. It was the song Mike had written for me when he began to like me.

The seeds of doubt you planted
Have started to grow wild
But feel that I must yield before
The wisdom of a child…

It seemed so real; I could hear his voice so perfectly, almost as if he was right next to me. It was like he was he knew I was upset and was trying to calm me. I closed my eyes once again and began to sing along to it.

And it's love you bring,
No that I can't deny,
With your wings,
I can learn to fly,
Sweet young thing…

"AHHHHHH!" An ear-shattering scream from the room broke my trance. My eyes popped open and I looked around. All of the singing and music had stopped. A bright twinkle suddenly caught my eye. I looked down at my feet to see two golden ears on the ground. They twitched slightly as I held them in my hands.

The door to the balcony burst open. "Oh Micky!" I threw my arms around him and sobbed on his shoulder. "I’m so glad you’re all right!"

He was the only one unharmed. Michael had a few small rips in his torso and he was severely dented. Peter was missing huge clumps of fur from him mane and his whiskers were completely gone. Even Davy was running around with a slight limp.

Michael opened up my hand and let out a small gasp. "Kirshner’s ears! But that means…"

"He…he just disappeared!" Micky exclaimed. "He’s gone!"

Peter’s jaw dropped. "You mean we really destroyed him?"

"Yeah!" Michael said. "But how?"

At that moment, a small winged monkey flew over our heads. "Oh, thank you! Thank you!" he said to us. "Thank you for freeing me from the evil Kirshner!" He began to fly away.

"Wait!" I called after him. "We need to find a way to get back to Frodis City. We don’t really wanna walk all the way back. Is there any way you could help us?"

The monkey thought it over for a second. "Yes! I do!" he squeaked. He pulled a small bag off of the belt he was wearing and opened it. He grabbed a small handful of purple confetti and sprinkled it over us. My whole world went black for a second. Before I realized it, we were back at Wizard Glick’s castle. A servant was standing before us.

"Ah, you have returned." He said. "Wizard Glick has been waiting for you. Follow me."
















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