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"The Wizard of Belgravia - Part 5"




Title: The Wizard of Belgravia - Part Five: Frodis City
Authors: LadyLoveLonesome and Matt (Matty_Bean2393)
Rating: G
Pairing: None
Genre: Fantasy, Crack
Warnings: Constant use of obvious Monkees related-things. This part is also really really long.
Disclaimer: Not claiming the entire plot of this as my own. Original plot by L. Frank Baum, obviously, since he wrote The Wizard of Oz.
Summary: Sam and her friends finally reach The Frodis City and meet Wizard Glick, who has a surprise for them.

"Look….it’s….Frodis…City!" I exclaimed between pants of breath. We had just climbed an incredibly steep hill, and now, after two days of traveling through Belgravia, we could see our destination before us.

Frodis City looked as if five of Cinderella’s castles were clumped together. Each castle was painted a shade of black that shimmered beautifully in the sun. A large gate painted with a rainbow of colors surrounded all the buildings. A mysterious silver mist hung above the rooftops. But the most spectacular sight in the city was not on the ground. It was another castle floating just above the mist. It was made entirely of gold and it was so bright in the sun that in caused us to squint and shield our eyes. The roof was a pleasant purple color. We all stood in amazement at the marvelous place.

"Well, what are we waiting for? Let’s go!" Micky yelled. We took off at full speed for the gates. When we got there, we were met by a guard who was sitting on a stool, flipping through a newspaper.

"What brings you to Frodis City?" He asked, his eyes peering over the top of the paper.

"We came to see the Wizard," Michael said. "To see if he will give me a heart."

"And give me a brain."

"And give me some courage."

"And to send me home."

The guard seemed uninterested in our needs. "Well, I’ll let you in, but I can’t guarantee that you’ll see the Wizard. He’s a very busy man." He said, rubbing his eyes groggily. "When you go in, you’ll see a gold elevator near the fountain in the park. You can’t miss it." He leaned over on his stool and pulled the lever behind him. Part of the wall sunk into the ground and we entered Frodis City.

"Enjoy your visit." He said, and returned to his newspaper. The wall rose behind us.

The inside of the city was even more peculiar than the outside. Doors ran all the way up the sides of the buildings at random intervals, but there were no stairs leading to them. There were glass elevators without any cables to pull them all around and people were taking them to the doors they wanted to go to. Some citizens were busy shopping, children were running around playing games, men were sitting on benches chatting and smoking pipes, and teenage girls were huddled together sharing the latest gossip. The odd thing was that there was not a frown or unhappy face to be seen. Everyone was perfectly happy.

Straight ahead, we saw the large fountain the guard described and next to it, a shimmering gold elevator with yet another guard next to it.

"Hello," I greeted the guard.

"Hello!" He said back with a huge smile on his face.

"I was wondering if we could see the Wizard."

"Of course!" the guard said. "But I’m afraid it will be quite a bit of a wait. Wizard Glick has many meetings to attend to today."

I turned around. "Well, we don’t mind waiting, right guys?" My friends shook their heads.

The guard motioned for us to enter the elevator. He closed the door behind him and pushed a red button. The elevator rose higher and higher into the air, passing other elevators on their way up or down. Soon we couldn’t see anything because of the cloud of mist. When we emerged, the elevator was in front of the large golden castle. He opened the door and we filed out on to a red pathway. I looked up at the extravagant purple roof I noticed earlier and realized that it was made up of millions of purple lilacs. The scent of the flowers flooded the air.

A sign next to us has a large arrow and it read ‘WAITING AREA’. It led us to a room full of thirty or forty people.

"Well, it looks like we’re gonna be here for a few hours…" Peter sighed. We sat around and talked while we watched the room slowly empty. Some people only met with the Wizard for a moment, others were in there for a really long time. After about two hours, a servant in a large green robe walked up to us.

"Wizard Glick will now see you," He said. We followed him into this long corridor until we reached a set of silver doors. He pushed them open, we walked in, and he quickly shut them behind us.

The walls, ceiling, and floor were perfectly white. Large bright lights hung above us. There was no furniture in the room, except for a throne in the center. A man was sitting on it, his head bowed in thought. He was wearing a long black robe that swallowed his body and a large brimmed matching hat that hid his face. After a moment he lifted his head to look at us. His face was very round; he had a flat nose, dark, gentle eyes, and eyebrows that stretched far off his face.

"Welcome," he said sweetly. "Won’t you sit down?" He waved his hand. Three chairs and two large pillows appeared before him. We sat down as Peter and Davy made themselves comfortable on their pillows.

"What are your names?" Glick asked. We introduced ourselves one by one. "Nice to meet all of you." He said with a smile. "Now, what can I do for you?"

I started with my story first. "Well, somehow I ended up here in Belgravia, and now I just want to get home to my friends." Glick gave a nod that he understood and turned to Michael.

"The tinsmith forgot to give me a heart," he explained. "And I’ve always wanted one more than anything. I was wondering if you could give me one." Glick looked at Micky.

"I would like some brains so I can figure out how to scare the crows in my field." He faced Peter.

"I would really like some courage so I can be the king of the forest." Peter said quietly.

"Hmm…" Glick stared off into space for a moment. "I just may be able to help all of you…" My friends and I looked around at each other in excitement.

"But…" he continued. "You have to do something for me in return."

"Like what?" Micky asked. Glick stood up and slowly paced back and forth.

"I want the four of you to help me destroy Kirshner."

We stared at him in shock. I heard Michael’s jaw squeak as it dropped. "WHAT?" he yelled. "Are you nuts? How’re we gonna do that?"

"That’s the trouble, I don’t know how!" Glick cried. "That’s why I need help. I think we need to figure out something that Kirshner hates or fears…and maybe, just maybe…we can use that to defeat him!" Glick said excitedly. He started pacing even faster. "But what could it be?"

"We know he hates music," Peter interjected. Michael rolled his eyes at Peter’s obvious statement. We sat in silence, trying to think of how to wipe out Kirshner.

"THAT’S IT!" Micky shrieked, jumping out of his chair.

"What?!?" We all said. Glick stopped pacing.

"Ok, so Kirshner despises real music, right?" he asked.

"Yeah, we know that!" Michael said. "What about it?"

Micky stared at us. "He fears music." He said simply. "He hates it because he fears it." We stared at Micky as it clicked in our heads.

"Micky…that’s…that’s…BRILLANT!" Glick hollered. "We fight him with music!"

"How do we do that? We don’t have any instruments." Peter said sadly.

Glick’s face lit up. "Oh yes we do! When Kirshner took over, he searched the city and took all of our musical instruments. But I had a friend of mine hide a bunch of instruments in a secret underground vault. If you can get those instruments, you may stand a chance against Kirshner!"

"I don’t know…" I said nervously. "This is really dangerous. Do you guys really want to do this?"

"I do!" Micky said immediately.

"Ok, I’m in…" Michael said after a minute.

"Me too." Peter grinned.

I let out a sigh. "Ok, Glick. We’ll help you."

"Oh, wonderful! Wonderful! Listen, I want you to bring me back the Golden Ears. Those are what I really want because I want to eliminate them. So, just follow the brick road south and you’ll eventually find my friend’s home. His name is Elliot; it’ll say it on his mailbox. I’ll let him know you’re coming. He’ll then tell you how to get to Kirshner’s castle. You got all that?" I nodded at him.

"Well…goodbye, Wizard Glick." I said as we headed out the doors.

"Good luck," he said as he watched us depart.

Minutes later we were back out on the road, heading towards our new destination. None of us really spoke, we were all too nervous or lost in thought to communicate.

* * *

Daggart was sweeping the floor when the entire room flooded with light. He turned around to see the golden records spinning madly. His eyes widened. "Mr. Kirshner! Mr. Kirshner! Come quickly!" The little monkey squeaked, jumping up and down with liveliness. Kirshner flew into the room and headed towards the record. The image of Micky and his friends once again appeared.

"Oh, record, where is this man going?" he asked. A map appeared with a little green star on the spot where Kirshner’s castle was drawn.

"Fantastic!" Kirshner’s hands clapped together in excitement. "He’s headed in this direction! Daggart, assemble your army and bring me the scarecrow. I don’t care what you do with the others, but I want the scarecrow unharmed. Go!"

"Yes sir!" Daggart replied. He jumped up on the windowsill and let out an ear-shattering screech. Soon, his screech was answered by a hundred more. He leapt into the air and his army followed, flapping their wings wildly.

* * *

"God, when are we gonna find this place? We’ve been walking for hours!" I said irritably. At that moment, Micky stopped dead in his tracks.

"What’s up, Micky?" Peter asked.

"I hear something…I know that sound…." He said. Micky turned around and let out a loud gasp. "Flying Monkeys!" he screamed, pointing at the sky.

There were about a hundred winged, strange creatures flying in our direction. We took off in the opposite direction at full speed. I could hear the pounding of Peter’s paws against the brick and the clanking of tin. I kept looking over my shoulder, but, no matter how fast we ran, the monkeys were closing in on us. Suddenly, two of the monkeys grabbed me and pushed me on the ground, causing me to skin my face on the brick. About six or seven more leapt on me. Their claws dug into my skin. They pulled my hair and took swipes at my face. A few sunk their sharp teeth into my legs and stomach. I fought back as hard as I could, but there were just too many of them.

"Sam?! Sam?!?" Someone called my name. It sounded like Michael. I couldn’t really make it out over the screams of the monkeys. Their scratches and bites made blood seep out of me. I started seeing stars in my eyes and the hollering was soon silenced….

"Sam…Sam…can you hear me?" A voice said quietly. I opened my eyes and blinked rapidly. Davy was whimpering quietly and nudging me with his nose; Peter and Michael were crouched down beside me. Michael had his cold hand on mine. He was scratched and dented all over and Peter had many scrapes on his face and body, some bite marks on his tail, and he was missing a few whiskers.

"W-What happened..?" I asked.

"Those damn monkeys attacked us," Michael said. "And…and they…" He trailed off.

"They what?" I asked nervously.

"They took Micky…" Peter finished Michael’s sentence.


"Those monkeys work for Kirshner. I think he heard Micky singing the other night." Peter said. My breathing shortened and tears poured down my face. Michael put his arm around me and Peter laid his head on my shoulder.

"What do we do now?" I asked while I wiped my eyes with my blood-stained sleeve.

"We gotta rescue Micky and fight Kirshner," Peter said. Michael nodded in agreement.

"We should get to that guy’s pad first and grab those instruments." Michael said. "You feelin’ ok, Sam? Can you walk?"

"I think so," I replied. I stood up and we started to walk again. I stared at my feet as we traveled. A lump was lodged in my throat. I was trying not to cry, but I could just imagine what Kirshner was doing to my best friend right now, and the thoughts terrified me. I let out a few sniffles. Once again, Michael put his arm around me and pulled me close to him. So many tears poured out while we walked, I’m surprised I didn’t rust his shoulder.
















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