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"The Wizard of Belgravia - Part 4"




Title: The Wizard of Belgravia - Part Four: The Cowardly Lion
Authors: LadyLoveLonesome and Matt (Matty_Bean2393)
Rating: G
Pairing: None
Genre: Fantasy, Crack. LOL
Warnings: Constant use of obvious Monkees related-things.
Disclaimer: Not claiming the entire plot of this as my own. Original plot by L. Frank Baum, obviously, since he wrote The Wizard of Oz.
Summary: Our group of travelers meet a lion in the scary forest, and Micky causes a bit of commotion in Belgravia.
Author's Note: This is pretty much The Wizard of Oz with a twist of Monkees. So, you can imagine how this story will unfold if you watch it religiously like me have seen this movie (and if you haven't, you're not human).

The multi-colored sun in the sky was soon blocked out by the thick amount of trees in the forest. Roots ripped through the nice brick road, causing it to become bumpy and uneven. Micky, who had enough trouble walking anyways, frequently tripped on some of the broken or upturned bricks. Random growls and squawks from animals reverberated through the woods.

"Hey guys, I don’t like this forest at all. It’s creeping me out big time," I said. I pulled Michael and Micky closer to me.

"Do…do you think we’ll see any…wild animals?" Micky asked apprehensively.

"Just might." Michael said lazily. Micky gulped in fear. We kept walking, eyes scanning the forest for any signs of life. I heard rustling in some bushes nearby.

"What’s that?!?" I cried.

"Probably just a squirrel or somethin’…"Michael attempted to say fearlessly, but I could tell he was just as frightened as I was.


A giant lion had jumped out of hiding and onto the brick road, about twenty feet away from us. My friends and I screamed and huddled together in fright. Davy ran away in fear of the large animal. The lion had big brown eyes, a large nose that came to a point, one dimple on his whiskered face, and a large mouth that was baring all of his sharp teeth. His mane was a light yellow, like blonde hair, and some of it hung in his face. The rest of his fur was a mix of brown and blonde coloring. The tuft of hair on the end of his tail was oddly shaped, and I couldn’t really make out what it was. He was standing toughly on his massive paws, snarls deriving from deep within.

"Get back!" Michael yelled, pushing Micky and me away from him. He took his ax firmly in his hands and ran towards the beast. The lion’s eyes widened in fear and before Michael could take a swipe at it, he ran away, yelling in fear.

Michael looked at his ax and then at us with a triumphant expression on his face. "Well, I guess that’s that. C’mon, let’s keep going so we can get out of this place!" After I found Davy hiding under a bush, we continued our walk at a little bit of a faster pace. We were walking past a huge tree when I heard some noises. I stopped to listen.

"What is it, Sam?" Micky asked.

"It sounds like someone’s crying…" I started walking around the trunk of the tree. Micky and Michael followed.

"Don’t Sam!" I heard my friends yell, but I ignored them. I peeked around the trunk and saw the lion that had just threatened us. He was curled up and dabbing the tears from his eyes with the end of his tail, which I now realized was in the shape of a peace sign. His breathing was shallow from crying, and he let out a few moans of despair.

"Are you ok?" I asked. "Why are you crying?" The lion jumped at the sound of my voice.

"Oh!" he said. "It’s you, the person I just tried to scare."

"Yeah, it’s me…but why are you crying?" I asked again.

He patted his eyes with his tail again. "I was trying to be scary, but instead, I’m the one who was frightened!" He let out another wail. I sat down beside him and put my hand on his soft, furry shoulder.

"Did my friend scare you with his ax?" The lion nodded.

"Yeah, I thought he was going to kill me, so I ran away as fast as I could!"

"Aw, I’m really sorry," I said sympathetically. "But he only did that because he thought you were going to attack us!"

"I wasn’t going to attack you," the lion said. "I was just trying to see if I could scare someone for once. But now I know that it’ll just never happen…"

"How come?" Michael asked.

"I was born without any courage," he whispered to me. "I’m the laughing stock of the forest. The lion is supposed to be the king of cats, but I’m just a big kitten! Tears crept out of his eyes again. I frowned at him. I felt bad for him, actually. I turned to my friends.

"Guys, I have an idea. He should come with us to Frodis City."

"Why?" Both guys asked.

"Maybe the Wizard could give him some courage." Micky and Michael looked at each other. "Come on, he really needs it…" I said.

"As long as he doesn’t attack us…" Micky said.

"He won’t." I assured them. "He wasn’t even going to attack us in the first place, remember?"

"Oh yeah…" They said.
Boys, I thought. In one ear and out the other….

I crouched down next to the lion. "Listen, we’re on our way to Frodis City to see if Wizard Glick can help us. Do you want to come with us? Maybe he could help you, too." The lion looked at me.

"Are you sure?" He asked. "I wouldn’t want to be seen in the company of a cowardly lion like myself."

"Of course we’re sure!" I exclaimed.

The lion stood up. "Ok, let’s go," He smiled. "Oh, what is your name?" he asked me.

"I’m Sam, and this is Micky, Michael, and my dog, Davy." I said, pointing to each one. Davy took a few paces back when the lion looked at him.

"I’m Peter." The lion said. We began our trip down the brick road again, talking and getting to know our new friend.

"So, do you play an instrument too, Peter?" I asked.

"Oh, yeah I play a few …piano, bass, French horn, guitar…or, at least I
used to play them…" he said sadly.

The trees scattered a bit and I could see the sun once again as it was setting.

"Hey guys, maybe we should find a place to rest for the night." I suggested as I let out a yawn.

"Yeah, I’m really tired too," Peter agreed. We found a nice area of grass off in the woods to relax. I rested my head on Peter’s body, using the soft fur as a pillow. Davy jumped up and laid on my stomach. I looked at Michael and Micky, who were across from me. My eyes met Michael’s and he looked away quickly. Micky was staring off into space, with a somewhat angry look on his face.

"What’s up, Micky?" I asked.

"I’m just so fed up with not being able to sing or play music! I have one of my songs stuck in my head, but I can’t sing it!" he huffed.

"I feel the same way." Peter said. Michael nodded in agreement. Nobody spoke for a while. Then, suddenly, Micky began to sing.

Shorty Blackwell, Shorty Blackwell…
Be friends with me, be friends with me…

"Micky! SHUT IT!" Michael yelled as he clasped a hand over Micky’s mouth. "What if Kirshner hears you?"

"I don’t care anymore!" Micky shrieked when he removed Michael’s hand. "And besides, we’re so far out in the forest, he probably can’t hear us."

"I dunno, man…his ears are
really powerful…" Peter cautioned.

"I’m gonna risk it!" Micky said defiantly.

"Keep singing, Micky," I said. "You have a wonderful voice."

He began again.

I'm feeling very bad today
Another crow came into stay
He's eating all my food
He's speaking very rude
He's gonna change the mood…

Micky’s soothing voice added more weight to my sleep-heavy eyes, and I drifted into a deep sleep, listening to his song.

-Meanwhile, in a far off part of Belgravia....-

A man sitting in a comfortable fireside chair took a sip of his hot coffee. All around him was quiet, everything seemed right. Suddenly, the man jumped, spilling some of his coffee, as his golden ears twitched, signaling that something had occurred.

"Daggart!" the man called aloud, snapping his fingers. A small, winged monkey appeared out of thin air.

"Yes, Mr. Kirshner, sir?" He asked.

"Bring me the golden record," Kirshner demanded. "I feel that all is not well in Belgravia." The monkey came back with a spotless, shiny golden record. Kirshner grabbed it and set in on a nearby record player. The record began to spin and a bright light emanated from it. Soon, the image of Micky manifested itself on the spinning LP.

So this is the rebel, Kirshner thought, a wicked smile growing on his face. "Oh, gold record, where can I find this hooligan?" he asked. The image of Micky began to appear fuzzy and distorted.

"Damn, he must be too far away from my castle for me to know his exact location," Kirshner said. "Daggart, keep an eye out for this man. If he gets close enough to be detected, we’ll take care of him…"

"Yes sir!" Daggart said. Kirshner laughed wickedly.
















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