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"The Seashells of California - Part 2"

Title: The Seashells of California – Chapter 2

Author: Mrs Nesmith

Genre/Pairing: Mike/OFC

Rating: PG-13

Warnings: Strong language, moderate sexual references

Disclaimer: I (sadly) do not own Mike or any of the guys. This is 100% fictional and written for entertainment purposes only

Summary: Mike and the guys meet the enticing Lucy Seashell and her diva sister Kate

Author's Note: My first fanfic! Wish me luck. Might be a bit lengthy in places, but do bear with me. Also, a few British-isms might pop up now and again, especially in Davy's speech

“Wait for us!” called Davy as he stumbled onto Micky's shoulder in the shoes. “Who's bloody idea was this?” he then muttered under his breath.

“As far as I can recall, Di, the cunt who came up with this idea was you,” Micky replied, grinning cheesily as his sturdy arm kept Davy from falling flat on his make-up caked face.

Davy just rolled his eyes, flipped up the finger and continued to wobble behind Peter and Mike, who were discussing where to go next.

“How about that bar downtown?”

“What bar, Mike?”

“Oh, you won't know it. I showed it to Mick and Davy once. It's this bar that Phyllis showed me. They serve good food and they get some real groovy chicks in that place.”

“I'm in. Give me some action, people! These babies will go rusty if they don't get enough exercise!”

“Count me in!”

“Me too!” shouted Davy.

“But, Davy, Mike, you're meant to be chicks,” Micky pointed out, twisting the ends of his moustache and smiling smugly to himself as he saw Mike and Davy's smiles fade off of their faces.

“I'm not afraid to a little finger flipping action, bastard, so shut your trap,” Davy teased. Micky wasn't sure if he was being serious or just arsing around, but he didn't want to take his chances so he shut up immediately and took a drag on Peter's unlit comedy cigar nervously.

“Look, there's the bar over there,” said Mike suddenly as he gestured over to a building in the middle of a line of shops. The others instantly focused their attention to the apple of Mike's eye and Peter curled his nose at the sight.

The wooden exterior looked slightly worn down and rustic. There were windows with white, peeling paint dabbled on the edges and there were some tacky velvet red curtains, pulled, so as to let in as little light as possible. There was a sign, nailed neatly above the entrance stating the name of the club – The Swinging Kitten. There was an old Beatles record booming in the street and Mike noticed an old man on a bench with a sandwich in his mouth and his fingers placed in his ears. He's got a real bug up his ass, Mike thought.

“What a shithole,” Peter breathed.

“Yeah. Isn't it just?” Davy replied.

“Oh, give it a chance, Pete. You haven't seen inside, have you?”

“Good point,”

“Shut up, Mick,” Peter hissed.

Micky, Peter, Davy and Mike just sucked it all up, took a few deep breaths, and walked up the stone steps into the club.

They swung open the door and they were all blown away. They were assaulted in the face with the scent of flowers, chips and good old dope. They looked around and saw the laughing faces of people drinking socially and enjoying themselves. Clearly, you shouldn't judge books by their cover, thought Mike as the guys stepped over a stoned corpse into the centre of the main bar area. Mike glanced over to Peter to see how he felt, and Peter looked like he felt at home almost instantly.

“Come on. We'll show you our seats,” Mike said to Peter before he tripped over something and smudged his lipstick, cursing loudly as he wiped the make-up away and gave his mouth a touch-up, looking in a hand mirror as he did so.

Unshaken, he then picked himself up just as Micky walked towards their proposed table. Something had caught Micky's eye and it clearly made him feel confused, puzzled and very pissed off.

There were 2 people already sitting there. 2 girls.

One was wearing a man's shirt and a pair of jeans, and she twirled her black hair in her fingers as she talked to the other girl, who was wearing the latest fashionable mod dress with some platform boots. She was combing her short, blonde hair as she stood up, laughed, and walked off towards the ladies' room.

“Micky, why are there 2 chicks sitting at our table? Tell them to get the fuck away from our seats,” Davy outburst in a rare diva moment.

“Don't worry, darlin'. I'll sort it.” said Micky, mockingly blowing Davy a kiss and approaching the girl at the table. Peter, Mike and Davy watched nervously as Micky got right up in her face and spat rudely.

“Hey, bitch. We were sitting here, so you better skedaddle,” Micky boomed in the girl's face, adding emphasis to a few words so as to come across as big and tough.

“Piss off, shitface.”

The whole room gasped and Micky was taken aback. He leaned back a little, defensively, then leaned into her face again.

“Suck. My. Dick.”

Her eyes flashed downwards Micky's dick. “That tiny thing? No way. I'll need a fucking magnifying glass just to see it.”

“Oooh...” went the club as Davy and Mike held onto Peter reassuringly.

“I'm not moving. I was here before you were. You can come sit with me and my sister if you want, but, I warn you, she does get a bit annoying after a while.”

“That's good enough for us. Come on Pete, Di, Mikaela, sit down.”

Davy and Mike sneered at Micky as the three stepped over a body and sat down. Mike was beside the girl and he smiled politely.

“Hey girl, I'm Lucy. Lucy Seashell. Nice to meet you.”

Mike squirmed a little shyly, then shook the outstretched hand. “I'm Mikaela. Or Mike for short.”

“Wow, you're from Texas! Nice name. And you are...?”

“I'm Pete. This is Di and you've already met Micky.”

“Yes. Yes I have.”

“Who are these people, Lucy?” the blonde sister suddenly stated airily as she appeared beside the table.

“Sorry, bitch. This is Mikaela, that's Pete next to her, and that's Di and Micky. This is my bitchy sister, Kate.”

“Charming,” said Kate snootily as she extended a perfectly manicured hand towards Micky, who pulled her down so she sat on his lap.

She giggled a little, then sneered in Lucy's direction. Lucy just ignored her and turned to Mike.

“Mike, you fancy a drink on the beach?” Lucy asked.

“Well, all right. But why not here?”

“The decent beer here is a bit...overpriced,” Lucy whispered to Mike.

Mike just nodded before Lucy loudly announced, whilst waving “Well, we're off. Hope you survive without us. See ya!”

And before Mike could say anything at all, Lucy had pulled him through the door and had dumped him down onto the soft, yellow sand of the nearby beach. She's fast, Mike thought as she ran, got a six-pack of beers and brought them back.

Mike took a sip. “Nice beer!”

“I know, right? And it's 90 cents for a six-pack!”

“90 cents? No shit.”

“Yes shit. So, where you from?”

“Houston. What about you?”

“Oh, I've been an LA girl all my life. Never been anywhere else. Well, apart from when I visited my aunt in San Francisco a while back. What's Houston like?”

“Oh, not bad. Not bad.”

“When I get the money and Kate finally gets herself her own place, I'm going travelling. All over the country. New York City, Seattle, Washington DC, Cleveland...the full monty!”


There was an awkward pause.

“Got any secrets?”

Mike was surprised. “Th-th-that's a bit outta the blue.”

“I know, Mike. But you tell me one of yours and I'll tell you one of mine.”

“You go first.”

“Me? Why me? Why not you?”

“Oh, go on, Luce. Tell me one of yours and then I'll tell you one of mine.”

“NO. It's embarrassing.”

“Come on, I won't tell anyone.”



Pause. “I...am....scared...of sex.”

“Scared of sex?

“Yes...don't laugh please.

Mike couldn't help but laugh. “What's so scary about sex?”

“I don't know. I just keep getting worried about getting raped and whether it's going to hurt and stuff...”

“There's nothing to worry about. Sex is GREAT! It just feels so good and you can't get enough of it. You get it just right and being fucked is the best fucking experience in the whole world, no matter who you do it with. Well, it is tons better when it's with someone you really love. But it's amazing and you have no need to fear it.”

“Really? It's that good?”

“And more.”

“Well...hmm...what about you? What's your secret?”

Mike shuffled a little awkwardly in his seat and went bright red. “I don't have a secret.”

“Come on. Everyone's got a secret.”

“Well, I'm not telling you mine.”

“Mike, just say it.”


“Get on with it. I told you mine. And God knows I didn't want to.”

Mike took a deep breath, sighed, and took off his wig. He then wiped off his makeup with a tissue as he talked. “I'm not really a girl.”

Lucy just looked bewildered. “Oh my God, you're a member of The Monkees!”

“Well, yeah...”

“What in the name of my aunt's underpants were you doing at the Kitten dressed like a girl? Don't you have...Monkee business to get on with?”

“Well, we got a day off. And we wanted a day out in the city. But we couldn't, obviously, so we dressed up. Those were the lengths we had to go to just to have some fun. It's fucking ridiculous.”

Lucy's mouth was in the shape of an O. “Y'know, I sort of had a hunch.”


“Well, you didn't look that convincing as a girl.”


“Well, you didn't. And you, as a matter of fact, do look very sexy.”


“Wow, it's sunset already? Just look at it, Mike.”

Mike looked at the beautiful sunset and realised that he must have been on the beach with Lucy for a good few hours. Time certainly had flown.

He then felt Lucy's warm hand slip into his as they looked at the sunset. The scene was almost out of a painting as Mike and Lucy huddled each other on the sand, gazing at the sky as Mike felt Lucy's gentle, beer-scented breath on his neck.

Lucy and Mike looked into each other's eyes for a while and before Mike knew it he was kissing Lucy.

He noticed just how soft and tender her lips were as he held her tightly under the crimson sunset, rubbing his hands all over her body. He savoured all of the curves, bumps and meanders of her pale figure. It felt like heaven to her and he felt all these strange feelings appear; familiar feelings, and Mike wanted it to last forever.

After a minute, Mike and Lucy gently tore away from each other and smiled lovingly.

“Why don't we finish this at my place? Maybe you could show me just how amazing sex is?”

Mike nodded coyly, trying hard to pull his sexy, enticing look. Lucy just smiled and tapped her nose.

She then slowly rose up from the sand, tugging Mike. She pulled him up the boardwalk steps, along the boardwalk, towards the street, across the street and into a nearby apartment block. She continued to heave him along, inside the apartment block and then up the steps to her apartment – 1E on the first floor.

Lucy unlocked the door swiftly, kicked down the front door, strutted seductively across the room and stood by her bedroom door. “Ready then, tiger?”

“Ready as ever.”

Mike half knew that he would regret this decision – after all, he was cheating on his wife and son. But he felt so much adrenaline at that moment that he just brushed it off and followed Lucy eagerly into her bedroom, ready for a wild and crazy night.

The Seashells of California - Part 1