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"The Morning After"



Title: "The Morning After"
Author: CorpJ0nze
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Mike/Davy
Warning: Sexual situations
Summary: Mike and Davy have some fun....

"Hey, Davy!" Davy opened his eyes. He was lying naked on a beanbag chair while an equally naked Mike was sitting on the nearby bed.

Peter and Micky were sprawled, bare-assed on the floor, deeply asleep after their exertions of the previous night.

"Come and sit by me, Shotgun." Mike patted the mattress.

Davy got to his feet, walked across to the bed and sat down next to Mike. Somehow, sitting naked beside his naked friend seemed a perfectly natural and normal thing to do.

Mike draped an arm around Davys' shoulder and the younger man climbed into his lap.

Soon, Davy began grinding his ass into Mikes' crotch. The taller man smiled and sighed contentedly. This felt wonderful!

Suddenly, Davy jumped to the floor and headed for the bathroom.

"Davy? What are you....?"

"It's OK. I'll be back in a minute!"

Davy emerged with a bottle of suntan lotion and climbed back onto the bed. "Lie on your back, Mike. This is gonna be fun!"

He poured lotion onto his hands and started massaging Mikes' slim body. He started with the chest (giving special attention to the hardening nipples), worked down to the flat belly and finally reached Mikes' cock and balls, stroking and rubbing in ever increasing circles.

He didn't miss one bit of Mike's flesh and his friend was soon reduced to a quivering, moaning heap.

Davy paused in his ministrations, bent his head to Mikes' crotch and gently kissed the tip of his cock, flicking it with his tongue.

He looked up at Mike and grinned wickedly. "Now?!"

In reply, Mike growled deep in his throat, shoved him onto his stomach and exploded into his ass.

Davy screamed and howled in pleasure as Mikes' big cock massaged the sweet spot inside him.

They convulsed and came together calling each other's names.

When they came back to themselves they became aware of two pairs of eyes staring at them with interest and quite a lot of admiration...

"Sorry, Guys!" Mike and Davy both reddened.

"That's, OK!" Peter smiled back.

"Er, Davy......?" Now Micky was looking uncomfortable. "Could I borrow your suntan lotion, please......?"

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