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"Sunrises and Dragnet"

Title: Sunrises and Dragnet

Author: Pattie K


Rating: PG

Warnings: Just a lil' language and  kissin'!

Disclaimer: Do not own The  Monkees (but I wish I did)!

Summary: Mike thinks he's finally getting what he wanted... And Peter realises this is what he wanted!

Author's Note: By the way, the only language in here is the Hoover Dam and H-E-double hockey sticks! This is also my first fanfiction ever, so I'm sorry if it's a little all over the place! :)


Peter got up out of bed. It was five o'clock, and he was getting up to watch the sunrise. He did this every morning; got up, got dressed, made breakfast, and sat on the porch with a record playing quietly in the back of the house. He got through his routine and decided to put on a record. This time he chose Simon and Garfunkle's self-titled album; he'd always loved their folk-rock sound. It was great to him. He put the needle on the record and a familiar song started to play. He smiled to himself and started walking to the porch but when he reached the door....


Peter jumped in surprise and so did Mike.

"Oh. Peter. It's just you. Almost gave me a heart attack there, Shotgun!"

They both laughed for a minute, then Peter realised that Mike usually never woke up this early. He asked, "Hey, Mike, uh, why are you up this early anyway?"

"Oh. Uh, I just, uh, wanted to watch the sunrise this morning..." Mike replied, nervously running his hand through the flip over his eye.

"Oh. Well then. Let's get to it!"

They both grabbed chairs and pulled them next to each other. They sat down and Mike looked ahead towards the horizon. Peter wanted to look at the sunrise too, but something--or rather someone--was holding him back.


The soft glow of the sun highlighted the contours of his face and Peter just couldn't look away. He noticed how full Mike's bottom lip was and how large and pretty his brown eyes were. Peter was starting to feel something he'd  never felt--or at least never thought he'd ever feel in his life. His stomach felt like it was curling into knots while butterflies were fluttering on top of it. Peter gasped quickly.

"What? You okay, Pete?"

"Yeah... Just, uh, thought I saw a winged dolphin, that's all....." said Peter, slightly blushing at the thought of Mike seeing Peter staring at him.

'A winged dolphin?! Seriously Peter? Where the hell do you come up with this stuff?! It's not even real!! Like he's supposed to believe you now. Dammit!' Peter was terrible at lying. And everyone, including himself, knew it. Every time he got nervous and tried to lie on the spot, he'd panic and say something outrageous. 'What am I even feeling?? This is crazy. Why am I so nervous? I almost feel like...NO. That's impossible! Mike barely even talks to me!! How?!'

"Oh. Okay, Peter." Mike replied. 'Hmmm... I wonder if he's okay...I mean, that lie was horrible and he did seem nervous...

"Sure you're okay, Shotgun?"

'No. I think I love you. God, what the hell am I saying?!'

"Yeah..I'm, uh, fine! Yeah..."

They both looked at the horizon again. But, Mike turned his head back to Peter to try to decipher Peter's thoughts and why he was so nervous. Suddenly all was forgotten when he noticed the sun bouncing off the side of Peter's face like a prism. He almost radiated sunlight. His toffee eyes made Mike's stomach melt, and suddenly, Peter turned and looked at Mike and smiled, dimples flashing. Mike couldn't help but blush.   

'What the? Why the hell am I blushing?! It's Peter! How is this possible?! Am I feeling what I think I am? I can't be! ....but I am. Oh my god...why else would I want to come out this early to watch the sunrise? I must've known it all along but wouldn't let myself think it..'

They sat in silence for the rest of the time with an occasional, sweet smile and a blush between them. The sun eventually rose and it was still two hours too early for Micky and Davy to get up, so they decided to watch the television. Peter sat down on the couch, but Mike, instead of sitting in his favourite chair, plopped down on the couch with Peter. Peter looked up at Mike getting ready to sit down, and blushed. Mike had never taken the time to sit with Peter. EVER. Mike grabbed the remote and switched on the television.

"Oh groovy! Dragnet's on!"

Mike inched from the end of the couch, closer to Peter.

"Haha! Groovy."

Peter inched from his end of the couch closer to Mike. Mike blushed.

'Damn! He's so cute...'

"Uh, what's this one about? I mean, uh, have you seen it before, cause I mean, uh, I can, uh, change it if you have..." Mike took off his hat and fumbled with it on his lap.

"Oh, uh, no, I haven't seen it yet, actually..."

He inched closer to Mike.

"Great!" Mike added with a big smile. He put his hat back on and inched so close that their shoulders touched.

Mike and Peter both blushed and Peter turned his head away. Mike took his hand and gently turned Peter's head back to him. Mike slid his hand down Peter's face and Peter blushed and got butterflies again. So did Mike.

Peter started mumbling incoherently. "uh..mihnuhffss..nehh.."

'Oh' "my god that's adorable!"

Mike gasped. Dumbstruck, he rambled "Did I really just say that out loud?...."

Peter chuckled sweetly. "You're adorable." And suddenly, Peter leaned in and gently touched lips with Mike. The butterflies were back in both of them. 'Those goddamn butterflies!' Mike kissed back but it barely got any deeper. Mike put his hand on Peter's face again, and Peter ran his hand through Mike's hair. Finally when they broke from the kiss, they smiled at each other. Mike wrapped his arms around Peter, Peter held him back, and they both knew that this is where they wanted to stay forever. They fell down on the couch like this, with Peter's head on Mike's shoulder, and fell asleep. Mike knew this was what he had wanted since the day began.