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"Strange Voices in Your Ears - Part 1"



Title: Strange Voices in My Ears
Author: Gondorbunny
Pairing: Torklenz!
Rating: Hmmm...If you held a gun to my head, I'd say PG-13 or so.
Warnings: Nothing too smutty in this chapter. Just suggestive stuff.
Summary: I think I pretty much summarized it above.

“Is this the place?” Davy asked Micky, peering at the piece of paper in his hand, and then looking up at the numbers above the door of the house they had pulled up in front of.

“1841 Sunset Terrace, just where Pete said to go,” Micky said, hopping out of the Monkeemobile as Mike turned off the key.

“Great,” Davy said excitedly. “Let’s get inside. We’ve already missed some of the party as it is.”

“Cool it Davy,” Mike said soothingly. “We’re only about forty-five minutes late. You know people are constantly coming and going from these types of things. We’ll have plenty of time to enjoy ourselves.”

“Yeah Davy,” Micky joined in. “I’m sure there will still be
some girls there. Maybe even some single ones.”

“There’d better be!” Davy replied emphatically. “But I’m sure as long as Peter’s here, that’s all that you’re concerned with, eh Micky?”

Micky tried to shoot Davy a warning glance, but couldn’t hide the brief little smile that came to his lips at the words Davy had spoken. It had now been over two months since Micky and Peter had become lovers, and they didn’t even bother to try to hide the fact from their bandmates anymore. Micky had frankly been kind of shocked that they had taken the news so well. Actually, Davy didn't shock him quite so much. He knew that Europeans were by and large more accepting of alternative lifestyles. He had expected Mike, on the other hand, to be appalled and disgusted by the idea. On the contrary, Mike had been patient, understanding, and…if Micky didn’t know better…actually looked completely unsurprised by it all.

Micky supposed that Mike’s theory was that as long as Micky and Peter were happy, and the band was still a solid unit and able to get out and play gigs like always, he didn’t really give a hoot about how they got their kicks.

After they rang the doorbell, they were invited into the house by a cute girl in a peasant blouse and corduroy mini-skirt that immediately caught Davy’s attention. The girl, whose name was Amanda, was actually the hostess of the party, and for the next couple of minutes she took them on a brief tour of the downstairs level. There were several other guests in various rooms and in various stages of consciousness, depending on what they happened to be imbibing in at the time. The distinctive, heady perfume of good pot was very present in several of the rooms, and there were copious amounts of alcohol being consumed by some as well.

“So that’s the big tour”, Amanda concluded. “The pool is out that way if you guys want to take a dip.” She pointed out the sliding glass doors at the back part of the house. “There’s food and drinks out there too. Help yourselves and have fun.”

She started to walk away, and Davy immediately moved to catch up with her, slipping a casual arm around her waist as he deftly engaged her in conversation.

“Yep. There he goes,” Mike sighed. “I think we’ll know whose room to look for him in when it comes time to leave.”

Micky snorted. “Well, it’ll keep him out of our hair, anyway.” He glanced around, scanning the faces of some of the other partygoers, a distracted, searching expression on his face. “I’ll catch up with you later, Mike. I’m going to see if I can find Peter and let him know we’re here.”

“Okay,” Mike said agreeably. “I guess I’ll go take a walk around and see if there’s anyone here that we know. See you, babe.” With that he moved away with his unhurried, loping stride toward the living room.

Micky circled the other way, glancing into the dining room, greeting those who greeted him, but not seeing Peter anywhere. He wondered briefly if he might be upstairs, then dismissed the thought. Who could he possibly be up there with? Unlike Davy, Peter liked to get to know girls before he actually bedded them, and to be quite honest, Micky didn’t think that Peter had scored any women since he and Micky had become involved. Micky sure as hell hadn’t had any himself. It wasn’t that he’d given up women now. It was just that Peter kept him much too satisfied to even want to try and find anyone else, or so he told himself.

Now Micky looked curiously out the glass doors to the pool area, considering. Then he mentally shrugged. It was worth a look, and even if Peter wasn’t out there, he could check out the food spread and see if anything looked good.

Things were even looser out here than they were inside the house. All over the redwood deck surrounding the shimmering blue rectangle of the pool there were people in various stages of undress. There were people eating; people drinking; people smoking; people sitting on deck chairs and making out in the sunshine; people skinny dipping in the pool itself. There were even small pavilions set up along one of the long sides of the pool that contained piles of brightly colored and patterned pillows where people could lounge in privacy…or do whatever else might come to mind.

It was one of these pavilions that caught Micky’s attention. So much so that he began to walk closer to it without even realizing it. Two figures were inside this one, lying decadently amongst the pillows. The smell of hashish emanating from the small area almost hit Micky like a slap in the face. He could almost get a small contact high just from breathing the air nearby. There was no mistaking the people inside the shaded area. He didn’t know the dark-haired girl, but he could see that she was wearing the remains of what had been a bikini. She still had the bottoms on, but the top was lying discarded nearby. She was half-lying atop the other figure in the pavilion with her.

The other figure who lay on his back, smiling lazily up at the girl and idly stroking her right breast, was Peter.

Micky watched, frozen, as the girl casually lifted her fingers and slipped an acid-laced sugar cube between Peter’s lips before leaning down and kissing him deeply. Their tongues dueled busily between their sealed mouths, sharing the drugged cube of dissolving sweetness between them.

A feeling of nausea suddenly invaded Micky’s stomach, but mixing with it was a feeling of dim arousal as well. It was such a bizarre combination that he was completely at a loss as to how to deal with it. The feelings just intensified, both in the positive and the negative ways, as the couple broke their kiss and Peter moved his mouth down to mold his lips around one of the girl’s stiffened nipples, suckling it busily as she tipped her head back in pleasure, her long dark locks tumbling down her naked back.

When Peter sat halfway up and rolled over, moving the girl underneath him, Micky decided all at once that he had seen enough. In fact, just looking at the table of food nearby made the sickened feeling intensify, so much so that he was suddenly hurrying toward the cabana at the corner of the deck where the outdoor restroom was. He made it just in time before throwing up everything that had been in his stomach.

He flushed the toilet and then stood before the sink, rinsing out his mouth and splashing some cold water on his face, the image of Peter and the girl appearing on the darkness behind his eyelids every time he shut his eyes. He berated himself for letting such a thing affect him so badly. So, Peter was getting it on with some chick. What’s the big deal? It’s not like it was the first time, and it certainly wasn’t the first time that Micky had witnessed Peter in action either, though he always discreetly left the room before things got too hot and heavy.

Ah, but that was before, his mind whispered, almost gleefully. Micky didn’t need to ask the question “before what?”. He already knew that answer all too well. Still, should that matter? Yes, he and Peter loved each other. That was an established thing, but there had never been any conditions on their relationship. Never a strict code of “thou shalt not” that they had discussed or enforced. No one had ever declared women off-limits from here on out and etc. etc. etc.

But that didn’t change the feelings stirring within Micky right now. Right or not, unfair or not, unnecessary or not…They remained the same. He felt hurt. He felt jealous. He felt angry.

More than anything else, he felt angry.

Strange Voices in Your Ears - Part 2 With Your Wings, I Can Learn To Fly