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"Seeing Stars"



Title: Seeing Stars
Author: Moondreams
Rating: Very NC-17!
Pairing: Torksmith
Warnings: Where do I begin!? RPS, based in ’89 making them around 47 (though, in my opinion, still freakishly hot). Language, sexuality, bondage, spanking...that covers most of it I think! Oh, and it’s one long ass fic!
Disclaimer: I don’t own The Monkees and make no claim that this ever really happened. It is purely the result of an overactive imagination.
Summary: The Monkees head to Hollywood to receive their star on the Walk of Fame. While there, Mike and Peter decide to hook up for old time sake but Peter’s got a couple of tricks up his sleeve…
Author’s Note: Right, this actually is a PWP. Finally! And it is the dirtiest fic I have written so far. They're both pretty OOC in this, I've never written them like this before so I'm a little unsure I pulled it off. It was actually a lot harder than I anticipated, I do like my boys with a bit of heart as you already know but hopefully it works. Oh, and it's based on this clip.

“This is so goddamn superficial. It’s ridiculous, I can’t believe so many people showed up for this, is it really that big a deal?” Michael whispered to no-one in particular.

“Kinda, yeah. It’s the Hollywood Walk of Fame!” Peter responded when the other two didn’t, too absorbed in the fan attention.

“Oh, great. I feel so honoured to be sharing this tribute with such prestigious people as...Bugs Bunny.” He quipped in his familiar dead-pan way.

Peter scoffed slightly, trust Mike to see the negative in everything. He always had to put a damper on their fun. He looked over at Mike again, convinced that although he was facing forward, he was watching him from underneath those reflective glasses.
Always trying hide...

They stayed silent for a while, listening to their introduction and looking out at the screaming fans.
Still screaming, Mike thought, unbelievable... Then he whispered again, only this time specifically to Peter.

“We’re better than this, you know? You and me. We don’t need this bullshit.”

“I happen to appreciate this bullshit.” Peter replied, keeping his forward. “You knew what it would be like, why did you even come?”

Mike looked over at Peter, a slight smirk playing on his lips. “I think you know...”

Peter’s heart skipped a beat. He did know, or at least he hoped. When he heard that Mike had agreed to attend, it was all he could think about but he was convinced that all these years later, Mike would rather forget the antics they got up to in their youth. Apparently not.

“I don’t uh- what?” Was all Peter managed to say.

“It’s been a while, hasn’t it? I wanna know if you’ve learned a thing or two.”

Peter swallowed hard. That voice still did it, still sent vibrations through his entire body. He was suddenly grateful that Mike’s eyes were obscured, the intensity of that gaze would make him crumble instantly.

Mike ignored him for a bit, focusing on the events around him. Peter saw him lean down and whisper something to Davy.
Dammit, what the hell is he up to? He didn’t have to wait much longer to find out as Mike leaned over again to whisper even closer to him.

“Where you stayin’?”

“Why? What’s it to you?” Peter knew how to play the game. As appealing as it was to just give in to Mike instantly, the rewards were always far greater the longer you held out.

“Well, I gotta know where I’m gonna be having my way with you.” His self-assured delivery frustrated Peter just as much as it turned him on. Mike snuck a quick peek at Peter’s backside. “God, your ass is still so tight. Fuck, it’s gorgeous. You know what I’m curious about, though?”

“What?” Peter muttered, breathlessly.

dead curious to see if you’re still as tight on the inside as you are on the outside.”

Shit! Keep it together, man. Don’t give in so easily... “What makes you think I’ll let you? You haven’t bothered with me the last 20 years, why should I just bend over now?” The phrasing wasn’t supposed to sound as apt as it did but it got the point across.

Mike was surprised by how much the comment hurt, though he didn’t show it. He knew it was wrong of him to just expect to slip back into old times, he’d just hoped that Peter wouldn’t be able to resist.

Peter pulled away, getting back into the moment, waving at the fans behind them. Mike spun round, practically glaring at the person that dared to break their moment. He’d begun to forget there were even other people around, Peter often had that effect on him. He turned to consider Peter once more, deciding that this would call for more serious measures.

He slipped an arm around Peter’s shoulder, pulling him close as Peter looked at him incredulously. Before he could say anything to deter him, Mike began whispering in that familiar seductive tone.

“You’ll let me because you want it. You’ve wanted it the last 20 years. There is no way you’ll turn it down now, I know you.” Peter kept his eyes forward, apparently detaching himself from that teasing voice. But his body betrayed him as Mike noticed a bulge appearing in his pants.

“Not gonna tell me where you’re stayin’, huh?” Still nothing.
He has learned a thing or two... Mike thought, smiling inwardly. He leant in closer still.

“Well then maybe I’ll just have to take you right here. I want you and I’m gonna have you, if it has to be out here in front of all these people then so be it.”

Peter knew it was a bluff, Mike would never compromise himself like that but Peter wasn’t thinking clearly, a thin sheen of sweat covering his body as his cock continued to swell.

“Oh yeah, you want it alright. You want it right now. Want me to grab that big cock of yours and start pumping you, hard and fast, just the way you like it, babe.”

Peter closed his eyes, trying to keep some composure. “Mike...please...”

“All these people watching as you get hard, fucking my fist, just beggin’ to come. Aching for it, so close. You love it, love being watched, you whore. It gets you off, doesn’t it? You wanna come and scream and-“

“HollywoodRooseveltHotelCelebritySuite.” Peter blurted out, unable to stop himself. Mike smiled victoriously, patting him lightly on the shoulder.

“Good boy.”

For Peter, the ceremony couldn’t end soon enough.


As soon as the photographers had all their shots, Peter was the first one out of there. Mike was set to meet him in an hour which gave him plenty of time to get ready.

He started running a cold shower to help relieve the remnants of the hard-on he still bore but changed his mind, remembering tactics from years past. He stripped down, climbing into the steaming shower and began to stroke himself slowly, remembering how everything started...

The four of them and some others were all at Peter’s house, just bullshitting, playing music and getting high. Gradually, everyone left until only Peter and Mike remained, still deep in conversation.

Soon, they were sat in relatively silence, still smoking, when Peter just said out of the blue:

“I am so fucking horny, man.” Mike just burst out laughing at the sudden confession. He took another toke before looking back at his hippie friend.

“Must be the weed.”

“I hope so, otherwise it’s you.” They looked at each other for a second, before falling about on the floor in hysterics, trying to catch a breath.

Moments passed, or maybe it was hours, when the mood changed. Mike kept casting fleeting glances at Peter who would shift uncomfortably.

“You should’ve asked Jodie over. She’s always good for a fuck.”

“That...would have been a good idea.”

“You’ve fucked her before, ain’t ya?”

“Mmmm...” Peter replied, closing his eyes and lying down, reminiscing about his night with Jodie. Mike’s eyes drifted down to the growing bulge in the already tight pants and failed to look away.

Looking back, Mike always blamed the drugs for his next move but if he were truly honest with himself, they merely served as a gateway to an underlying curiosity.

He reached a hand down to the clothed bulge, lightly tracing it with a finger. Peter, deep in his drug haze now, didn’t even open his eyes and just let the sensations wash over him. He hummed pleasantly at the back of his throat, shifting around a little while spreading his legs slightly.

Mike instinctively took the hint and began to roughly massage him through the fabric, causing Peter to suck in a gasp of air, frowning in mounting arousal.

Mike watched his expression intensely as he drew Peter’s cock out of his pants and began to stroke him hard and fast.

As he watched Peter begin to thrust mindlessly into his hand, he felt his own cock pressing uncomfortably against his pants. He didn’t know what he was doing or why but in that moment he knew, more than anything, he wanted to make Peter come and come hard.

And he did. A few clever twists and jerks of the wrist and Peter was bucking wildly, shooting into Mike’s hand before relaxing and drifting off into a satisfied sleep. Not knowing what else to do, Mike left.

It was over a week later when Peter worked up the courage to question Mike about it.

“Yeah, well, I was stoned, man. I can hold it as well as you... The drugs, I mean!”

“OK.” Neither spoke for a bit but they didn’t move either. Somehow they both knew this conversation had a different destination.

“Did you like it?” Mike heard himself say.

“Yes...Did you?”


And that was really all there was to it. Every once in a while, they’d meet up and get each other off. But pretty soon, their meetings became more frequent and more adventurous.

It became clear to Peter that Mike liked to be in control, he was always in charge but Peter was surprised at how willing he was to accept that. He actually liked it that way.

It wasn’t until they got round to penetration that they both realised how deeply rooted their sexual desires were. They could do things together that no-one else could give them. Peter gave Mike the control he would never ask for outright, he let him try pretty much anything he thought up. And Mike could make Peter come like no-one had or has since.

Peter would never ask anyone for the sort of treatment Mike gave him, but Mike understood and didn’t question it. Spanking him. Violating him. Sucking him. Fucking him. Fucking him hard, so hard, over and over and over-

“Ahhhh! FUCK!” Peter beat himself to an explosive orgasm in the shower, fantasizing about all the delicious things that used to be done to him and would be again hopefully in a short time.

Looking through his suitcase, Peter found the outfit he’d picked out especially for this occasion. The tightest pair of denim jeans he could fit into and a white shirt that had the fiddliest buttons known to man.
That should piss him off... Peter thought, grinning to himself.


Mike couldn’t believe it but he was actually nervous. He still couldn’t get over how little Peter had changed. His hair was longer and he was a little thinner in the face but he’d barely aged a day.

20 years was a long time and Mike wasn’t sure he was as up to it as he had thought. But Peter sure seemed keen and that put his mind at ease a little bit.

He’d been pacing round his hotel room for half an hour, not wanting to turn up early and come across as desperate. Finally, he gave up, heading out in search of Peter’s hotel and the treats held within it.


Knock, knock.

Peter’s heart leapt into his throat, he couldn’t believe this was actually about to happen. He gave himself a final once over in the mirror before opening the door.

Mike was leaning casually against the doorframe, or at least it should have been casual but he looked a little awkward and uneasy.
And he’s still wearing those damn glasses! However Peter could easily see his eyebrows raise above them as Mike looked him up and down, mouth slightly agape.

Any doubts or second thoughts he was having were killed instantly as his eyes lingered at Peter’s crotch.
Changed his pants...Christ, just look at that fucking thing! The jeans really left nothing to the imagination and must have been ridiculously uncomfortable but they were getting the desired effect. Peter smiled as Mike drew his tongue over his bottom lip hungrily.

“Why don’t you come- mph!” Before Peter even had a chance to finish, Mike had practically thrown himself into the room, engulfing Peter in a barrage of bruising kisses. Peter flailed blindly, trying to shut the door, managing to deadbolt it just before Mike pushed them further into the room.

Breathing didn’t seem to be much of an option under the sudden onslaught of fierce kisses, Mike’s tongue diving straight into his mouth, mapping it all out. Peter moaned urgently, grabbing Mike’s hair with one hand to pull him closer while throwing the glasses off with the other.

Just as Peter started to press into Mike’s body, he found himself being spun round and slammed face first into a wall. He was given no chance to move before he found himself pinned from behind by Mike’s body pressed flush against him. He wasn’t as bony as he used to be, there was added strength there now and it just made Peter hotter to feel such force behind him.

Mike leaned his chin on Peter’s shoulder, whispering huskily into his ear.

dare you look so good after all this time. Standing up there, lookin’ all…firm and inviting.”

Mike licked around the shell of his ear, making Peter sigh softly and smile, clearly enjoying the attention.

“But I don’t like being teased, Peter. Seeing you flaunt yourself out there, flirting with the fans. You knew
exactly what you were doing to me.”

On the ‘exactly’, Mike suddenly pressed forward, pushing Peter harder against the wall and he began to set a rhythm, rubbing his crotch up and down against that tight ass he’d been dying to get a hold of for hours.

Peter felt the change and grinned wider as his fingers dug into the wall in front of him, head falling back slightly.

“But you, you love being teased, don’t you babe? You’re such a slut Peter, you know that? A big,
fucking slut.” He pushed forward again, forcing a moan out of Peter’s mouth and that was it. Mike picked up his pace, grinding into the gorgeous creature in front of him.

Peter could feel Mike’s rising cock behind him with every pass as his own cock was growing rapidly and he tried to relieve some of the aching tension by leaning further into the wall.

Mike moved his hands from Peter’s waist to his hips, allowing him to move faster, thrust harder.

“Jesus…” Peter spluttered, eyes clenched tightly closed as his pulse began to pound in his throat. Mike moved some of the hair out of his way so he could alternate between gentle sucks and bites on that tempting pulse point making Peter tremble slightly.

“That’s it. Let it go, Peter, I know how much you want it.” Peter moved his hands from the wall and thrust them into Mike’s hair behind him. The feel of Peter’s hands on him went straight to Mike’s cock but he couldn’t allow such behaviour so early on.

He grabbed the hands away, slamming them against the wall forcing Peter to lean outwards, pressing hard against Mike. He was beginning to regret the choice of pants. They were tight enough as it was, he hadn’t allowed for a hard-on of epic proportions and he was beginning to struggle with his respiration.

Sensing the laboured breathing, Mike felt it best to change tactics. With his hands still entwined with Peter’s he manoeuvred them onto his own backside. As he moved his hands away, Peter’s remained where they’d been placed.

“You need to be taken down a peg or two. You’ve forgotten the rules, I think you need to be punished, don’t you?” Mike’s hands began to snake round to the front of Peter’s jeans, lightly caressing the fabric.

“Yes, yes, I do…” Peter moaned earnestly, his cock now aching to be released.

“Need to be reminded about who’s in charge…” Mike popped the button open and, with agonizing slowness, drew the zipper down causing Peter’s breathing to speed up in anticipation.

As he finished pulling it down and pushing the pants down slightly, he was quietly surprised to feel the erection brush slightly against his fingers as it broke free from its confines. Peter had decided to forgo the underwear, moreso for the comfort than anything else but Mike had always and still did find it incredibly sexy.
God, I’d forgotten how big he was. Lucky me. He made sure not to linger, instead moving over to run his hands up and down the trembling thighs, moving to lightly brush the inside.

In response, Peter firmly squeezed Mike’s ass, letting him know just how much he was enjoying it. Mike pressed forward again at the added stimulation, a sweat beginning to form on his brow.

The hands continued to caress and tease, purposely avoiding the one area that so desperately needed some attention. Peter was fit to burst and began to panic slightly.
20 years I’ve been waiting for this and it’s all gonna be over in about 20 seconds if he doesn’t quit screwing around. Peter knew what Mike was waiting to hear, but he wouldn’t beg, not yet. He decided to try something else.

“So, what made you, ungh…what made you come? Ladies not all over you like they used to be?”

Mike’s hands stopped moving for a beat but he was quick to catch himself, continuing the movement while digging his nails in slightly to the soft flesh.

“Say again.”

“The chicks not doing it for you any more, that it? You need a nice stiff cock to satisfy you?” Bingo! That did the trick. Mike promptly spun Peter around to face him, slamming him back against the wall.

Mike was suddenly caught off guard purely by the site of him, fumbling for something to say. Looking into those caramel eyes, smouldering with lust and desire with a hint of childlike playfulness, his hand locked tightly in that golden hair, he was taken aback by how familiar it all was.

In that moment, it didn’t feel like they hadn’t done this in 20 years, it was just so natural…and a little scary.

Peter noticed the pause and the slightly vacant expression, frowning a little.
Is he backing out?? Maybe he’s right, maybe this isn’t such a good idea. But I want it so bad!

Mike was quickly brought back to reality as he felt Peter fidget beneath his relaxed grip. He tightened it, pushing him back again and grinning.

“I can still get any woman I want, they can’t get enough of me. But it just so happens,” he continued, as a finger trailed down his shirt towards his pubic bone where it stayed, “that no-one loves my cock quite as much as you.”

Peter smiled slightly, still staring into those brown eyes as he panted while Mike continued to stroke that bone.
Just a little lower, god just a bit more. Please Michael for god sake!

“They enjoy it sure, but you…you need it. You’d beg for it, every fucking inch. Begging me to give it to you. I just feel so good pounding into you, you couldn’t get enough. Isn’t that right?”

Peter chose to answer with a scorching kiss, flinging himself forward while also grinding a little into Mike’s crotch, feeling the hardness that lay within.

Had it been way back when, Mike would have pushed Peter back but he’d forgotten how amazing and downright paralyzing his kisses were, to push him away suddenly seemed ridiculous.

As Peter moved his hands round to Mike’s ass, his need for release so great he was barely aware of what he was doing anymore, Mike suddenly remembered something.

He pushed Peter back making the tormented man whimper slightly, but his eyes lit up when he saw Mike reach into his pocket.
Mmmm, he brought something to play with…

Mike ran a hand through the sandy hair, tugging him closer before his hand
finally reached down to grasp the leaking cock below.

“Shit, yes…” Peter hissed, reflexively jerking forward a little, biting his lower lip. His hands gripped Mike’s shoulders tightly as his head fell forward to rest on the dark haired man’s chest
Crap, this is no better. I’m still gonna come way to soon. Gotta try and- fuck, it’s too good!

“This is for you…” Mike whispered seductively, in his ear.

Peter frowned a little to himself as he felt something tighten around the base of his cock and then the hand moved away. He didn’t need to look to see what Mike had just done, he instead looked up at Mike with a curious look.

“Now, don’t be offended! I just want this to last for as long as possible and I remember what you were like…” Mike didn’t like the sudden rush of thoughts invading his brain. It felt like their first time all over again.

Although Mike always took charge, he’d suddenly felt very self conscious about fucking Peter. He was older than him for one thing, it felt weird dominating someone older than you but there had been other things too. The only thing that made him a little more comfortable was that for all intents and purposes he was the leader of the band (at least in his mind, if not anyone elses). That gave him the sense of authority he needed to go through with it.

But now, that wasn’t the case. They weren’t band mates anymore, they were two very separate people and Mike suddenly felt wrong in trying to force things on Peter.

Peter realised he had every right to be offended. Mike was basically saying that his age has obviously made him less virile and he needs a little “help” to keep going. But he wasn’t offended. He knew Mike had a point. Peter had always struggled to keep from coming every damn time, Mike was like a machine, he could seemingly go for hours.

Peter sensed that Mike was feeling a bit out of place all of a sudden and he didn’t want that at all so he attempted to get them back on track.

“You think you’ve still got what it takes? You’re no spring chicken yourself, Michael. You just might not do it for me anymore.”

Mike smirked, picking up on the challenge in his tone. “You just stepped out of line, Tork. And you know what that means…”

Peter leaned forward, breathing deeply into his ear.

“Punishment…” Mike shuddered slightly.
Wait, I’m supposed to be turning him on, not the other way around! God dammit, how does he do that!?

He grabbed Peter by the upper arms, putting him at arms length, trying to gather his thoughts. “That’s right. But you know what, I’m tired. Take care of it yourself, would ya?”

Peter knew exactly what that meant as he watched Mike settle down comfortably on the king size bed, watching him expectantly. He always had mixed feelings about it. On the one hand it made him a little self-conscious and uncomfortable but damn if he didn’t love to see how hot and bothered it made Mike.

Very slowly Peter ran his hands over his chest, then down to the throbbing erection, grasping it firmly and gasping a little in the process.

He began to stroke it with long, measured movements, trying to ignore the intense gaze set on him which was just impossible.

Mike had spread his legs and was holding himself up with his arms resting behind him, not even blinking as he watched the gorgeous sight before him. His own hard-on was now beginning to cause discomfort but that would have to wait.

Despite the awkwardness he was feeling, Peter’s body began to react even more so to the ministrations and his breathing began to speed up as his body started to shake. His strokes sped up as he began to make a steady keening noise at the back of his throat.

Mike licked his lips as he watched Peter’s expression, lost in building passion, getting closer and closer.

Peter felt his legs giving out on him so he fell backwards to allow the wall to support him a little as he raced to the finish.

“What are you thinkin’ about?” Peter heard from across the room. He opened his eyes to see Mike rubbing himself but otherwise seeming totally composed. God, he looked so hot.

“Paris.” Peter managed to say but it was all Mike needed to understand. Paris had been one hell of a weekend.

“Yeah? Thinking about how much I fucked you, huh? How many times I made you come. You just wanted more and more...” Mike felt his cock twitch at his own words, remembering the details as Peter’s hand sped up even further.

The memories were so vivid to Peter, he couldn’t stand it any longer. He brought his other hand down to his balls, rolling them together in his fingers.

“Ahh, fuck, mmm!” He felt his knees begin to buckle under him and Mike noticed it too.
Enough of this, I need him and I need him now! Mike thought, looking at the crumbling man. With impressive speed, he shot across the room grabbing both hands away and pinning them above Peter’s head.

He practically sobbed at the loss of contact, looking desperately into the burning eyes before him. He was slightly surprised when Mike leant in for a long, deep kiss that lasted for as long as it could before they had to pull back for a breath.

“Michael...” But before Peter could say anything else, Mike had fallen to his knees and yanked Peter’s jeans down to his ankles, wasting no time before he licked a long line up the aching member.

“HOLY-yes, it’s- god!” Peter was unable to string any sort of sentence together as that tongue continued to move in obscene swirls up and down the shaft, then around the head. He tasted so good and those
noises! Peter always made the sexiest noises when he was being pleasured.

Soon, Mike wrapped his lips around the head, enveloping him in an agonising heat. Peter stopped trying to speak, instead resorting to strangled moans of ecstasy. That mouth could work wonders and Peter knew that he was about to get the release he so desperately needed.

Mike took him in further and further with agonizing slowness.

“Take it all, please god Mike, just...more, I need more.” Mike smiled, or tried to anyway, not the easiest thing to do with a cock in your mouth. He loved how he could make Peter fall apart, it was exhilarating to watch. As he looked up now, he saw Peter frantically trying to blow the hair out of his face, leaning against the wall once more for support.

As Mike ran his hands roughly up Peter’s legs, moving them round to that perfect ass, he ever so slightly brushed a finger against his opening, teasingly.

That was enough for Peter. With a grunt, he gripped Mike’s shoulder with one hand while knotting the other into the dishevelled hair below, rocking his hips against the sucking mouth.

Mike could feel Peter’s cock swell even more in his mouth and he knew he was close to coming.
Should I? Am I really that mean? Mike looked up again into that face, mouth open and eyes clenched closed and Mike knew he wasn’t ready to see that go away just yet. I guess I am...

Without a word, Mike withdraw himself and sat back on the bed, staring at Peter.

Peter thrust a few more times into thin air, unable to stop himself. “You son of a bitch.” He managed to breathe out as he collapsed to the floor, so drained of energy and light-headed that he could no longer support himself.

He knew he could easily just get himself off there and then, it would probably only take a few strokes to tip him over the edge. But that’s not what he wanted. He wanted Mike to do it and this was how he liked to play. And Peter liked it that way. As agonizing as it was, that’s what made it so spectacular in the end. He knew if he could stay sane long enough to wait it out, it would be absolutely worth it.

“Get that tight ass over here.” Mike said, trying to cover the tremor in his voice. Seeing Peter so painfully aroused was really beginning to stir him up, he wasn’t sure if he could hold out for as long as he wanted after all.

Peter managed to pull himself up, kicking off the pants that still lay at his ankles and stumbled across the floor to the bed where Mike suddenly seized him and threw him on it. He pinned his arms above his head and sat poised above him.

Peter wriggled a little but the fight was out of him for the moment. Mike gave him a long look up and down, staring particularly at the still erect cock which was now a deep shade of red.

He looked at the shirt that Peter was still wearing and knew that had to go. He began to undo the buttons but they were so small, his fingers couldn’t work them and he kept fumbling.

Peter watched him, saw the concentration on his face and had to smother a laugh.
He actually looks kinda cute... Peter thought, randomly. Just to add to his frustration, Peter sighed loudly, feigning boredom even though he was getting hotter by the second.

God dammit, I’m losing him... “What the fuck is with this shirt? Need a key to get into this fucking thing?! Screw this!” And with that he just grabbed either side and ripped it apart, buttons pinging in every directions as Peter let out a satisfied growl of lust.

Mike didn’t waste any time in running his hands over the newly exposed flesh. He couldn’t get over how he hadn’t put on an ounce of weight in 20 years but he was sure enjoying it.

Peter seemed to have no complaints either as he squirmed beneath Mike’s roaming hands, gasping when they tweaked a nipple. The sounds became too much for Mike and he needed to get out of his pants immediately.

He sat up so he was straddling the blond man’s waist, still rubbing his hands up and down that toned body.

“Now, I’ve noticed...that you’ve been taking a lot more than you’ve been givin’. I think it’s time for that to change.” He shimmied forward a little, allowing Peter to feel his clothed hard-on and gave a look down just for emphasis. “Do it.”

Peter grinned lecherously and got to work. He undid the belt buckle, snapping the belt out of the loops with a crack that made them both shiver. He moved down to the button, then the zipper, pulling it down just as slowly as Mike had done to him.

Mike sat up on his knees, allowing Peter to pull his pants and underwear down to his thighs, letting the impressive hard on spring forward. Mike let out a long breath at the freeing sensation but quickly sucked it in again as he felt wet lips at the base of his cock.

“Peter...” he whispered, unconsciously.
I shouldn’t let him...but it feels so good! But Peter wasn’t about to give Mike a release, not after all the teasing so he pulled back and stretched underneath him, tantalizingly.

“You know what, you’ve worn me out, I think I’ll just stop for a bit.”

“Like hell you will!” Mike replied, maintaining his previous position above Peter. “Maybe I just need to wake you up a little, huh?”

With that he began to cover Peter’s whole upper body in kisses which soon turned into soft bites as Peter’s moans and groans steadily increased.

Peter loved how Mike would just ravish him, no-one he’d ever been with had ever worked quite so hard to get him off as Mike always had and that made him feel sort of special in a weird way.

As much as Peter was enjoying the attention however, he just had to get in on the action. He moved his arms up to Mike’s head, moving it away from his chest and up to his own mouth to share in another heated kiss.

While Mike was revelling in the feel of Peter’s tongue rapidly duelling with his own, Peter ran his hands over Mike’s back, continuing on down to his bare ass. He gripped it firmly, kneading the cheeks in his hands, forcing Mike to snap away from the kiss to let out a loud groan.

This is it, gotta make my move now while he’s distracted. Using his well-placed hands, he pushed Mike’s body down a little as he arched his back, allowing their aching erections to glide against each other.

“Oh, FUCK!” Mike wasn’t expecting it and his arms gave out, making him collapse on top of Peter, only increasing the friction between them. Peter was too far gone now to focus on anything but that glorious friction as he bucked wildly against the man laying above him.

All Mike wanted to do in that moment was pin Peter down and slide straight into him, pounding him to an explosive orgasm but that wasn’t the plan. Looked like Peter had to be reminded of that.

To Peter’s sheer amazement, he felt Mike move away
again. Jesus, he really is a fucking machine, how can he do that?? He lifted himself up on his elbows, staring dumbfounded at the frustrated man before him.

“You’ve broken the rules one too many times, babe. I think you need to be taught a lesson.” Mike spoke slowly, succinctly.

“Yeah? What makes you think I’ll listen?” Peter responded, drawing his knees up slowly thus giving Mike the perfect view of his ass.
Fucking tease...

“This isn’t a choice. You’ll listen and you’ll learn. Got it? Now sit up.” Peter did as he was told, sitting up to face Mike, getting ever so close.

Mike closed the space between them so they were practically nose to nose. “Turn around. And bend over.”

Peter’s heart practically leapt into his throat at the demand though he didn’t let it show. He got himself on all fours and turned around to face the headboard, turning to give that not-so-innocent smile.

Mike let out a deep breath as he saw this perfect ass being offered to him.
Best present I’ve had in years...He thought. He ran his hands over it, just enjoying the feel before he raised his hand and SMACK!!!

Peter catapulted forward, hands tightly gripping the sheets below him as the first slap came down. Mike waited a bit before the next one, then bringing another one down quickly after that, setting an unsteady rhythm.

As the slaps continued, Peter grew louder and louder, moaning and cursing as his ass got redder and redder.

“What you need is some self control, boy!”
SMACK! “Learn to keep yourself together. You want to come don’t you?”

Peter nodded, furiously.
SMACK! “I wanna hear you!”

“Yes, yes! I wanna come, make me come...”

“You just wanna reach down and jerk yourself off. Or maybe you want me to give you a hand, hmm? That what you want, Peter? Want me to get you off?”

Peter couldn’t get any words out forcing another smack on his burning ass. His cock felt like it was about to explode, he’d never felt so hard in his entire life. Even years ago he would have come by now, he always fell apart whenever they tried spanking. It was beyond agony, orgasm was just in reach but he couldn’t quite get there...

Another slap rained down on his battered backside. “Ungh, fuck!” Peter started to lean back, automatically trying to find Mike’s body but he’d positioned himself far enough back to avoid such an occurrence.

Mike lay a gentle hand on the blazing hot skin, loving how smooth it still felt as well as the whimper that slipped from Peter’s lips. He then moved closer, placing his body over his, letting his stiff cock lightly brush the puckered entrance before whispering in Peter’s ear.


And then it hit him.

Not the most opportune moment, granted, but he couldn’t help it. Peter remembered back to when they had called it quits, back when Peter left the group. They had decided to stop their activities as they were getting a little too intense and were worried about getting found out. But for years after, Peter had always wished he’d just gone for it and taken the dominating role for once, just to see what it was like. He never thought he’d have the chance to try it again.

Until now.

“No.” Peter managed to stammer. Mike faltered, not knowing how to deal with that response.


“I said, No.” Peter then turned around to face Mike defiantly, an unfamiliar gleam in his eyes.
Oh, I see, he wants to play, huh? Well, I’ll show him who he’s messing with.

“No? I don’t think you understand who- Peter, what the fuck man!?” Not really listening to what Mike had to say, Peter suddenly interrupted him by pouncing him and reversing their positions. Mike instinctively backed himself up until he hit the headboard, totally flummoxed by the sudden change of events.

“I thought you liked-mph!” Peter silenced him with a forceful kiss, mentally lulling Mike into a false sense of security. As he felt the Texan relax and respond, Peter ran his hands gently up the inside of Mike’s arms, lifting them up and holding them against the headboard. Mike was too involved in the kiss to stop him which is when Peter made his move.

Freeing one of his hands, he reached out blindly to grab the discarded belt he had spotted a moment earlier and with extraordinary speed and precision (no doubt with some experience) he managed to secure Mike’s hands to the headboard.

It took a few seconds after Peter pulled away from the kiss for Mike to even realise what had happened, tugging forcefully at the restraint. He looked up at Peter, mild panic in his eyes compared to the now cool and confident eyes of the man in front of him.

“Peter, I don’t know-“ But Peter put a finger over his lips to silence him which Mike instantly did. Peter proceeded to pull Mike’s pants off completely and slink on top of the paralyzed man.

And just when Mike thought things couldn’t get any more confusing in his mixed state of fear and arousal, Peter began to stroke himself. But now that he was doing it under his own will it was different, Mike could barely contain himself and Peter found it empowering to see this usually composed being falling apart so quickly.

“So. I’m the one with no self-control. That’s what you said, wasn’t it? But that’s not how I see it. I may love your cock, yes, but only as much as you love burying it deep inside me. You can’t stand to keep your hands off me, you have to touch me, you need it just as much as me. Need to feel how hard I get for you.”

Peter shook a little as he continued his strokes making Mike whimper in anticipation.

“It makes you crazy, doesn’t it? Hearing what you do to me, how hot you make me, getting me so fucking close...That working out for you now?” He asked teasingly, knowing damn well how turned on Mike was at that moment. He shifted a little closer as he continued.

“20 years. That’s a long time to wait, Michael. I think you need to make it up to me, don’t you?” Mike nodded slowly, eyes not straying from the pulsating erection that was now mere inches away from his mouth. He wanted a taste, now more than ever.

“That is why...you are gonna let me fuck you.”

Mike’s eyes suddenly shot up. He went to laugh but could tell from Peter’s eyes that this was no joke. He spluttered slightly, failing to form any words.

“That and because you want me to. You’ve always wanted me to, you just needed to not be given the choice. I am gonna fuck you. Hard. And you’ll love every minute of it.”

Mike couldn’t believe what he was hearing but what he couldn’t believe even more was the thrill that shot through him at the sheer determination and purpose in Peter’s voice. But that feeling was nothing compared to how he felt when Peter slowly leant down to whisper that earth shattering word in his ear.


Mike swallowed hard, looking deep into those searching eyes and gave a slight nod. Peter claimed his lips in a rough, impassioned kiss as a response.

Peaches... To most people, simply the name of a fruit. But when said by Peter it took on a whole other meaning. Once they’d gotten into their more ‘adventurous’ activities, they’d thought it best to come up with a safe word.

In the whole time they were together, Peter had only ever uttered it twice. Mike had never been in the position for the safe word to be needed.

Until now.

The fact he even suggested it let Mike know that this was not going to be gentle. But seeing Peter, so confident and in charge, he knew this was the right thing to do. It wasn’t a matter of trust, Mike trusted Peter unequivocally, he had just never been fond of the unknown. And this was one
hell of an unknown.

Peter undid Mike’s shirt, licking every newly exposed piece of flesh, loving the soft moans that echoed above him. He wished he could have stayed there longer but his cock, now a startling shade of purple, had other ideas and he needed to get this show on the road soon.

He reached into the bedside cabinet to retrieve a tub of Vaseline he’d stashed there. Mike raised an eyebrow at this causing Peter to blush slightly as he lubed himself up.

He then made the same preparations to Mike, rubbing the lube around the tight hole and then pushing a finger inside. Peter watched Mike carefully, not wanting to hurt him but at the same time going crazy about what was about to happen.

When he felt they were both about as ready as they would ever be, Peter moved forward, lining his cock up with the slicked up entrance, giving one final look at Mike who took a deep breath before Peter pushed in.

AHHHHH, PEACHES! Peaches, peaches, fucking peaches! Mike screamed, inwardly. But on the outside, all he let out was a muffled cry, pulling hard at the belt. He wouldn’t cry out, not only because his pride wouldn’t allow it but because under no circumstance did he want Peter to stop.

It hurt yes but it felt so good at the same time, being filled so completely. Mike opened his eyes to see Peter and the sight almost took his breath away.

The heat and tightness was just incredible. He had never thought to ask if Mike was actually a virgin but it sure as hell felt that way, he’d never felt anything like it. He stayed stock still for what seemed like forever until he felt Mike wriggle on his cock, making slight circles, encouraging him to move.

Peter placed his hands on Mike’s chest, one over the other, and began a steady rocking motion, lengthening the strokes on each pass. Mike tipped his head back, loving the way Peter felt inside him.

“That’s it, Peter. God, it feels good...” Peter grinned, glad that Mike was taking it so well. He wasn’t entirely sure how much of Mike’s hard-ass attitude was play or real so it wouldn’t have surprised him if Mike had belted him around the face and stormed out. This was much more satisfying.

Peter sped up, feeling his need to come reaching epic proportions. As he thrust suddenly, he hit a spot within Mike that almost made the Texan black out.

“JESUS! Fuck! Oh, god...again.” Mike panted, his cock seeming to lengthen still further as his balls began to tighten painfully.

Peter did as he was told, pulling almost all of the way out before slamming back in, forcing a cry out of Mike who just begged for more.

“Fuck me harder, Peter. Fuck me like you mean it!”

“Why should I give you what you want?” Peter taunted, slowing down his thrusts.

“Oh, Jesus. Because I need it, I want it. I’ve never wanted anything more in my whole life than for you to make me come right now. Now FUCK ME!” When the thrusts didn’t increase, he looked up at Peter to see that grin again.

Without speaking, Peter just mouthed that one word that had been spoken to him so many times in the past:

“Peter, please...I can’t take this...I am
begging you, please make me come. Please! Ram that cock into my ass as hard as you can.” That was enough for Peter. He repositioned himself so he could thrust deeper and hit that sweet spot on every pass.

“OH, shit, that’s it Peter. Don’t stop, fuck me harder!”

“God, you’re so fucking tight. I don’t think I can go much longer, Mike.”

“Harder, man, I want to feel it!” Peter felt himself begin to lose control as he thrust harder and faster but it still wasn’t enough for Mike.

“HARDER, GOD DAMMIT! Make it hurt, I need it to hurt!” He yelled at the top of his lungs. Peter grabbed the headboard for extra leverage and gave it his all, hearing the bed protest beneath them. He went to move a hand down to Mike’s cock to help him over but it was brushed away.

“No, just keep going, so close, babe. So close...” The pressure in his cock was incredible, he knew the end was imminent.

With one last thrust, Peter began to jerk and twitch as his orgasm overtook him, hitting him with the force of a freight train. All that teasing and torture, just as he predicted, led up to this one incredible point and he felt his cock explode in Mike’s ass, over and over and he rode the seemingly endless waves of that orgasm, dimly aware that Mike had found his release too.

The sight alone had been enough to do it for Mike, let alone the feel of the come in his ass and the violent shudders reverberating through him from Peter and he arched up, shooting all over his chest and stomach.

Peter pulled out of Mike and collapsed on the bed, their breathing incredibly loud and laboured.

They must have stayed that way for about 15 minutes without any words being passed between them, just trying to get their bearings. Eventually, Peter found that his limbs worked again and he dragged himself up to where Mike still lay and managed to free him from his binds before his arms gave out on him again.

More silence and Peter began to worry. Had he seriously fucked up? Was there anything
to fuck up? Would Mike just get up and leave and never speak to him again?

“You OK?”

Mike looked over at him with an exhausted smile. “Yeah, you know, just...thinking.”

“About what?”

Mike sighed, wondering if he was just going to embarrass himself. “Thinking that we should have tried that years ago, when we could have made the most of it. I kinda wish I hadn’t made you feel like you couldn’t do that before.”

Peter smiled to himself.
He’s really just a big softie... “Honestly? I never thought about it back then, what you gave me was always enough. I was just curious is all.”

Mike fell silent again, feeling foolish but Peter understood and didn’t press the matter.

“So...here’s to another 20 years?” Peter asked, jovially.

“Fuck that!” Mike said, incredulously. “Gimme 20 minutes. You forget, I haven’t had my piece of ass yet.” Peter looked over at Mike who had closed his eyes with a big grin on his face and couldn’t help but smile back.