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"Saved by the Bell - Part 9"



Title: Saved by the Bell P9
Pairing: Micky/Mike
Rating: NC-17
Author: Woolhat's Traveling Mood

Micky lay on his bed, systematically finishing some much-needed homework. He face held the permanent look of disinterest as he blew a large bubble from his gum and popped it with a loud crack. He fancied going swimming but he knew he had to tread carefully as his parents had an appointment with his teachers soon and he had to at least look as if he was trying, he didn't want to put his relationship with Mike in danger just because he didn't keep up with his school work. Mike was right, women were very suspicious and his mother already assumed he had a secret girlfriend hidden somewhere. If only she knew, a smile crossed Micky's face as he twiddled mindlessly with his pencil.

Suddenly he heard the phone ring in the hall downstairs. He heard one of his sisters pick up and a few minutes later she was screaming his name up the stairs. Micky gave a puzzled expression to no one in particular and hurriedly galloped down the stairs.

"It's some guy called Mike." Debbie told him with annoyance in her eyes, she was expecting an important call.

"Thanks Deb." Micky beamed as he snatched the receiver quickly, "Hello Mike?" He murmured timidly.

"Hey Mick, I was wondering if I could meet you somewhere and we could have a chat, it's kinda important."

"What is it?"

"I'd rather not say on the phone, can you meet me at Roxy's in half an hour?"


Micky was more confused than ever as he heard the line go dead on the other end. Mike had sounded a little distraught, not really like Mike at all. Micky shrugged and grabbed his jacket, informing his sisters of his departure as he ran out the door.

Roxy's was an old diner near the sea. It was a popular hang out for high school kids and Micky often went there for a soda after school. It was reasonably empty that day, as it was Sunday afternoon and all the kids either had some kind of sports practice or had been roped into doing chores by their parents.

Mike was sitting at a table by the window, gazing wistfully out to sea. His brow was creased in worry and his eyes seemed pitifully drenched in sadness. Micky stepped forward warily and took a seat opposite his lover, giving a light cough to announce his arrival.

Spheres of darkness turned to look at him and they were more pained than Micky had anticipated. "Hey," Micky smiled, but froze slightly when Mike just sighed woefully, "What's up?"

"I needed to talk to you."

"Well, go ahead."

"You want a drink?"


Mike ordered Micky a Coke and waited for it to arrive before he spoke again so that he wouldn't be interrupted. Micky took a small sip, never taking his eyes off of Mike, who was wringing his hands nervously. "I have some bad news," Mike murmured.

"Go on,"

"I don't really know how to say this."

"Have you got someone else?" Micky spoke in an everyday tone, immediately suspecting the worst.

"What? No! Hell no!"

"Well, what is it then?"

"I want you to understand that it wasn't my decision, it was all organized by Ma,"

"What was?"

Mike looked up to him and he seemed on the brink of tears.

"I'm going away, Mick."

"What? You're moving?!"

"No, not quite,"

"Then what to you mean? Going where?"

Mike reached across the table and stroked Micky's face gently, before quickly withdrawing to make sure no one saw.

"Ma's sending me away, she thinks it'll be better for everyone."

"Well, where? Another school where?"

"The Air Force,"


Micky couldn't take anything on board, it all seemed to be happening so quickly.

"She thinks the hard discipline will do me good." Mike averted his gaze in defeat and glared at the patterned tiled floor.

Micky was silent, he didn't know what to think or say, he had gone strangely numb. Finally he spoke. "Why has she suddenly decided on this?"

"She's been planning it behind my back for some time. She waited until I was completely enrolled before she told me, I can't escape now."

Micky wanted to cry. He wanted to burst into tears right there and scream and shout that it was unfair. They couldn't take Mike away, it wasn't fair. "How long will you be gone?" His voice quivered, announcing the tears.

"At least eighteen months." Mike refused to look at Micky, but instead slipped his hand under the table and gripped Micky's hand tightly.

"When are you leaving?"

That was when Mike caught his eye and the Texan swallowed hard.

"As soon as the holidays start...in three days."


Clouds had appeared in the sky, and Micky glanced at them poignantly as he made his way to the beach. He felt heavy with sadness and his feet felt like lead as he dragged them through the sand.

Tomorrow. Mike would be gone tomorrow and all Micky would have left was a void, a vast emptiness. He noted to himself that he was still a virgin when it came to women, but he hadn't so much as looked at a girl in months, why should he when he had Mike? But he had to remind himself that he didn't have Mike anymore. Mike belonged to the army, belonged to the government. Micky imagined the kind of sergeants that would be at the Air Force base. They would be square faced, broad shouldered men who wore shiny black boats and jackets with medals covering every inch. They would be stern and strict and wouldn't acknowledge Mike's gift of thought, just craft him into a weapon for the country to abuse.

Micky felt physically sick. He wondered if he would feel this bad if Mike had simply dumped him for some girl. Probably not, at least then he could still have a chance of getting back with Mike. In this circumstance, he was being snatched, torn away from Micky. Micky could literally feel himself tearing, feel the aching in his body as he yearned to be held, to be loved.

Mike appreciated him, loved him, that was for sure. But what happened when he went to that Air base? There would be loads of other men there, many would probably kill for a bit of young flesh.

Micky shuddered and cut off that last thought. He didn't want to think of his Mike, his little seventeen-year-old Mike being sent to share barracks with those men. They were all murderers of course, and they were proud of it, they got medals for it. But Micky couldn't imagine Mike as a murderer, not while he still had those beautiful eyes and a heart to match.

As Micky neared the shoreline, he spotted a shadowy figure sitting on the sand, waiting as promised.Mike had been crying, it was obvious to see, but Micky didn't make a big deal about it and tried his best to make their last night together as good as he could manage.

The old beach house was a loyal friend, the bed was still the same, and Micky was glad that they would always have this. They made love as they had always done, but it wasn't the same. Mike's kisses weren't as sweet or eternal as they had been and Micky could feel the chapter drawing to a close.

Micky tried his best to imagine that this night was the same as any other night, but he couldn't and in the early hours of the morning, with Mike asleep by his side, he cried with deep, shuddering tears.

"Micky?" Mike whispered as he was dragged from sleep.

Micky didn't reply but held his breath, hoping Mike would go back to sleep and leave him to his sorrow, but he could feel the Texan's eyes burning into him, reading him like a book.

"Don't cry, Micky." Mike whispered, and his voice quivered.

Micky let out a strangled sob and he heard Mike give a quiet sound of compassion.

"I'm so sorry, Mick." He murmured, reaching up to brush some tears from Micky's face, "I've hurt you."

Micky shook his head frantically; but that only made the tears flow faster and they streaked down his face and plopped lightly on the pillow beneath him. Mike wriggled closer and pulled Micky into a deep hug, hoping that it would wash some of the pain away, but it only seemed to make Micky feel worse.

"I don't want to lose you - you said our love would never end." Micky sobbed.

"And it won't, I'll always love you Micky. They could send me to the other side of the world - I'd still love you with all my heart."

Micky sniffed and buried his head in Mike's chest, hiding from the reality of the situation. Fingers danced through his hair and soothed him gently and soon his eyes were too heavy and sleep engulfed him. But it was a merciless, nightmarish sleep.

The next day was cloudy, which was disappointing for the first day of the holiday. Micky hurried along the sidewalk towards the bus station, hoping he'd get there in time. He couldn't believe that Mike wouldn't be at school anymore and instead he would be finishing his education at the Air base. Micky shuddered; he didn't want to think about it.

As he approached he spotted a tall woman with auburn hair whom he was sure he had seen before. He soon remembered when he got closer and found Mike talking to her. It was Mike's mom, and immediately Micky felt a chill run down his spine. She stood perfectly still with her chin slightly raised in the air, giving a look of utter defiance. She was obviously ignoring Mike's continual begging to be freed from the fate that lay before him.

Mike looked more handsome than ever, Micky gave him that. The uniform seemed to suit him perfectly, and gave his slim frame a look of authority and boldness. It was strange to see him like this, without his faded jeans and scruffy Triumph T-shirt.

Their eyes met quickly and Mike stopped his begging and left his ma, hurrying over to Micky's side. "I'm glad you came." Mike whispered.

"I wouldn't be able to forgive myself if I didn't. I don't want to waste a minute that I could spend with you."

Mike smiled and gave Micky a hug, a friendly bear hug as lovers' hugs were impossible outside the walls of privacy. Micky wished he could hold Mike forever, or even better, quickly grab him and run off together, but he couldn't, his legs were numb. As Mike pulled back he seemed to have a scowl on his face, glaring over Micky's shoulder.

Micky turned and found Peter standing a couple of feet away, a look of triumph on his face. Micky groaned, hoping the blond would just leave, but he didn't, he came closer.

Just then, Mike broke his scowl and turned his head back towards the bus. His mother was calling him to leave, and she too had that triumphant look and Micky felt like the whole world was against them.

"I'm gonna miss you." Mike murmured, his dark eyes trying to convey what he really wanted to say.

"Me too." Micky tried to keep the tears at bay.

Mike looked back at Peter once more and gave a low sigh. "Take care of him for me?" Mike asked Peter testily as he patted Micky's shoulder. Peter nodded, his face not as smug as before and both he and Micky watched Mike leave, a woeful step in his stride.

He didn't say goodbye to his mother as he boarded the bus. The engine roared into life and Micky's first instinct was to rush in front of the vehicle and prevent it from moving. But he couldn't, he knew he couldn't stop Mike from leaving, there was too much driving them apart.

The bus began to trundle down the road and Micky gave a small wave as he watched it disappear into the distance. He felt a hand on his shoulder and knew at once that he was well and truly alone.


The letters came every other day, telling Micky how loved he was, even from a distance, but they didn't last long. Soon they slowed to one a week, then one a month, then they stopped completely and that was when Micky knew that the whole affair was finally over and he had to move on, dragging his heart behind him.




































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