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"Saved by the Bell - Part 6"



Title: Saved by the Bell P6
Pairing: Micky/Mike
Rating: NC-17
Author: Woolhat's Traveling Mood

Micky lay back on his bed and listened to his parents argue. It was about time they did, they argued regularly. They were arguing about him, about where he'd been and about his 'attitude problem'. He felt like there was always so much pressure on him because he was their only son, he had to get everything right and be the best. Micky grabbed his pillow and forced it over his ears but he couldn't drown out their voices. He wished he could have stayed with Mike, stayed where someone didn't expect anything from him, where he could just relax and go with the flow.

His bedroom door creaked and he expected to see his irate father, but he didn't. Coco crossed her arms angrily and scowled in Micky's general direction. "So where did you disappear to?” She spat.

"I stayed at Davy's, I told you."

"No you didn't,"

"Yes I did,"

"Mom rang Davy's house to say that you'd forgotten your overnight bag. Davy's auntie picked up the phone and said you weren't there. Where were you?"

"None of your business."

Micky continued to hide darkly beneath the pillow, peeking out only fractionally. If it wasn't his mom having a go at him, it was his sister, he couldn't win.

Coco was fuming now and stormed forward, snatching the pillow from Micky's grasp, pulling his hair in the process. "Mom was worried sick you bastard, the least you can do is tell us where you were!"

Micky just glared at her and said nothing, he'd never tell. Coco angrily threw the pillow at him and stalked from the room, he could be so immature sometimes.


Micky gazed around the back yard with a look of gloom plastered on his face. He'd been grounded and now all he could do was stare at the yard fence while his brain plummeted into a pit of never ending boredom.

"You can be really out of control sometimes.” Micky rolled his eyes as he turned to the owner of the voice. Peter gazed at him, his face steady. "Your mom said I could talk to you, she thinks there's more chance that you'll listen to me."

"She needs a reality check.” Micky snarled, turning back to the fence.

Peter shook his head and stepped closer. "What's the matter with you? You're shutting everyone out."

"No I'm not, there's nothing to tell. I'm not a kid anymore, I don't need people watching over me all the time."

"You got Davy into trouble."


"Don't you care? You never hang with us anymore, why?"

"Maybe I've grown up."

Peter glowered at him. "Seems to me that you're acting more childish now than ever before."

Micky glared at Peter and then saw something. There was a dawn of recognition that crossed Peter's face and the blond looked at him harder. Had Peter worked it out? Micky opened his mouth to speak but Peter turned and left.

"See you in school.” Peter threw over his shoulder.


"Hey beauty, why so down?” Mike cooed gently in Micky's ear, squeezing his shoulder ever so slightly. Micky turned to him and sighed. "My dad's such an asshole, he's grounded me coz he didn't know where I was on Saturday."

Micky suddenly looked at Mike's face as he remembered all that they had said and turned pale. Fathers were touchy subjects. "Sorry.” He murmured thoughtfully and Mike gave him a little smile.


The two wandered to the side of the schoolyard, and sat on a nearby pavement. Micky looked up and scanned the yard when he suddenly groaned in dismay.

"What's up?” Mike whispered, nudging him slightly,

"It's Peter."

Mike looked up and saw the blond charging towards him. "I want to speak to you, please.” Peter snarled, staring hard as Mike climbed to his feet and looked Peter in the eye.

"What about?"

"It's private.” Peter looked at Micky and Micky turned worried eyes to Mike.

"Go on Mick, I'll be fine.” Mike murmured and Micky sighed. Slowly he gathered his things and wandered off, but he wasn't gone completely. He was determined to know exactly what Peter wanted and quickly dashed around the side of the school building where he still had a perfect view as well as being able to hear everything.

"So," Mike drawled, thumbs resting in the pockets of his jeans, "What do you want?"

"Stay away from Micky."


"You heard. Since you came on the scene all he's done is get in trouble. He doesn't talk to anyone now except you."

"Surely he's old enough to chose his own friends?"

"Micky's different, he's still innocent and I feel like it's my duty to keep an eye on him."

"You really think I'd corrupt him?” Mike couldn't believe his ears.

"I know your sort, probably been thrown out of every high school in the state. I'm warning you just this once."

"And what are you going to do?” Mike was smug, and began to kick the dirt with the toe of his boot.

"You'll soon find out if you don't leave him alone!” Peter snarled and turned abruptly, heading off to the other side of the yard.

Mike stood in bemusement for a few moments before turning and finding Micky standing directly behind him.

"I heard everything.” Micky sniffed in a manly manner as he sat back down with Mike on the pavement.

Mike glanced at him sideways and gave a small smile. "He's just jealous coz I have Beauty all to myself."Micky gave a shy grin and gave Mike a quick poke in the ribs.

"He worries me, what if he knows?"

"That dummy? He couldn't find his way out of a paper bag, how could he work us out?” Mike's smile never subsided and that renewed Micky's hopes. Maybe Peter was just letting off steam; he couldn't do anything to hurt them, could he? Micky scrunched up his nose in thought and gazed around wistfully.

"You're so cute when you do that.” Mike ran his fingers down Micky's arm and his lover trembled. Micky licked his lips, what he'd do for a kiss right now, but that would have to wait. Soon, he prayed.


Micky clasped his lips eagerly on Mike's as the bombs continued to drop. There was devastation everywhere and people ran for cover, screaming in their last dying moments. Mike's lips were so sweet, so willing, and energetic and his tongue explored Micky's mouth with boundless enthusiasm. Micky tried to keep quiet but deep down he knew they couldn't be heard, not as the buildings collapsed around them. Thank goodness for stereo. It had been a week since he could leave the house and now he belonged to Mike for the whole evening. He had never known a grounding be so painful.

The cinema was almost empty; no one went to see war films anymore. Mike's hands were all over him, massaging his back and arms and his kissing grew feverish. Micky had never felt such adrenaline before; it was so dangerous, so mind blowing.

Micky latched onto Mike's neck, almost as if he was terrified that any minute the Texan would disappear. He couldn't live without him now. It was all so forbidden yet wonderfully natural, and it made Micky feel so loved. That was what he wanted and to be greeted every day by being called 'Beauty' made him smile in silliness for the rest of the week. Micky knew he would feel these sensations in his life, but never this soon, not like this. As Micky's fingers entwined with the ebony hair, as they stroked the silkiness, Micky realized that he was in love. Slowly he broke the kiss and gazed deep into Mike's eyes. "I love you.” He told him and watched a large smile appear.

"You don't know how happy that makes me.” Mike leant forward and gave Micky a gentle peck on the cheekbone, softly sealing their future. This was theirs.


Micky had another grin plastered on his face as he wandered towards his locker. Mike had greeted him with another compliment this morning and it had made him feel so special, so needed.

Micky whistled his favorite Rock 'n' Roll tune as he opened the light metal door. Then he stalled. As soon as his eyes looked inside, his heart stopped. He waited a couple of moments for it to restart before reaching inside. His mouth had gone dry and he swallowed hard as he removed a red rose and a small box. Taped to the box was a little note.

'For my Beauty, Happy Valentine's Day, love - ?'

Micky held the rose to his heart for a few moments, before slowly turning to the small box. His heart pounded as he opened the lid and gazed in wonder.

The ring was silver and it was amazingly beautiful. It was plain, but that only added to its splendor. On the inside was an inscription that brought tears to Micky's eyes.

'For Micky, with all my love, Michael xx'. Micky took the ring from its box, just as he felt a warm breath on his neck.

"It can't compare in beauty to its owner."

Micky turned with rejoicing eyes to Mike, who smiled mischievously.

"It's too much.” Micky whispered.

"Nothing's too much for you.” Mike laughed and took the ring from Micky's palm and slipped it on his lover's long, gentle finger.

Micky gazed at it in wonder; it fitted him perfectly. Then came a gnawing guilt. Mike couldn't afford this, He couldn't even feed himself sometimes, but to not accept would break his heart.

"But, you can't afford this.” Micky almost whispered testily and Mike shrugged, his smile never decreasing in strength.

"I have my ways.” He tapped his nose lightly.

Micky couldn't suppress his biggest smile and he held Mike's hand quickly, trying desperately to express how much he loved Mike.

"Hey," Mike whispered, "Why don't we get out of here? I know a house that'll be empty for hours."

Micky's eyes lit up and he quickly followed Mike to the doors, rose still clasped in his hand that now bore a band of promise.


































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