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"Saved by the Bell - Part 4"



Title: Saved by the Bell P4
Pairing: Micky/Mike
Rating: NC-17
Author: Woolhat's Traveling Mood

A low breeze blew across Micky's cheek and his eyes cracked open slowly. Immediately he noticed how stiff he was. He shifted position slightly and found that Mike was still inside him. Micky looked sideways and gazed at where the raven hair fanned gently against his own quivering shoulder. Mike's eyes were peacefully closed and his breath was low. Micky noticed how pale his friend was; yet his features were so dark, like coal. Maybe he was of Spanish descent? Or Italian? Micky didn't know, all he knew was that Mike looked even more handsome now than ever before. His hair was silky smooth against Micky's neck, his breath was warm, and the atmosphere was that of absolute peace. Micky decided that he wanted to join that peace again and was just about to doze when he heard a faint sound through the wind. It was a strange sound and it worried him.

"Mike?” He whispered softly, and brought his hand up to stroke the hair from Mike's face.

The ebony eyes fluttered and the curtains of dark lashes peeled back as Mike looked up at him.

"I think I heard something.” Micky whispered, looking towards the window.

Slowly Mike moved away from Micky, edging towards the end of the bed, and Micky was saddened by the lose of contact, it felt strange now not to have Mike so close. He watched the ivory skin in the moonlight as the body hunched over the end of the bed for a minute, allowing his mind to catch up.

Then the Texan stood and ushered round to the window, standing so that he could see, but couldn't be seen. The sound was heard again, this time louder and Mike watched eagerly from his perch.

"Looks like some poor woman has lost her son.” He murmured and gazed into Micky's eyes.

Micky was still lying, broken on the bed and it took him a little while to understand what that meant. Finally realization hit him and he groaned. "Christ, I forgot about Mom, she'll go nuts."

"Looks like she's got a search party together, there must be at least sixteen people down there with flashlights," Mike shook his head, his gaze never leaving the beach scene below him.

Micky moved and groaned slightly at how sore he was. Slowly he shuffled over to the window and stood behind Mike, wrapping his arms around his waist and peeping over his shoulder. It was his mother alright, and now he could hear what the sound was. She was avidly calling his name.

"What am I going to do?” Micky kissed Mike's ear, he was feeling a lot more affectionate now.

Mike turned to him and gave a wry smile. He dipped his head and kissed the tip of Micky's nose before leading him back to the bed. "They're getting closer and they're bound to search in here, I left the door ajar. Now, quickly get dressed.” Mike ordered and Micky did as he was told, watching as the Texan slipped into the clothes that hugged him in all the right places, finishing it off with the green woolhat that had been discarded on the floor when their activities had begun.

Micky stood for inspection, fully clothed and Mike nodded approval. "Now lie on the bed.” Mike displayed a cheeky grin at Micky's confused expression. Micky did as he was told and lay down.

Mike then knelt at the edge of the bed and lowered his voice. "When they come in here, be sure that you're curled up and look asleep. When they ask where you've been say you just went for a walk and got tired or something. Say you found the door open and investigated and accidentally fell asleep, blame it on school stress or something."

"But mom will kill me!"

"No she won't," Mike chuckled, "Because you look so adorable when you're asleep that she couldn't possibly be angry. Trust me.” With that, Mike kissed Micky full on the lips and disappeared under the bed.

Micky curled up and closed his eyes, although he couldn't possibly sleep any more. Sure enough he heard the door downstairs creak and hurried voices. There were soon steps on the stairs and then finally, the bedroom door opened. "Micky?” He heard his mother gasp and her hurried high-heeled footsteps clattered across the wooden floor. She shook him gently and Micky opened his eyes as if waking from sleep.

"Mom?” He mewed weakly.

"Oh baby!” She hugged his head to her chest, rocking him slightly, "I was so worried."

Just as Mike had predicted, Micky's mother believed every word and even vowed to talk to the school about the amount of work they were forcing upon her son. All was forgiven and she quickly took him home, but Micky couldn't resist a backward glance to a room that held so much emotion within it, a room he could never forget.


Micky pursed his lips as he gazed at the poster. He should have known he would feel like this, but there was nothing he could do about it. He continued glaring darkly at it until he felt a tap on his shoulder.

"So who you goin' to the dance with?” Davy laughed, giving Micky a good poke in the ribs.

"I doubt I'll go," Micky looked wistfully back at the poster, "I never did like those things."

"Are you shittin' me? You love the dances...I remember you took that little ginger bird last year, remember? Mary wasn't it?"

"Marcia...but I'm older now, I don't go in for all that shit now,"

"You mean you can't get a chick?"

"No.” Micky didn't know how to reply to that and Davy's grin broadened.

The Englishman gave Micky's shoulder a pat and then swaggered off to a petite blond who was waiting for him by his locker.


Mike was in the corner of the schoolyard when Micky saw him. The curly haired youth hurriedly ran to meet his lover when something stopped him and his feet began to drag. He was still some distance from Mike, but he could see perfectly. A young girl had just walked up to him and sat down beside him. Her hair was in her face and Micky couldn't see who it was. She wore a lilac jacket, the same as most of the girls wore, and he ached to know who it was who was now chatting up his boyfriend.

Micky clenched his fists as he watched Mike smile warmly at her and they laughed. Micky could feel his face grow hot with embarrassment. After a couple of minutes Micky couldn't restrain himself anymore. They were laughing and joking! Micky had never felt himself get so jealous before and he glowered in Mike's direction. He felt sick, physically sick and with that came a growing dizziness. He didn't feel like he was over reacting, he just felt a horrible sickly pain.

Soon his body took over and Micky stormed, still clench fisted over to his lover, fury in his eyes. Mike saw him stride up and gave a little smile. "Hey,"

That was when the girl turned to Micky's direction and Micky froze. The pain raged more fiercely now and his fingernails began to dig in the palms of his hands. "Hey." Micky tried to smile, "Hey Coco, what are you doing here?"

Micky's sister gave a brief smile, obviously embarrassed by her brother and gave a short shrug. "Just being friendly.” She could see Micky was upset about something and guessed that he was doing his 'I'm a big protective brother' act again. She looked back at Mike and he smiled at her, unaware of the connection between the two."Michael, meet Micky, my brother," Coco introduced, "Micky, this is Michael."

Micky was put off guard and didn't know what to say until Mike stood and shook Micky's hand.

"Pleased to meet you Micky," he smiled and gave a wink.

"Likewise," Micky was still fuming.

Coco could see her brother wasn't going to go away any time soon and puffed the air out of her cheeks. "Well, I should go back to class now Michael, remember what I said, you have my number if you'd like to ring me.” And with that she leant forward and gave Mike a quick peck on the cheek, more to irritate Micky than anything else.

Mike gave her a little wave and watched her go, before turning back to an irate Micky.

"Keeping it in the family are you?” Micky spat.

"Hey, hold it there, Shotgun, this is the first time I've ever spoken to her, honest.” Mike widened his eyes and gave his best puppy-dog impression. Micky studied his face, arms folded. The Texan looked honest enough.

"What did she want anyhow?” Micky started to sit down with Mike as he spoke, slightly embarrassed by his previous behavior.

"She wanted to know if I'd take her to the dance," Mike gave a wry smile and began to study the clouds floating above their heads.

"Why were you so embarrassed by me?” Micky's questions came quick and fast, just like they were in his head.


"Acted like you've never met me before?"

"Ah Micky, that was just to keep her off the scent, you'd be amazed how women can pick up on certain vibes, best if we keep everything low key."

"You seem to know a lot about this kind of thing?"

"I speak from experience."

Micky looked at Mike's face. Soft, mistakenly innocent face, hiding so much mystery, yet there was misery in that face too, especially in the eyes, and Micky ached to know what caused it. Soon, he thought to himself.

The late afternoon sun was a good friend and Micky basked in the fading rays as he wandered towards the school gates. Friday. Time to go home, time for the weekend. Micky felt slightly more disheartened than usual and thought about how he would spend a whole two days without Mike. He scolded himself for getting so...attached. It was like it was an obsession or something. He had almost reached the gates when he heard a low whistle behind him. Turning, his almond eyes met coal-like spheres and they twinkled kindly at him.

"Leaving without a goodbye?” Mike cooed, pulling Micky over slightly to a more secluded part of the parking lot. Micky smiled and craftily gripped Mike's hand, just for a second, and gave it a squeeze.

"I was thinking," Mike continued in a shallow voice, "Ma's going away this evening and won't be back till Sunday morning, leaving the house empty for two nights...I was just wondering..."

"Just tell me what time to arrive!” Micky was practically jumping up and down.

"Bout eight?” Mike looked a little smug as he watched Micky brim with excitement.

"I'll be there.” Micky beamed, squeezing Mike's hand again quickly. Then Mike did something that made Micky's heart pound and his legs wobble. He kissed him, just quickly on the cheek, but he actually kissed him while they were in perfect view of anyone watching.

Micky's head spun as he watched Mike walk off down the road and he was lost in a fog of thoughts and fantasies. Something told him that this weekend was going to be one he'd never forget.

































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