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"Saved by the Bell - Part 3"



Title: Saved by the Bell P3
Pairing: Micky/Mike
Rating: NC-17
Author: Woolhat's Traveling Mood

Micky gazed at himself in the mirror and growled in annoyance. He had never known it to ever rain this much before and now his hair didn't know what to do with itself. Loose strands were plastered to his forehead and the rest was drying in a frenzied mass of matted knots. He decided, after a lot of huffing and sighing, that he wasn't even going to bother trying to straighten it out and instead he would just let it be a mess, it wasn't as if anyone was interested in him anyway. Or were they?

A thought that had been plaguing him for days now struck him again and he gazed harder at himself. It seemed that he might have appeared desirable to someone, even if it wasn't the type of person he would normally have thought of. He was thinking of the young Texan again, and that kiss. In physical terms it was so small it almost never existed but emotionally it was a milestone. He hadn't seen the culprit since and assumed that he was away from school for one of two reasons; either he was too injured physically and hadn't healed yet, or he was too ashamed.

Micky didn't feel ashamed at all anymore, after the long nights of pondering what this kind of thing meant. In fact, he felt quite flattered. But he was disappointed too. He wanted to see Mike again and tell him there was no harm done and to just talk to him again.

Just then the creaking of the boys' room door jarred Micky from his daze.

"Bloody weather!” He heard Davy moan as he trudged in, soaked from head to foot.

"Hey," Micky said dreamily, still keeping up a staring contest with himself.

"I'm soaked through!” Davy scowled, wringing out his pullover.

There was a creaking again and Peter wandered in. "Why did you dash off like that Davy? You left me standing there like a dummy!” The blond whimpered.

Davy put on a pained expression and Micky stifled his giggles.

"Stop whining you two!” Micky laughed, shrugging on his jacket and promptly left.

Davy's jaw dropped and he gazed at Peter. "What's up with 'im? He's floating around like a fairy!"

"He's been like that for two days now, it's almost as if he's...in love.” Peter raised an eyebrow and then looked in the direction of Micky's departure.


Micky sighed and gazed around the cafeteria. He hadn't seen Mike for three days and he was worried that he wasn't going to come into school ever again. Then he noticed the one of the girls' tables. They were all looking in the same direction again, giggling to themselves. Micky followed their line of sight and there he was, this time blending in like a chameleon. Micky cracked a grin and stood up, putting on his cool stride again.

"Hey, where you goin'?” Davy was obviously put out.

"Just being sociable!” Micky smiled. Micky flopped down beside Mike and gave him a friendly punch in the arm. Mike flinched and then gazed at his new company.

"Hey," Micky smiled wider.

Mike tried avidly to read his expressions, trying to estimate what Micky's reactions might be.

"You healed pretty well.” Micky continued again, breaking the building silence.

Mike mouthed a reply but no sound came out. He stared into Micky's eyes, wondering if it was safe to let his guard down. "Don't you hate me already?” He asked finally.

"No, why?"

"Well...you know,"

"Oh that? Nah.” Micky's grin remained as bright as ever.

Mike was confused and looked away, glaring at the table.

"Listen," Micky put a trusty hand on Mike's shoulder, making the young man jump in surprise, "I don't mind, honest.” Micky glanced around to make sure no one was paying too much attention and then leant forward until his breath stroked Mike's ear, "In fact, I kinda liked it.” He pulled away and caught a bemused expression cross his companion's face. Mike was about to reply when they heard a low growl and both centered on Mike's stomach.

"You hungry?” Micky cooed teasingly.

"Starving, Ma doesn't get paid till Friday, so I have to go without."

Micky felt sympathy well up inside him and he delved in his bookbag.

"Here.” He held out a small plastic bag with sandwiches inside, "Mom packs me loads."

Mike took it cautiously, as if Micky would suddenly snatch it back if he got too close.

"Why are you being so nice to me?” He asked, taking a bite from one of the sandwiches.

"Friends have got to look out for each other,"

"Yeah, I s'pose they do.” Mike smiled; the first proper smile Micky had seen from his new friend and they both laughed.

"I think this is the start of a beautiful friendship." Micky laughed, putting on his best Bogart impression.


The sun was so warm, yet, not too hot and the light no longer teased his eyes. The roads were wet from the earlier barrage of rain, but Micky hardly noticed. His head was in the clouds. Coco was at a music lesson so he had to walk to the bus stop alone, but he didn't mind. His feet weren't touching the ground anymore, but he couldn't really understand why, he'd never felt this way before. But Micky was never one to consider himself abnormal. If he was feeling these feelings, then they must be normal and acceptable. There was nothing to worry about so why not just sit back and enjoy them?

"We should stop meeting like this.” Micky felt a light tap on his shoulder and he turned to ebony eyes.

"Hi.” Micky beamed and Mike laughed.

"I've never seen anyone smile so much!"

Micky laughed and they continued walking just a short way before Mike spoke again. "Do ya wanna...erm...go to the beach?” Mike asked lightly, gazing in the direction where the road met the shore.

"I'm sure I could spare an hour or so before mom misses me.” Micky smiled and they changed direction.

The sand had been drying since late morning and now it was soft like new mown grass beneath Micky's feet. It was lusciously warm and he instinctively removed his shoes and socks, stuffing them in his booksack. Mike smiled slightly, but remained fully clothed, jacket and all.

A sharp breeze blew across the ocean and Mike quickly delved into one of his pockets and withdrew a green woolen hat. He caught Micky's quizzical glance and gave a quick laugh before adding "Stops my hair blowing in my eyes."

The two walked in silence for a while until Micky could bare the temptation no longer. He wanted Mike to really loosen up. As quick as a flash, Micky snatched the hat from Mike's head and dashed off down the beach.

Mike stood in shock for a second and then followed as quick as his long legs could carry him, screaming, "Give that back you bastard!"

Finally Micky had to stop and breathing hard he waited for Mike to catch up, which didn't take long at all.

Mike grabbed the hat back and gave Micky a playful punch in the chest. When both had caught their breath, they looked up to see where they were. It was already dusk and they had gone a long way from the main road. Micky spun around and found they were only a few feet from an old beach house that stood abandoned. "Wow," He wheezed and grabbed Mike's wrist, tugging him towards the building.

They climbed the steps that led up to the veranda and gazed in through the grubby windows.

Mike gazed around and found an old board on the wall and he scraped some of the accumulated dirt off with his sleeve. "1334," he read, looking to meet Micky's dream-like eyes.

"Let's investigate!” Micky bounced on tiptoes and watched as Mike slowly forced the door so it opened without a scratch. 'A master at his art' Micky thought to himself and his heart skipped a beat.

Clouds of dust puffed up from the floor and they both choked.

"Jeez, this place is worse than my house!” Mike laughed, Micky had already wandered off; touching anything he came across with such a huge amount of enthusiasm that was simply lost on the Texan.

"Let's check out upstairs.” Mike suggested, climbing a nearby tornado staircase.

Micky quickly dashed after him filling the air with more dust.

The two young men wandered into the closest room and gazed in awe. They'd found the master bedroom, which had a huge bed in the center, still with pillows and sheets.

"Creepy," Micky's voice shivered through the deserted room.

Mike turned to face Micky and gave a sigh that could only be described as lonesome. He raised his hand slightly, and once again stroked his finger across Micky's cheek. Micky trembled slightly in anticipation and fear as Mike gently pushed him up against the wall and kissed lips that were not far from virginal.

At first Micky remained perfectly still, frozen in fear. No one could hear him scream, what had he got himself into? But then again, the kiss felt so good.

Soon he was kissing back, welcoming the warmth and energy that was flowing through Mike and into him. Finally Mike pulled back grudgingly and gazed into Micky's soul. "The barrier's here.” He whispered, "If you say so, I'll stop right here. If you want us to continue, I will, but you must understand the consequences. Do you?"

Micky stood and thought. He knew what that implied; he wasn't without knowledge of what men could get up to together. What would his parents say if they found out? What would the other guys say? Did they really need to know? His mind whizzed with all the possibilities. Slowly he raised his eyes and met Mike's intense gaze. He couldn't refuse. "If you're gentle.” Micky whispered almost silently.

"I wouldn't hurt you for the world.” Mike stroked his face again, before leaning in for another kiss. This time he explored Micky's mouth with his tongue, becoming more and more engrossed. Mickyresponded immediately and latched his arms around Mike's neck, doing everything by instinct.

Mike began unbuttoning Micky's shirt and his companion quivered in wonder of what this new experience would feel like. "How...how do you know how?” Micky sighed as a tongue trailed down the center of his chest.

Mike looked up from where he was now kneeling on the floor and gave a short smile. "I've had my experiences.” He murmured, gently kissing Micky's naval.

Micky moaned, he had never felt such sensations before, and he knew that this was only the beginning.

Soon he felt a cool rush of air and knew that Mike had removed his pants and he felt a gush of heat fill his cheeks as he grew embarrassed at what a poor specimen he believed himself to be. But he soon forgot about that. Mike had removed his underwear now and Micky didn't dare look down, so he just leant up against the wall and closed his eyes. At first he felt nothing, and he could sense Mike's scrupulous gaze. Then all of a sudden, the sensations hit him. He couldn't suppress a moan as Mike's tongue teased him and he thought he was going to come right then and there.

Then, just as he thought the feelings were at their peak, Mike took him in his mouth. Micky gasped and his hands flexed uncontrollably, needing to release. Then they found Mike's hair, that gorgeous raven hair that was buried between his legs and Micky latched onto it as more of the sensations hit him, brutal and unyielding.

Finally, after his vision became blurry with emotion, he felt Mike give one final suck, and he came. In his explosion he couldn't tell if Mike swallowed or not, but he guessed he did.

Micky was glad the wall was there as he shuddered after the best orgasm he had ever felt in his life. He closed his eyes and welcomed the bliss of the aftermath. When he opened his eyes again, Mike was beside him again, wiping the corners of his mouth and then licking his fingers clean.

"You taste good.” He whispered, moving closer and eliminating any gap between them, "Wanna taste?"

Micky nodded and Mike kissed him passionately. Micky could taste a salty substance in Mike's mouth and guessed that was what he tasted like; he tasted strange.

Then Mike took his hand and gave a slow smile as he led his companion over to the waiting bed. Micky was wobbly on recovering legs and slowly his fear began to subside. He began to trust this very unusual young man, what was the worst that could happen? Mike began to unbutton his own shirt and shook it off, before working on his faded jeans. Once he too was naked, he sat down next to Micky and kissed him once again, enjoying the taste of this gorgeous youth before him.

Breaking the kiss, Mike blew in Micky's ear "I'll be gentle, I promise.” And he gradually pushed Micky on to his back.

That was when Micky's mind snapped into action. What the fuck was he doing here like this? He grew breathless and he didn't know whether it was a steadily growing arousal or the dawn of realization. He hadn't known the guy for more than a week and already he was willing to go this far? ' You need to see a shrink Dolenz' He thought to himself. Mike caught the looks of confusion flashing in Micky's expressions and sat back slightly.

"Mick?” He asked quietly, giving the 'k' and extra click to bring Micky back to planet Earth.

Micky gazed at him and was speechless. He didn't know what he wanted anymore.

"We could stop?” Mike prayed it wouldn't come to that.

Micky continued staring until finally giving a slow shake of the head. "No, please don't."

Mike flashed a smile and knelt between Micky's legs, leaning down for an engrossed kiss.

Micky tried to relax as Mike began the final process. He followed the Texan's instructions and spread his legs, closing his eyes, waiting for the inevitable. He felt some intimate touches and then the strangest feeling in the world. Micky gasped as Mike's fingers began to probe him gently, but he tried desperately to relax.

Mike saw the anxiety spread on his friend's face and brought his other hand up to softly stroke Micky's chest and neck. Micky relaxed gradually, but not for long. He was just beginning to get used to the feeling of the fingers inside of him when they were suddenly replaced with something bigger. He opened his eyes and saw Mike looking directly down at him, piercing eyes of the night, yet so reassuring.

"Just relax," Mike whispered, his voice as soft as silk as he entered Micky slowly.

Micky groaned, he couldn't help it, it hurt, and Mike stopped.

"Wanna stop?"

"No.” Micky gasped and closed his eyes again and a rhythm started.

It was gentle and steady and it seemed to melt away the pain. Mike rocked above him, keeping his promise and being as gentle as possible, he didn't want to scare this one away.

A moan burst past Micky's lips as a deep swelling of pleasure seemed to explode within him. This was new and he moaned again, letting his head roll back. The thrusts grew quicker and more urgent and Micky couldn't hold on anymore. He lost his grip on reality and came explosively, quickly followed by Mike, who collapsed on top of him.

They remained a heavily breathing mound of bodies until Micky suddenly felt very overwhelmed with sleep. "Thank-you," He stroked Mike's face and received a slow, soothing kiss.

"You did good.” Mike smiled, laying his head on Micky's chest, "good night Micky."

































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