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"Sated Desire"



Title: Sated Desire
Author: Mini
Rating: R/NC-17
Pairing: Peter Tork/OFC
Genre: Het-smut
Warnings: Contains explicit sexual content and some adult language. Oh, and this is Peter at his current age. Just FYI.
Disclaimer: Not real, never happened (except in my fevered imagination), completely 100% fictitious. I make no claims as to the personality or sexual proclivities of the real Peter Tork, and I glean no profit from this story whatsoever. So don't sue me, cause I'm a broke grad student and I'd have to pay you in little tiny packets of Chinese mustard.
Summary: Peter Tork's a walking aphrodisiac. Enough said.


Chilled. The air is full of cool as I walk into the room, regarding him silently. I can feel him looking at me, testing the waters.
Where will we go today? I wonder. I can never tell what particular fantasy Peter has in mind. I will go wherever he leads me; I am Persephone not taken by force, entranced into the Underworld, staying by his side.

I pull the burgundy sweater from my shoulders, setting it down, along with my bag. I have nothing on underneath, save for a flimsy camisole. He walks to me, eyes appreciatively scanning my now-exposed skin.

I take in the sight of him--black trousers and black shirt, the top few buttons of which are undone. He has no shirt on underneath, and a shiver of lust runs through me as I eye his chest and the soft patch of hair on it, desperately longing to press my hands against it.

He reaches a hand out to grope me, fingers roughly pinching my hardened nipple. I bite my lip to stifle a moan; I can already feel my body becoming heated under his touch, the familiar flush reaching from my cheeks down to my clit, which has begun to lightly throb. He always knows which buttons to push, knows every crevice and curve of my body—an instrument his gifted hands have played so well, time and time again.

He cups my breast harder now, hand sliding underneath and lifting it slightly. He takes the straps of the camisole between his fingers and pushes them off my shoulder, shoving down the fabric so my breasts are fully bared. He leans down, flicking his tongue over the pink nub, and I gasp as he takes it into his mouth.

Oh, God...Peter... my mind and body are aching for him, so ready to surrender. I will myself to remain upright as my legs shake slightly when he moves to my other breast to offer it the same treatment, the scratchy-softness of his beard tickling my skin. All the while, he is touching me, nimble guitarist hands running up and down my sides and to my ass, which he squeezes firmly through my jeans.

I can feel the heat coming off of him now, so close he is standing to me. I briefly cast my gaze down to his pants, noting the impressive bulge forming within. He unbuttons the rest of his shirt, draping it over the chair behind him. His torso is delicious—the patch of hair at the center of his chest is now fully visible, along with the dusty trail leading to the waistband of his pants.

Those are next, as he is loosening his belt and pulling it from the loops. He gestures to my own jeans and the camisole, wordlessly commanding me to remove them, and I do so immediately, pulling the top over my head and pushing the jeans down to my ankles, kicking them off.

I am standing there only in my panties now. He beckons me with his finger, and I need no further prompting. My hands move to the front of his pants, undoing the button and zipper, kneeling momentarily as I pull them down his legs. He loves when I do this—seeing his impressive cock jut out at nearly eye level as I remove his pants. It is at its full hardness, and his testicles are also slightly engorged with arousal.

Now it’s my turn. I sigh as he carefully gets on his knees, scooting up so that he is right in front of my crotch. He looks up at me, grinning, and I smile knowingly. He takes the waistband of my panties between his teeth then, slowly dragging them down my legs. The cool air hits my bare pelvis all at once, and I shudder. He notices this.

”Cold?” he coyly asks. “How about I warm you up a little?”

He follows the question with a soft kiss to my triangle, which goes straight to my clit. My knees don’t have time to buckle, as he stands up and places a hand on the small of my back, guiding me to the bed. He stops and turns me around, lowering me onto my back. He doesn’t hesitate, shoving my thighs apart, longingly staring at my exposed sex. His fingers part my pink lips, and he slides one inside, pleased to discover that--as per usual--I am completely wet by now.

He pulls the finger back out and runs it up and over my clit, teasing the tender nub. Under the ministrations of his skilled hand, it comes out from hiding before too long. A thin layer of sweat has already formed across my body, just from watching him there between my legs. He leans in and kisses my swollen bud, making me gasp.

”Mmmh…” I moan, head lolling back onto the mattress. He is too good at this.

I can’t even see his face, but I know he’s smirking, so satisfied with how rapidly he can make me come unglued. Once more, he leans in, this time applying pressure as he slowly slides his tongue up my clit.

“Oh, shit…” I loudly moan as the sensations ripple through me. He sucks it into his mouth now, and I buck my hips against him, desperate for more. He torments me for a little while longer—alternating between flicking his tongue over the nub and sucking it into his mouth.

Please, Peter... I silently plead. Let me have it...God, I need it...I need it from you... He thrusts two fingers into me right then, pushing them against my spot in the back, and I scream, arching my back in pleasure.

He quickens his pace, finger-fucking me in earnest as he ravages my oversensitive clit. A few more minutes pass before I can no longer hold on, and I shriek out his name as my orgasm overtakes me, shooting through my body in a rapid burst, from hair follicles to toenails. My juices spill onto his tongue and he eagerly laps them up, waiting to move until I have ridden out the very last wave of my climax.

I slump back down onto the bed, breathless and shaking. He moves up to lay beside me, his cock now seemingly even harder than it was before. It is standing straight up on his body, and he intertwines his fingers and slides them under his head, lying back and looking at me with a raised, inquisitive eyebrow.

I finally catch my breath and turn to him, throwing one arm across his shoulders as the other grasps the side of his face, pulling him in for a passionate kiss. He demands entry into my mouth and I acquiesce, massaging his tongue with mine.

I slide a hand down his body, stopping to gently tweak his nipples along the way, and wrap my hand around his prominent erection. I flick my thumb over the slit, and he groans into my mouth, loving the feeling. He breaks the kiss a moment later, pushing on my shoulders none-too-gently. I chuckle quietly, clearly having gotten the message.

I rise to my knees, placing one on either side of his hips, and lower my mouth to his cock, sliding my tongue around it. His fingers immediately tangle in my hair, and he tries to push my mouth down farther, but I resist, preferring instead to bide my time. I lower one hand to his testicles, cupping them and rolling them around my fingers, and he groans.

“Fuck…” he hisses through his teeth, hand tightening in my hair. I take him into my mouth inch by inch, until I can feel the tip of his cock touching the back of my throat.

It is taking every ounce of self-control for him not to piston in and out of my mouth. I silently praise him for remembering that I only like that at the right time. I hollow my cheeks, moving my mouth back up his cock as my tongue slides around it.

I reach the tip again and flick my tongue over the slit, then quickly run my tongue up the underside in a long, slow lick, eliciting a low growl from him. My hand wraps around the base of his thickness, and I begin to jerk and suck him at the same time.

“Ohh, yeah…” I hear him groan.

I can feel him sitting up, the muscles in his stomach contracting as he does, and he leans over me. He grabs my hips roughly, pulling on them so that my ass is sticking straight up in the air. He raises his arm and brings his hand down to my one cheek, a loud smack! and a sudden warm sting the next two sensations I experience.

I jump, my scream of surprise muffled by his cock still in my mouth. He spanks me twice more, letting me know what he wants, and I oblige, moving my hand off his cock and taking him down my throat again. He rubs my abused backside gently and moves his hand further down, sliding a finger into my folds, now even wetter than before.

The fantasy changes again as he lies back down, tugging on my shoulder. I take my mouth off of him and he pulls me up and onto him, kissing me deeply. I hover my chest over his, letting my hardened nipples brush over his heated skin, which makes him shiver with pleasure. He moans into my mouth, his hands drifting down to my ass again, squeezing it firmly as he pushes me roughly against him, his erection pressed against my stomach.

He thrusts upward, and we both gasp at the delicious friction. He is letting me know what he has in store for me, what I am soon going to feel buried inside of me. It is the overture that plays before the curtain rises.

He plants one foot on the bed, swiftly reversing our positions so that he is now on top. He nudges my thighs apart, inserting himself between them and covering my body with his. His hands go to my breasts once more, groping roughly, pushing them together as he lowers his head and clamps his teeth around the pink buds, one at a time. I gasp underneath him, the mixture of pain and pleasure flooding me with unbridled arousal.

He kisses me again, one hand soothingly stroking my aching nipples as the other reaches up above my head. He closes his fingers around both my wrists, holding them together. I moan loudly as I feel the head of his cock sliding around my outer lips, teasing me.

God damn it, Peter...fuck me now...please... He already knows what I want, and is waiting to give it to me until he’s ready. I look up at him, hoping to give him the puppy-dog eyes, but he is grinning at me, that irritatingly gorgeous dimple at full power.

He moves his mouth to my neck, alternating between slow, soft kisses to the overheated flesh and small bites, teeth gently sinking into my skin. This continues for a few more minutes, him just languidly teasing me with his cock and nibbling my neck, one hand stroking feather-light touches up and down my arm as I feel my insides dissolving into a gelatinous mass, completely coming undone under his touch.

Without warning, he bites my neck hard, thrusting into me at the same time.

“Oh, FUCK!” I scream, the universe exploding in front of my eyes as he fills me completely, skin humming at the sharp sensation still tingling through my neck.

He soothingly slides his tongue over the stinging spot and groans as I tighten around him, pulling back again before thrusting into me once more. His hand is still clenched around my wrists, pinning them to the pillow as he sets a rough pace, fucking me hard and fast.

“Fuck...yeah, oh yeah, that’s it...that’s so good…” he groans, grabbing my ass to pull me down further.

“Unnhh…God, yes, oh fuck…more...” I moan, lifting my hips to meet his thrusts.

I lean up to kiss him again, our tongues colliding fiercely. He growls into my mouth as I dig my heel into his ass, urging him on. He continues pounding into me, and I pull back from the kiss to look up at him, so in awe of this beautiful, amazing man taking my mind and body to places I’ve never been before.

My reverie is momentarily broken as he slides out of me, moving his hands below my back and neck as he reverses our positions with the deftest of motions.

Now I'm on top, and I waste no time in sinking down onto his cock, moaning loudly at the sensation. I move my hands to his chest, bracing myself as I begin to move up and down on him.

”Oh my God…” I pant, intermittent bursts of pleasure coursing through my body as his cock touches that hidden spot at the back.

The pace is slow, at first, but I am riding him roughly before too long. His hands are on my hips, lifting me up and slamming me back down on him. I feel his hand touching my clit and throw my head back, waves of pleasure washing over me. When I look down again, he is grinning up at me wickedly.

“Mmmh…you are so hot todayl,” he pants, that dazzling smile threatening to undo me at any moment. I accelerate my movements, reveling in the feel of him filling me with every thrust.

His eyes are growing hazy with lust, and he begins to bite his lower lip as he watches me. I lean down to kiss him again, and his hands move to my back, gripping tightly. His nails, which he keeps slightly long for picking, are scratching down my skin, and I moan into his mouth.

”You keep that up and you’re going to leave marks,” I gasp.

I feel him smiling against my lips. “That’s the idea.”

He slides his hands under my ass now and lifts me off of him, turning onto his side. I follow suit, spooning up against his chest. He nudges my thighs apart with his knee, moving his leg over mine to twine them together, and enters me once more. His pace is relentless, and I am loudly moaning before too long, shivers of pleasure rushing up my spine as I hear the sound of his hips slapping against my skin.

I cry out when I feel his fingers begin to rub my clit. “Oh God. Oh, fuck, I’m gonna come!” I shriek, the combination of his cock against my g-spot and fingers on my clit sending me careening me towards my orgasm.

He moves his lips right up against my ear. “Come for me…” he whispers.

I lose it then, flying over the edge as my body is engulfed by white heat.

“PETER!” I scream his name, eyes squeezing shut as I arch my back against him.

His lips are on my neck, kissing and licking my skin, his fingers mercilessly working my clit. I gasp as a second orgasm follows the first, bringing with it more pleasure than I can ever remember feeling.

“Ohgod…ohgod…” I pant as what feels like electrical shocks shoot up and down my spine.

He groans loudly as my muscles tighten around him, and his hips move in a few final thrusts as he reaches his own climax.

“FUCK!” he yells out, one arm wrapped around my body and grabbing my breasts almost painfully hard; the other clutching our intertwined pelvises as he milks the last of his release into me.

Again he is kissing me, roughly yet more tenderly than earlier, as we expend the last of our passion into each other’s mouths. I sigh as he pulls his softening cock out of me, and turn around, moving into his arms and continuing the kiss.

I am sore and aching all over, yet satisfied in every part of my body, the dull throbs a reminder of his searing touch, one that I will carry long after the fantasy has ended. I take pride in them, and secretly wonder where the new bruises that he left on me will appear in the morning.

I rest my head against his chest, enjoying the quiet thump of his steady heartbeat. He kisses the top of my head gently, hands stroking my hair, and a contented sigh escapes from me. I should be sated, but the flutters in my stomach persist—I know he isn’t. He always wants more. I will give it to him, because I, too, want more. So I let the nerves in me dance and stir with anticipation, helpless and not wanting to fight the effect he has on me.

Until next time, sweet Peter. When the fantasy begins anew.