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"Play Again At Xmas"



Title: Play again at X'mas!

Author: 861

Pairing: Mike/Peter

Rating: PG

Warnings: Very hard! Sorry,It's a Lie!

Summary: short story

Author's Note: Later greeting "Thanksgiving!" Nearly coming X'mas! So early greeting  with love from me to you (hehehe) "Have a nice time"!



"Today is Thanksgiving day,Michael!"

Peter said like he won.

Mike didn't raise his faces from the newspaper, answer to Peter calmly,"Oh, you so".



Nestled next to Mike, Peter said.


Mike said from the newspaper.


"Thanks to me."


Pushing his face in the newspaper, Peter said.

Mike was tired to him a little. But he kissed Peter just a little.




And Mike asked for Peter, with an expressionless face.

"What do you want?"


Peter answered very moaning..

The kiss of a sudden, he was surprised.

"You -give-give me a-a"

Mike gazed silently how Peter surprised.

So he nodded to him"OK". Still calmly.


He threw the newspaper,and attack to Peter.


"Hey, Michael!"

Peter asked Mike with embarrassed.

"What? What are you doing to me?"

Mike stoped moving and smiled at Peter.

And said

"I give all of my"truely thanks" to you,now!"

Then, he proceeded directly to his make to be done.

And came a mess on the couch.


Peter received from Mike,too many many "Good thanks".

Mike thought"I want to take thanks from him" but I thought, Mike will giving from Peter "Very enjoying time"!


Thanksgiving, lol.

Next month is Christmas time.

And so,his birthday.

Please prepare for the present for each other as soon as possible.

Two guys!



The End