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"Phantasmagoric Splendor"



Title: Phantasmagoric Splendor
Pairing: Torklenzmith
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Lots of hot male/male/male action.
Disclaimer: Do not own!
Summary: Micky is more than ready to prove that he is who he claims to be.
Author's Note: This is loosely based on the conclusion of "Alias Micky Dolenz" and what the possible aftermath might be. I honestly didn't intend for it to become the total smutfest that it became, but as I've said before, I do as the boys command me. :)

“That’s it. I’m done. I am
never helping out anyone again,” Micky was ranting as he threw open the door to the Pad and burst inside, with Mike and Peter following behind at a more sedate pace.

Micky quickly stripped off the suit jacket he was wearing, tossing it carelessly aside. The tie that had been around his neck flung limply over a lamp like a dead pinstriped snake. The gangster-style fedora ended up gracing the head of Mr. Schneider as Micky passed by him.

“Hey, at least you’re home now and not still trapped at the police station,” Mike said reasonably, closing the front door and regarding Micky, who had plunked himself down on the couch and now stared sulkily up at his roommates, his arms folded.

“Yeah, Mick,” Peter echoed, his expression a combination of slight worry and slight exasperation. “We had to think of some way to convince the captain that you were really you.”

“But did you have to resort to
that?” Micky demanded. He covered his face with both hands and practically moaned, “God, that was so embarrassing!"

Mike and Peter exchanged a look, both of them unable to hide a smile. The situation today might have started off being both tense and potentially deadly, but it had ended up on just the right note of insanity that seemed to dominate their lives. Ah, if only Davy had been here to experience it, instead of attending his sister’s wedding over in England.

After the cops had rescued them from Baby Face and his gang in a nick of time, it seemed that everything had been neatly taken care of. However, once Baby Face realized he was prison-bound once again, he had turned the tables on Micky.

“Can you believe the nerve of Baby Face trying to impersonate
me?" Micky asked now, dropping his hands from his face and sitting up in outrage. “I mean, who does that guy think he is?”

But that is exactly what had happened. For two hours the cops had been torn as to who to believe as the two identical men had simultaneously insisted that they were Micky Dolenz. Finally, Peter had struck upon an idea to finally end the stalemate.

Mike barely held back a snort of laughter as he recalled the shocked expressions on the faces of everyone in the room when Peter had announced in his guileless fashion how he could tell which one was the real Micky...because the
real Micky Dolenz had a mole on his right buttock.

Of course, the cops had no choice but to check this out for themselves, and mere minutes after that, a very red-faced Micky was free to go.

Now Peter came around to where Micky was sitting, lowering himself slowly beside him.

“Aw, come on, Micky,” he said. “At least you’re home now, and we know you’re you, and not Baby Face.”

“Or do we?” Mike asked suddenly, his eyes narrowed a bit as he slowly walked over to them.

Peter and Micky both frowned up at the taller man. “Huh?” Micky asked. “What do you mean? After that humiliation I had to put up with, you’d
better know it’s me!”

“Well, we all know what a devious, clever mind Baby Face has. It’s entirely possible that he pulled some sort of a switch at the last minute, when none of us were looking,” Mike said, sitting down on Micky’s other side. He leaned out and winked at Peter. “Right, Pete?”

Peter sat silent for a moment, staring blankly at Mike, his brows furrowed in confusion. Then, slowly, realization began to dawn in his eyes. Then he set a stern expression on his face and nodded emphatically. “Right, Mike. We can’t take any chances.”

Now Micky’s head whipped around to stare unbelievingly at Peter. “Peter? You’re kidding me, right? You don’t know me??” His dark brown eyes searched Peter’s face, dull hurt registering within them. “Come on, Peter...You...You know it’s really me, right?”

“We’ll have to make sure, I guess,” Mike said now, as he saw Peter’s resolve to play the game wavering slightly in the face of Micky’s distress. To Mike’s relief, Micky again turned his attention back to him at his words, and Mike did not intend to lose that attention again for the time being.

Before Micky could react, Mike had slid a hand up the angle of his jaw line and leaned in for a firm kiss. Micky made a small sound in his throat as Mike’s lips slid over his own, parting them, slipping his tongue between them effortlessly. Mike’s free hand made short work of unbuttoning the white dress shirt that Micky wore. His calloused fingers found the hardening nub of one nipple and pinched it firmly. Micky arched his back at the sensation, groaning softly into Mike’s mouth, returning his kisses with increased eagerness.

Peter, meanwhile, slipped silently off the couch to sit on the rug, simply watching the scene unfolding before him. Far from feeling jealous or left out, he was absolutely entranced by the sight of his two lovers devouring one another with steadily mounting passion. A shiver of delight, as quick and thrilling as a sudden bolt of lightning, moved down his spine. He felt his body awakening, his cock hardening rapidly within the tight confines of his pants. A thin sweat shimmered over his brow as the temperature within the Pad suddenly seemed to elevate by at least five degrees, and he almost absently stripped his shirt off over his head in reaction.

Slowly, Mike pulled his head back, breaking the contact between him and Micky. He gazed at the man before him, taking in the dark, dazed eyes, the slightly flushed cheeks, and most of all that mouth. The lips were rosy, wet and swollen from heavy kissing, looking even more sensual and inviting than usual. A small, thoughtful smile touched Mike’s features as he traced his fingertip over the outline of those luscious lips.

“You know what I would like right now?” Mike murmured, his eyes never moving from his slowly traveling finger.

“What?” Micky whispered, his own gaze moving over the Mike’s face, taking in the details. Even though the three of them had been playing lots of games together in the bedroom lately, Micky had always been concentrating mainly on Peter and so had never really realized until now how handsome Mike actually was. His dark hazel eyes were large, expressive yet mysterious. His cheekbones were perfectly sculpted. His mouth was full, almost lush for a man.

“I would like you to suck my cock,” that mouth said now, causing Micky’s eyes to widen slightly. Mike had never asked him to do that before. It had always been Peter that Mike had wanted pleasuring him. Suddenly Micky felt uncertain. He was still something of a novice when it came to things like this. Until now, Peter had been his only experience and his only guide, and Peter was also extremely easy to please sexually. Would his limited expertise be good enough for Mike?

Evidently Mike seemed to think so, because now he sat back confidently, opening his pants for Micky before resting his arms against the back of the couch, watching the other man closely. “Get down on the floor on your knees,” Mike said, his voice gentle but in a tone that would brook no argument. “I want to watch that pretty mouth go down on me.”

Licking his lips nervously, but with an undeniable sense of curiosity and desire, Micky moved to do Mike’s bidding.

As Micky bent over Mike’s lap, drawing his rapidly stiffening cock out of the opening in his pants, Peter tried with all his might to resist rubbing his own aching member. Never before had he witnessed Micky doing anything more than kissing another man, so to see him preparing to give Mike head was almost unbearably exciting, turning him on more than he ever could have imagined.

Micky’s own arousal was now far exceeding his nerves as he hooked his fingers into the waistband of Mike’s opened pants, sliding them down his hips, taking his underwear along with them. His cock, fully erect and just begging for attention, sprang into view.

“Mmm...beautiful,” Micky commented softly, dipping his head to press a kiss to the inside of each of Mike’s thighs with the lightest touch of his lips, letting his hand close around the achingly hard length of Mike’s cock and stroking it slowly, his eyes gleaming. Mike sighed, his hips moving the tiniest bit at the gentle stimulation, and when his erection was completely enveloped by Micky’s eagerly sucking mouth in one long dip of his head, the sigh turned into a long moan.

“Oh fuck, yeah….” Mike murmured, pushing his hips up to bury himself deep in the wet, constricting heat. Micky’s hands held Mike’s hips firmly as he drew his mouth up and down the hot, pulsing column of flesh, stroking it with his tongue, feeling his own cock grow even harder at the taste and scent of Mike in full arousal.

Soon, despite his resolve to keep his cool, Mike was arching his hips up in response to Micky’s ministrations, groaning heatedly, his hands burying themselves in Micky’s hair in an agitated fashion.

Micky did not let up. In fact, Mike’s reactions fed his own desire all the more, encouraging him to go at him even more ravenously. Before long, he was going down on Mike with a fierce hunger and intensity that soon had the other man rocketing toward the edge.

“Oh yeah,” Mike panted, his head tipping back, his brow furrowing in concentration. “Yeah, Micky. That’s it. Don’t stop...God, don’t....”

A harsh gasp escaped Mike’s lips and his hips jerked spasmodically as he came hard down Micky’s throat. He let out one last groan of pleasure and relief that seemed to shake his entire lean frame, and then he relaxed back into the couch with a long sigh as Micky lifted his head, looking more than pleased with himself.

“Well, since you called me Micky just now, I guess that means you believe that I’m really me?” Micky asked, smiling charmingly at Mike.

Still trying to get his senses back into place, Mike couldn’t help but smile back. “Yeah, I think I’m convinced, shotgun. Somehow I don’t think Baby Face could give head that good.”

Micky shuddered momentarily. “Yeesh...Like you’d even want him to
try.” Then a wicked gleam appeared in his eyes as he turned around and regarded Peter, who still sat on the floor, still watching the interplay between his two lovers. Even from where he sat, Micky could plainly tell that despite his calm demeanor, Peter was so turned on from what he had seen that he was about ready to explode.

“And as for you,” Micky was saying now, crawling across the short expanse of rug to where Peter sat. “I think it’s time for me to convince you too.” He kept his eyes fixed on Peter’s slightly dazed ones as he pushed forward even more, moving right over Peter’s body as Peter slowly reclined.

Micky let his gaze sweep over Peter, one by one noting the familiar signs of Peter’s readiness for him...The slight elevation in breathing; the dilation of his pupils; the hungry, distracted licking of his lips. When Micky’s hand slid up Peter’s inner thigh, gently touching the prominent bulge encased in the tight rust-colored pants that Peter wore, he was rewarded with a guttural sigh.

His lover’s arousal rapidly lit a fire under the smoldering embers of Micky’s own, and he wasted no time in teasing. He quickly undid Peter’s belt, then drew down the zipper on the pants, peeling them away from slim hips and slightly trembling thighs. Peter’s cock was fully engorged, needy, steadily leaking pre-ejaculate fluids, making the head shiny and inviting.

As he had just done with Mike, Micky did not hesitate for a moment, but descended immediately to take the enormous erection into his mouth as deeply as he could.

A keening, incoherent cry was forced from Peter, and he bucked up hard, almost choking Micky in the process. He held on by sheer force of will, however, delighting in Peter’s heated reactions.

“Micky!” Peter exclaimed in a breaking voice, his hands clawing the rug, his eyes rolling up in his head.

Smiling a trifle evilly, Micky let his mouth slide off of Peter’s cock, listening to Peter’s sobbing moan of loss.

“Yeah, it’s me, Pete,” Micky said quietly, sitting up to unfasten his own pants. Even though the cut of the dress slacks were much looser than Peter’s own pants had been, he was still feeling decidedly constricted by the growing burden of his own intense arousal. Once he had divested himself of both the slacks and the opened shirt still hanging off his shoulders, he stretched his naked body full length over Peter’s own.

“I’m going to make sure you never forget who I am again,” Micky said, his voice low and husky as he kissed Peter deeply. He moved his hips in order to slide his throbbing erection sweetly against Peter’s own, causing Peter to groan into Micky’s mouth.

Oh shit, this is too much, Micky thought to himself as he felt Peter wrap his legs around him, his heels digging into Micky’s ass, forcing his hips tighter against his own, increasing the friction between them. I’m going to come too quickly if he keeps this up.

Still, it felt too good to stop for the time being, and he gritted his teeth with the effort of keeping his orgasm at bay as he and Peter moved against one another, their bodies now both slippery with perspiration which made the motions all that much easier.

"God, you're so hot, Peter," Micky breathed, trailing his tongue up the side of Peter's neck, tasting salty sweat. "So hot. Mmm...want you..."

When Peter’s breath began to hitch and his frame began to tremble, Micky knew it was time to get down to the real business. He wanted to see Peter come, of course, but he wanted to be buried deep inside his amazing body when it happened.

Micky reached back, grasping Peter’s legs where they were still wrapped around his hips, and moving them up further to clasp around his ribcage instead, effectively tipping Peter’s hips up off the floor. Peter whimpered as Micky’s cock rubbed up and down his ass, searching for its target. As soon as it had found it, Micky immediately began to press forward, slowly breaching that agonizingly tight ring of muscle and into the hot, clenching channel beyond.

Peter moaned, his body tensing slightly as it was invaded. There had been no real preparation involved and it hurt, but at the same time the pain was so exquisite...so welcomed. Despite the burning, Peter wriggled eagerly beneath Micky, encouraging him to go deeper.

“Peter,” Micky sighed, his breath ghosting over Peter’s collarbone as he bent to kiss and nibble the juncture between Peter’s neck and shoulder, trying not to give in to the urge to come right away. He slid his hands beneath Peter, gripping the tops of his shoulders from underneath to anchor himself as he began to move. His motions were small and controlled at first, pulling out a little farther each time before sliding back in again, listening to Peter hum happily deep in his throat as the sweet rhythm began to build.

“Ohhhhh....god,” Peter purred, his voice deep and throaty as he slowly turned his head from side to side, his eyes closed, his entire concentration on the sensations that Micky was creating within him. “Mmmm....So good, Micky...”

Suddenly, both men were surprised when Mike suddenly stretched out on the rug beside them, stripped down to nothing himself, his cock fully hard again despite only having come about ten minutes before.

“Micky, roll Peter onto his side and get in behind him,” Mike instructed, his eyes dark and intense.

Micky looked confused for a moment, but then the confusion gave way to curiosity and he nodded. Peter whimpered again with unhappiness as Micky pulled out of him.

“Just hang on a second there,” Mike said soothingly, stroking Peter’s bottom lip with his thumb and gasping slightly as Peter sucked it into his mouth, his tawny eyes burning with need as he stared intensely at Mike. “You’re going to get all kinds of taken care of in just a minute, Peter. Don’t you worry about that.”

Micky gently rolled Peter onto his left side and then re-inserted himself without any fuss or fanfare, both men groaning softly as the connection was re-established. Then Micky stretched out, propping himself on his elbow, his chest pressed against Peter’s back. He slipped his free hand around Peter’s body, anchoring himself as he began to move within Peter once again.

At the same time, Mike now assumed a side-laying position in front of Peter, aligning himself so that his hips and Peter’s were almost touching. Then he lay still, feeling the minute rubbing of his cock against Peter’s as Peter’s hips were rocked forward with every thrust Micky made into him.

Peter gasped as he found himself pinned between his lovers. Micky holding onto him from behind and Mike holding him steady from the front. He was completely at their mercy, unable to do anything but feel and respond to the delicious things being done to his body. His eyes locked with Mike’s, and the pure, open expression of pleasure in them almost overwhelmed Mike. Other than watching Micky screw Peter just a couple of minutes ago, seeing Peter in the midst of passion was probably the most beautiful sight he had ever experienced.

Mike was determined to increase that pleasure as much as he could. He pushed a little closer to Peter, close enough to where he could wrap his long, nimble fingers around both of their erections at the same time, stroking them in tandem. Peter moaned softly, his eyelids fluttering as this new stimulation was added to the mix.

“Hey Mick,” Mike said, his voice slightly hoarse. “How’s about you see if there’s a sweet spot somewhere inside this boy.”

“Mmm...With pleasure,” Micky purred from over Peter’s shoulder, thrusting in hard and deep with a grunt.

Peter’s eyes widened and a startled cry burst from him. He barely had time to catch his breath before Micky was plundering him relentlessly, his arm around Peter’s chest tightening for leverage as he rutted against him.

“Oh god, Micky,” Peter wailed as his pleasure center was stimulated repeatedly, causing bright flashes of light to explode in his field of vision. He bucked his hips with almost mindless ecstasy, the friction of Mike’s hand holding their cocks together almost unbearable.

“Holy shit,” Mike moaned, continuing to fist both of them. He felt another surge of arousal mingled with gratitude as he felt Peter’s hand wrap around his own, assisting him and increasing the heavenly sensations.

Soon the Pad echoed with a cacophony of incoherent groans, cries, and miscellaneous expressions of sexual appreciation and tension as the three bodies on the floor writhed and slid and moved together in an almost obscene rhythm.

With the twofold stimulation both in front and behind, Peter was the first one to let loose. He let out a harsh sobbing cry as his fluids coated both the lower bodies and the hands of him and Mike. At the sight/sound/feeling of Peter’s orgasm, Mike reached his second one with no trouble at all. He groaned as his slightly weaker ejaculation added to the slippery mess between them.

Micky was hovering on the edge, aware of the fact that both of his companions had already gone over. He pounded hard into Peter, his dark hair matted with sweat, his muscles trembling with tension and exertion.

“Yeah, Peter,” Micky snarled between clenched teeth, his words coming in time with his deep thrusts, feeling his balls tightening more and more. “Yeah, baby. Yeah. Yeah. Come on. Oh god. Oh god...
Fuck!” Then he was following the other two down, his cock pulsing as shocks of almost painful pleasure flooded through him, leaving him weak and shaky and utterly, completely satisfied.

The three of them fell away from one another, Mike and Micky flat on their backs, Peter laid out on his stomach. Now the louder sounds of building and cresting passion were replaced with the quieter aftermath of panting, wheezing breath.

Finally, Peter found enough strength to ask quietly, “Micky...are you sure you’re not really Baby Face?”

Micky’s head whipped to the side to stare at Peter, who was peering at him over the crook of one arm. “What??” he said breathlessly. “You’ve got to be kidding me! You’re still asking me that??”

“I just wondered,” Peter said, shrugging. “Because Baby Face is a famous killer, and I would swear you almost killed me just now.” Micky saw the twinkle of amusement in that single tawny eye, and would lay a bet that Peter was smiling winningly at him behind that arm.

Mike chuckled softly, staring up at the ceiling. Meanwhile, Micky narrowed his eyes at Peter, saying weakly, “Peter...I’m telling you...As soon as I’m able to move again, you are in SO much trouble.”





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