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"Peter and the Lollipop"



Title: Peter and the Lollipop
Author: Mini
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Mike/Peter
Genre: Slash. Smut. Light BDSM.
Warnings: Contains adult content between two characters of the same sex. If that isn't your bag, don't read this. Also contains some adult language.
Disclaimer: Not real, never happened, completely 100% fictitious. I make no claims as to the personalities or sexual proclivities of the real Michael Nesmith and Peter Tork (although this story is based on their show personas and not their real selves), and I glean no profit from this story whatsoever. So don't sue me, cause I'm a broke grad student and I'd have to pay you in little tiny packets of Chinese mustard.
Summary: Based on the following screencaps (warning: you may want to keep a change of underwear close by): Peter and his lollipop.


Mike was sweating. He didn't know if the strange vampire man and his
femme fatale niece had gone, but the sound of retreating footsteps bolstered his confidence enough to peek out from inside the mummy case. A shock of blond hair was the first thing his eyes fell upon--Peter. He was standing there in the dim light of the crypt, and the vampire man was advancing on him menacingly.

Shit, Peter! Mike thought, frantically looking around for something to hit him over the head with. Finding nothing, he looked up again, hoping Peter had had better luck locating a weapon. Suddenly, Mike saw him pull something out from behind his back. A lollipop? What in the hell is he gon' do with that? Mike wondered. It didn't seem to matter, though, as the pale-faced man gasped in terror, drawing his cape over his head and fleeing the room.

Well, damn... thought Mike, surprised at how much of an aversion the undead apparently had to candy. He moved to step out of the case--which was getting a little crowded, what with the current occupant standing behind him, so close they were practically sharing shoes--but stopped when he noticed what Peter was doing with the lollipop.

Peter had lifted the confection to his mouth and was sucking on it lightly, those perfect pink lips pursing around the pop's outer edge.
Perfect pink lips? Since when does Peter have those? the thought gave Mike pause. He didn't have time to contemplate it, as his eyes were focused now on Peter's tongue, which was darting out, licking long stripes up and down the lollipop.

The cold of the crypt was quickly forgotten as Mike watched, his face suddenly too warm and the tie around his neck too tight. He loosened it slightly--which did not help to solve the problem now arising in his pants. Mike began to imagine Peter's tongue--at the moment almost obscenely drawing circles from the outside of the lollipop to its center--moving in similar ways on his cock, which was now pressing painfully against the confines of his brown trousers.

Mike swallowed hard, unable to tear his gaze from the display before him. Other parts of Peter that hadn't mattered before suddenly took on a hazy glow in Mike's lust-addled brain. His yellow-and-orange leaf print shirt, for example, which Mike had always considered an eyesore, now appeared to be nothing more than a barrier between him and the smooth, defined chest Mike knew was underneath. The same went for Peter's two-tone pants, the tightness of which was making Mike all but salivate as he stared at Peter's thighs, then traced up higher to Peter's crotch. He wondered what Peter's cock felt like, and was desperate to find out, to grope him right through those ridiculous pants and tease him to full hardness beneath his hand.
Fuck... Mike bit his lip to stifle a groan, the images in his mind almost too much to handle.

Peter continued happily licking the lollipop as Mike looked on, trying to retain some semblance of self-control. He noticed then the heavy shackles mounted to the wall behind Peter, thinking of how they seemed to frame Peter's head like a halo.
Well, a halo of sorts... Mike smirked. Peter opened his mouth wide then, and Mike's heart nearly stopped as Peter dove down onto the lollipop and wrapped his lips around it, a sound resembling a faint moan escaping from him as he did. That's it... was the last coherent thought Mike processed before gripping the edge of the mummy case door and slamming it open.

"AHHH!" Peter shrieked, throwing his arms protectively over his head, convinced the mummy man was coming to get him.

"Ahem." Mike cleared his throat as he stepped out of the case. Peter's head perked up, that guttural "ahem" sounding all-too-familiar. He peered through his arm, and upon seeing Mike standing there, dropped his arms back to his sides.

"Oh, it's you, Michael!" Peter exclaimed, a huge smile of relief spreading across his face.

"Yeah, it's me," Mike replied, his voice flat and expressionless, even as his stomach did flip-flops over that beautiful smile. "Whatcha got in your hand there, Pete?"

"What? Oh, my lollipop! Yeah, I scared off the vampire with it. Want a lick?" Mike swore Peter was doing this on purpose now, every word out of his mouth a double entendre designed to drive Mike closer to the brink.
Well if that's what he wants...that's what he's gonna get...

Peter gasped as Mike lunged forward and grabbed him by the shoulders, smashing their lips together in a searing kiss. Mike smiled as he heard a breathless moan come from Peter, his mouth opening to allow Mike's tongue entrance. He watched Peter from beneath his eyelids, and knew his instincts had been right. Peter did want this; but how far would he be willing to go?
We'll just have to find out...

Mike broke their kiss then, shoving Peter all the way back against the wall of the crypt.

"MICHAEL!" Peter cried, eyes wild as the dark-haired man pulled his arms together, yanking them above his head. Before he knew what was happening, Mike had opened the shackles, shoving one of Peter's wrists into each, then shutting the metal cuffs tightly. He slid his hands down to Peter's chest, humming appreciatively at the firmness and warmth radiating under his fingertips. Peter flinched as Mike touched him, surprised at what felt like an electric charge shoot through his body, and moaned softly despite himself.

Mike began to unbutton Peter's shirt, though it wasn't long before his impatience got the better of him, and he tore it from Peter's body, unceremoniously tossing it to the floor.

"Hey! That's my favorite shirt!" Peter protested. Mike slapped him across the face, and Peter's eyes flew open from shock, the sting vibrating through his cheek. He gasped as he felt his pants growing tighter--
Oh my God... Peter thought, a dazing sensation spreading over his entire body. Mike just hit me. And...I liked it... Mike leaned in, sliding his thumb over the area he'd hit, and planted soft kisses over Peter's skin, soothing the pain. He moved his lips up to Peter's ear, whispering.

"Do what I say, and we won't have a problem."

Peter nodded, knowing full well that there was no arguing with Mike.
Not that I really want to... he thought, trembling slightly under Mike's touch, the shirt quickly forgotten.

Mike moved swiftly, hands caressing the now-bare chest in front of him. He pinched both of Peter's nipples, eyes darkening with arousal as Peter groaned, his head lolling back to rest against the wall, bangs falling over his eyes.

That's it...bit by bit, you're gonna come undone for me...

Mike ran a finger through his hair, brushing aside the charcoal wave in front of his eyes. He paused for a moment, the softly burning torchlight on the wall catching his attention.
Hmmm... he thought, an interesting idea coming into his head. He reached for the torch, lifting it from its sconce. Peter's eyes widened as Mike walked back to him, torch in hand, and brought it up close to his face. The heat gave rise to a thin layer of sweat forming across Peter's brow, and Mike licked his lips, watching as a few beads slid down Peter's forehead to his eyelashes.

He moved the torch down, tilting it slightly so that the tiniest bit of wax flowed out, landing on Peter's chest.

"FUCK!" Peter yelled, head thrown back as the painful heat seared his skin. As with Mike's slap from earlier, the sting soon gave way to ecstasy, particularly as Mike slid a hand inside Peter's pants, grasping his erection. "Ohgod..." Peter groaned, hissing as he felt another few drips of wax make contact with his skin. The combination of pain and pleasure was overwhelming, assaulting his senses and weakening what little self-control he had left.

Any fears Mike had about how far Peter would go were quickly put to rest when he saw the look in Peter's eyes then--Peter trusted him. Completely.
He really will do anything I say, Mike thought, and the intensity of Peter's gaze told him that it wasn't just because he was the "leader" of the group. Peter trusted him...was willing to give himself over fully. I'd rather stay here, where it's safe...with you, Michael. Peter's words from earlier in the evening echoed in Mike's head. Peter did feel safe with him, Mike realized. Hell, he was letting Mike drip hot wax all over him right now, for Christ's sake. Mike shivered at this, a fresh wave of arousal rushing through him. He closed the gap between them then, pressing his lips against Peter's.

"Mmphh.." came the bassist's muffled groan, kissing Mike passionately, sliding his tongue into Mike's mouth. Mike allowed it for the time being, enjoying the aggressiveness of Peter's kiss. In fact, for a split-second, he swore he'd seen a lewd little smile flash across Peter's lips. He moved his hands out of Peter's pants and around to his ass as they kissed, pressing Peter's hips roughly against his own. Mike groaned into Peter's mouth as he felt his hardness through the fabric of his pants, throbbing almost as badly as Mike's own was.
Yes, that's what I wanted... Mike moved away from Peter for a moment, replacing the torch in its sconce, and in a flash, his hand was back on Peter's crotch, now groping him through those two-toned pants just as he'd imagined doing moments before.

"You asked me a question," Mike drawled, lowering his lips to Peter's shoulder, kissing and licking the freckled skin as he wrapped his arms around the blond man, running his hands over the taut muscles of Peter's back. Peter sighed, his knees growing weak as he fell deeper under the Texan's spell. Mike's kisses were progressing up Peter's neck now, changing into gentle nibbles with his teeth, then back to kisses when Mike got to his jawline. He pulled back for a moment, taking in the sight of Peter, his wrists bound by the shackles, his skin glowing from the faint light in the crypt, and slightly red where the wax had been, a few pieces of which still clung to the patch of hair on his chest. His hair was falling over his eyes, somewhat damp from sweat, and his cheeks were flushed with arousal.

Fuck... Mike could barely finish his own thought, so turned on was he just from looking at Peter. His eyes drifted south, noticing the prominent bulge in Peter's pants, and the memory of grasping what lay within sent a shiver of desire right through him. Mike moved closer again, sliding a hand to the back of Peter's neck. Their lips were just inches apart now, but Mike waited, gaze flicking downward to meet Peter's.

He cupped Peter's cock hard, forcing a groan from the bassist, who thrust his hips forward into Mike's hand. Mike swiftly undid the buttons on Peter's pants and pushed them down just slightly, exposing the line of Peter's hipbone and the beginning of his pubic area. He trailed a lone finger down Peter's stomach, over the dusty treasure trail that ended just at the top of his pelvis. Peter suppressed a whimper as Mike pulled his hand away.

"You asked me a question," Mike repeated, looking straight into Peter's eyes. "Do you remember?"

Peter nodded.

"I'm going to take the shackles off. Then you'll get your answer."

Mike reached up, gently kissing Peter as he unlocked the shackles, one at a time. Peter's freed hand immediately went to the back of Mike's head, fingers threading in his hair.

"Mmmh," Mike moaned, deepening the kiss. The things Peter could do with his tongue sent Mike's mind reeling, strenghtening his desire to feel what Peter was doing in his mouth on other parts of his body. He slid a hand to the back of Peter's head, pulling slightly to break their kiss.

"Down," Mike pointed to the ground. He swallowed hard as Peter sank to his knees, without hesitation. He looked up at Mike, his eyes a hazy mixture of lust and eagerness. Mike exhaled deeply, tangling his fingers in that golden hair. Peter's eyes fluttered closed, the sensation rushing from his scalp straight down to his cock, which twitched in anticipation.

"Belt," Mike said, and Peter needed no other instruction. His hands went to Mike's waistband, pulling his belt off in one fluid motion. He stopped, waiting until Mike was looking down again, and grinned, opening his mouth wide and placing it over Mike's cloth-covered hardness. A throaty groan came from the standing man then, and Peter wasted no time, clasping the tab of Mike's zipper between his teeth, slowly pulling it down.

"Oh, fuck, Peter..." Mike growled, that
mouth driving him mad. He resisted the urge to shove his cock between Peter's lips right then and there, because that wasn't the plan yet. Mike steadied himself, hands tightening in Peter's bangs, and yanked his head back.

"Keep your hands at your sides unless I tell you otherwise. Understand?"

"Yes," Peter replied, his voice even deeper than it was normally, having taken on a husky timbre that made Mike shiver.

"Now tell me, good buddy," Mike rasped. "What was it you asked me before?"

"I asked if you wanted a lick," Peter replied, breathing heavily.

Keeping his grip on Peter's head, Mike grabbed his trousers with his other hand and pulled them down, sighing in relief as his cock was released and the cool air ghosted across his skin.

"Yeah, shotgun...I want a lick. Just like you did with that lollipop."

Mike let go of Peter's head, thrusting his hips forward, running the head of his cock over Peter's lips, "painting" them with the bit of precum that had accumulated at the tip. Peter darted out his tongue, flicking it over the slit, then sucked the tip into his mouth.

"Unhh..." the air seemed to fly out of Mike's lungs. A litany of half-mumbled curses flowed from Mike's lips as Peter licked the underside of his cock, then swallowed it whole, down to the root.

"FUCK!" Mike howled as Peter engulfed him, heat and tight and those
lips, dear Jesus, were better than Mike had ever imagined.

Peter moved his mouth back down, sliding Mike's cock almost all the way out from his lips before swallowing it again.
I can't believe this is happening... Peter's mind was spinning. But Mike tastes so good...he's so big, too. I want him to touch me again... Peter thought for a moment as he continued sucking, spurred on by the grunts and groans of the man above him. Mike began to thrust into Peter's mouth, leisurely at first, then harder, reveling in the relentlessness of Peter's ministrations.

Mike looked down at Peter, knees nearly buckling at the sight of his cock between those luscious lips. He felt a twinge of guilt go through him then, because this was
Peter he was doing this to...sweet, innocent Peter, and Mike was corrupting him, defiling him in every way conceivable. The heat in Mike's groin was unbearable, and as he watched Peter there on his knees, the guilt began to dissolve. Somehow, the fact that this was sweet, innocent Peter made it all the better...and made Mike even more shameless. He smirked, now pumping his cock in and out of Peter's mouth with reckless abandon.

Peter decided to act then, deftly moving a hand up to Mike's cock. Mike saw this and growled, his eyes flashing with anger. He stilled his hips, clamping his hands around Peter's upper arms and pulling him to his feet. He glared at Peter, whose long bangs had drifted over his eyes, and he looked through them at Mike, chewing nervously on his lower lip.

"You disobeyed me," Mike snarled.

"I'm sor--" Mike threw a hand over Peter's mouth before he could finish.
Come on, Michael... Peter thought, mentally urging Mike on, staring almost defiantly into his eyes, now blackened pools of oil.

"Shut up. I'm gonna have to punish you now," Mike's voice had softened slightly, but was still low. He spun Peter around, forcing his wrists back into the shackles. Peter gasped as Mike yanked his pants down to his thighs, the cool air making the hairs on his legs stand on end. The room was silent for a few moments, and Peter began to mildly panic, wondering if he'd had this all wrong and whether things had just taken a turn for the worse.

SMACK! Mike's hand collided with Peter's ass, the sound reverberating off the dungeon walls. Peter shrieked at the sensation, his eyes rolling up in his head as the sting washed over him, everything from hair follicles to toes tingling with pleasure. Oh, God...oh, God...yes... Peter stifled a groan, forcing himself not to break into a wide grin, even though he was facing the wall. I can't let him see how much I'm enjoying this, or he'll stop...

Mike raised his hand, spanking Peter a second time. The blond man's cock jumped at the contact; by the fifth spanking, it was standing straight up against Peter's tanned stomach, drops of precum leaking from the slit. Mike looked down for a moment to admire his handiwork. Peter's asscheeks were completely red, the result of Mike doling out equal punishment on both. A thin layer of sweat had formed on Peter's back, and Mike pressed his lips to the back of his neck, momentarily drifting lower to suckle on Peter's collarbone. He glanced down then, noting with smug satisfaction the state of Peter's cock.

"Got one more punishment for ya, shotgun...though I'm thinkin' at this point you're probably gonna consider it a reward," Mike whispered, and now even the sound of his voice was enough to send shivers up Peter's spine. He slid his hands up Peter's sides, hands kneading the strong muscles of his shoulders before moving down his spine and finally coming to rest on his ass. Mike was now crouching, the rosy flesh of Peter's pert ass right in front of him.

What is he doing? Peter wondered, and then gasped as he felt Mike's tongue against his puckered opening. Ohgodohgodohgod... Peter's mind reeled, and he prayed he wouldn't come right then and there. In and out, in and out Mike's tongue darted, eliciting strangled moans of bliss from Peter. Mike sucked on a finger, moistening it with spit, and then inserted it into Peter, finger-fucking him. Peter cursed out loud, wishing his hands were free so he could touch himself. He'd never felt anything like what Mike was doing, and he hoped to God it wouldn't end there.

Mike pulled away then, standing back up again and positioning his erection at Peter's entrance. He couldn't hold on anymore, too drunk and dizzy from the feel and taste of Peter, and discovering how damn
tight he was, and he needed more and needed it now. He slid his arms around Peter's chest.

"Beg," Mike ordered, his accent thickened by lust.

"M--Michael..." Peter gasped, aching for release.

"You want me to fuck you? Hmm?"

"Yes...God, yes..." Peter sighed, his head falling back onto Mike's shoulder.

"I didn't catch that." Mike slid his tongue up the outer edge of Peter's ear.

"Unnhh...please, Michael. Fuck me,
please," Peter pleaded, not caring that he was almost whining by now.

"I don't know. You haven't been very well-behaved," Mike said. He began to move the tip of his cock up and down the cleft of Peter's ass. "Why should I give you what you want?"

Peter's mind finally snapped, all of the teasing and groping and kissing sending him into overdrive.

"Because I'm going to lose my fucking mind if you don't bury your cock in me right now and make me come," the words rushed out of Peter's mouth in a choked gasp, as he fought the urge to thrust backwards and impale himself on Mike's dick.

Mike felt his insides quiver at the sound of such dirty talk coming from that sweet mouth, and the last of his restraint finally crumbled. He pushed the head of his cock in now, both men crying out as Mike penetrated him, inch by glorious inch, until he was completely sheathed in Peter's ass.

"Ohhh..." Mike hissed, breathing deeply as seemingly every blood cell in his body went straight into his cock. He pulled back slowly, almost all of the way out, and then slammed back in again, groaning at the rush of heat and tight that enveloped his cock. Peter arched his back against Mike's chest, wishing the dark-haired man had taken off his shirt so he could feel his skin against his own.

"Don't even
think about coming before I do," Mike growled into Peter's ear as he began a rhythm, thrusting in and out roughly.

"Unnhhkay..." was about all Peter could muster as a response, his nerve endings far too on fire for his sanity's liking. The pain was back again, so huge was Mike that Peter felt as if he were being divided down the center, but behind it, something lingered, something was starting to tingle--

"OH, GOD!" Peter swore he blacked out for a second, the sudden rush of pleasure so overwhelming. Mike's cock had touched a spot inside him, the source of that tingle, and he nearly exploded from it.

Mike took note of this, and angled his cock the same way on the next thrust, hitting the spot again. He gasped as Peter clenched around him in response, a fresh wave of heat pouring off of Peter's glistening skin and flowing straight into Mike's body behind him.

"Fuck, yeah...you like that, Peter? Hmm? Oh, you feel so good.
So good..." Mike was groaning in earnest now, little jolts of pleasure shooting through his body every time he felt and heard his hips slapping against Peter's ass.

"M--Michael...please..." Peter whimpered, desperate for the Texan to touch his aching cock.

"You knew just what you were doing earlier," Mike grunted, ignoring Peter's pleas. "With that lollipop. Gettin' me all worked up. You're a fucking
tease, is what you are." Mike accented the word tease with a particularly sharp thrust.

Mike finally decided to take pity on the blond man, and Peter very nearly cried in gratitude as he felt Mike's hand grip his cock.

"Remember what I said," Mike's voice was almost menacing. "You break the rules this time, and I won't go nearly as easy on you as I did before. You'll be in the Pad on your hands and knees, wearing nothin' but a dog collar, my own personal slave. Understand?"

Peter nodded, groaning as Mike began to stroke him up and down, trying not to smirk at Mike's version of punishment.
Punishments are supposed to be bad things, Michael...

His thoughts were interrupted as Mike picked up his pace, his free hand pressing the bottom of Peter's chin to tilt his head back, capturing him in a fierce kiss. Mike moved his tongue as he did his cock, thrusting in and out with vigor. Sweat poured off of his forehead as he felt the slow-burning ball of fire building in his stomach.

"Ohh, fuck," Mike gasped, breaking the kiss. "I'm gettin' close. Unnhh, shit...gonna come right in your ass, Peter. You want that? Yeah, you want my cum in that tight little ass of yours, I know you do." Mike increased the speed of his strokes on Peter's cock, at the same time making sure every one of his thrusts brushed that spot inside that Peter liked so damn much.

Peter trembled at the combined sensations of Mike's cock in his ass, Mike's hand stroking him feverishly, and that
voice, Mike's soft twang to the power of ten, whispering dirty little words into his ear. He knew he couldn't last much longer.

Peter's hips were moving now, thrusting into Mike's hand. He fought with all of his might to keep from coming first, an effort made increasingly difficult by Mike hitting that spot, and oh
God Peter wanted to let go so badly.

"Mike--gonna come soon...please..."

"Fuck, fuck, FUCK!!" Mike swore as he lost control, the ball of fire now an inferno taking his entire body whole. He groaned loudly into Peter's ear as his orgasm crashed over him, slamming into Peter's ass. Everything seemed to go white in that instant, as he spurted again and again into Peter, taking several more thrusts to milk the last of his release.

Mike sighed, his senses slowly coming back to him as he remembered Peter, still so close to the edge. He slid a hand down to Peter's testicles, rolling them around in his fingers, his other hand a blur of motion on Peter's cock.

"You can come now," Mike whispered, simultaneously flicking his thumb over the slit and sinking his teeth into Peter's neck.

"UNHHH! MICHAEL!" Peter screamed the Texan's name, every muscle in his body tensing. He shook violently, back arching as the force of his climax set alight every nerve ending from his hair to his toes. Ribbons of cum shot out of his cock, coating his stomach and Mike's hand, and some even landed on the wall in front of him.

Mike held the blond man steady, watching in awe as he realized he'd found something even hotter than Peter licking a lollipop. He only wished Peter hadn't been facing the wall, so he could see that perfect face twisted up in ecstasy right in front of him.

Next time... Mike thought, supporting Peter's chest with his hand as he slumped down, his breathing harsh and uneven. Mike rested his chin on Peter's shoulder. He glanced down, raising an eyebrow at the lollipop, now in broken pieces on the floor.

"Tell me you have more lollipops back at the Pad," Mike finally spoke, surprised at how dry his throat was.

"That...that was my last one," Peter replied, still catching his breath. He basked in the warmth of Mike behind him, also grateful that he was holding him, afraid that if he stood on his own, his legs wouldn't be able to stay up.

Mike reached up then, unlocking the shackles. Peter groaned as his wrists came free, his arms beyond sore from being raised for so long.
But it was worth it... Peter thought, turning around to face Mike. He was surprised to see that Mike's hair was actually tousled, the always perfect wave mussed and slightly sticking to his forehead. A shy smile crept over Peter's face as he pushed some of the hair aside, leaning in for a tender yet passionate kiss.

Both men gasped as they heard a loud cackle of evil laughter, and they remembered their surroundings, still inside the spooky castle. Mike tucked himself back into his trousers, quickly buttoning up and re-buckling his belt. He zipped Peter up too, giving his softened cock one last little stroke before putting it away.

"MIKE!" Peter and Mike jumped as Micky came stumbling into the room, what looked like bandages from the mummy man draped around his neck.

"Are you guys okay? I was on the other side of the crypt and I heard this howling noise! Peter, what--what happened to your shirt?"

"Uhh--" Peter stammered, but Mike cut him off.

"Yeah, that howling, that was the wolf man. See, I was hidin' in the mummy case here, and I heard a howl, and the wolf man was stealin' Pete's lollipop and tearin' off his shirt, so I jumped out and scared 'im away," Mike explained, doing his best to stay cool.

"Ohh. Okay. Well, I'm glad you're not hurt, Pete. Let's get out of here, though, guys. This place gives me the creeps!" Micky shuddered, hands flailing in front of him as he hurried out of the room.

"We're right behind ya, Mick!" Mike called after him before turning his attention back to Peter, winking at him.

"C'mon." He took Peter's hand in his and pulled him roughly against his body, pressing their lips together in a hard and fast kiss.

Mike gave Peter's ass a firm squeeze as they walked out of the crypt together, making a mental note to stock up on lollipops when they got back to the Pad.