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"Of Fates and Fortunes"



Title: Of Fate and Fortunes
Author: Moondreams
Rating: G (I know!)
Pairing: Have a guess :P
Warnings: None really!
Disclaimer: I don't own The Monkees and make no claim that this ever really happened. It is purely the result of an overactive imagination. I do, however, own Susan and Madame Adelaide.
Summary: The Monkees and some friends take a trip to the fairground with some eye-opening results…
Author's Note: I am in the process of writing the fourth and final part of my Stephen Stills/Torksmith fic, I hope to have it done some time soon but in the meantime, I just came up with this random, pointless idea and thought I’d throw it out there. It’s shameless fluff and written in a different style than usual, thought I’d try my hand at writing them as their Season One personalities, I found it to be quite challenging to say the least so please excuse me if it is clunky.

“Where should we go next?” Peter asked around the cotton candy in his mouth.

“Up to you, shotgun. Not much left to see.” Mike responded, feeling a little bored. Amusement parks weren’t really his thing but Peter was so excited about the four of them going there together that he found himself going along with it.

“Ooh, ooh! What about the Ghost Train? Think it’s time to get spooooky, mwah hahaha!” Micky said, creeping behind Peter before gripping him by the waist, making him choke on his confection, half from shock and half from laughing.


“Relax, Susan.” Davy said to the pretty blonde thing that appeared to be stuck to his side like glue. Peter wasn’t too pleased that Davy had invited her along (or, more accurately, invited herself) but had said nothing. “We could go on the Tunnel of Love, again.”

“Oh, bleugh,” Micky interrupted, forcing his way between them, “You’ve done that thing 4 times already, how many times can you make goo-goo eyes at each other?”

“Why don’t we all just split up so we can…” Mike bit his tongue when he saw the hurt in Peter’s eyes. It meant a lot to him to spend time together, splitting them up was not part of the plan.

“Ooh, what about that?” Susan pointed to a dark tent, hidden around the corner from where they were. They all turned to look, reading the sign that was precariously hanging above the entrance.

“’Madame Adelaide - Fortune Teller Extraordinaire’” Peter read, his eyes lighting up like an excitable child. Everyone knew then that they had little choice in the matter, they were going in that tent.

Peter led the way, Susan snuggling into Davy who followed behind, trailed by a lolloping Micky and an unenthusiastic Mike. They all slipped through the open flap of the tent, making way for each other in the pitch blackness.

“Oops, sorry Mike.” Peter mumbled as he found himself colliding with the Texan. Mike merely hm-ed an acknowledgement as he looked around for any signs of life.

He was suddenly alerted to a barely concealed squeak from Susan somewhere to his left. “Davy! Not now, baby.” She said in a chastising (though not so much angry) tone.

“I’m not doing anything…”


“Oh, sorry about that.” Micky spoke up sounding anything but apologetic. Had Davy been able to see the lecherous grin on the drummers face, he’d have punched him on the nose. As it was, Susan pushed her assailant into an unsuspecting Peter who, once again, found himself falling into Mike. Unfortunately, the taller man couldn’t keep his footing this time and they both collapsed to the floor.

At that instant, several candles seemed to ignite themselves around the tent, allowing everyone to see the crumpled heap that was Mike and Peter. Seeing as how no-one offered to help either of them, they began untangling themselves from the rather compromising position.

Rising first, Peter lowered a hand to help up Mike who brushed off imaginary dirt before straightening the wool hat partially falling off his head. Both averted looking at anyone, especially each other as they hoped the dim lighting would hide the pink shading of their faces.

“Quite the crowd.”

Everyone jumped at the new voice, all turning to face the addition of an old woman in a torn hat, a red and black dress with a shawl thrown over her shoulders.

Not taking any notice of their surprise, having come to expect such reactions, she moved to sit behind the small table before them.

“Hm, well you ain’t gonna all fit on that little chair I got there so I’m just gonna have to do ya’ll at once.”

“Kinky…” Micky whispered before being nudged in the ribs rather brutally by the young Brit beside him.

“Ya got a smart mouth kid, it’s gonna get ya in trouble.”

“Wow, lady. You’re real good.” Mike said, sarcastically, arms folded across his chest. He wasn’t one for the mumbo-jumbo that was fortune telling or clairvoyance and he was pretty sure that wasn’t about to change.

“That wasn’t a fortune, that was common sense.” Adelaide answered, quickly. “And so I see we have a cynic in our midst. Capricorn, huh?”

Mike tried to play it cool, not letting on that he was somewhat surprised by her summation. Peter, however, had no such qualms, grinning in delight. “That’s right! How’d you know?”

Adelaide smiled wistfully at the blond, “The same way I know you must be an Aquarius. And that loudmouth over there is a Pisces while these two are…Aries and…another Capricorn.”

There was a stunned silence as they absorbed the information. Mike shifted uncomfortably, feeling a little out of his depth all of a sudden but everyone else was keen for more. Micky, with a complete disregard for her apparent attitude towards him, sat in the empty chair, hands peaked in front of him on the table.

“Alright. What else ya got?” He challenged. It was met with a knowing smirk from the old woman as she leant back, studying them all carefully before closing her eyes.

“Excuse me if I’m a little vague, I ain’t used to dealing with so many folks at once.” Micky waved a hand in disregard, leaning back in his own chair with smug satisfaction. She focused once again on her thoughts, humming quietly to herself. Mike rolled his eyes but managed to suppress his sigh at the exaggerated display.

“Hm, well someone’s mouth is gonna get them in trouble real soon. No guesses who that is.” She said, sarcastically. “You need to learn that while a smart mouth may be helpful at times, some people will not appreciate it and you must know when to be yourself.”

That shut Micky up as he contemplated what she said. He knew that while his antics were sometimes considered charming and fun, he never knew when to stop. Not that he was about to admit that to this woman anyway.

“But there is a strong bond between you guys, a great friendship. Practically radiates in waves. You fellas in a band?” She asked, cracking open an eye. Her gaze landed on a wide-eyed Peter, who nodded slowly.

“Yeah! Well, we’re trying…”

“It’s the business that’s trying, shotgun. We’re doin’ just fine.” Mike corrected with a wink towards the bassist.

Closing the eye again, she continued her analysis of the motley crew in front of her. “So, great bond, in a band, blah blah blah…But there’s…there’s something else, something stronger here. Oh boy, could it be true love? If not ‘true’ then something pretty damn close, I’m sure of it.”

Susan cuddled up to Davy, a goofy grin on her face while Davy was starting to look something like a deer caught in headlights. The others caught onto this and Micky leaned in to Adelaide, whispering so only she could hear.

“You sure that’s not ‘true lust’ you’re readin’ there, lady?”

She paused for a moment, as if going over the details again before giving a firm shake of the head. “Nope, not lust. Or not lust alone, I should say.” She clarified with a nudge and a wink. “No, it’s much deeper than that. The blond…there’s much admiration there, looks up to him and his musicianship-"

“That what she calls it?” Mike muttered to himself, forcing Micky to choke down on a laugh.

“-much affection there, though I feel it’s very much concealed below the surface, not easy for someone who wears their heart on their sleeve.” That made everyone frown, even Susan. Everyone knew that she was painfully affectionate when it came to Davy, so much so that it made them want to gag. The panic was becoming obvious in Davy’s eyes as he was undoubtedly imagining what could possibly be hiding beneath that already saccharine exterior.

“Time spent together is valued though rare for it to be just the two of them.” Which was true enough. Susan frequently complained that she could rarely get Davy away from the rest of the band. “Course there was that day a couple of weeks ago, at the…diner? That was special.”

Susan and Davy looked at each other, trying to recall the event in question. It didn’t seem to be ringing any bells. Well, not with them, anyway. To their left, Peter had gone wide-eyed, his jaw going slack.

The diner…She was right, it was a couple of weeks ago now, the four of them went to Harry’s Diner after a gig but before they could even order food, Susan turned up to take Davy away and Micky remembered he was expecting a call from his mom so rushed back to the Pad, leaving Mike and Peter alone.

They had considered just heading back too but decided that they deserved a nice meal after the success of the show so hung back. It turned out to be one of the greatest evenings Peter could remember, the way they had talked incessantly about absolutely anything that came to mind. He’d never heard Mike laugh so much, it was perfect.

They hadn’t really had a moment like that since, where Mike could just kick back and relax, not worrying about booking gigs and paying the rent. It was a shame.

His attention went back to Madame Adelaide, who was still concentrating on the ‘vibes’ or whatever it was she was doing.

“And then there’s the dark-haired gentleman…Possibly more reluctant to reveal his feelings but they’re there and just as strong. He’s just being a hard-ass, damn Capricorns.” Susan nudged Davy, jokingly, failing to notice the increasingly desperate look in his eyes and the fact that he was gradually trying to edge out of her grasp.

“He’s protective, always wanting to see a smile on that precious face-“

“Aww…” Adelaide cracked open an eye again to glare at the sappy girl, sighing in exasperation. Some people really did just hear what they wanted to hear, didn’t they?

“And you should go with your gut, boy. That thing you saw in the shop the other week? Get it, he-uh, they’ll love it.”

What followed was a scary display of gasps, squeals and jumping up and down as Susan tugged on a bewildered Davy’s arm. “Oooh! Davy, what did you see, what is it, tellmetellmetellme!” Davy pleading looked down at Micky who just shrugged, unable to cover his smirk.

Davy may not have had a clue what Adelaide was referring to…but Mike did. He tensed suddenly, eyes almost falling out of his head.

The organ.

He’d seen it in the window at Max’s Musical Exchange and immediately thought of Peter. Though he hadn’t said anything out loud, Mike knew that Peter was getting bored with just playing the bass. He also knew that he was more than capable of working his way around numerous instruments, the organ being one of them.

The ticket price was out of his range but he wasn’t about to give up on it. He’d taken to keeping money back where he could, eating light and putting the excess cash in his “Peter’s Organ” fund. He didn’t have much to go before it could be his.

But he started to feel that buying such an extravagant gift would be unfair on the others and more importantly, would threaten to show that Peter meant more to him than just a friend, as he had known for a while now. How he always wanted to make him happy, to see that smile on his face…How the hell did she know?!

He felt himself suffocating all of a sudden in the small tent, grateful when Micky broke the silence, more for Davy’s sake than Mike’s.

“OK, so what about Mike and Peter?” He asked. It was then that the two in question really absorbed all that had just been said and truly put the pieces together. They risked a sideways glance at each other, flushing uncontrollably when they made eye contact.

“We’re not discussing names here, young man, only vibes.” Adelaide snapped, making Micky sigh.

“Fine, fine. What other ‘vibes’ ya got left?”

Focusing once again, she finished her thoughts. “One of you won’t be around this group for much longer, I’m afraid…You don’t really belong.”

“Hope it’s Mike.” Susan whispered to Davy but all heard her, turning to give her equal angry stares to which she simply shrugged.

“…And the other needs to set some damn roots! Stop leaping from girl to girl and either focus on your music or get yerself a steady girl. Those women will get ya in all sorts of trouble if you’re not careful, boy.”

That made the three of them frown. Neither Mike nor Peter were the type to date a lot so they were a little lost with this newest prediction.

“Sorry, lady, ya lost us right at the end there. Davy’s the whore of the band-“

“Hey!” Susan exclaimed in an attempt to defend her man’s honour seeing as how Davy saw no reason to do so. “You can’t talk about him like that! Besides, I’ve changed him. You heard what she said: true love! We’re meant to be together, forever.” Peter wasn’t sure but it looked like Davy was beginning to hyperventilate.

“We’re not discussing names here.” Adelaide said again, more firmly this time and looking intently at Micky in particular. She could literally see the cogs turning in his head as he looked between the other occupants of the tent. Blond hair, dark hair...No names, vague pronouns…The diner….The diner! But that was-
Holy shit…

His eyes widened as he looked from Madame Adelaide back to both Mike and Peter who were beginning to shift uncomfortably. But, rather than say anything, Micky just grinned widely, turning back to face forward.

“Right, sooo, to summarise?”

“Don’t want much from an old woman, do ya?” She sighed but smiled, unable to hide the fact that Micky had somehow managed to grow on her in the short space of time. “All right, let’s see…One -Keep mouth in check,” she began, checking the points off on her fingers, “Two - Stop girl chasing and settle down, Three - take a hike, you don’t fit in, Four and Five – I know you’re scared, I know it’s a big deal but you’re just putting off the inevitable. Written in the stars and all that mumbo jumbo, don’t screw with fate. The people who matter will stand by you.”

She gave Micky a poignant look which was returned with a nod and a ‘hell yes!’.

Her chair suddenly scraped along the stone floor as she stood herself up, making everyone jump. “Now, you’ve taken up enough of my time! Get goin’ and remember everything the crazy woman said!” She began to hustle them out, not giving them a chance to ask any questions.

Once they were all outside, she made a move to re-enter the tent when she remembered something.

“Oh! That’ll be 25¢.”

Everyone stared back at her, hoping that she was joking. When she held out her hand, they realised she was not and all looked at each other expectantly. They’d pretty much spent everything they’d brought with them throughout the day. Mike sighed inwardly, digging deep into his pocket and finding a quarter.

Seeing this out of the corner of her eye, Adelaide abruptly jabbed a finger at Susan making her recoil in shock.

“This boy on yer arm here has been payin’ for ya all day. Guarantee you got some loose change in yer purse, no?”

Susan looked somewhat indignant at the request but no-one leapt to her defence so it was with great reluctance that she brought out her purse and gave the woman a quarter. Barely letting her get her fingers clear, Adelaide wrapped her own around the coin and disappeared back into the tent without so much as a goodbye.

The five of them stood in something resembling a circle, all trying to get their minds back in gear. Not surprisingly, Micky was the one to break the silence.

“Well, that was…educational. Crazy old woman. So, what next?” He asked, rubbing his hands together in glee, as if the last 10 minutes hadn’t even occurred.

“That’s him!” Came a loud female voice from behind them. Turning around, they spotted a large woman with her equally large child and a security guard pointing an accusing finger at the drummer.


“What did you do, Micky?” Peter asked, not sure he wanted to know the answer.

“Umm, it was when you were at the shooting gallery…I possibly might have compared her family to the freak show they were looking at…just a little bit.” At his friends horrified expressions he raised his hands in his defence. “It wasn’t my fault! It - there was - you weren’t there!”

As he saw the lynch mob head towards him, he quickly turned tail and bolted, deciding to give them a run for their money.

“His mouth getting him into trouble…” Peter said, almost to himself. His attention was promptly grabbed by Susan who was beginning to get restless.

“Come on, Davy, let’s get out of here. We’ve got a lot of things to sort out, now! Hey, my parents are coming to visit next week, you should come for dinner! Pop will wanna know a wedding date but we don’t have to worry about that just yet. But will I be moving in with you or should we get our own place? Cos I don’t know if I could live with a bunch of - Davy! Davy, where are you going!?”

Mike and Peter watched as poor Davy got paler and paler with every word that came out of his ‘true loves’ mouth. If they hadn’t thought it impossible, they could have sworn he had started to break out in hives right before he tore himself away and ran as if his very existence depended on it.

“Stop girl chasing…take a hike…” Mike mumbled. Three out of five predictions, all within the space of a couple of minutes. Without realising it, Mike and Peter were suddenly facing each other, almost waiting expectantly for something, anything to happen.

“Uh, so. You wanna maybe go see the uh-well, we could, I dunno, I guess there’s not – mmph!” Mike’s meandering words were abruptly cut off by Peter’s lips on his.

Neither paid any attention to the quiet gasps around them or the sidelong glances, they were far too wrapped up in that long awaited taste of each other. Mike revelled in the feel of Peter’s hands on his face, the soft lips brushing against his own and the tentative touch of his tongue as it ran along his bottom lip.

Mike opened his mouth slowly, allowing Peter to fully taste everything that was Mike. The blond felt arms wrap around him, pulling him closer into a protective embrace as his tongue explored further. It was perfection.

When they finally pulled apart, some passerby’s hastily diverting their gazes and quickening their paces, they looked at each other for a moment before breaking into matching grins.

“Like I was saying…Home?” Mike managed to get out, making Peter chuckle.

“What about the others?” Peter asked, wanting nothing more than to spend some time alone with Mike but, being Peter, didn’t want to abandon his friends.

“They know where we’ll be, I think they’ll both be a little while. Come on.” Mike left no room for argument as he grabbed Peter’s wrist and dragged him towards the exit.

As they were leaving, Peter suddenly thought of something. “Wait…What was this about a thing you were gonna buy?”

Mike smiled to himself. “Secret.”

“Michael…” Peter wheedled but to no avail, Mike wasn’t about to reveal his big surprise, especially now he knew there would be no consequences attached.

He stopped them from moving for a moment, giving Peter a quick kiss on the lips. “It can wait. We have more important things to deal with first.”

Peter nodded slowly, returning the short but sweet kiss. “Michael?”

“Yeah, shotgun?”

“If Madame Adelaide hadn’t said all those things, do you think we’d have found out?”

“…I think so. Written in the stars, remember?”

“You don’t believe in that stuff.” Peter chided, with a light-hearted prod, but Mike just shrugged.

“Maybe I’ve been converted.” He replied, wrapping an arm around a broad shoulder.

“Amen!” Peter shouted in exaggeration.

“And Hallelujah!” Came the voice of a curly haired figure that darted past them, followed by a small child, an angry woman and an out of breath security guard.

Peter and Mike just shook their heads and made their way home.