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"Need You Tonight"



Title: Need You Tonight (sequel to Tease and The Wait)
Author: Daytona Demon
Rating: NC-17
Genre: Slash
Pairing: Mike/Peter
Summary: The last of three parts. Peter and Mike are back home from the band's gig (and Peter's relentless stringing along of Mike), and it's time to get down to the business of pleasure.
Warnings: Explicit sexual language and situations.
Disclaimer: This story is about the characters, not the guys who played them, no implication is meant about the men who played the characters, I don't own the characters, and I get no profit from this (except a case of the jollies). So there.



The band arrived home just past midnight, weary after a successful evening playing at a local club. The delighted club owner had offered them a regular slot, playing every other Saturday. For now, unloading gear and going to sleep were the more immediate concerns...for Micky and Davy, anyway.


Mike and Peter had other concerns.

Micky and Davy huddled in the living room, reassembling the drum kit. Outside, Peter started to carry one of his bass guitars into the house. Mike stopped him, putting a hand on Peter's chest.

"What?" Peter asked, confused. Mike stepped forward, pushing himself into Peter, touching Peter's hair. "Not so fast," Mike said quietly. He leaned in for a kiss, flicking his tongue over Peter's lips and then pressing harder on his mouth. Peter broke the kiss, breathing deeply.

"Sometimes, when I'm with you...I forget to breathe," Peter said, smiling the innocent smile that gave Mike such not-so-innocent thoughts.

"Breathe deep," Mike said, leaning in for another kiss. He unbuttoned Peter’s shirt and pants. "Go into the house like this," Mike whispered. "Go into my room. Sit on my bed and wait for me. I'll tell Micky he's staying upstairs with Davy tonight."

Peter looked down at himself, concerned. "Walk in like this with everything undone? Into your room? They'll see me -"

"No, they won't," Mike interrupted. "They're getting stuff put together in the living room. I'll be along in a few minutes." He nodded to reassure Peter.

"OK..." Peter said, giving Mike a doubtful look as he walked away. He quickened his pace through the living room, glancing at Micky and Davy out of the corner of his eye. Relieved that they didn't look up at him, Peter hid himself away in Mike and Micky's room.

A few minutes later, Mike stepped into the bedroom, closing the door behind him. He sat on the bed and slipped one hand under Peter’s unbuttoned shirt. "I need you so bad," Mike said. "You were so rotten to me at the club earlier. Just evil, getting me all worked up like that."

Peter smiled at the memory of his mischief. "Yeah, well, I took care of you, didn't I? You made a great opening act for the show," he said, unable to suppress a snicker.

Mike laughed and leaned his forehead against Peter's cheek. "Neat trick with the microphone that you did there. I might forgive you some day," he joked. "Yes, you took care of me. But that's like the rolls and salad they bring you at the restaurant before the meal. It only makes you want more."

Peter turned and flashed the killer grin that always made Mike feel a little weak and short of breath. "Here's dinner," he said, spreading his arms wide.

Mike grabbed Peter and pinned him down to the bed. "Dinner, dessert, and coffee," he said, relishing the feeling of Peter trapped beneath him.

"And mints," Peter added. "Don't forget the mints."

Mike shushed Peter with a kiss.


“I don’t think you’ll be needing these,” Mike said, unzipping Peter’s pants and tugging at them. Peter obediently slipped out of his pants, tossing them over by the shoes and socks he’d removed before Mike had entered the room.


“And yours?” Peter asked, playfully tugging at Mike’s belt.


“Eh, I’m tired,” Mike said, flopping down on the bed. “Undress me. Christmas came early this year. Unwrap your gift.”


“Christmas better be the only thing that comes early,” Peter said, unbuttoning Mike’s shirt. He ran his hands through the dark hair on Mike’s chest, trailing one finger down to Mike’s belt buckle. “Hmmmm, and what did Santa bring me here?” Peter asked, unbuckling the belt and unfastening Mike’s pants.


“The North Pole,” Mike said, triggering a fit of laughter from Peter that sent him collapsing onto Mike. “Stop making me laugh,” Peter mumbled into Mike’s chest. “I’ll never get your pants off.”


“You don’t even have your shirt off yet,” Mike said, pulling the shirt away from Peter. Mike then laid back, placing one boot on Peter’s legs. “Come on. Get to undressin’.”


Peter pulled off Mike’s boots and socks, tossing them next to the bed. He turned back to see that Mike had already removed his pants.


“Sorry, shotgun,” Mike said. “I’m getting a little impatient here.” He pulled Peter down on top of him. “I promised you a good screwing when we got back to the house, and I’m gonna deliver. First though, grab the baby oil outta the nightstand.”


Peter got up from the bed and dug the small bottle of baby oil from the nightstand drawer.


“Put it on yourself,” Mike ordered.


Peter poured oil into his hand, spreading it up and down his erect cock. Mike watched him, unconsciously licking his lips. Peter walked back to the bed, climbing back on top of Mike. Mike embraced him and caught his breath as he felt Peter slide a finger inside him.


“Damn. Surprised me there,” Mike said. “But in a good way.”


“Liked that, huh?” Peter asked, his mischievous smile returning as he slid a second finger into Mike.


Mike lay back on the bed, moving around slightly and relishing the feeling of Peter’s fingers inside him. “Ready for me?” Peter asked him.


“More than ready,” Mike answered, wrapping his legs around Peter. “Give it to me, babe. Give it to me hard. Make me feel it.”


Peter shifted on top of Mike, slowly replacing his fingers with his cock. He felt Mike stiffen briefly, saw him throw his head back and bite his lip as the initial pain gave way to pleasure. Peter moved leisurely at first, enjoying Mike’s reactions.


Mike moaned, moving underneath Peter, his hands in Peter’s hair. “Harder, man. Harder. Peter, fuck me, fuck me like you mean it –“ Peter silenced him with a kiss and thrust deeper, faster, turning Mike’s moans into the familiar growls and swearing that marked his ascent toward climax.


“Don’t be so quiet, man, stop holding back,” Mike said, digging his fingernails into Peter’s back. Peter yelped and answered back with a sudden, deep thrust that forced a cry from Mike’s throat. “That’s it, that’s it,” Mike said. “Make it hurt. Hurt me, Peter.”


Mike dug his nails into Peter’s back again, dragging down to leave scratches. Peter swore under his breath. “Louder,” Mike said, nibbling on Peter’s ear and clamping down for a light but painful bite. “Shit!” Peter cried out, stopping to glare at Mike.


“Whatcha waitin’ for, Peter? Written invitation? Stoplight to turn green?” Mike taunted him.


Peter grabbed a fistful of Mike’s hair and pulled hard enough to make Mike curse and swat his hand. Peter pinned Mike’s hand to the bed and began fucking him hard, his own moaning becoming louder than Mike’s.


“That’s it, that’s it,” Mike said, forcing the words out between gasps. “God, yes, Peter, come inside me, come for me, make noise for me, let me hear you…”


The words tumbled out of Peter, his voice growing louder still and more urgent. “Mike, you feel so good, I love fucking you, I love you…”


“Scream it for me, Peter. I want everyone to hear you,” Mike commanded.


I love you, Michael!” Peter screamed. “Michael…I love you so damn much…” Peter’s voice choked off as he came. He collapsed onto Mike, his chest heaving. “I love you, Mike. I love every moment I’m with you.”


Mike wrapped his arms around Peter, stroking his hair. “I love you too, babe. I love you so much I can’t stand it sometimes. I’m gonna show you how much.”


Peter moved aside to let Mike get up from the bed and use the baby oil on himself. “Which way do you want me, Mike?” Peter asked. “On your hands and knees,” Mike said.


As Peter positioned himself, Mike mounted him. Peter winced briefly and relaxed, the uncomfortable entry subsiding into glorious warmth. Mike rocked back and forth, not going in deeply, focusing on the feeling of being inside Peter and letting Peter revel in the feeling of Mike inside him.


Mike leaned over to bury his face in Peter’s hair and kiss him on the nape of his neck, trailing small bites down to his shoulder. Peter stiffened and moaned, backing up into Mike. “You like that?” Mike whispered, thrusting harder. “Tell me, Peter.”


“Yes,” Peter said, his voice low and rough. “Yes. I like it. Harder, Mike…do me like I did you. Make it hurt.”


“Anything for you,” Mike said, throwing himself forward into Peter, taking him roughly. Peter’s moans escalated into cries. Mike joined his sounds of ecstasy, the growls and swearing starting again, the symphony of passion building to a crescendo.


“Peter,” Mike gasped, “You love me?”


“Yes,” Peter said, “God, yes, Mike.”


“I love you too,” Mike said, and he raised his head to shout toward the window. “I love Peter, goddammit, and I don’t care who knows! You hear me out there? I…love…you…ohhhhhhhhgod…Peter…” Mike slammed himself hard against Peter as the orgasm overtook him.


Peter lost his balance and the two men pitched forward onto the bed, Mike panting and his heart racing. With Mike’s chest pressed onto his back, Peter could feel the thumping of Mike’s heart.


“Wow,” Peter said. “Are you OK? Is your heart supposed to do that?”


“For someone I love, sure,” Mike said, squeezing Peter’s hand. “That was incredible. You’re incredible.”


“You’re incredible too,” Peter said. “And unbelievable, and amazing, and bigger words that you probably know but I don’t yet.”


Mike laughed and ran a hand through Peter’s hair. A sudden noise startled them, and they froze, looking toward the window. The noise continued, louder this time.


“What the – “ Mike rolled off Peter and walked to the window, looking outside. “Who’s there?” he called out, not sure who might respond.


Micky’s voice answered from above. “Hey, guys. That sounds like a really great song you’re working on down there. But. Some of us are trying to sleep up here.” Davy’s voice followed: “Maybe close your window next time, huh?”


Mike and Peter heard the upstairs window slam shut. Peter’s eyes widened in fear. “Oh, no. Micky and Davy heard us!”


Mike shut the window and crawled back onto the bed to embrace Peter. “Yeah, they heard us. Maybe they know what they heard, maybe they don’t. They’re not going to say anything. If they do, they have my pissed-off ass to deal with.”


“And nobody wants that,” Peter said. “Well, except me. I’ll take your ass any way I can get it.”


Mike hooted with laughter. “Listen to that! Kinda brazen all of a sudden, aren’t you?”


“Learned it from the best,” Peter said, pushing himself further into Mike’s arms.


“You keep moving around like that, you’re gonna get me worked up again and we’ll have to do it all over,” Mike said.


“Oh, darn,” Peter answered with mock disappointment, wriggling in Mike’s embrace. “Do we have to do this all over again? Shucks.”


“Wait just a second,” Mike said. He arose from the bed, grabbed a pencil from the nightstand, and opened the window.

“Hey, guys!” Mike shouted, leaning out the window. He tossed the pencil upward, bouncing it off Micky and Davy’s window. “Peter and I have another song we want you to hear!”


Peter grinned as Mike rejoined him in bed. “Now, where were we?” Mike asked, as he and Peter reached for each other.

The Wait