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"Naughty and Nice"



Title: Naughty and Nice
Author: Moondreams
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Micky/Mike, with a healthy dose of Torklenzmith thrown in there
Warnings: Language and sexuality
Disclaimer: I don’t own The Monkees and make no claim that this ever really happened. It is purely the result of an overactive imagination.
Summary: To earn a little bit of extra cash, Mike takes a job as Santa.
Author’s Note: I am totally new to writing…well, anything but Torksmith but after a mere half hour of thinking about it, Peter some how got in on the action anyway! So it is a semi-Torklenzmith too. What can I say, I just can’t bare to leave such a hot thing out in the cold. :) Oh, and I have to apologise...I know it’s supposed to be all about the smut but I seriously can’t help myself so I may have to forfeit due to my schmaltz.

Christmas was only two weeks away. The Monkees had a fair amount of gigs but they were still in need of the extra cash to pay for the extra heating in the Pad and of course, Christmas presents.

They’d all taken on part-time jobs over the festive period to earn their own money and everyone had enough by now, except Mike.

He’d been fired from his last job for constantly being late and distracted what with him trying to get gigs and manage the bands’ business affairs, or what there was of them.

But just when he thought he’d have to hold off getting that special something for his special someone, he landed a job in the local mall as a Santa.

It was exhausting and a little humiliating but he knew it would be worth it once he got paid. And the kids loved him, which was partly why it was so draining.


On Christmas Eve, his last day, he got his pay packet, $30 less than he expected which was a bit of a blow but he managed to chalk up the rest of the money for that perfect gift.

He was fit to drop by the time he made it back home. It was about 8 at night and the place seemed to be deserted.

He decided to slip the newly acquired gift into his bedside drawer for safe keeping, pulling the pillow from under his outfit out and throwing it on the bed too before coming back downstairs and collapsing on the sofa.

He’d only been resting his eyes for about two minutes when he felt a pair of strong hands firmly rubbing his shoulders. He didn’t bother to open his eyes, but merely sat there smiling to himself, enjoying the soothing sensations.

“Hey Santa, baby.” Came Micky’s voice from behind him.

“Hey, you.” Mike responded.

“Good day?”

Mike blew out a gush of air, shrugging his shoulders. “Not bad, I guess. Where have you been, thought the place was empty?”

“Down the beach with Peter. He went off with some chick so I came back to see if you were home yet.”

Mike grasped Micky’s hands in his own, holding them firmly to his chest, then leaning his head on the back of the couch, pulled Micky down for a kiss.

Micky didn’t want to show it but he’d really missed Mike today. Christmas for Micky was a time for family but he couldn’t go home this year as his folks had gone away for the holidays.

Davy had already gone back to England and Mike was due to head home to Texas a couple of days after so Micky was trying to spend as much time with him as possible without coming across as clingy.

The kiss deepened but the positions made it hard for them to keep it going. Micky practically threw himself over the back of the couch, landing next to him, giving a seductive smile.

Mike grinned back, pulling Micky forward and crashing their lips together. Micky eagerly responded, wasting no time in crawling on to Mike’s lap, tongue still tangling urgently with Mike’s.

Mike’s hands rested on Micky’s lower back while Micky slipped his hands round Mike’s neck, fingers twining in the coarse hair.

While Mike was enjoying those luscious lips on his own, his exhaustion had suddenly left him and he was in the mood for a bit of fun.

He slipped a hand up to Micky’s chest to push him away. Mike smiled softly at Micky’s resistance to stop the lip-lock. Seeing his kiss-swollen lips in an adorable pout just made him want to kiss him all over again but he refrained.

“So...what do you want for Christmas, young man?” He asked, adopting a deep, booming voice.

Micky’s pout quickly dissolved into a cheeky smirk as he squirmed a little in Mike’s lap, getting comfortable.

“Hmmm. I want something...big. Something that gets bigger and bigger the more I play with it.” One of his hands slid down to Mike’s crotch, caressing the bulge that was growing there.

“Something that tastes so good I never, ever get tired of it.”

“Oh yeah? Something that really fills you up nice and good, huh?” Mike responded, trying to cover up how turned on he really was.

“Exactly.” Micky squeezed roughly, causing Mike to gasp suddenly, eyes flashing. He needed to speed things up, and fast.

“I know exactly what you need...” He remarked, leaning in as if to kiss Micky but moved away at the last minute, grabbing Micky’s hand away from his crotch. “But I don’t know if you’ve been good enough. Have you been a good boy, Micky?”

Micky’s heart skipped a bit. A game! He loved it when Mike was in a playful mood, he’d been too stressed and worn down to play lately so Micky was more than eager to please.


“Prove it.” Mike said sternly but teasingly.

Micky pressed his lips to Mike’s once again, his excitable energy reaching a fever pitch.

Suddenly, Micky slid off Mike’s lap, slinking seductively to the floor while his eyes never left Mike’s.

Once he was kneeling on the floor, his hands got to work on the oversized belt buckle, then on the zipper of the large Santa trousers. Mike closed his eyes, his arms spread across the back of the sofa and his head lolling back.

Very slowly, Micky wrapped his fingers around the rapidly growing erection, stroking it gently and thrilling at the change in Mike’s breathing. He drew it out of its clothed prison and couldn’t help but lick his lips at the sight of it.

It had a nice red flush and was already pulsing with need. As he ran his hands up Mike’s legs, he slid his tongue briefly over the head, licking up the pre-cum that had already begun to collect there.

The gesture was rewarded with a strangled moan from above as Mike gripped onto the couch, trying not to unravel so quickly. But damn if those lips didn’t just drive him crazy

Micky dove in again, this time allowing his mouth to envelope the head, sucking softly but persistently.

Mike’s moans got more drawn out and needy as he refrained from just thrusting in and out of that hot, torturous mouth. His steady moans were suddenly muffled by another mouth on his.

It took his brain a few moments to work out that the person above him could not in fact be his lover (whose lips were busy elsewhere) but must belong to their blond bassist. A quick nip at his bottom lip, confirmed this for him.

Mike looked up to see Peter leaning on the sofa behind him, wearing a very satisfied grin. They both looked down at Micky who was so focused on what he was doing, he hadn’t noticed his arrival.

Peter grinned wickedly at Mike who nodded his approval to a private question. With that, Peter, clad only in his swimming shorts, quietly sauntered round the sofa to join Micky on the floor.

Peter was hard to figure out and Mike had stopped trying to a while ago now. He didn’t even remember how it had happened, but one day Peter had joined in with Micky and Mike’s activities and it just went from there.

Micky had been a little uncomfortable with it at first, worried that he’d lose Mike but it soon became clear that Peter had no interest in either of them separately. It was only them as a couple that turned him on.

He could sense when it was appropriate too. If he saw they were in a romantic, love-makingy mood he steered clear and left them to it. But if they were in a dirty fucking mood (like now) he was all too happy to help out.

Mike soon discovered that having Peter there was a huge turn on for them both. He managed to work them up into a mind-blowing sexual frenzy, made them desperate for each other and then just when they thought they’d burst, he’d split and leave them to devour each other.

Mike had never worked out what Peter got out of it but he seemed intent on just seeing them get all worked up over each other which suited them fine.

Mike watched as Peter shuffled behind Micky, kneeling so that his legs were either side of Micky’s and he pressed his crotch against that tight ass.

Micky made a startled sound which caused Mike to suddenly curse out loud as the vibrations shot up his shaft.

A fresh wave of arousal filled Micky as he felt Peter behind him and he began to suck on Mike’s cock with renewed energy, tongue moving up and down and around, his hands holding Mike’s hips as steady as he could.

Peter leaned over Micky’s shoulder to get a better view, seeing that glistening cock disappear between those succulent lips...He was already rock hard, something that didn’t escape Micky’s attention.

Peter started to run his hands up Micky’s chest, under his shirt so he could feel the soft skin beneath. Micky squeezed Mike’s hips in response, all the while Mike watched them both under half-lidded eyes, revelling in the sight.

Peter began to suckle on Micky’s neck, moving up to his ear, licking around it and gently biting the lobe causing Micky to moan. Peter never took his eyes off Mike, grinning up at him lecherously.

Mike couldn’t handle it and as much as he wanted to watch, he had to lean back again, slipping out of himself and focusing solely on the wonderful sensations shooting through him.

Noticing this, Peter decided to have a little fun with Micky while Mike was incapacitated as it where. He moved his mouth back to his ear so he could whisper directly into it for only Micky to hear.

“Does he taste good?”

Micky hummed an affirmative, making Mike subconsciously buck his hips up. Micky forced him back down again as he continued his sucking.

“You just love sucking that cock, don’t you?” He asked as his fingers roughly pinched Micky’s nipples making the younger man tense and tremble.

“Oh yes...you love it. How could you not? It’s so fucking big, so tasty. Go on, Micky, suck it.” Micky’s pace picked up as Peter’s words sunk into him through the lust-filled haze.

Peter’s one hand began to travel down from Micky’s chest to the erection that was threatening to bust right through his pants. He began to draw the zipper down but wanted to keep Micky distracted for the time being.

“You want him to touch you, don’t you Mick? You want those strong hands all over you. Suck him harder. Deeper. Do it.” Micky did as he was instructed, taking Mike right down to the root so the head was nudging the back of his throat. His hands travelled from the hips round to firmly grasp his ass.

“Ooooh, shit!” As predicted, such behaviour was quick to undo Mike’s resolve as he thrust his hand into those soft, uncontrollable curls, fisting them mercilessly.

Micky groaned at the rough treatment, even more so when he felt a firm grasp on his own throbbing cock.

“That’s it. Show him how much you want it, how much you love it. How much you love that cock.” Micky started going at him with everything he had then, rocking backwards and forwards, moving from the shaft to lap occasionally at Mike’s painfully tight balls.

All the while, Peter was fisting Micky gloriously, flicking his thumb over the head, watching both of their reactions very closely.

“Yes, you love sucking that giant cock but that’s not what you want, is it? You want that right up your ass.” Peter pressed his own crotch into Micky’s backside, forcing a whimper out of him.

“You want him to fuck you, right now. You need it and you need it hard. I know you, you can’t resist. You want him to fuck you until you beg. But you won’t be begging for him to stop. No, you’ll be begging for it harder and faster and deeper-“

Micky had to pull away, his breathing becoming so heavy from the relentless hand job he was getting, the dirty words whispered in his ear and the pleasurable moans and groans from his lover. He was desperately trying to get some air into his lungs, gripping now onto the edge of the sofa.

But Peter’s hand did not slow, therefore neither did Micky’s moans. All he could concentrate on now was that exquisite friction as he thrust into that fist, head hung low trying to prevent the light-headed feeling that was threatening to overtake him.

Mike had come back to reality somewhat with the suction suddenly gone, but the sight before him did nothing to lessen his desire. Peter realised this and played his final hand, now turning his attention to Mike.

“See what you do to him, Michael? See how crazy you make him?” Mike looked at the panting figure before him, his whole body shaking with the need for release.

“I know how badly you just wanna take him. Shove that cock straight into his ass and hear him cry out, screaming your name over and over and over...” Mike’s hand went to his cock as he started to stroke himself roughly, eyes fixed solely on the head of curls below him.

“There’s nothing better than this. God, he feels so good. He needs you bad, just look at him.” Peter used his spare hand to tangle in the curls, jerking his head upright to face Mike.

The sight practically took his breath away. Micky’s eyes were scrunched tightly closed, his mouth open, emitting a barrage of delectable noises that were gradually rising in pitch.

Mike rarely got to see Micky unravel as he was usually too busy unravelling himself but he looked absolutely irresistible, just asking for dirty things to be done to him.

“Oh god, Micky...” Mike muttered as his hand became a blur on his cock, trying to stay focused on those beautifully contorting features.

Hearing his name, Micky completely lost it. “Oh Mike, please!” He thrust faster against Peter’s hand, feeling the massive hard-on on every thrust back. Soon enough, he was coming, his hands moving to grip tightly onto Mike’s thighs.

That in turn did it for Mike who squirmed wildly on the sofa, yelling out a stream of obscenities that he couldn’t quite bite back.

They both sat where they were, trying to get their breathing back to normal, while Peter remained kneeling perfectly composed as if nothing had happened.

He got up, bending his knees a little to try and get the stiffness out of them. He didn’t seem remotely fazed by the stiffness in...other places.

Mike looked up at him and managed a laugh. “Peter...I’m afraid you have been very, VERY naughty.”

Peter gave a slight grin and shrugged. “Wouldn’t have it any other way.” And with that, he was gone as quickly as he’d arrived. Mike shook his head. I will never understand that guy...

He looked down at Micky who still seemed to be struggling with his respiration. Mike pulled him up by the shoulders so he was sitting next to him.

“I guess that would make you the nice then, wouldn’t it?” Mike smiled softly at Micky who smiled back coyly.

“And Santa has got quite a treat for you. But I think we might wait on it for a bit, huh babe?” Much to Mike’s surprise, Micky leant in for a long, passionate kiss.

“I’m never too tired for you. Besides, I think I might die if I don’t get some of what I was hearing back there soon.”

Mike grabbed Micky’s wrist and practically leapt up the stairs to their bedroom, throwing Micky unceremoniously down on the nearest bed.

By the time Mike had actually reached the foot of the bed, Micky had already divested himself of his shirt and was trying to pull his pants off. Mike leant over him, claiming his lips in another rough kiss while gripping onto his slim hips and yanking the pants off.

“God, I cannot get enough of these lips...” He whispered against them before thrusting his tongue into Micky’s waiting mouth.

Micky’s fingers frantically went to work on the buttons of the massive Santa coat. But once that was off, he was faced with another layer which he got started on too.

Mike helped him out, just wanting to get his hands on Micky and get the show on the road.

Soon the second shirt was off and lay discarded on the floor with the baggy pants and boots following soon after.

Finally, they were both naked but even though Mike was keen to get started, he took a moment to really take in the glorious sight before him.

Micky was perfection. He was lightly tanned all over, skinny but toned in all the right places, skin so soft and sensitive, his unruly curls sticking slightly to his forehead, his cock already hard again and curving enticingly away from his body.

Micky blushed crimson at the intense gaze which just made Mike want him even more.

He moved back down so he was hovering over him, biting and sucking on his neck and shoulder.

“God, you’re the most gorgeous creature on this earth. You know that, Mick?” Micky could only respond with a fierce kiss, his hands gripping on to Mike’s shoulders as he pulled him down.

Mike lowered himself further so he was lying right over Micky’s prone body. They both groaned at the contact of hot flesh on hot flesh but that was nothing compared to when Mike began to slowly rub against him.

“Oh, shit Mike...yes.” Micky threw his head back, bucking up to increase the friction building between them.

Mike tried his best to concentrate on Micky’s expression but it was made increasingly difficult when Micky wrapped his powerful legs around his waist, digging his heels into Mike’s ass to press him down further making him grind harder.

“You’re such a whore, Micky.” He managed to groan as he picked up his pace.

“I can’t help that you make me so fucking horny.” That just got Mike even more riled up as he quickened his thrusts feeling his cock reaching its full potential once again.

Mike’s mouth moved over Micky’s sensitive nipples which instantly stiffened in response and made him wriggle beneath him. Mike loved how lively Micky was, he was always so animated, so energetic.

Mike felt hands in his hair once again and felt himself being pulled up to face Micky whose eyes were wide but slightly glassy from arousal.

“Mike, I can’t wait any more, I want you inside me. Please.” Mike didn’t need asking twice as he quickly scrabbled for some lube, eventually finding some under the bed.

Mike sat up, straddling Micky’s waist but before he could do anything, Micky snatched the lube from his hands.

“Mine.” He simply said as he poured the lube into his hand and spread it generously over the throbbing member, causing Mike to suck in a quick gasp from the cold sensation and the firm motions.

“Santa’s little helper, huh?” Mike quipped, earning him a rough squeeze before Micky pulled away, stretching out seductively beneath him.

“How’s about you take a rest from filling stockings and fill something much more appreciative instead?” Micky asked, teasingly. Mike blew out a gush of air, grabbing Micky’s legs, placing them around his waist to expose that puckered opening.

Mike lined himself up, shifting up to close his mouth over Micky’s as he breached that tight ring.

As much as Micky tried, he couldn’t help but wince and hold his breath. Mike looked at him carefully, worried about hurting him.


“Yeah, just...It’s been awhile, just give me a sec...” Mike waited until he felt the muscles relax. The sweat was already running off of Mike with the sheer will power it was taking to remain still. He wouldn’t hurt Micky for the world but god did he feel good!

Micky started to rock on Mike’s cock, letting him know that it was OK to start moving again.

He thrust in more and more each time, then starting making small circles that had Micky writhing under him, pulsing with life and need. He thrust again, harder this time, hitting that elusive spot deep within Micky.

“Fuck! Yes, more Mike. Do it!” Mike pulled almost all of the way out before slamming back in, forcing another loud cry from Micky. He loved the noises he made, he never had a problem with letting the whole damn neighbourhood know what a great fuck he was getting.

Micky’s hands moved up to Mike’s back, digging his short nails into the pale skin there. Mike hissed but it only added to his mounting arousal as he thrust harder and faster with Micky arching up as best he could to meet every thrust.

“Please, Mike. Harder, I need you to go harder.” Mike closed his eyes, trying to hold off the orgasm he could feel rapidly approaching. He gripped the pillow under his hands, pounding Micky as hard as he could but it wasn’t enough.

“I can’t...I need more. God, Mike, I need more!” Micky was practically pleading with him, his cock about ready to explode. Mike pulled out then, making Micky almost sob in his pent up sexual frustration.

“Turn over.” Slightly dazed, Micky did as he was told, lying on his stomach. He suddenly found his ass being pulled up so it was sticking straight in the air. He realised what was happening and spread his legs desperately, needing to be filled.

Mike shook his head but in a good-natured way. “Such a whore...” He repeated, almost to himself but Micky spun his head round to look at him, delirious with lust. He couldn’t ignore that look so without wasting any more time, Mike thrust in once again and began pounding the vibrant body before him for all it was worth.

“Oh YES! Mike, that’s it! God, yes!” Mike was too far gone to give him any consideration now but that seemed to suit Micky fine as he was rocked back and forth violently, hands tightly gripping his hips.

Soon enough, he was thrusting so hard he was hitting that sweet spot on every push, pressing it hard into his body. Micky could feel every part of Mike moving inside him as he started to give in to the impending orgasm.

He found it a struggle to support himself so he moved his hands up to grab the headboard with a death grip. Mike soon did the same, twining his fingers with Micky’s as he gave one, two, three more thrusts and went over the edge.

“UNGH!! Fuck, Micky..uhhhh!” Mike continued to milk himself of the release, pressing even harder into Micky’s tight ass as his whole body stiffened. The reaction was enough to tip Micky over too.

“Ooooh, yes, yes, *yes*, yes, yes, YES!!!” He bellowed, his voice cracking as he finally came with explosive force, his cum dousing the sheets below and part of his stomach.

His cock continued to pulsate with the force of the orgasm and he found himself still pressing back against Mike whose own cock was still buried inside him.

He was filled with immense disappointment when Mike eventually pulled out, exhaustion washing over him all over again.

He fell back on the bed, Micky lying next to him absently drawing swirls on the Texan’s chest with his finger.

“That was one hell of a Christmas present.” He snickered. Mike looked down at the dishevelled drummer, a smile playing on his lips.

“I only give the best to the best, babe.” Then Mike suddenly remember something. “Uh, hey. I know it’s only Christmas Eve an all but...want your present now? You’re real present, I mean?”

Micky looked at him curiously, he’d been under the impression that Mike hadn’t been able to buy him anything special and he had been fine with that. Why was he so keen to give him a nothing present?

“Sure, OK.”

Mike leaned over to his bedside drawer, pulling out an envelope and handed it to Micky. Micky opened it, still none the wiser of what it could be.

As he opened the card inside, his eyes scanned the text, then they got wide and his mouth fell open. Mike wasn’t sure what to make of that reaction so waited for him to say something.

“It’s two plane tickets to Texas...” Micky said, quietly, still not looking at Mike.

Mike shifted, uncomfortably. Dammit, I knew it was a stupid idea! “I just...I know Christmas is a big deal for you with the family an all. I thought you might like to spend Christmas with me and my family instead...Or not. I don’t mind really, it was just a thought.” Mike quickly backtracked as Micky looked up at him with the same blank expression.

Then all of a sudden, Micky embraced him tightly and gave him a deep, tender kiss. “I would love to spend Christmas with you in Texas.”

“Yeah?” Mike asked, trying not to sound as excited as he was feeling but not doing a very good job.

“Definitely. But you know the problem we have now...”

“What?” Mike’s face fell a little.

“Well, you just gave me two presents...So now I owe you one...” Micky’s hand suddenly slipped down below again, stroking the still sensitive cock but still causing Mike to twitch in response.

“Well, I can hardly say no to such a generous offer now, can I?”


And that was how Mike and Micky rang in Christmas Day 1967.