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"Naughty and Nice"



Title: Naughty and Nice

Author: Barrelracer

Pairing: Torksmith

Rating: NC 17

Warning: Bdsm, male/male sex, dirty words, pwp

Summary: games, games and more games

Disclaimer: I do not own The Monkees and do not claim that this ever happened.



A faint moan above him caused Mike’s eyes to flick upwards and a slow calculating smile began to spread across his face, so, Peter wasn’t as unmoved by this as he’d been led to believe, was he?


He watched through hooded eyes as Peter gave a half hearted tug on the single tie that bound his hands to the headboard above his head, while another, darker tie covered the blonds’ eyes.


They had been playing these little games together for several months now, whenever one was bored or feeling especially horny, they would seek out the other and play these games.


These games of naughty and nice.


Peter had been nice the last time, now it was Mike’s turn…to play naughty.


The slightly evil smile never left Mike’s mouth as his hand started to move again, rising and falling on the already reddened, tender flesh of Peter’s buttocks, eliciting another, somewhat louder moan this time. The Texan delivered two more blows to each of Peter’s ass cheeks then sat back to admire his handiwork, lightly running his hands over the heated skin. The bassist’s back side had turned cherry red from Mike’s ministrations and the heat beneath his hands caused his cock to jump in anticipation, he glanced downward.


…not yet buddy, wait just a few more minutes…


Oh, he had plans for his blond band mate, such delicious plans, and Peter knew the rules to this little game of naughty. Rules that were as vastly different from the nice rules as oil was from water.


Peter bit his lip in an attempt to keep his moans trapped inside though two had already managed to slip out between his tightly clenched lips. The combined pleasure pain from the spanking was beginning to take its toll and he almost wished Mike had used the dark tie to gag him instead of covering his eyes. At least that way, the sounds he was fighting so hard to keep inside would be muffled by the material.


The blond suddenly felt himself being pulled up onto his knees, the tie binding his wrists to the brass headboard kept his body in a bent over position. He had no idea what was coming next, but knowing the direction Mike’s mind had been taking for the past half hour he needed to be ready for anything.


He felt Mike’s hands lightly skimming over his rounded buttocks and sweat began to bead on his forehead. He knew Mike was waiting for just the right moment, waiting to see if he could catch him off guard. Peter waited, his fingers tightened around the bar…and waited…and waited…


Mike ran his hands over the taught ass before him one more time then taking a firm grip spread the bassists’ ass cheeks wide. He swooped in, dragging his tongue across the puckered opening.


Peter clenched his teeth together trying to keep his moan from escaping but still, a small sound in the back of his throat caught his dark haired tormentors’ attention. He felt Mike’s teeth fasten onto one of his ass cheeks and bite down, not hard enough to break the skin but hard enough to let him know Mike wasn’t happy. He choked back a yelp as pain spread through his right buttock.


“You know the rules, shotgun,” Mike growled, running the pad of his thumb over the indentation he’d made with his teeth.


“Ya already broke ‘em once and I let ya get away with it,” Mike continued, sounding almost bored, “Don’t make me regret it.”


After receiving a small nod of the golden head, Mike leaned in again to make another pass with his tongue, basking in the knowledge that he was driving his friend to the very brink. Oh yes, Peter knew the rules alright, no sounds whatsoever, no matter what delectable things the Texan did to his body.


Mike smiled to himself; he knew how difficult it was for Peter to keep quiet, the blond had proven to be very vocal during their play times together. He dipped the tip of his tongue inside the tight ring of muscle and felt a shudder pass through the tanned body, he lingered for just a moment then plunged it in as far as he could.


Peter’s body stiffened and he felt more than heard the sharp intake of breath. He knew without seeing that the blonds’ eyes had rolled back into his head. He withdrew his tongue and took another swipe over the tight opening before plunging it inside again. He began to roughly massage the rounded rear end, all the while tongue fucking Peter with a vengeance.


Peter’s fingers tightened until his knuckles turned white, hanging onto the bar as if his life depended on it as his teeth sank into the pillow, trying to stifle the soft pants bursting past his lips. He couldn’t believe Mike had waited to do this now, after he himself had listened to the Texan’s moans and gasps while he had used his tongue on him in previous play times. Damn, this was just like Mike, to torment him like this; he fought the urge to shove himself backwards, to propel his ass onto that hot darting tongue.


But he didn’t dare move for fear that Mike would stop.


His body began to tremble and that warm soft tongue continued to fuck him relentlessly. Had this been happening during their nice play Peter was sure he would have been writhing on the bed while his groans filled the tiny room.


After a few minutes Mike felt the tension in the blonds’ body growing and knew his cock had to be rock hard, he reached between his legs and ran the palm of his hand along a silken steel bar. He rolled his thumb over the pre come covered head and felt a shudder go through the bass player’s body. He smiled to himself as he began to slowly but firmly massage the head of Peter’s massive cock.


Peter didn’t know if he could take much more, the rimming alone was mind boggling enough but throw that in with what Mike was doing to him now, it was enough to turn any man into a quivering heap of boneless goo.


The blonds’ body had taken on a fine sheen of perspiration when Mike finally trailed his tongue down to the smooth sacks of his testicles, laving his tongue over them, licking and sucking while continuing to drive Peter crazy with his ministrations.


Mike finally raised his head, placing a gentle kiss on the small of Peter’s back.


“Ya did good babe, now turn over.”


Peter obeyed; flipping over onto his back and let out a small sigh of relief as he felt the bedspread against his back. The tension from being made to keep quiet and having his body bent over in that position while Mike was having his fun had left a slight kink in his lower back. He could feel the pre come seeping out of the slit on the head of his cock and mentally traced its path as a small stream trickled down the side. He gave a small gasp as his legs were suddenly jerked apart, then the hairs on Mike’s legs scratched along his inner thighs as the dark haired man scooted between them.


The Texan sat back gazing at the tanned beauty of the man stretched out before him, Peter’s cock stood straight up, pointing at the ceiling. He ran his finger tips lightly along the tops of Peter’ thighs while watching the blond gently chew on his bottom lip, he knew Peter was wondering what Mike had in store for him next. A roguish smile played about Mike’s lips as he ran one finger up the side of the blonds’ cock picking up the pre come as his finger continued its upward journey.


“Ya liked that huh?” He knew the answer even before Peter gave a nod of his head.


“Ya think ya can keep quiet while I’m jackin’ ya?”


Another nod…..


“What do ya say we find out?” this time Mike didn’t wait for an answer but wrapped his fingers around the huge member.


Peter swallowed hard as he felt Mike’s long fingers wrap around his shaft, the sweat under the blindfold felt sticky against his forehead. Mike’s hand was moving on him in a steady rhythm and he clenched his jaws tightly together. He felt Mike lean forward suddenly and blinked his eyes in the sudden glare of the sunlight filling the room as the blindfold was unceremoniously ripped away. Glazed hazel eyes roamed over the lanky figure perched between his legs before coming to rest on the skilled hand that was so exquisitely sliding up and down his aching member. His jaw dropped open and he couldn’t keep his back from arching as Mike’s fingers glided over and around the head of his cock.


Mike watched a volley of expressions flit across the bass players face as he varied the rhythm of his strokes, first fast, then slow, then fast again while giving a twist to his wrist on an upward stroke. He repeated this over and over again, slowing and even stopping each time he sensed Peter was about to come undone.


By the third time, Peter was near tears as he wondered how many more times Mike would bring him to the very edge of completion only to back off again before finally letting him tumble over the edge. He sent a silent pleading look at the Texan perched between his outstretched legs, thinking Mike looked a little too pleased with himself and Mike chuckled at the look in Peter’s eyes.


The tall dark haired man leaned forward, balancing himself on his hands and moved up Peter’s body like a cat stalking its prey.


“Made ya wanna come real bad, didn’t I?” Mike asked, his voice deceptively soft.


He received a glare in return…then after a minute, a shaky nod.


Mike chuckled again… and leaned down to lightly brush his lips across Peter’s.


“I’m not done with ya yet.” He continued as he placed his knees on either side on Peter’s arms.


Peter blinked his eyes rapidly and licked his lips as Mike took his own erection in his hand and began to slowly stroke.




Mike let out a small moan at the feeling of Peter’s tongue sliding over his testicles. He grasped the top of the headboard with one hand while stroking himself with the other and watching Peter’s face. He closed his eyes and sighed in sheer bliss as Peter’s tongue swirled over his balls again and again.


Peter, for his part was wishing Mike had untied his hands, visions of suddenly throwing the taller man onto his back and doing all the erotic things to him that he had done to Peter filled his mind, that is until a light slap on his cheek brought him back to the here and now.

Mike had sat back, almost sitting on his chest and an amused look was on the Texan’s face.


“Thinkin’ about what you’d like to do to me?” Mike asked then grinned at the surprised look on Peter’s face.

“Yeah I thought so, well here’s your chance shotgun…suck.”


Mike suddenly found himself sinking into the warm wet vacuum of Peter’s mouth as those soft lips began to rise and fall on him. He grasped the headboard again, this time using both hands…and groaned loudly when he felt Peter’s tongue glide over the head of his cock. His dark brown eyes slowly closed and he let his head fall back on his shoulders as his hips started a gentle rhythm.


“Ahhh, fuck yeah...”


The Texans voice came out as a rumble from deep in his chest and he looked down, once again locking eyes with the man pinned beneath him.


Peter’s eyes glowed hotly as he gazed into the brown eyes staring back at him. He grinned inwardly as Mike groaned again; this was where he could extract a little revenge for what Mike had put him through earlier. He knew how much the guitar player enjoyed what he was doing; having brought him to climax many times since the games had started. Peter began to suck harder, hollowing his cheeks and sliding his tongue along the hard length of Mike’s erection.


Mike’s breathing was growing more and more labored with each drag on his cock when he realized what Peter was doing.




Mike jerked himself away from Peter’s mouth as a cunning look entered his eyes.


“Thought you’d make me come, huh?” He grinned at the disappointed expression on Peter’s face.


Mike moved off the bed then leaned over running a finger down Peter’s cheek.


“Told ya, I’m not done yet.” He said then turned to pull open the top drawer on his bed side table. “I don’t appreciate that little trick ya just tried to pull.”


Mike took a small tube out of the drawer then pushed it closed, “Nope, don’t appreciate that at all.”


He let his eyes roam the length of his band mate’s body as he set the tube on the corner of the bed and moved back onto the slightly rumpled bedspread, taking his place once again between Peter’s out stretched legs.


“In fact I think you’ve been a real bad boy…..don’t ya agree?” Mike said, looking into Peter’s dark hazel eyes and waited for the blonds’ affirmative nod.


“So, what do ya think I ought to do to ya now?” Mike waited even though he knew Peter wasn’t allowed to say anything.


Peter nearly groaned at the look in Mike’s eyes as the Texan leaned forward, placing his hands on either side of the blonds’ rib cage. Mike slowly leaned down until his mouth was a mere inch from Peter’s. The tip of his tongue darted out to sweep along the full bottom lip of the man trapped under him. Peter barely had time to suck in a breath before Mike crashed their lips together, taking Peter’s breathe away from the sheer force of the kiss.


After a few minutes Mike sat back up, his heated gaze taking in the redness of Peter’s kiss swollen lips. A semi crooked smile turned up one corner of his lips as his fingers slid over Peter’s nipples, squeezing them roughly. Peter’s eyes clamped shut and he bit his lip against the pain but just as quickly as it started the pain was replaced by soothing brushes against the pebbled flesh.


Mike’s silence continued as he began to trail his fingernails down Peter’s chest and stomach, applying just enough pressure to leave slightly reddened marks in their wake.


Peter sucked in a deep breath trying to remain in control as Mike’s fingers neared his now throbbing cock. That tight rein nearly slipped though when Mike bent his neck, flicking his tongue across the pre come glistening head. Peter watched through lust hazed eyes as his cock twitched and bobbed from the unforeseen contact.


Mike nodded almost to himself, impressed with Peter’s self control. Then as if suddenly deciding enough was enough, picked up the tube he’d placed on the bed. Mike’s eyes drifted back up to Peter’s face as he unscrewed the cap and squeezed some of the lube onto his finger. Mike’s gaze never left Peter’s face as he began to spread the cool jell onto his own throbbing erection.


Mike was slightly taken aback at the trusting look in Peter’s eyes; Peter had to know this wasn’t going to be a gentle fuck, not this time, not like the other times when he’d taken the blond during their nice play. This time he was too wound up, too close to the edge to take it slow and easy.


He had reminded Peter of their agreed upon safe word before they had started and Peter had assured him that he would say it if he felt the need to.


Mike dragged a lubed finger across the puckered ring then without warning he suddenly shoved his finger inside, causing Peter to gasp from the intrusion.


“You’re just beggin’ to be fucked, aren’t ya?”


Mike barely gave Peter a moment to adjust then began to work his finger rapidly in and out, watching Peter’s face as he brushed his pleasure center. The blonds’ body stiffened as a low growl slipped past his lips.


“Yeah, just what I thought.”


Lifting Peter’s feet onto his shoulders Mike lined himself up with Peter’s entrance and thrust forward. A startled grunt from the man beneath him barely registered as a hoarse shout was wrenched from Mike’s lips as he became fully incased inside Peter. This was something he could never get tired of, Mike thought as he set a fast pace, pulling nearly all the way out before slamming back in again.


As he’d done with his tongue moments before, Mike fucked Peter relentlessly making sure to brush his pleasure button with each pass. Peter’s composure was slipping fast as his body was rocked forcefully back and forth on the bed, the continued passes over his prostate sent bolts of lightning rocketing throughout his body. The headboard banged against the bedroom wall with dull thuds and Peter couldn’t take it anymore, he through all caution to the wind, letting loose a deep wrenching yell.


“Come on Peter, scream….wanna hear ya scream...” Mike panted, wrapping his fingers around Peter’s erection, pumping hard and fast, knowing he wasn’t going to last much longer.


Peter let loose an ear splitting wail as he tumbled over the edge.




That high pitched scream of his name was what Mike had been waiting for, a shout tore from his lips as bright lights blinked like fireworks behind his tightly closed lids.


Mike fell forward, balancing himself on shaky arms as he felt the last of his seed being coaxed from his body by Peter’s quivering muscles. After a minute or so when he felt he could move, Mike crawled up next to Peter and untied his hands. He flopped onto his side bracing his head in his hand as he watched Peter flex his fingers, give a happy sigh and turn on his side facing Mike. The hot lustful look in the blonds’ eyes was gone now, replaced by the ever present youthful expression he usually wore.


He glanced up to find Mike watching him with a lop sided smile.




“I still don’t know how you do that.”


“Do what?”


“That…You can be a raging sex machine one minute and wide eyed and innocent the next.”


Mike’s one sided smile turned into a full fledged grin as Peter’s dimpled smile lit up his face and gave way to a childlike giggle.