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"My Heart Aches For You"



Title: Two Hearts - My Heart Aches for You
Author: Barrelracer
Pairing: Torksmith
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Not much really, just hand holding and some kissing, this one’s pretty tame.
Disclaimer: I do not own The Monkees and do not claim in any way that this ever happened.
Summary: Micky and Davy are tired of seeing Mike and Peter pining away for each other and decide to take matters into their own hands.

Mike stood leaning on the railing of the old porch attached to the back of the pad, it was unusually warm for mid October and the mid day sun beat down on his dark head. As he looked out over the crowded beach his mind and eyes weren’t on the warm fall day or the hundred plus people that had converged on the sand for one last ocean side picnic but on the three figures down by the waters edge playing Frisbee. Actually it was on just one of the running, laughing figures … Peter. His mind had been on Peter for day’s…no, make that weeks Mike thought with a small sigh.

“Hey guys I’m getting thirsty, let’s go back to the pad and get something to drink” Micky said, tucking the round plastic disc under his arm.

“That’s the best idea you’ve had so far mate” Davy grinned at his band mate, giving him a friendly slap on the shoulder.

“Why didn’t he come down with us Micky?” Peter asked, looking at the distant figure on the porch.

“Who Mike? Probably just wasn’t in the mood Peter” Micky replied, hooking an arm across Peter’s shoulders as the three walked towards the pad “I’m sure there’s nothing to worry about”

Micky had suspected for some time that the Texan’s feelings for their blond friend had grown into something much stronger then friendship. When Micky had first noticed Mike covertly watching Peter he’d thought nothing of it, but the more it happened the more suspicious Micky got. Then one night at the local dance club a little incident happened that all but confirmed Micky’s suspicions, some guy made a nasty remark about Peter’s gentle nature and Mike had knocked him on his ass. He’d also noticed that Peter had started looking at Mike with a certain gleam in his eye; Micky hoped that for Mike’s sake it wasn’t just a massive case of hero worship. He glanced at the little Englishman walking beside him; Micky wasn’t the only one who’d noticed the change, catching his eye they shared a conspiratorial look; he and Davy were going to have to step in and do something about it.

Handing the last newly washed plate to Micky, Davy glanced into the living room then turned his attention back to the curly haired man beside him.

“What are we going to do about those two?” he asked quietly, leaning toward Micky.

“I don’t know yet” Micky replied, drying the plate then setting it in the cupboard along with the rest of the plates. He turned his head to look at Mike sitting on the couch with an unopened magazine in his lap. They could hear the quiet strains of Peter’s guitar as the blond sat on the floor in front of the band stand. As they watched, Mike lifted his eyes toward Peter, quietly gazing at the blond. Even from where they stood they could both clearly see the look of longing that crossed the silent man’s face.

Mike sighed and ran a weary hand threw his hair; he put the magazine on the seat next to him and stood.

“Hey guys I think I’m going to bed”

“Ok man, see you in the morning” Micky said.

“Night Mike” Davy replied, pulling out a chair and sitting down.

“Good night Michael” Peter’s quiet voice reached the Texan as he started up the spiral stair case. Placing a hand on the railing he glanced over at the blond bassist and felt his heart lurch a little at the sight of the golden haired man sitting on the floor. He gave Peter a small smile and a brief wave then continued up the steps.

Peter sighed and placed his chin in the palm of his hand, resting his elbow on top of the guitar he still held in his lap, his eyes followed Mike as the other man climbed the stairs and disappeared into the bed room. His two band mates watched as Peter got to his feet and carefully laid the guitar back in its stand.

“I’m going to go take a walk” he said as he crossed the room to the back door and opened it, disappearing out into the darkness. Micky shook his head as Peter closed the door behind him.

“Man, we have got to do something, this is tearing them up inside” he said pulling out a chair and sitting next to Davy.

Davy placed both arms on the table, absently rubbing a finger across a crack in the wood “I know but what? It’s not like Mike is going to ask Peteh out on a date”

“And Peter sure isn’t going to say anything to Mike either”

Suddenly Micky and Davy looked at each other with wide eyed expressions; slow grins began to spread across their faces.

“A blind date!” two voices said in unison. Grinning wickedly, both men brought their heads together to quietly make plans.

“I’m still not sure about this” Mike said, picking up his tie and putting it on, at the same time looking at Micky in the mirror.

“What the date or the orange shirt?” Micky asked from his seat on the edge of his bed. When he’d first approached Mike about this he’d gotten a stern, flat out “no” but after a lot of pestering Mike had finally, reluctantly agreed.


Micky stood up and walked to Mike, helping him with his tie “Don’t worry man, it’ll be great" after adjusting Mike’s tie Micky lowered his hands “and orange is your date’s favorite color”

“Great” Mike grumbled, echoing his curly haired band mate as he walked to his bed side table and picked up the keys to the Monkeemobile.

“Come on, it won’t be all that bad” Micky followed him out of the bedroom…..It’ll get your mind off Peter…… and your hands on him…. Micky thought with a slight grin.

Micky breathed a sigh of relief when he heard the car start and drive away, he turned just in time to see Davy and Peter come into the living room.

……one down and one to go….. he thought as the blond bassist stopped next to him.

“How do I look?” Peter nervously asked.

“I told you Peteh, you look fine” Davy said behind him, rolling his eyes, Micky nodded in agreement.

“Ok, you got the address for the restaurant and bus fare right?” Micky asked placing a comforting hand on Peter’s shoulder.

Peter nodded and patted his shirt pocket “Right here”

As Peter pulled the door shut behind him, Micky looked at Davy.

“I sure hope this works”

Mike sat in the booth, twisting the napkin around his finger…… I knew this wasn’t a good idea…….maybe I can just slip out of here before she shows up…..Peter’s smiling face flashed in his mind just then and Mike threw the wrinkled napkin on the table, knowing he couldn’t go through with this crazy blind date idea that Micky had cooked up…. I’ll just leave before she…..Mike started to scoot out of his seat…..


Stunned, Mike looked up into Peter’s soft toffee colored eyes, eyes that had haunted his nights and days for the past month.

“Peter, what are ya doin here?” Mike eased back into his seat as Peter sat down across from him.

“Davy set me up on a blind date” Peter answered, shrugging his shoulders.

“Yeah, Mick set me up on one too”

The uneasy conversation stilled as a waiter brought glasses of water and set the pitcher down on the table. As he walked away, Mike nervously cleared his throat and looked across the table to see Peter gazing at him intently.

“What?” Mike’s voice rattled a bit and he cleared his throat again.

“Your shirt, you look good in orange” Peter shyly said, a light pink stain began to spread upwards from his shirt collar.

Mike shifted uneasily in his seat “Uh….. yeah, Mick said it's my dates favorite color” Mike’s voice trailed off when he suddenly realized the pink stain on Peter’s neck was getting deeper, and spreading upwards.

…..Orange, Peter’s favorite…….. Well, shit……Mick must have known all along….

Mike’s mind began to race, realizing the implication of the steps their two friends had taken.

“Davy said the same about this” Peter thumbed the collar of his dark blue shirt.

“It is” Mike said quietly, lifting his glass and taking a drink. He closely watched Peter’s face as the blond shifted in his seat.

“I know” Peter shyly lifted his eyes to Mike’s face.

Mike’s tall frame began to shake with silent laughter, he shook his head “Those two little” he grinned across the table at Peter “Do you know what this means?”

Peter answered him with a dimpled smile that made Mike’s heart skip a beat then speed up “That we didn’t hide our feelings as well as we thought we did?”

“Yeah, I guess….” Mike said then looked at Peter with a shocked look “Did you just say feelings?”

“Yes Michael I did” Peter replied quietly, the blush on his cheeks growing deeper as he slid his foot against Mike's.

Mike swallowed hard, knowing how difficult it must have been for Peter to make the first move, even if it was something as small as brushing his foot against his.

“Come on lets get out of here, we’ll grab something to eat somewhere” Mike said, standing.

The headlights lit up the road in front of them as they drove along, neither one of them saying much as they ate their meal in silence. Finally Mike finished his burger and wadding the wrapper placed it in the bag beside him. He cast a side long glance at Peter who had finished his take out pasta salad a few moments before.

“Ya know, I was gonna try and make a break for it before ya got there” Mike said, trying to find something to say to break the awkward silence “I’m glad I didn’t” he said as he reached over and grasped Peter’s slightly trembling hand in his, gently squeezing.

“Me too” Peter smiled as he returned the gentle pressure on his hand.

Knowing there was really no place they could go to escape prying eyes except back to the pad, Mike aimed the car in that direction, thinking that Micky and Davy were probably in bed by now.

Pulling the car into the drive and shutting the engine off Mike told Peter that they’d talk more once they were inside.

Opening the door, the first thing Mike saw as he stepped inside were their two friends sitting in the living room watching TV…..shit….. Mike thought as he glared at the other two. Suddenly grabbing Peter’s hand he propelled them across the room at a fast pace.

“Ya don’t see us, we aren’t here!” Mike growled as he and Peter practically flew across the room.

“Right, we don’t see you” Micky said, carefully keeping his eyes glued to the screen.

“And you aren’t here” Davy quipped from his chair.

The two quickly glanced over their shoulders as Mike and Peter disappeared out the back door then turned toward each other with wide grins, leaned across the small space separating their chairs and clapped hands together in a high five gesture.

As they walked toward a nearby out cropping of rocks their hands still clasped together, Mike marveled at the feeling of Peter’s hand in his. He’d lost count of the times he’d thought of this moment, of what he’d say to the man walking beside him, now that moment was finally here….and Mike was suddenly tongue tied. When he’d first met Peter, Mike had known there was something different about him, a sweet, genuine, innocent quality that Mike was determined to protect at all costs. He’d known his feelings for Peter had changed in the past few months but it wasn’t until just recently that he’d discovered how deep those feelings ran. Coming to the rocks and leaning his back against them he gave Peter’s hand a gentle squeeze, knowing that this new adventure they were about to embark on would be a completely new experience for both of them. Looking into Peter’s soft hazel eyes gleaming brightly in the moonlight’s reflection coming off the rippling water, Mike knew he needed to find out for sure if this was what Peter really wanted.

“What are you thinking about?” Peter asked quietly, tipping his head to one side.


“Me?” Mike smiled slightly at the confused tone in Pete’s voice.

“Yeah, ya know this isn’t goin’ be easy, us being together like this” Mike said, lifting his free hand to run a long finger gently down Peter’s cheek “Peter, ya gotta be sure this is what ya want”

Mike was taken completely by surprise when Peter pulled his hand out of Mike’s grasp and placed them on his shoulders. His arms slowly slid around Mike’s shoulders as he laid his lips softly against Mike’s. Mike moaned a little at the first contact of Peter’s lips against his and wrapping his arms tightly around Peter’s waist, gave into his feelings.

Slanting his head to one side, Mike opened his mouth sliding his tongue across Peter’s full bottom lip, willing him to open for him. Mike sighed at the first tentative touch of Peter’s tongue against his. Mike slowly let one hand drift upwards, resting his hand between Peter’s shoulder blades, cradling the blond's body against his. Peter threaded the fingers of one hand through Mike’s dark hair, holding him in place as he deepened the kiss. This time both men groaned as Peter began to massage Mike’s tongue with his, gently grinding his mouth against Mike’s.

…….son of a bitch…..where the hell did he learn to kiss like this…..who cares as long as he doesn’t stop anytime soon…. Mike’s mind raced wildly as Peter gently sucked his tongue. To Mike’s frazzled mind the kiss seemed to go on…and on…and on.

Finally Peter broke the kiss and leaned slightly back, still wrapped tightly in Mike’s embrace; his eyes clearly reflecting the deep feelings he had for the Texan.

“I’m sure, Michael”


You Own My Heart