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"Missing You - Part 3"



Title: Missing You
Author: Miranda (boo_coo_blue)
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Mild one-sided slash, mild violence, angst, and substance abuse (or the foreshadowing thereof).
Summary: The outcome of Micky and Peter’s fight is found out, and Mike finds someone unexpectedly at the hospital.

Mike rushed in through the hospital doors. He had gotten back from the store when he had seen the note taped to the door. ‘Gone to hospital. Davy hit head, no time to explain now, gotta go bye.’

“Hey, Mike!”

He turned around; Micky was sitting in the waiting room, looking absurd since he was still in his pajamas.

“Mick, what happened? Where’re the others, and what…..” He squinted to get a better look at Micky’s face; he had a terrible looking black eye, his bottom lip was swollen, and his hand was wrapped up. “….what happened to your face?”

“Don’t worry about me; Peter looks worse than this….”

“What!” Mike exploded. “What happened to you guys?”

“Uhm….well, you see….There was a fight.”

Mike looked like he was going to yell more. “Now, before you start, I want to tell you it was all my fault, and…..”

“Yeah, I figured that. Peter’s not stupid enough to pick a fight with someone.”

As much as Micky didn’t like it when Mike was mad at him, he was secretly very happy; Mike was obviously back on top form.

“You’re right, I shouldn’t have started anything. I don’t know who did it, it was an accident, but Davy must have gotten pushed or tripped and he hit his head on one of the bedside tables.”

Mike groaned and sat down in one of the chairs. “And how’s Peter?”

“Oh, he’s fine. I knocked him a couple of good ones, but he’ll be alright. He’s with Davy right now. They sent me out here to be the welcoming committee.”

Mike sighed. “I guess we’d better go and see them….”

Micky led him back to a room filled with beds hidden behind curtains. They stopped at one about halfway down the room. Davy was sitting on the side of the bed, a doctor sewing a gash on the back of his head. Peter was watching, looking apologetic. His nose was swollen to nearly twice it’s normal size and he had several nasty looking bruises on his face.

Mike smacked Micky on the shoulder. “Ow! What was that for?”

“You’re an idiot, that’s what for!”

Peter laughed and Davy grinned feebly, obviously terrified to move while the doctor was behind him. “Michael, it wasn’t totally his fault….It was my fault, too.” He looked at Micky. “I shouldn’t have egged you on. I’m sorry.”

Micky shuffled and looked down at the floor. “I’m sorry, too. I shouldn’t have started anything.”

The doctor was obviously getting nervous having so many people around. “Uhm….There’s some paper work you’ll have to fill out, if one of you’d like to go to the desk and get it….”

“Yeah, I’ll go and get it. I’ll be in the waiting room if anyone needs me,” Mike said and backed out of the makeshift room. As much as he hated to admit it, blood had always made him a little sick to his stomach, and he didn’t want to be sick today.

The nurse at the desk gave him a stack of forms to fill out, including one that was an impressively large bill. Mike yawned as he filled in the blank spaces on the paper and occasionally he glanced at his watch. He knew he was going to miss Kendra’s call that night, but he also knew that this was more important. He had been slipping away from his friends and that couldn’t happen again.

Mike gave the forms back to the nurse who thanked him and turned around to file them. He was going to ask her if there was anyway to make the bill a little less extreme, but he was suddenly distracted.

Behind the nurse was a large bookcase where all the charts of the patients on the floor were kept. The name of the patient in room number one nineteen struck out at him. ‘Kendra Thomas’.

Mike knew he shouldn’t be so nosy. Usually he wasn’t nosy, he minded his own business and didn’t get lost in a creepy hospital trying to find his mystery chick. That just wasn’t the sort of person that he was. He thought it would be easy to find number one nineteen, but it wasn’t. He had found the morgue….several times, but no Kendra.

Eventually, he found an empty lobby next to a bustling nurse’s station. He sat down for a minute to try and regain his bearings. Mike glanced around; there was a sign on the wall. ‘Rooms 100-124 Hallway A. Rooms 125-150 Hallway B.’

Excited at finally getting somewhere, Mike got up and walked down Hallway A. Room 119 was near the end of the hallway, and sure enough the name outside the door was Kendra Thomas. The door was open and Mike peeked around the door frame.

The woman inside was about his age, maybe a year or so older. She had shoulder-length reddish brown hair that was pulled back from her face. She had large brown eyes and freckles across her nose and cheeks. She was looking at her telephone as if it had affronted her in some way and she stuck her tongue out at it. Mike tried not to laugh; he knew this was his Kendra.

He knocked gently on the door and she looked over at him. “Hello.”

Mike grinned. Yep, that was definitely her. “Hi.”

Her eyes got huge. “Michael?”

He nodded. “Yeah, it’s me.”

She sat up a little more in the bed. “What’re you doing here?”

“What are you doing here?”

She grinned. “I asked you first. And sit down, please.” Kendra pointed at a chair in the corner of the room.

“Micky and Peter got in a fight,” Mike began as he sat down. “Davy was trying to break it up and he fell. He’s getting some stitches.”

“What was the fight about?”

“I don’t actually know. I was at the store when it happened….” He sighed. “I should have been there. I wasn’t paying enough attention to Micky, he was upset when I left…..I should have been there.”

“If there hadn’t been a fight, you wouldn’t have come here. If you hadn’t come here….well, you wouldn’t be here.”

Mike laughed. “You have a good point. Now, why are you here?”

Kendra looked at her hands in her lap. “I, uh, I live here.”


“Yeah. This is my home. I was here in town for two weeks in an apartment when I realized that I was staying too tired for too long after the move. I went to the doctor and after many many long and painful tests, they told me I had a rare blood disease.” She laughed weakly. “It has a weird name, I can’t even pronounce it, and the doctor barely could. It makes me weak. I can’t get out of this bed without being exhausted.”

Mike didn’t know what to say. He had questions, but he didn’t know how to ask them. Kendra took his silence as an okay to go on. “Uhm, when I decided to stay here, I was alone. I had only made one friend here and that was my landlady. The nurses are real nice, but they have to work, they can’t take too much time to talk to Lonely Dying Girl. So one evening I picked up the phone and started dialing numbers….and I met you.” She smiled, but still stared at her hands.

“You could have told me.”

“This isn’t something I wanted to tell you over the phone. It was hard enough saying that I loved you over the phone, never mind something like this.”

“You were planning on telling me soon, though, right?”

“Of course. I was actually going to tell you tonight, but you weren’t at home.”

They both laughed. Mike was about to tell her that he was almost glad his friends that his friends had wound up in the hospital, but suddenly Micky stuck his head in the door.

“There you are! You know me and Pete have been looking all over for you?”

“Oh, I’m sorry I guess I lost track of…..”

“Let me guess, you must be Micky?”

Micky looked at Kendra as if just noticing her. “Who are…..” His eyes widened suddenly as if in recognition. “Mike, can I talk to you out here for a minute?”

Mike followed him out in the hall. “Mike, is that the chick you’ve been talking to?”

He nodded. “Yeah, it is. Is was an accident I found her, I saw her name on a chart when I gave the nurse all that paperwork.”

“What is she doing here?”

Mike looked down at the floor, reality seeping in a little bit. “She’s sick.”

“I’m sorry, Mike. I really am.” Mike looked back up and nodded. Micky went on. “The nurse gave me the final copy of the bill,” he said as he handed it over. “How are we going to….”

“I don’t know right now, Mick, but we’ll figure something out.” He tried to smile reassuringly, but he didn’t think he did a good job. “Let’s go get the others and go home. Give me just a minute and I’ll be down there.”

Mike turned back to the room and Micky hesitated for just a moment. “Mike, give me the keys.”

“What? Why?”

“You stay here, and I’ll drive the others home. Call when you’re done and I can come back.”

Mike beamed, the first true smile Micky had seen from him all day. He handed over the keys. “Thank you, Mick.”

Micky took the keys and turned to leave. “Yeah, you’re welcome.”

Micky had just crawled into bed to go to sleep when the phone rang. He groaned loudly into the pillow before reaching over to pick up the phone.

“Mike, I really hope this is you….”

He heard laughter. “Yeah, it’s me. I didn’t wake you, did I?”

“Almost. You want me to come and get you?”

“Yeah. Thank you again for doing this…..”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah. I’ll be there in a few minutes…..” Micky hung up the phone and climbed back out of bed. He tugged a shirt on and trudged downstairs, grabbing the keys as he went.

Peter wobbled sleepily out of his and Davy’s room just as Micky stepped off the staircase. “Who was that on the phone?”

“It was Mike. I’m going to pick him up. You wanna come along?”

Peter yawned widely. “No, not really. I couldn’t fall asleep.”

Micky picked up the pain pills that the doctor had given Davy for his head and tossed them to Peter. “Dave won’t miss one, and it’ll help you sleep. I’ll be back soon.”

Peter looked at the bottle for a moment, then shrugged. Micky was right; Davy wouldn’t miss just one…..

Micky could see Mike when he pulled into the parking lot. He was sitting on the bench with the most goofy love-struck look on his face. Micky had seen the look plenty of times on Davy’s face, but on Mike it looked out of place. For the first time, Micky wished he had a less descript car so he could circle the block for a while, but he knew better.

Mike climbed in the car and quickly gave Micky a sideways hug. “Thank you so much.”

Micky was frozen in place. It was totally out of character for Mike to be hugging people in thanks. He was also frozen because he was totally aware of Mike’s arms around his shoulders, the feel of his cheek just resting on his arm, the strength that was there.

He finally managed to pat Mike’s arm awkwardly. “Erm….you’re still welcome.”

Mike let go and settled back in his seat and Micky was able to start the car. They drove home in silence.














Missing You - Part 2