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"Missing You - Part 1"



Title: Missing You - Part 1
Author: Miranda (boo_coo_blue)
Genre/Pairing: Gen. Mike/OC, one-sided Mike/Micky
Rating: Ranges from PG to PG-13
Warnings: Some language, mild violence, mild one-sided slash, some mild alcohol/substance abuse, character death, angst.
Disclaimer: I own only Kendra Thomas.
Summary: When Mike meets a mysterious young woman over the phone, he soon learns that he may be tragically in over his head. And why are his friends acting so oddly?
Author's Note: This is my magnum opus, my baby. I seriously love this story and poured my very soul into it. I thank you for reading it.

Autumn descended upon California early and cold, making the wind chill and just a little bitter. People who would have been walking around in shorts a year before were now sporting jackets and scarves. The streets were deserted because most people were huddled in their homes for warmth.

Despite these facts, only three of the four Monkees were at home this evening. Davy Jones was out on a date, stating that no freakish cold spell would keep him away from the Vincent Van Go-Go. The other three were sitting in the living room of their Pad; Micky was on the floor in front of the T.V avidly watching ‘Star Trek’, Mike was lounging on the couch and reading ‘Car and Driver’, and Peter was leaning against the bandstand and playing around with a new tune.

Suddenly, the relative quiet was shattered by the phone clanging next to Mike. He instinctively reached over to answer it, accidentally wrapping his arm around the lamp in the process. “Hello?”

“Oh, thank goodness, someone finally picked up!”

Mike frowned in confusion. “Huh?”

“I’ve been calling numbers for half an hour and you’re the first to pick up.” The Voice sounded pleased. Mike was still confused.


The Voice giggled. “Don’t hang up, alright.”

“Uh, sure. I won’t.” Mike shook his head, cursing his eternal curiosity. The Voice sounded nice; a friendly feminine voice, a little deeper than most girls but still obviously a woman.

She laughed a little again. “You’re probably thinking I’m a crazy stalker chick, huh?”

“Kinda, yeah.”

“Don’t worry. I’m not crazy or a stalker. Just chronically bored. I needed someone to talk to and your number was the first to pick up. I didn’t even look it up in the book, just dialed random numbers….”

“You know you’re a babbler, right?”

“I think I’ve heard that before, yeah….But there’s really no one to talk to here.”

Mike looked around the room; Micky and Peter were mouthing ‘Who’s that?’. He shrugged.

“My roommates want to know who’s on the phone.”

“You have roommates? That’s cool….”

“You’re avoiding the question.”

The Voice laughed. “Kendra. Kendra Thomas.”

“It’s Kendra Thomas…..They say they don’t know a Kendra Thomas.”

Kendra laughed. “I imagine they don’t. And I don’t know you either.”

“Mike Nesmith.”

“’Mike’ or ‘Michael’?”

“I don’t really care…..”

“Or even ‘Mick’….”

“One of my roommates is Mick.”

“Oh…So that’s one I know, what about the others?”

Mike chuckled. “Hey, why do you get to ask all the questions? I’m guessing you live alone?”

“Yeah. All alone. I’d like to have someone around, but….Well, I guess I just have bad luck with roommates.”

“I dig. I used to live with a man named Chuck who thought he was an Elf.”

“An elf? Like Lord of the Rings?”

“Yeah, just like that. And how come are you asking questions again?”

“We’ll do it in turns…me then you, alright?”

“Yeah, sure. You go first.”

“Uhm….Okay, who else lives with you?”

“Davy and Peter. Don’t you have any family you could stay with?”

“No. My family is on the East Coast. What exactly is it that leads to four men living together? Kinky…..”

“Ew! No, we’re a band, none of that….ew!” Mike heard Kendra laugh over the line and he grinned. He was liking her laugh.

“So, if your family lives on the East Coast, why do you live here?”

“I said they were on the East Coast…..Nothing about living.”

“Oh. I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be. Now, where do you come from? I’m guessing some place in the South.”

“Texas. You got a boyfriend?”

“Now really, Michael, do you think that I would be spending my evening talking to strange men over the phone if I had a boyfriend?”

“I, uh, guess not.”

“Now, what kind of band are you guys in?”

“We’re The Monkees. I don’t really know what kind of music we play….I guess it’s a blend of a bunch of stuff. Maybe you’ll come and see us….” Mike mentally slapped himself. He barely knew this girl and here he was inviting her to a gig.

Kendra paused for a moment. When her voice came back, it sounded sad. “No, I don’t think I’ll be able to.”

“Well, that’s alright. We probably won’t have anything scheduled for a while. Early fall is kinda a dead time. Christmas and New Year’s is the best.” Mike glared at the little green book on the table that he kept all the finances in. He didn’t like what it had told him earlier. Thirty dollars was all they had from now until God knows when.

It was like Kendra had read his thoughts. “I imagine that gets hard.”

“We’ll make it through; somehow we always have.”

“So you’re more of a glass half full type I guess.”

“Right now I am. Tomorrow I’ll be complaining and moaning.”

“I won’t be calling you tomorrow, then.” Mike could hear the smile in her voice.

“You’ll be calling me again?”

“If you want me too. I’m not gonna be a crazy stalker chick…..But I do like talking to you.”

Mike felt a warmth spread up his neck. “I, uh, like talking to you, too.” He tried to ignore the looks Peter and Micky were giving him.

“Hey, can you hold on for a minute?”


Mike set the phone down. “Guys, hang this up in a minute,” he said as he moved upstairs to pickup the phone in the upstairs bedroom.

“Okay, I’m back. Just had to move upstairs so Pete and Mick would stop giving me looks.”

Kendra laughed. “I’ll bet they think this is pretty weird.”

“Hell, I think this is pretty weird. But I’m willing to go with it.”

Davy came home around eleven o’clock. He saw Micky and Peter still sitting in the living room, much in the same positions as they were when he left.

“Hey, fellas!”

“Hey Dave. How was the date?”

“I guess it was alright. She was a little to ditzy. And she giggled weird. Where’s Mike?”

“Upstairs on the phone.”

“With a girl?”

“I guess. It was kinda weird, I think she was just dialing numbers and she got ours and now Mike is still talking to her.”

“I think it’s cool. Michael digs her, and you guys know how often he goes out on dates,” Peter chimed in from the bandstand.

Micky frowned at Davy. “Did Peter just say something that made some sense?”

“Stranger things have happened.” Davy was going towards his and Peter’s room. “I’m going to bed. I’ll see you lot in the morning.”

“Night, Dave!”

Micky moved up the iron staircase, anxious to get to bed. He hated it when the weather changed to cold; he couldn’t go outside, he couldn’t surf or play volleyball on the beach. Because no one was on the beach, it was hard to find dates. He hung around the pad and got bored. Too much pent up energy made him lethargic and uncharacteristically grouchy for the first month or two of cold weather.

He opened the door to the room to see Mike sprawled out on his bed, still on the phone with what’s-her-name. Micky rolled his eyes and started to back out of the room.

“Hey, Micky, I’ll go back downstairs. Come in here and go to bed….”

“No, man, don’t bother. Davy and Peter have already gone to bed, I’ll just sleep on the couch.” Micky gathered the comforter from his bed and a pillow.

“Mick, don’t….” Mike began, but Micky had already slammed the door behind him.

Mike sighed. “Sorry about that, I don’t know what’s going on with him….”

“Sometimes people get depressed at the season change. I forget what the name for it is, but the hospital is usually filled with sad, cold people.”

“Ah ha, so you work in a hospital.”

“No. But I do think it’s time for me to go.” Mike heard her yawn. “Early morning, you know.”

“Right. You’ll call back tomorrow?”

“If I can. Goodnight Michael.”


Mike sighed as he hung up the phone, already missing her voice even though his ear was numb. He knew it wasn’t like him to get hung up on a girl this easily, but there was just something about that Kendra Thomas…













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