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"Mike’s First Time"



Title: Mike's First Time
Pairing: Micky/Mike
Rating: NC-17
Author: Nezschlonglover

Summary: Micky invites Mike back to his place after shooting one day to unwind but has an ulterior motive…

The episode "Dance Monkees, Dance" made it another long and tiring day on the set, and worse, Mike got to kiss an actress. As Micky watched, he couldn’t get his mind off the fact that deep inside, he was jealous and wanted to BE that actress, kissing those soft, sensuous lips of Mike’s and exploring Mike’s hot, wet mouth with his own tongue.

After filming, Micky dashed to catch up with Mike as he headed for his car. "Mike!" he shouted, hoping to get his attention before Mike could speed off.

Mike stopped at his car door, turned his head and waited for an out of breath Micky. Mike had to admit he looked kind of cute with his long curls flopping against his face as he ran toward him. He smiled to himself and then immediately dismissed the strange thought which he blamed on fatigue.

"Mike, how 'bout dinner at my place tonight? I'll make you a nice home-cooked meal."

“Mick, I appreciate your offer, but I’ve tasted your cooking”
“Oh come on Mike. I’m not THAT bad, besides, I’m trying a new recipe and I need a second opinion.

Mike knew that Micky really didn’t cook very well, but since he enjoys Micky’s company and he was going to be alone anyway, he decided “Sure, why not. Just let me run home and change and I’ll be over in about 30 minutes or so.”

“Great” Micky replied, thinking this is his opportunity to finally get Mike alone. There was so much he had to tell him. Micky had been having feelings for Mike that just wouldn’t go away. He couldn’t take his eyes off of Mike when Mike came into work wearing his tight jeans and cowboy boots; he wondered if Mike realized just how much his cock and balls showed through his jeans. Mike didn't think of himself as handsome. “Silly boy” Micky said out loud.

“You say something Mick?” Mike asked.

“Oh, nothing, just thinking about something. See you in a few, Mike”, Micky said as he walked over to his van.


Once home, Micky set the table for a romantic atmosphere, as he was lighting the candles and dimming the lights, the doorbell rang.

“Hey Mike!” exclaimed Micky.

“Why’s it so dark in here, Mick?” Mike asked when he walked in.

“Uh well, I guess the power must have went out. ‘dumb, dumb, dumb’, Micky thought to himself, ‘he’ll never fall for that.’

“Oh, too bad. How are you going to cook then?”

'Shit!' Micky didn't think about that. “Well Mike, actually, since we’re under hot lights all day, I figured that it’d be a nice change to have dinner with the lights dimmed.”

“Suit yourself, Mick. I can eat in the light, dark, whatever. I just hope I can eat your cooking”

“Very funny Tex, very funny.”

While dinner was cooking, Micky offered Mike a toke of the joint that he had just lit.

“This is some good shit, Mick”

“Yeah, it’s from my personal stash. It’s very strong, though Nez…be careful” Micky said with a smile as he was hoping to get Mike in a more relaxed mood.

Mike motioned the joint in Micky’s direction, but Micky nodded, “You can keep it Mike. Enjoy. I’ve got more where that came from. I’m going to check on dinner.”

“Ok, suit yourself” Mike said while he took another toke.

By the time Micky returned, Mike’s eyes were glazed over and he had that smile on his face that melted Micky’s heart.

”You ok, Mike?” Micky asked with a laugh. “Dinner’s ready.”

“Of course, I’m ok. Why wouldn’t I be?” Mike said as he slowly ambled over to the table.

“Sure you are Mike, it’s just that you’re moving slower than you usually do. I told you that shit is strong.”

“Yeah, you warned me, shotgun, but I’ve got everything under control” Mike said as his chocolate brown eyes looked into Micky’s.

Micky felt himself becoming aroused at the sight of Mike’s big, beautiful eyes and thought to himself ‘Later, Dolenz, later.’, and continued over to the table.

Dinner went well, the two mostly talked about the day's work, the next scheduled recording session and the itinerary for the short tour that was about to take place.

“Not bad, Dolenz. Not bad at all. Of course, it COULD be the grass I had earlier”

“Why thank you Papa Nez. See? I'm not that terrible in the kitchen, just like other parts of the house.” Micky replied with a small smirk.

“What the hell does that mean, Mick?”

“Nothin', I just don't get many complaints, that's all.”

Mike shrugged his shoulders, got up from the table and walked to the living room.

Micky noticed he was wearing the old pair of Levi’s that showed Mike’s ass and enormous dick and balls so well. “Wonder if he did that on purpose?” Micky sliently asked himself. “Nah…Mike wouldn’t go that way…or would he?” Micky smiled and decided that he was now on a quest to find out exactly what Mike was hiding under those pants.

Once in the living room, Micky offered Mike a beer while Mike got comfortable on the couch.

“Mike, I’ve got the new Car & Driver issue and there’s some nice looking pics in there. It’s on the table.”

“Thanks Mick, I haven’t read this one yet.” As Mike began to flip through the pages he heard some commotion over at the bar and from the corner of his eye, saw Micky fervently trying to find a bottle opener. As Mike pretended to flip through the pages, the strange feeling that was written off as fatigue, came back and he felt himself get slightly aroused. Micky certainly did look better with his hair naturally curly, ‘So much like a girl! I could be nice and tell him that I can open my own beer…nah. It’s too much fun watching.’ Mike thought. Those feelings began to stir his manhood and Mike tried to change positions on the couch to give his growing dick a little more room.

Mike was startled by Micky's hand suddenly on his shoulder and a drink shoved in front of his face. "Thanks," Mike said while accepting it, and noticing how close Micky sat down beside him. Maybe a little too close.

“You ok?” asked Micky.

"Uh, yeah...sure." Mike replied while shifting his jeans to relieve a growing hard-on. 'I hope he doesn't notice' he thought.

“Hey, why are you moving away from me, Nez? I showered!” Micky laughed, and noticed that Mike had something working in his pants. ‘Damn!’ Micky thought, ‘Not much room in there for that.'

“No reason.” Mike replied.

“Can I ask you a question, Mike?”

“You just did, shotgun. Shoot.”

“Ok, here it goes,” Micky said, shifting his body to face Mike and get a little closer to him. “Let me start by saying that I completely trust you and value your opinion”.

Mike nodded while drinking his beer.

“Alright then”, Micky cleared his throat, “I’ve been having some feelings about you for a long time, and I want to know how you feel about me”.

Mike smiled, “First Mick, that’s not a question, but I’ll let that slide. What exactly do you mean ‘how do I feel about you’?”

Damn! “Well Mike, I’m just not sure how to ask you this, so I... I…”

“What are you trying to say Mick?”

“Fuck it.” Micky decided to throw caution to the wind as he quickly straddled Mike and began to kiss him long and hard. He noticed that Mike was not stopping him, but at the same time, wasn’t returning his kiss either. Yet, he thought he noticed that Mike’s hard-on was still growing, straining against the constraints of his pants, begging to be let out.

Micky stopped and saw a look of confusion on Mike’s face. “You ok?” asked Micky.

“Uh, yeah, I guess so”

“Come on, Mike. Don’t stop. Tell me what you’re thinking”.

Mike was feeling a little frightened, and was nervous telling Micky about the feelings he had dismissed earlier. Micky was probably the only person that Mike trusted completely, but did he trust him enough to tell him how scared he was?

"It’s just the two of us. You can tell me anything.” Micky said reassuringly.

Shaking his head clear, Mike responded, “Never mind Mick. What else did you want to tell me?” he asked, still thinking about Micky’s kiss earlier.

“Um…ok, well it’s like this Mike. Girls are nice and I DO prefer them, but sometimes, I don’t know…a guy just feels better. A guy just knows what feels good…It’s hard to explain.” Feeling more confident, Micky continued, “I want to be with you Mike.” ‘There, I’ve said it and now he is going to kill me’, Micky thought.

“Oh” Mike replied, “I never have - you know, been with a guy before. You’d be the first”.

“Well, there’s a first time for everything Mike. Do you want to? I mean, we could go as far as you want, and if you want to stop, Mike, I will. You just give the word. You’ll be in complete control. (Micky thought that might help Mike make his decision). You trust me, right?”

“Yeah I do, Mick”.

“Ok, then, let’s go upstairs to my room,” Micky said while taking Mike’s hand to ascend the stairs.

Mike had never been in Micky’s bedroom before, and was a little surprised to see it so neat….very unlike the rest of his house and his dressing room at work.
“Why the surprised look, Mike?"

“Well, I always thought you a slob…a loveable slob, but a slob nonetheless, ” Mike smiled.

“Lay down, Mike”

“Oh, you’re direct, aren’t you?”

“With you, I think I need to be.” Micky said with a giggle.

Mike lay on Micky’s bed waiting for him to make the first move. He didn’t have to wait long.

Micky again straddled Mike, slowly kissing those soft, pouty lips of the tall Texan. He ran his hands through Mike's thick hair and slowly down Mike’s chest to unbutton his shirt. He noticed that Mike had his eyes closed, softly moaning and again growing what seemed to be a very impressive erection.

Soon, Mike had his strong hands on Micky, trying to unbutton his shirt, but Micky wouldn’t let him. Micky wanted to please Mike first and hoped that Mike wouldn’t stop him. He moved his mouth to Mike’s chest, slowly kissing, sucking and playfully biting Mike’s nipples. He moved down to the thatch of hair on Mike’s stomach and seductively unbuttoned Mike’s pants, pulling them and his underwear down to expose the Texan’s massive member.

“Holy Shit!” Micky exclaimed.

That statement brought Mike out of the pleasantry. “What’s wrong, Mick?”

“Sorry Mike, but it is true what they say about Texas…everything is bigger!”

“Well, ummm, thanks Mi…”

But before Mike could finish his sentence, Micky went down on him, taking him in his warm, wet mouth. All Mike could do was put his head back down and run his hands through Micky’s soft curls.

Micky went to town on Mike, sucking, nibbling every inch of Mike’s dick, and then he went to Mike’s huge balls. Taking them into his mouth one at a time and taking extreme pleasure in hearing Mike’s moans.

“Don’t stop, Mick. Please….I…ohhhhhh God…”

Micky could feel himself almost at the brink of release, but didn’t want to stop pleasing Mike. He moved back to Mike’s throbbing, thick cock, wanting to take it all into his mouth, but wasn’t quite sure he’d make it. He went slowly at first; from past experience, Micky found that he should relax and breath deep to help offset the gag reflex, so he was able to go further and further down Mike’s cock, finally taking in most of it and sucking harder and harder.

Mike rocked his hips to and fro, fucking Micky’s hot mouth. With a loud grunt and a “Holy Motheragod!” Mike let go and Micky swallowed every last bit of Mike’s juices sucking him until he was soft.

Micky moved up to lay on Mike's chest and kissed him softly, not sure what Mike’s reaction would be. But Mike quickly pushed his tongue into Micky’s mouth, tasting the combination of his own salty fluid mixed with Micky’s sweet flavor.

Mike noticed Micky’s huge erection, winked and asked, “Well, what do you want to do with that, Mick?”

Micky looked at Mike with those almond shaped eyes and said “I want to be inside you, Mike. Please, I can’t wait any longer”.

“I can still stop you, right?” Mike asked, wanting it, but nervous at the thought of being penetrated by something so large.

“Yes, but please, don’t. I promise I’ll go slow and easy” Micky said.

“Ok, what exactly do you want me to do? I’m not exactly experienced in this, Mick”

“Don’t do anything, I’ll lead” Micky said. He couldn't believe that Mike was letting him be in control.

He started to kiss Mike on the lips, and Mike fervently began to kiss Micky back, first his lips, then his face, and down his neck. He ran his hands up and down Micky’s body, while Micky's hands began a slow descent to his intended target.

Micky reached over to his nightstand and took out a bottle of lube. Squeezing some on his fingers, he slowly eased a finger into Mike’s tight, virgin ass. Mike gasped at the intrusion and quickly tensed his muscles. Micky said “Relax, Mike It only gets better.” Letting out his breath, Mike slowly began to relax and became used to the foreign intrusion. Micky continued a few minutes with his one finger, slowly moving it in and out of Mike’s tight ass. ‘This is going to be so fucking fantastic!’, Micky thought. It had been a long time since he’d had a virgin and couldn’t believe that Mike was allowing him to do this.

As Mike relaxed more, Micky inserted another finger and he heard Mike gasp once again, "Relax," he told him.

“Mike, you ok?” Micky asked while continuing his exploration.

“Yeah, just give me a minute.” Mike said while keeping his eyes closed. It hurt like a son-of-a-bitch, but felt too good to stop. Mike thought.

“Ready for number 3, Mike?”

“What?” Mike said as Micky pulled him out of his thoughts.

Micky didn’t wait for an answer, he gently glided in the third finger and Mike let out a small wimper.

“Mike, do you want me to stop?”

“No, just slow down some, shotgun. Remember, I’m a fucking virgin. Ha! I Never thought I’d say tha…Whoa!” Mike exclaimed. “What the fuck did you just do, Mick?”

“What do you mean, I just did this” Micky said as he slowly curved his middle finger up inside Mike’s tender ass.

“That. You just did it again. Damn boy, I’ve never felt that before.” Mike said and he relaxed because he felt Micky hit a spot on him that he never knew existed. Micky noticed that Mike was getting hard again, that massive member standing up at full attention.

Micky drew Mike’s knees up and brought himself closer to Mike’s hot, waiting, virgin ass. He slowly put the head of his cock in, taking it easy because he didn’t want to hurt Mike. Mike told Micky to stop for a second so that he could get used to the sensation of Micky’s cock against his ass and mentally braced himself for what he knew was about to happen, and wanted. They progressed like this until Micky filled Mike. He slowly pumped in and out, but with Mike’s urging, Micky went faster and faster until he spilled his hot juice into Mike’s ass. He collapsed on Mike’s chest and was softly kissing him, but underneath Micky’s stomach, was Mike’s throbbing member, ready to explode.

Mike pulled Micky’s head up to his and asked, “Ok, when is it my turn Mick?”

“Now, if you want it to be” Micky answered with a smile.

“Hell yeah, but I want you to sit on top of me. When I want to fuck really deep, I do it this way and I want to be deep inside of you, Mick”.

“Ok, Mike. But, I’ve never done it that way bef….”

Mike interrupted Micky and said with a smile, “Mick, you said there’s a first time for everything…”

“Yes I did, didn’t I? Me and my big mouth.” Micky said and was just a little uncomfortable at the thought of Mike’s huge cock buried so deep inside of him, but at the same time, wanted to experience the Texan’s hot, throbbing dick.

Micky slowly lubed Mike’s cock and straddled him. Mike guided Micky onto his dick much the same way he's guided a thousand chicks before. He held onto Micky’s slim hips while Micky slowly lowered himself onto Mike’s throbbing, thick cock. Micky let out a gasp as he felt he was completely filled, but realized that there was still more of Mike to enter. Micky again, let out some deep breaths, trying to relax and let all of Mike inside.

“Damn.” gasped Micky “You are fucking huge! But fuck if it doesn’t feel great.”

“Thank you, sir, and now enjoy the ride” Mike replied as he grabbed Micky more firmly around the hips and began to move his own up and down. Soon, Mike was like a bucking bronco and Micky felt like he was holding on for dear life. He was banging into him so hard that Micky felt like he was a piling and Mike was the pile driver. Never had Micky felt anything like it. Mike came inside him with such force, Micky could swear that he tasted Mike’s salty fluids again. Not soon after, Micky exploded onto Mike’s chest and shot cum onto Mike’s lips.

“What the hell…” Mike said while opening his eyes and moving his hand from Micky’s hip to his own lip. “Oh, seems like you fired, huh, shotgun?” Mike laughed and pulled Micky down on top of him.

They laid side by side together and soon fell asleep in each other’s arms. Mike was in no hurry to leave since his family was out of town and Davy and Peter wouldn’t be back for a few days. They felt that neither of them had a care in the world.

“Suppose we should get cleaned up now?” asked Mike.

”Yep” said Micky excitedly, “Let’s go try out my new shower…I had two heads installed”

And with that they walked arm over shoulder to the bathroom, not knowing what to expect from that point forward.