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"Leave Yesterday Behind"



Title: Leave Yesterday Behind
Pairing: Torklenzmith
Rating: Somewhere between R and NC-17, I guess.
Warnings: Slashy lovin'
Disclaimer: Do not own!
Summary: The night after Peter wins his soul back from Mr. Zero.

“Mmph...God. Come here,” Micky commanded in a breathless rasp as he drew Peter’s head toward him, wrapping him up in a kiss that was both sensual and urgent. Peter felt his cock jump at the sheer desperation in Micky’s voice, and the complete abandon that he displayed.

They were atop their makeshift double bed, propped into a semi-reclining pose by the pillows mounded against the headboard. What clothing they had been wearing was now strewn about the room, carelessly discarded in their rush to feel warm skin against warm skin.

Micky slipped both of his hands behind Peter’s neck, beneath the soft fall of his hair, clutching at it. Peter felt the tremble in his lover’s muscles and pulled gently out of the kiss, looking at Micky curiously.

“We came so close to losing you,” Micky said in a rough whisper, and Peter was both touched and alarmed to see tears in Micky’s eyes. “Jesus, Peter...You almost...”

“Come on, Mick. Cool it,” Mike suddenly drawled from the other side of Peter. He had been lying comfortably against the pillows, just as naked as the other two, watching their little exchange with mild curiosity and steadily growing arousal. Now, at Micky’s unexpected display of emotion, he lifted his head. “He didn’t wind up going anywhere. He beat the Devil and he’s home safe with us.”

“Thanks to you, Michael,” Peter said, turning towards Mike, his tawny eyes shining. He softly ran the palm of his hand up the side of Mike’s slightly stubbled face.

Mike’s lips curved in a small smile. “I didn’t do anything, man. I told you at that trial. The ability was inside of you the whole time.”

“Yes, but I never would have realized it if you hadn’t convinced me,” Peter said. He looked down and frowned slightly, remembering. “He really had me believing that he was the one that gave me the ability to play. I didn’t think I’d be able to do it without his power.”

“Yeah, but Mike knew all along you could do it, didn’t you, Mike?” Micky asked, his eyes bright, but still glistening with unshed tears.

Mike nodded slowly, his eyes never leaving Peter. That was, until Micky leaned impulsively across Peter’s torso, planting a brief, but very heartfelt kiss on Mike’s mouth.

“Thank you,” Micky breathed as they separated. “Thank you for helping to return him to us.”

Mike looked both pleased and slightly dazed at Micky’s sudden move. Not to be outdone, he reached out and hooked a hand around the back of Micky’s head, drawing him forward into another, longer kiss. Micky was vaguely surprised by this, and then the surprise dissolved into something much mellower, and even though his heart belonged to Peter one hundred percent, he would have sworn that he fell in love a little bit with Mike at that moment.

“Hey guys!” Peter protested, his lips pursing in a lovely pout, though his eyes were dancing with amusement, “I thought this was supposed to be all about me!”

Mike frowned slightly. “Oh! Right! Um....What was your name again?”

Micky burst out laughing as Peter reached behind him for his pillow, but before he could pull it out and bash Mike across the head with it, Mike reached out, quicker than lightning, trapping Peter’s arm behind his back.

Mike swooped in, giving Peter no time for reaction before he was enveloping him in a Texas tornado of a kiss that literally took Peter’s breath away. Peter wriggled against him, a guttural sound coming from deep in his throat.

Retreating once again to Peter’s side, Micky began eagerly exploring his lover’s body, utilizing both hands and lips in the process. His tongue flickered over Peter’s left nipple, teasing it into instant hardness, and then pressing it gently between his teeth, eliciting a moan that was caught within the confines of Mike’s mouth. Moving lower, he trailed feather-soft fingers over Peter’s taut stomach, watching the slight twitch in the muscles beneath. His mouth followed, his slightly parted lips trailing wetly down skin so hot that Peter seemed in the grip of a fever.

Meanwhile, Mike had released Peter from their scorching kiss and was now mouthing greedily at Peter’s neck, nipping here, licking there, and throwing Peter into a whirlwind where he never knew what sort of sensation he was going to experience next. His entire body quivered with anticipation as he absorbed two opposing sets of stimuli...One bold and controlling, the other sensual and adoring.

This was such a startling contrast to the emotions Peter had been experiencing just hours before. Peter could not recall ever having been so frightened in his entire life. It was a fear that had went well beyond the natural fear of death that so many people harbor...this was a fear of losing his immortal soul, which was ever so much worse.

Now, however, those feelings were far from his mind as slowly but surely both Mike and Micky worked their ways down until they arrived at the center of Peter’s lust. His cock was impressively aroused by this time, just begging for attention, and neither of his lovers were in any mood to delay the inevitable.

“Oh god....guys...” Peter murmured, gasping as twin tongues began to stroke along his rigid flesh. He struggled madly to keep his eyes open and focused on what was going on. The sight of both Micky and Mike servicing his erection at the same time was something he wanted to keep locked in his memory forever. It was one of the most glorious images he had ever experienced.

And the feeling ain’t bad either, his mind added randomly as he hitched in a quick breath, releasing it in a long groan of rapture.

Mike and Micky paused in their ministrations long enough to briefly tangle tongues with each other, almost pushing Peter over the edge right then and there. Then, by some unspoken agreement, they shifted positions. Micky taking his place between Peter’s slightly splayed legs, while Mike maintained his spot alongside.

Peter’s fragile self-control almost broke again as Mike suddenly took his length into his throat, hollowing his cheeks hungrily, wet slurping sounds accompanying his efforts. At the same time, Micky began to gently suckle at the ever-tightening globes of Peter’s testicles, stroking his tongue over the slightly rough skin and rolling them within the wet heat of his mouth.

“Guys...Oh shit, that’s so good...” Peter groaned, arching and writhing in pleasurable agony. A fine sweat had broken out over his body, glistening on his lightly tanned skin and highlighting lean muscles that quivered and strained.

Micky laved his tongue over the surface of Peter’s scrotum, and then crawled up the bed, lying beside his lover again. He planted small, soft kisses over the side of Peter’s neck, urging him on in the purring bedroom voice he reserved for Peter alone.

“You like that, baby? You like Mike sucking your cock like that? Do you want to come?”

Peter whimpered, gnawing at his own bottom lip, his brow furrowing in a combination of concentration and frustration. “Yes,” he groaned, his voice so deepened by arousal and so unbelievably sexy that Micky almost came himself from the mere sound of it. “Oh god, yes. Make me come...please...”

Micky directed his words toward Mike, though his eyes remained fixed on Peter. “You heard him, Mike. Do your worst.”

Mike made a muffled sound of acknowledgement, and then changed his pace, going down on Peter with long, aggressive pulls of his mouth.

Within seconds, Peter was bucking his hips, matching Mike’s rhythm, his whole demeanor one of absolute urgency. Micky took one of his hands in his own, and Peter clamped down hard on it, almost making Micky wince.

“Oh god...” Peter moaned, tossing his head, his eyelids fluttering. “Oh god...Oh god...Yeah. Yeah...”

Then he bucked up once more, hard, and he clutched Micky’s hand with almost bone-crushing tightness, tendons standing out in his neck as he cried out to the ceiling. Mike made another muffled sound that almost sounded like surprise as he hastily gulped down Peter’s release. Micky kept his eyes locked on Peter, not wanting to miss a single gorgeous moment of his lover in the midst of his orgasm.

Then it was over. Peter settled back into the pillows, releasing his death grip on Micky’s throbbing hand, an almost catlike smile of satisfaction on his face. Micky turned Peter’s face toward him, kissing him deeply, slowly exploring his mouth with his tongue before pulling back to just gaze at him.

Mike was now moving back up the bed to join them. He flopped down on Peter’s other side, looking a bit dazed.

“Boy, I’ll tell you what,” he said. “I seriously thought you were trying to drown me.”

Peter laughed softly. “You can’t blame me for you guys being so good at what you do.”

“You know, he has a point, Mike,” Micky said. “We
are quite good.”

“Well, just so long as Peter doesn’t try to sell his soul again, we should be able to practice our skills quite often.” Mike said, glancing pointedly at Peter.

that’s my idea of a great-sounding bargain,” Peter said happily, smiling his broad, dimpled smile as he looped an arm around both of his lovers. He was safe. He was loved, and anything else that had happened could just be pushed to the back of his mind like a bad dream. He was home again to stay.



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