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"Just Browsing"

Title: Just Browsing

Author: Manchester Girl

Genre/Pairing: Comedy

Rating: PG

Warnings: Mild Language

Disclaimer: This story is 100% fictional.  

Summary: Davy decides to pluck/wax his eyebrows with hilariously painful results.  

Author’s Note: Davy was my first love and something about his thick, dark eyebrows always appealed to me.   When I found out there was an actual blog dedicated to Davy’s eyebrows, I knew I had the inspiration for my story. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Micky and Peter were playing a game of dominoes when Davy walked into the pad from the back deck.  They both turned around.

“You’re home early,” observed Micky.  “I thought you were going to spend the whole day on the beach.”

“I just got kind of bored,”  Davy said with a shrug.  “You know, there wasn’t much happening.”

They returned to their game without further comment.   Mike glanced up from his newspaper and watched as Davy walked over to the refrigerator and got out a root beer.  He took a sip then appeared to be lost in thought.  

“So what REALLY happened?”  Mike chuckled.   “Since when does ‘nothing happen’ when Davy Jones goes out?   Was there not a single girl to be found?”

“Well, yeah, sure.  I mean there is this one girl in particular that I’ve been wanting to ask out.  We spent quite a while talking, but there was just something strange going on with her.”

That got Micky and Peter’s attention.  “Strange, how?”  Peter asked.  This was California after all.  Strange could cover a wide range of possibilities.    Micky just grinned mischievously.  

“Well, no,” Davy began slowly.  “I mean, there wasn’t really anything strange about her.  It’s just that the whole time we were together she kept staring at me like she was trying to figure something out.”

“Stars in her eyes?”  Micky teased.

“That’s just it!”  Davy exclaimed as if he’d finally figured out how to put it into words.  “She never really looked at my eyes.  My face, yes, but not really my eyes.  More like above my eyes.  I thought maybe I had sand in my hair or something.”  He walked over to the small mirror hanging near the back door and checked his reflection.  

“Maybe it’s your eyebrows,” Peter began cautiously.  He had been studying Davy closely the whole time.  “When I was a little kid, there was this old man who lived next door and he had these really thick, bushy eyebrows.  I was scared of him.”

“My eyebrows!”   Davy retorted.  “None of the other girls ever seemed to mind.”  He looked in the mirror and studied himself more closely as he turned his head from side to side.  

“There’s nothing wrong with my eyebrows.  They’re not scary,”  he murmured.  

“No, I wouldn’t say they were scary,” Micky got up and walked over to stand beside Davy in front of the mirror.

“I didn’t say YOUR eyebrows were scary.”  Peter felt the need to clarify his remark.  “I said I was scared of an old man with big eyebrows when I was a very small child.  It’s just that you DO have very thick eyebrows.”

“They kind of grow together in the middle,” Micky observed.

“Now wait a minute, that’s enough! ”  Davy turned to Mike who was suppressing a smile.  “Have you all been laughing at my eyebrows behind my back all this time?”

“Don’t get so upset.”  Mike usually tried to be the voice of reason.  “Obviously, chicks find you quite attractive, so the eyebrows aren’t really a feature that detracts from your overall appearance.  But maybe, THIS girl just finds them kind of distracting.  It’s not like it’s something you can’t change.”

“Yeah, man.  We could pluck them.  Or maybe even wax them,”  the wheels were turning in Micky’s head.  

Davy laughed and shook his head.  “I’m gonna go take a shower.”

Davy went into the downstairs bedroom that he shared with Peter and closed the door of the adjoining bathroom.  He felt hot and sweaty and a shower would feel good about now.  He adjusted the water until it was just right then stepped under the spray.  He closed his eyes as the warm water poured over him washing away the sand from the beach and relaxing him in the process.  By the time he started to shampoo his hair, he was humming a little tune.   He felt a new song in the making!

He dried off quickly and wrapped the towel around his waist.  He took another towel off the rack, leaned forward and began to dry his hair.    When he had dried his hair as much as he could with the towel, he stood up straight and looked into the mirror, grinning at the sight of his hair sticking up in all directions.   Suddenly he was serious as he looked at himself in the mirror.  He studied his smooth, flawless skin, his dark brown eyes, full lips and perfect teeth.  His eyebrows WERE very thick and there wasn’t much space between them.  Why hadn’t he ever thought about it before?  After he had blow dried his hair, he went back into the bedroom and slipped into some pants.  He didn’t bother to put on a shirt or shoes.

By the time he went back into the living room, Micky and Peter were watching TV.

“Where’s Mike?”

“He went down to the club where we’re playing tomorrow night,” Micky replied without taking his eyes off the TV.

“You know, I was just thinking that maybe you guys have a point,”  Davy began as he plopped down on the couch beside Peter.  

“Oh  . . .about what” said Peter absently.  

“About my eyebrows.  I’ve never thought about plucking them before.  I’m not sure where to start.”

Micky looked at Davy.  “I think I have some tweezers in that little grooming kit I got for Christmas last year.”  He went over to the desk and started rummaging through the drawers.  “Ah hah,” he exclaimed triumphantly as he held up a small leather pouch.  

Davy looked skeptical.  “I’m still not so sure about this  . . . .”

Peter fluffed up a pillow on the end of the couch.  “OK, come on now.  Just lie back and relax.”

Davy laid back on the couch and grinned nervously.   Micky reached down and pushed Davy’s thick bangs back off of his forehead and studied him carefully.  

“OK, I think we’ll start with the middle area, you know, kind of separate them.   Then all I’ll need to do is just thin them out a bit.”

“You seem a little too excited.  Like you’re going to pluck them all out.”

“That would take hours,” Peter laughed.  

“Ok, let’s get started.” Micky gripped the tweezers firmly and leaned forward.  “Just relax.”

Davy closed his eyes and took a deep breath.  Micky carefully plucked a single hair.  Davy gritted his teeth, but didn’t say anything.  Micky plucked another, and then another.   The next hair didn’t seem to want to come out.  Micky pulled harder.

“BLOODY HELL!”  Davy exclaimed sitting upright.  He rubbed the area between his eyes vigorously.

“Sorry, man.  I think I got two that time.”

“That’s enough!” Davy said.  “No girl’s worth this!”   He tried to sound angry, but he was laughing.  He laughed until tears ran down his face and soon they were all laughing.  They didn’t even hear Mike come through the front door.

“What in the world is going on here?” Mike drawled as he came into the living room.  “I could hear the three of you howling from a block away.  “You’re gonna have Mr. Babbit over here.”

“Sorry, man, sorry”  Davy tried to compose himself.  “We were just working on my eyebrows.”  

“I had a feeling you were going to try something like this.  While I was out, I took the initiative and went to the drug store.”   Mike held up a small bag.  

“What’s that?”

“A home waxing kit.”  Mike seemed pleased with himself.  

“You actually bought that?”  Somehow it seemed like an embarrassing thing to purchase.

Micky quickly tore into the package and begin reading the directions like a kid eager to start on a science project.  “All we have to do is heat up the wax, smooth it over the unwanted hair, cover it with these little paper strips, and . . . . just rip them off!” exclaimed Micky.

“I’ll heat up the wax!”  Peter took the small container and headed toward the kitchen.  

“Careful . . . ”  Micky commented still scanning the directions.  “If it’s too hot it can cause skin burns.”   

Davy rolled his eyes, shook his head and lay back on the couch wondering if it was too late to back out of this.  

“OK.  I think it’s about right now,” Peter dipped his finger in the wax to test it.  

Peter and Mike gathered around while Micky smoothed a small amount of warm wax around one of Davy’s eyebrows and pressed a small strip of paper over it.

“How long do we wait?”  asked Peter.

“Not too long,”  Mike suggested.

“About now, I think.”  Micky yanked the paper away quickly.

Davy sucked in his breath.  “THAT’S ENOUGH! WE’RE DONE !”

“Whoa! Just look at all those eyebrows!”  Micky held up the strip.  

Peter handed Davy a small mirror.  “You look better already.”

Davy surveyed the results.  “It’s kind of hard to tell.  But I guess we can’t stop now.  I look a little off-balance.”

Micky spread some wax around the other eyebrow.  

“Careful now,”  Mike cautioned.  “They need to be the same size.”

“No problem,” insisted Micky.  “If it turns out thinner, I’ll just re-wax the other one until they’re the same size.”

“You will not!” Davy said firmly.  

Micky ripped off the next strip of paper.  Davy gritted his teeth again, but said nothing.  

Finally, Micky put some wax on the area between Davy’s eyebrows and pressed down another strip of paper.   “Just one more to go!”   He ripped away the final strip.  

Davy opened his eyes and sat up.  “Is it over?   Let’s have a look.”

He studied his reflection in the mirror.  His eyebrows were much thinner and there was a clearly defined space between them.    He wasn’t sure if he looked better or not, but he’d get used to it.  At least until they grew back.  

“I guess we’d better rehearse how,” Davy said rubbing his eyebrows.  “We want to be ready for tomorrow night.”   

They walked over to their instruments and played in their usual formation as if they were facing an audience.  They did a couple of songs and then Davy did his solo.  After he had finished, he turned around to face the others.

“How was that?”  Silence.  And wide-eyed stares.

“Oh, come on now.  It wasn’t bad! Was it?”

“Uh, no. . .”  Mike finally said.

“You sounded great!” Micky added with false enthusiasm.  

“Your EYEBROWS!” Peter was never able to hide what he was thinking.

“What’s wrong now?  I let you talk me into waxing them!  But they are burning just a little,” he added as he walked back over to the mirror.   He opened his mouth, but no sound came out.  His eyebrow area was beet red and little pimples seemed to be coming up.  

“I can’t go on tomorrow night looking like this.   What on earth will they think happened to me?”

“I’ll get some ice,”  Peter offered trying to be helpful.

An uncomfortable silence fell over the group as they sat down to watch TV while Davy held an ice pack over his eyes.  

After what seemed like an eternity, Micky patted Davy on the shoulder.  

“I’m really sorry, Davy.  Are you still mad at me?”

Davy laughed as he took off the ice pack.  “I wasn’t really mad at you.  I agreed to go along with it.  How do I look?”

“Much better.  Not so red anymore.  You should look just fine by tomorrow night.”

They all laughed relieving the tension.  

“I was just thinking, Davy,”  Peter began thoughtfully.   “Do you think you might ask that girl out now?”

“I haven’t really decided.  The only thing I know for sure is that I’m NEVER gonna let any of you get near me with tweezers, scissors, razors, wax or anything else of that nature.   As for the girl, anyone who can’t handle my eyebrows, probably can’t handle me!”