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"I’ve Just Begun to Care - Part 2"



Title: I’ve Just Begun To Care
Author: Boo_Coo_Blue

Genre/Pairing: Mike/OFC, Peter/OFC, Micky/OFC
Rating: PG-NC-17
Warnings: Mild language, violence, angst, sexual situations, character harm.
Disclaimer: I don’t own the Monkees, just my OCs.

Summary: Our boys and their friends face a tough future…Will they make it through, or will the band be torn from the inside out.
Author's Note: Sequel to I Met A Girl Who Sang The Blues. Contains the same OCs as that fic, and continues right where it ended, between the last chapter and the epilogue.



Chapter Two

Fiery Gems For You



Mike wandered back home dejectedly, bypassing the living room where is bandmates were sitting and going upstairs to lay down. He wasn’t surprised that in a few minutes there was a knock on the door and Micky came in.


“Hey, babe, what’s up?”


“Nothing,” Mike answered shortly, determined to be moody for the rest of the day.


Micky shrugged. “Alright, that’s fine.” He moved across the room and sat on Peter’s bed, picking up a magazine as he went. “I’ll just hang out up here until you tell me what’s wrong.”


Mike huffed a bit and crossed his arms and stayed angrily silent, knowing how serious his friend was, he wouldn’t leave the room until he knew what had happened. A long while passed until Mike decided to give in.


“I….well, there’s someone I kinda,….you know….”


“You have a crush on someone?”


Mike sighed heavily. “Yeah.”


Micky shrugged. “Well, what’s wrong with that?”


“She doesn’t like me.”


“And what makes you say that?”


“She told me,” Mike said, barely managing to talk over a sudden lump in his throat.


Micky shifted uncomfortably on the bed, never very easy with emotional people. He waited for a moment before he spoke again. “You really like this chick, don’t you?”


Mike nodded. “Do I know who she is?”


Mike once again nodded, not quite ready yet to tell who it was. Micky had quite suddenly gone pale. “It isn’t….Myrtle, is it?”


That made Mike look up. “What? No!”


Micky breathed a sigh of relief. “Oh, thank heavens! Then who is it?”


Mike leaned his head back. “Sophie.”


“Peter’s Sophie?”


Mike closed his eyes; hearing his friend’s name and Sophie’s together in that way hurt slightly. “How many other ‘Sophies’ do we know?”


Micky didn’t answer, already knowing. “Are you going to tell Peter?”


Mick snorted a bit. “Not if I can help it. You know how he is…..Something like this has never happened to him before, and I don’t plan on ripping him apart like that.”


“And what about yourself?”


Mike sat up a little. “Huh?”


“Well, I’ve never seen you so depressed before…..What are you going to do about what this is doing to you?” Micky paused after this slightly complex sentence and made out that it did make some sense.


Mike had figured it out, too. “I don’t know, man. But I can tell you that when I talked to her earlier she had no love for me….” Mike drifted off, remembering how angry she had looked.


“I don’t know what to tell you, Mike.” Micky stood up. “You want me to ask Myrtle about…..”


“No, Mick, I think that the fewer people know about this the better….”


Micky nodded, made a zipping motion over his mouth, and closed the door behind him.




Earlier in the day, Peter had been out grocery shopping. Normally Mike did the shopping, but he had seemed too distracted and out of it to be bothered, so the other three picked fingers as to who went out. Peter won.


As he was on his way to the store, he looked into the storefronts as he went past. He walked along one particularly fancy looking antique store, that had put all their jewelry out on a quarter of the price. He looked over a glittering emerald and silver necklace and a bracelet in the shape of a Chinese dragon. And then he saw the ring.


It was a very simple ring, one small diamond set flat in a gold band, but it caught Peter’s eye. When he saw it, the first thought was of how lovely it would look on Sophie’s hand. He realized he was thinking of asking Sophie to marry him.


Peter couldn’t really think of why he shouldn’t ask her. A few months before, they had gone out on a week-long road trip together, and those had been the most blissful seven days of his life; just him and Sophie, out trekking across California in the car. There was no question that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her, and Peter felt certain that Sophie felt the same way. All he needed was a ring….


Peter squinted through the window at the small price tag, and then recounted the money Micky had given him for the groceries. Well, he could make a down payment now, ‘accidentally’ forget to get a few things on the list, and then bring the rest of the money down later. Smiling widely, Peter dashed into the small shop.




Sophie dashed into the small side room that worked as the backstage in the club she worked at. She was running late, and had practically ran the whole way. Much to her annoyance, Annie was sitting at the table, completely relaxed.


“Hey, Sophie. Old John wanted to go first, and since you weren’t here….” Annie was a young girl who had been working at the club with her band until the band decided that they had had enough of California and headed for Memphis. Annie had stayed behind, and she and Sophie teamed up, Sophie on guitar and vocals and Annie on piano.


Annie had been around for about a month, and one night Davy Jones had come into the club and he fell in love at first sight. Annie did not, although she certainly admired his persistence.


“How’s my Davy doing?” She always asked Sophie when she came in, laughing as she said it.


“I haven’t seen him today,” Sophie snapped, unusually waspish.


Annie raised her hands in defeat and stood up. “Alright, I’ll leave you be.”


Sophie groaned. “I’m sorry, it’s just been a crappy day.”


Annie nodded. “I can see that. Any particular crap going on, or is it just everything?”


Sophie just shook her head. “No, never mind. It’s not something I can really talk about. It’ll all work it’s self out…..” Of course, as soon as she said this, Mike Nesmith came in the door. Sophie’s words choked in her throat.


“Oh, he’s the crap then?” Annie sometimes didn’t have the best control of what came out of her mouth. ‘Word vomit’, she called it. She turned scarlet, and backed off on to the stage, leaving the other two alone.


“I see, first I’m undesirable now I’m crap…..” Mike said, but he laughed a bit when he said it, knowing Annie just as well as Sophie.


“What’s up?”

Mike shrugged. “I thought I might…..I never really did apologize for earlier….” His eyes stayed on the floor. Sophie knew that apologizing didn’t come easy for Mike.


“Apology accepted. And I should apologize too. Earlier, I shouldn’t have led you on or anything, and maybe I should’ve been kinder when you told me how you…..”


Sophie’s sentence was cut short. Mike had stepped forward and pulled her toward him for a kiss. It was gentle, not quite as frenzied as before. “You never led me on,” he said in a soft voice when they pulled away from each other. “I knew how you felt….This is all on me.”


Sophie felt stuck between being Peter’s girlfriend and Mike’s friend, almost as if it were no longer a choice to be both, and she felt that whatever her next actions were going to make her decision for her. If she was ready or not was no longer a choice.


She hugged Mike. “You can’t take all the blame, I’m not going to let you.” Mike didn’t say anything, he just kissed her again, and this time she let him. These kisses were more like before; more passionate, every feeling Mike had for Sophie flowing through them.


After a few moments, between kisses, Mike breathed out, “I love you”. Sophie’s mind stopped. This wasn’t right; Peter told her he loved her. In Sophie’s mind, she inwardly saw and heard every time Peter had told her he loved her. The sheer wrongness of what was happening tore at her, briefly physically painful.


She pushed Mike away. “No! You can’t say that to me, you can’t do this anymore!” She looked at him, the hurt evident in his eyes.


“Sophie, what….”


“I am with Peter, I love Peter! And he loves me. If you can’t deal with that you need to talk to Peter about it, but stop…..” Sophie’s words died on their way out, tears choking her. “Just…stop.”


Luckily, right then Old John and his band came back off stage, and Sophie moved to join Annie. She looked at Mike before leaving, wiping the tears off her face. He looked frozen in place, but when Sophie’s thirty minutes on stage were up, he had gone.











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