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"I’ve Just Begun to Care - Part 7"



Title: I’ve Just Begun To Care
Author: Boo_Coo_Blue

Genre/Pairing: Mike/OFC, Peter/OFC, Micky/OFC
Rating: PG-NC-17
Warnings: Mild language, violence, angst, sexual situations, character harm.
Disclaimer: I don’t own the Monkees, just my OCs.

Summary: Our boys and their friends face a tough future…Will they make it through, or will the band be torn from the inside out.
Author's Note: Sequel to I Met A Girl Who Sang The Blues. Contains the same OCs as that fic, and continues right where it ended, between the last chapter and the epilogue.



Chapter Seven

You Get What You Need  



Mike froze. “Do what?”


“You don’t want everyone else to hear what you did. Coward.”


Mike shook his head and motioned at the balcony doors. “Please, Peter…..” The two men glared at each other for a moment before Peter gave in and walked across the room and out the doors.


Micky, Myrtle, and Davy all had bad feelings about letting the two be alone together; Mike was always ready to snap and Peter was being found extremely unpredictable today, but they also knew that Mike and Peter needed to fix the situation themselves. This, of course, did not stop them from sneaking up to the roof to eavesdrop on their conversation.


Mike leaned back against the balcony railing and faced Peter, who was still next to the door. “Pete, you gotta know I’m really sorry about….”


“Sorry isn’t going to cut it this time.”


Mike sighed. “I know. But I don’t know what else to tell you.”


They stood in silence for a bit while Peter thought. “You could tell me why you did it.”


“Why I did what?”


“Why you asked her to leave me, to go with you. She told me that you wanted her to leave me.” Peter’s voice cracked a little, his anger finally giving into sadness.


Mike flinched. “I’m not proud of that. I don’t know, Peter, I’ve never really had a reason to be jealous of you before, but then I started having these dreams, and I felt kinda depressed because you’re with Sophie and Micky has Myrtle and Davy’s always out chasing Annie….I started feeling lonely and jealous and that made me angry so I….”


Peter interrupted. “So you decided to try and talk her into leaving me!”


“I wasn’t thinking straight! You can’t hold that against yourself, man….”


“You’re telling me not to take this personally?” Peter felt his hands begin to shake.


“Yeah. If I had been working in my right mind I would have never done what I did. You know that. I just….jealousy makes you do stupid things you wouldn’t usually….But you wouldn’t know, you don’t have a jealous bone in your body.” Mike sat down heavily in one of the chairs and smiled sadly at Peter. “You’re a good man, you deserve her.”


Peter felt all the anger at Mike dissipate a bit. Mike had always been strong, the best link in their collective chain. The sight of him sitting there sad and defeated made Peter feel unable to be angry at him.


Peter sat down too. “I’m sorry I hit you.”


Mike snorted lightly and smiled. “No you aren’t. If I were you and you had done what I did, I’d have hit you, too.”


The two sat in silence for a few moments before Mike spoke again. “I know you won’t be happy to hear this, but I was telling the truth when I said I loved Sophie….”


Peter nodded. “I know.”


“That isn’t something that just goes away overnight….”


Peter interrupted again. “If it goes away at all.”


Mike chose to ignore that. “So I’ll understand if you want me out of the band.”


“What? You’re crazy! If you leave the band then there is no band. Davy couldn’t play bass or lead to save his life and between the three of us we have all of four songs. No one is leaving the band.”


Mike nodded. “Thanks, but how is this going to work out….are you going to be able to trust me anymore?”


Peter thought about it. “I trust you to lead the band, and I trust you not to kill me in my sleep. I just won’t be able to trust you alone with Sophie.” Peter paused. “And what about you?”


“What about me?”


“Are you going to keep on doing stupid jealous stuff, or is that over?”


“It’s over, Pete, I promise. It’ll never happen again.”


Peter nodded. The two friends didn’t say anything for a long while, deciding instead to sit in silence, enjoying the sound of the waves.



Sophie walked into her apartment, tired from working at the club. It was the fourth of the month, and every fourth that Sophie worked she had deemed Janis Night. Every eighteenth was Jimi Night. Sophie had a tendency to over-do herself on Janis Nights, leaving her throat scratchy and in a lot of pain.


She set her guitar case down and flipped on the light. It was then that she saw someone on her couch. She yelped and picked up an umbrella but she soon recognized the frightened looking man; it was Peter.


Sophie sighed and put the umbrella down. “You could’ve turned the lights on, babe.”


Peter looked at the floor sheepishly. “Sorry.”


She sat down beside him. “Could you not sleep?”


He shook his head. “Michael says I’m not sorry for hitting him, but I can’t fall asleep without reliving what I did….”


Sophie rested her head on his shoulder. “That’ll get better soon, I promise.” She paused. “Did you and Michael talk?”


Peter nodded. “Yeah. He said he was jealous and lonely. He said he loves you, but he won’t do anymore stupid things. He tried to quit the band, but I told him he couldn’t. He thinks I don’t trust him anymore….”


“Do you?”


“Of course. Just not around you.”


Sophie laughed. “That will get better, too.” She yawned. “I’m sorry, Pete, but I’ve got to go to bed; I’m exhausted….” Sophie yawned again before she stood up.


Peter looked up at her. “Can I sleep here tonight?”


For an answer, Sophie held her hand out to him, and they went upstairs where they instantly huddled together under the covers.


Just before sleep came, Sophie asked, “When are we going to tell the others?”


“Tell the others what?”


“About us getting married.”


Peter thought about it. “We’ll tell them tomorrow morning. First thing.”


Sophie yawned one last time, and within a few minutes both had fallen into a peaceful sleep.




The next morning was chaos at the Monkee House. For one thing, Peter was missing, which hardly ever happened. And for another, Myrtle was in hysterics. She woke up craving pickles, but she absolutely hated pickles. They disgusted and nauseated her. The result was that she was now curled up on the couch, clutching an emptying pickle jar, and sobbing uncontrollably.


Micky, who was quickly learning to never ask what was wrong or to say that everything would be alright, was sitting at the table with Mike and Davy; they were all speaking quietly, as if they were gathered around a sick bed.


Peter and Sophie came through the door together, both stopping when they noticed that everyone except Myrtle was staring at them. Sophie went over the couch and sat with Myrtle, talking to her quietly and easing the pickle jar out of her hands. Peter sat at the table with the others.


“Where have you been,” Davy asked in a whisper.




Davy rolled his eyes. “We know that….out where?”


Peter sighed. “I spent the night over at Sophie’s.”


“Nice,” Micky said through a mouthful of corn flakes, ignoring the annoyed looks the others shot at him.


“So, what’s going on with Myrtle?”


Micky pushed the corn flakes away. “Yeah, I was waiting for you to get back before I said anything…..” Micky shuffled his hands a bit, like he was nervous about whatever he was about to say. “She’s pregnant.”


The others stared at him blankly for a moment, like they weren’t sure what he meant. Mike spoke first. “Are you sure?”


They all looked over at the girls on the couch; Sophie had managed to get Myrtle to stop sobbing and they were now talking about something very quietly. They looked back over at the guys sitting around the table and started giggling.


Micky shook his head and turned back to his friends. “Yeah. I’m sure.”


Peter and Davy reached over and slapped Micky on the back. “Congratulations, man.” Mike looked thoughtful.


“What are you going to do?”


Micky shrugged. “We haven’t really talked about it….I mean, we talked about moving out, but we haven’t thought about where.”


Peter thought for a moment, trying to think about how to tell his friends his news. “You could always move in with Hilda, after Sophie moves over here.”


Davy shook his head. “Wait, what? Since when is Sophie moving over here?”


Peter looked at the table. “I asked her to marry me.”


Mike froze. “When?”


Peter didn’t look up. “About two weeks ago.”


“Oh….” The atmosphere around the table tensed; no one wanted to talk or say anything that could cause another fight like the day before.


“Or maybe it would be better if Sophie and I moved out….” Peter tried to begin, but Mike cut him off.


“No, it won’t be a problem. You guys stay here; it’s all going to be fine.”


Micky and Davy shared a look but didn’t say anything.




A few weeks later, after everyone had moved around and settled, Peter and Sophie packed everyone up in the car and they went for a drive.


Several miles out of the city, they found a small farm where an elderly couple lived and preformed wedding services. While Sophie was in the back getting ready, Peter paced back and forth, trying to ignore Micky and Davy who were in the middle of some sort of comedic piano recital.


Mike was trying to keep himself busy so that he couldn’t constantly think about how horribly depressed he was. After a particular boisterous song from Davy, Mike decided to give up trying to talk Davy and Micky into calming down. But when he turned away from them, he realized he’d lost Peter.


He rushed around for a while, looking everywhere for the missing groom, finally moving to the back room where Sophie was waiting.


When Mike first opened the door, Peter and Sophie were standing together in each others arms, kissing. He closed the door back, feeling ill. He thought he had gotten used to seeing the two together, but every now and again he would walk into something unexpected….like this.


He took in a deep breath and swung the door open again. Mike tried to ignore the expression Peter had; he always looked angry when Mike walked into any room that Sophie was in.


“Hey, man, I’ve been looking everywhere for you! We’re ready to get started.” Mike tried his best to sound cheery, but he made sure to walk out of the room before the two had a chance to do anything more than glance at each other.


As Mike watched them walk down the makeshift aisle together, he knew that he may not ever get over Sophie. He knew that it was going to be hard living with Sophie and Peter for a long time. But as Mike watched them, he knew that no matter how much he wanted her, no matter how else he felt, he wouldn’t do a thing.


Mike had been giving it a lot of thought and he now knew exactly what his problem was. He just loved both of them too damn much…..


The band would stay together for another two years.







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