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"I’ve Just Begun to Care - Part 1"



Title: I’ve Just Begun To Care
Author: Boo_Coo_Blue

Genre/Pairing: Mike/OFC, Peter/OFC, Micky/OFC
Rating: PG-NC-17
Warnings: Mild language, violence, angst, sexual situations, character harm.
Disclaimer: I don’t own the Monkees, just my OCs.

Summary: Our boys and their friends face a tough future…Will they make it through, or will the band be torn from the inside out.
Author's Note: Sequel to I Met A Girl Who Sang The Blues. Contains the same OCs as that fic, and continues right where it ended, between the last chapter and the epilogue.



Chapter One

Sorry I Asked



Sophie Monroe was having an ordinary day. She had woken up at a late hour, ate lunch, and was now sitting on her bedroom floor, trying to work out the chord sequence of a song she had been trying to get right for a few days.


A few months before she wouldn’t have been able to do this, but her previous roommate Myrtle had finally moved in with her husband Micky. He lived down the street two houses with his bandmates, one of which Sophie had been dating for almost two years. As Sophie thought of Peter, she lost focus on what she was playing and it took her a moment to realize she had switched from blues to pop. She shook her head and tried to get Peter out of her mind.


This was soon deemed impossible, so Sophie set the guitar down and went out to sit on the beach. It was late summer, still very hot, but small nips of fall were creeping into the air. There still were a whole bunch of people on the beach, but one in particular caught Sophie’s attention.


Mike Nesmith was sitting out on the beach, looking out at the ocean distractedly. This distractedness and the fact that he was sitting still for longer than a few minutes was extremely uncharacteristic and Sophie knew it. More characteristically was the fact that he was one of a few people who were out fully dressed, and despite the heat he was still wearing his wool-hat.


Sophie sat down in the sand next to him. “Hey Nesmith.”


He nodded. “Hi.”


“What’s up?”




“What nothing? I can tell something’s wrong, you know….”


He shook his head. “I don’t want to talk about it.”


Sophie rolled her eyes. “Fine. I’ll go inside and find someone else to talk to.” She started to stand up, but Mike moved abruptly to grab her wrist.


“Don’t leave,” he pleaded, Sophie once again perplexed by this wholly uncharacteristic act. She settled back down. They sat in silence for a long while, Sophie waiting for Mike to talk.


“I think I have a problem,” he finally mentioned.


Sophie quelled several comments that may not have been very helpful. “And what’s that?”


“I….There’s someone I like.”


“Well that’s wonderful, Nesmith, but what’s the problem?”


“She has a boyfriend.”


“Oh….is it serious?”


“Pretty serious, yeah.”


“Well, I’m sorry to tell you, but you may want to move on to someone else….”


“I love her,” Mike said, turning to Sophie as he said it, no longer looking off distractedly. He looked Sophie straight in the eye, and she began to think she understood who it was Mike was talking about.


“Really? If you really loved this girl you might want to leave her and her boyfriend alone….Maybe she’s happier with him.” Sophie stood up, and was going to walk off, but Mike started to follow.


“How does she know she wouldn’t be happier with me? It was good once, remember?”


Sophie spun around to face him. “I remember you telling me you were fine with me and Peter, that you felt the same way as me; it was a two-time thing, but that we just wanted to be friends, and that we would never bring it up again.”


“I lied…..I thought that I did only like you as a friend, but I’ve been having these dreams about you, I can’t get you out of my mind, I really do love you….”


Sophie shook her head. “No,” she said and kept walking, Mike following close behind.


“You won’t even give it a chance?”




“Oh, come on baby…..”


Sophie snorted. “I’m not your baby….” She slipped into her apartment door, Mike still following. He reached out and grabbed her by the shoulders, turning her around and pulling her to him, kissing her. Sophie fought for a moment, but soon gave up.


She had always been physically attracted to Mike in a way, even though she certainly preferred Peter. Peter was far more gentle and tender; every touch made Sophie knew she was loved and respected. With Mike, it was purely physical. She knew a relationship with him wasn’t possible, and she wouldn’t want one anyway….but he certainly was a good kisser.


After a few moments, Sophie pushed Mike away. “Bye, Nesmith,” she said, pointing at the door.


“It’s never like that with Peter, is it?” He asked.


Sophie pointed harder at the door. “OUT!” She gave him a shove to get him on his way. When Mike was finally gone, Sophie leaned against the door, fervently wishing she hadn’t asked what was wrong.











I've Just Begun to Care P2