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"It’s a Very Extraordinary Scene - Part 2"



Title: It's a Very Extraordinary Scene - Pt. 2
Author: Gondorbunny
Pairing: Torksmith
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Slashy sex and naughty words
Disclaimer: Do not own!
Summary: Careful what you wish for...you just might get it.

For a moment, Peter could only stare at Mike in complete incomprehension. It was as if the man before him had suddenly started speaking in a foreign language.

Then, as the meaning of Mike’s words sunk in, Peter’s eyes slowly widened, and his jaw dropped in shock.

Despite his pounding heart, Mike couldn’t help but smile at the flabbergasted expression on his friend’s face. Suddenly a cross-patch memory flashed through his brain.

He looks exactly the way I felt that afternoon when I woke up to find Peter lying on my bed with me. That very first time that he kissed me. The very first time he touched me....and now I’m asking him for yet another first.

Clearing his throat gently, Mike prodded gently, “So?”

As if suddenly realizing his mouth was hanging open, Peter closed it with a snap. He blinked rapidly a couple of times, and then said in a voice that wasn’t quite steady, “Michael...Are you sure about this? I mean, I never thought you were...that you...”

“I never did before,” Mike said simply. “That’s what I’m telling you. I had no interest whatsoever in letting another guy stick it to me.” He paused, and then slowly slipped both of his arms around Peter’s body, drawing him closer. Peter tensed for the briefest moment, and then relaxed again. “Until you came along, that is. Because of the way I feel about you. I...” He paused again, swallowed hard, and murmured. “I love you, Peter.”

Mike leaned in quickly to capture Peter’s lips in a manner that was firm and passionate but controlled. Immediately Peter responded, just as he always had, parting his lips and allowing Mike’s tongue to slip between them. As they kissed, Mike realized that he would have to curb his usual desire to completely dominate Peter sexually. If Peter was expected to take Mike’s virginity, Mike would have to shift all control over to him, a prospect that Mike found both frightening and yet incredibly exciting.

So, although every fiber of his being was screaming at him to slam Peter face down on the couch like a cheap throw pillow, Mike instead slowly broke the kiss, looking steadily into Peter’s slightly dazed eyes.

“What do you need me to do first?” Mike asked softly.

Peter still seemed thrown completely off-balance by this whole scene, but slowly it seemed that curiosity and just plain human desire was helping to smooth things over a bit.

He licked his lips, and then said in a quiet voice with a trace of a smile, “Well, I guess the first thing would be to get undressed. Don’t you think?”

Mike’s lips turned up in response. “Yeah, that makes sense. Think you can help me out with it, shotgun?”

Suddenly Peter relaxed completely. There was nothing odd or scary about this. Yes, the surroundings were unfamiliar, but if Mike was comfortable here, then that’s all that mattered. Peter still felt overwhelmed and even a little perplexed that Mike had actually decided give Peter his virginity. It just didn’t seem the same as when Micky offered it. With Micky it had seemed like just another natural step in the progression of their budding relationship. With Mike....Peter didn’t know. There was something odd about the timing...

However, it wasn’t really his decision to make. Mike was a grown man and knew quite well what he was asking Peter to do, and truth be told, Peter was looking forward to it.

So there was no hesitation whatsoever as Peter’s nimble fingers made short work of unbuttoning the denim shirt that Mike was wearing. He peeled it off of Mike’s slender shoulders and watched with bright, attentive eyes as Mike shed the rest of the garment to the floor.

“Lie back,” Peter commanded mildly, his eyes sweeping over the the Texan’s lanky body, taking in each flex of leanly toned muscle as Mike reclined on the couch. Peter rather liked the novelty of telling Mike what to do for a change. It was a much bigger turn-on than he would have believed. It was also a rare luxury for him to be able to slow down and take his time enjoying Mike’s presence in this way. Normally Hurricane Michael would descend upon him and blow him away in a whirlwind of passion before Peter could even think of what to do next.

This time it would be Peter not leaving Mike any time to consider what might happen next. To that end, Peter immediately gathered his knees beneath him on the couch cushion, leaning over to undo Mike’s belt and unzip his pants.

Mike took in a sharp breath as Peter slid the waistband of his pants down below the line of his hips, releasing his already fully swollen cock. Then the sharp breath was released in a deep, guttural purr of delight as Peter dipped his head to take Mike’s shaft into his mouth.

“Oh fuck...Peter...” Mike gasped, tipping his head back, his eyelids fluttering as his cock was devoured in that wet, hot suction. He arched his hips up, but just as quickly found them pushed back down and held there as Peter took complete control.

Sweat broke out over Mike’s face as he strained against Peter’s grip, which kept him pinned down with surprising strength. Holy shit, he wanted to move. He wanted to thrust. He wanted to grab double handfuls of that thick golden hair and fuck that gorgeously sucking mouth, but he was helpless to do anything but lie here and feel the torturously slow buildup of sensation.

Peter’s sharp gaze missed nothing as he watched Mike coming apart bit by bit under his ministrations. Now that they had actually begun this, Peter was becoming more and more excited at the prospect of fucking Mike. The idea that Mike trusted Peter enough to grant him this opportunity was more than flattering.

A low, almost agonized moan burst from Mike as the tension built and built in the pit of his stomach, making the muscles in his back and legs and abdomen tighten and tremble. He looked down through glazing eyes, watching those lips moving up and down on him in an ever-quickening rhythm, seeing those beautiful eyes locked on his own.

“Peter...Oh god...Peter,
please...” Mike couldn’t believe he was actually begging for release, but here it was. Peter had actually driven him to his first breaking point. How many more lay ahead? It was almost too tantalizing to think about.

With Mike hovering on the brink, Peter knew the ball was totally in his court. It was time to move things to the next level. As he felt the minute vibrations through Mike’s shaft that spoke of an imminent climax, Peter surreptitiously slipped a saliva-slickened finger deep inside Mike’s body.

Fuck!!" Mike shouted hoarsely as a shock of overwhelming pleasure shot through his loins, triggering an explosive orgasm the likes of which he’d never felt in his life. He twitched and bucked mindlessly on the couch, groaning, as pulse after pulse of sensation wracked his body, and Peter eagerly siphoned off the seemingly endless flood that poured from him.

As the effects drained away and Mike lay in a boneless, panting heap for the time being, Peter got up to poke through the bathroom and see what supplies he could find to ease the way for the final phase. A small bottle of baby oil tucked behind a can of shaving cream in the medicine cabinet would do the trick nicely, and Peter grabbed it up without hesitation and moved back toward the couch. Mike lay still, trying to regain his senses, but his slightly glazed eyes were watching Peter closely as Peter pulled his shirt off over his head before unfastening his pants and pushing them down his legs.

Then he was leaning over Mike, enveloping the other man’s mouth in a long, deep kiss. Mike made a sound deep in his throat that was somewhere between a sigh and a whimper as he eagerly responded. The fight was completely out of him now. He was totally at Peter’s mercy, and Mike was surprised to discover that he quite liked that idea.

As Peter slowly broke the kiss, he looked down into Mike’s eyes and suggested quietly, “I think we need to continue this down here on the floor. It’ll be better with more room.”

Feeling a tiny thrill deep in his belly at Peter’s words, Mike nodded wordlessly. He slipped down off the couch and onto the thick Indian rug in front of it, helping Peter to slide the coffee table out of their way. Now with the whole expanse of the floor to play on, Mike reclined, trying to quell the butterflies that were fluttering in his stomach as the penultimate moment approached. He watched as Peter poured some of the baby oil from the bottle into his cupped hand, and then wrapped that hand around his own cock, coating it with the clear, slippery liquid.

Mike’s heart was pounding with a combination of nerves and sheer desire as his eyes ate up the sight of Peter kneeling beside him, making all the familiar pre-coital preparations that Mike had witnessed many times before during their threesomes at the Pad. Only this time, that massive hard-on was not meant to be sliding into Micky’s ass...but into his own.

Peter now focused his attention entirely on Mike, holding the other’s man’s gaze completely as he slowly pushed Mike’s knees apart with the confidence and surety of someone who has done this sort of thing many, many times before. Mike, on the other hand, could feel his pulse beating in his throat so hard that it was almost suffocating him.

Damn it, I’m acting like a high school girl on prom night, he ranted at himself. What the hell is the matter with me? It’s just sex, man. It’s not that big of a deal!

But it was. That was the whole thing. It was a
very big deal, and as Peter now began to prod at his entrance, breaching him with two fingers, Mike began to fully realize just what a big deal this was. This was major, all right, but if he could come out the other side of this with Peter’s heart in his possession, then it would all be worth it in the end.

Immediately, Mike’s body tensed all over at the completely alien intrusion. There was no pain...not yet, anyway...but there was a totally bizarre stretching sensation.

“Relax,” Peter murmured, sliding his free hand up and down Mike’s left thigh in a comforting manner. Mike did so...a little bit...and the stretching sensation eased a bit as Peter’s fingers continued their inward trek.

Then, without any warning, there came that same shocking pleasure that had made him come so hard just a few minutes earlier. He uttered a startled gasp and felt his cock jump against his stomach and...amazingly...begin to lengthen again.

“Jesus...” he said shakily as the effects drained off. Just from fucking Peter so many times, he knew exactly what Peter had stimulated inside him, but he had no idea how intense the sensation really was. He chewed at his full lower lip reflectively for a moment, and then asked, “Is that how it feels when I do it to you? When I’m screwing you, I mean. Does it feel that good?”

Peter smiled, his expression both warm and amused as he nodded. “I think it’s time to find out for yourself.”

Now the butterflies were back, fluttering and dancing within him as Peter withdrew his fingers from him and instead knelt up between his legs. Never had Mike felt so vulnerable and exposed in his entire life as when Peter slowly pushed both his knees up to his chest.

Oh my god, here we go, he thought with a touch of alarm as he felt the head of Peter’s cock pressing against his opening. Peter moved carefully, rocking forward in tiny increments to make the entrance as easy as possible.

Suddenly, Mike felt a whole other side of himself rise up. The side that had always controlled and dominated all prior sexual encounters with Peter. The side that refused to sit idly by while Mike trembled and fretted like a 16 year-old girl.

“Just give it to me,” this side of Mike suddenly said, shocking himself at speaking those words out loud.

Peter paused, cocking his head slightly to one side. “What Mike?”

“Just push it in. I’m not a sweet little blushing virgin. I’m not going to break. Just give it to me. All at once.”

Peter’s eyes were filled with uncertainty. “Are you sure, Mike? That’s not really a good idea for your first....”

“Just do it,” Mike ordered through gritted teeth.

Peter shook his head slowly, shifting on his knees. “It’s going to hurt like hell, man,” he cautioned.

Then, without another word, he gripped hard onto Mike’s lower legs and pressed his hips forward without pause, pushing the head of his cock brutally through the tight barrier of muscle.

Mike honestly thought that he was being split straight down the center as a white-hot flare of agony enveloped his entire body. His mouth opened and he hitched in breath, but before he could let loose the yell that was erupting from deep within him, Peter had clamped his hand over his mouth, stifling it.

“You see what I mean now, Michael?” Peter hissed, distressed, keeping his palm over Mike’s mouth. “I didn’t want it to be this way. I wanted to make it easy for you. Please, Mike. Stop trying to be in control so much and let me do this for you. Let me make it good for you. Please.”

Mike’s wide hazel eyes stared up at Peter, filled with tears of pain. He knew he had to let Peter do things his own way. He had no idea how much this would hurt. Holy shit, he honestly thought he was going to die for a split second there. Besides, Peter was being so kind, so loving, and so wanting to make his first time special for him. Isn’t this exactly what Mike was wanting from Peter all along? Why was he letting his dominating nature ruin things for himself?

Slowly, Peter took his hand away from Mike’s mouth, and Mike drew in a shaky breath as the sharp pain dwindled to a just-bearable burning sensation.

“Yes, do it your way, Pete,” Mike said in a rough whisper, his usually steady voice trembling from reaction. “I don’t know what the hell I was thinking.”

“Neither do I, man,” Peter said, smiling nervously. “But never mind that now. It’ll get much better from here. Are you okay to go on?”

Mike honestly wasn’t sure if he was, but he decided to put his trust in Peter and find out. He nodded silently, biting softly at his lower lip.

Peter began his careful motions again, slipping in a couple of inches, and then backing off; slipping in a little further, and backing off again; over and over, pausing if Mike showed any sign of having more than just mild discomfort. He spoke soothing words, he stroked and caressed Mike’s body, and by the time he was fully inserted, Mike had decided that he loved Peter more than he had ever loved another living being in his entire life...except for maybe his own mother.

“Oh god, Michael,” Peter moaned softly as he began to tentatively move back and forth within the agonizingly tight channel. “You feel amazing.”

Goddamn, so do you, Mike thought, unable at the moment to voice anything coherent. The feeling of Peter moving within him, and the sight of his hips pistoning back and forth in that slow, steady rhythm had Mike utterly speechless. He could only lie back and absorb the sights, the sounds, and the sensations.

However, when Peter’s cock made contact with that hidden pleasure center again, Mike could no longer be silent. “Yeah...Oh shit, Peter. Please keep doing that.”

Peter happily obliged him, purring softly in his own enjoyment as he angled himself to make contact with that spot again and again, until Mike was bucking and writhing beneath him, trying to curb the sounds that wanted to explode from him for fear that the workers and/or patrons of the produce market below would hear.

Noticing the dilemma that Mike was experiencing, and feeling that his orgasm was not far off, Peter slid one hand around Mike’s erection, which was now rock hard once again and begging for attention. He began to stroke it in time to his thrusts, ramping up Mike’s already exuberant reactions.

“Oh fuck...” Mike panted, feeling the familiar tingling at the base of his spine. “Oh fuck...Oh god...Peter, I’m going to....Oh my

His hips snapped up hard to meet Peter’s as his cock exploded for a second time. At the height of his pleasure, Peter leaned over his body, swallowing Mike’s final cry of release in a heated kiss. The kiss also served to muffle Peter’s own vocal reaction as he came deep inside Mike’s body.

They lay together in the aftermath, panting, their sweat-slicked bodies piled together in a satisfied, exhausted heap.

Mike could not believe all that had taken place in such a short time. Just a couple of hours ago he was wondering if he should even go through with such a plan, and now here he was lying naked on a soft wool rug in a borrowed apartment, after being well fucked by the most incredibly wonderful creature he had ever chanced upon. This was it. It had to be. There was no way Peter could leave him now after seeing how much he meant to Mike, and what Mike was willing to give up for him.

Dazed, his brain and body still humming as though with a low dose of electricity, Mike murmured with his eyes closed, “That was so incredible, Peter. I love you.”

Soft, warm lips brushed his own in a brief but tender kiss. “I love you too, Mike.”

Mike’s lips curled up in a sleepy smile, his mind drifting in an post-orgasmic half-doze.
There’s no way you can just go back to Micky now. Things have changed.

There was a long period of silence, and then Peter’s voice spoke in the stillness, low and hesitant.

“But Mike...I
am going back to Micky.”

Mike’s eyes suddenly flew open. Oh Jesus fucking Christ. He hadn’t meant to say that out loud...

There was movement as Peter withdrew from him and sat up, looking at Mike with a slightly confused expression.

Horrified that he had even said such a thing, Mike immediately backpedaled. “Oh...Um...Of course you are. I just meant that you can’t go back to him so
soon. I mean, we just finished and all, and it was my first time. You wouldn’t just up and leave me, would you?” He waited with what he hoped was a convincing smile on his face even as his heart sank and pounded.

Thank heavens for Peter’s sweet, naive, trusting nature. He accepted Mike’s babbling explanation without question, and replied with his usual smile. “Oh! Okay. Of course I’ll stay for a while, Mike.” He paused, and his gaze softened as he slipped his fingers down Mike’s cheek. “I hope I made it all right for you.”

Yes, Peter, Mike thought bitterly, his gaze moving over that open, honest face. You made it so good that I fell even more in love with you than I already was, and you’ll still wind up in Micky’s bed tonight instead of mine. So what the fuck am I supposed to do now?









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