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"It Started With Your Smile"



Title: It Started With Your Smile
Author: Barrelracer
Pairing: Torklenz
Rating: NC17
Warnings: Sexual situations,language
Disclaimer: I do not own the monkees and do not claim in any way that this ever happened
Summary: Micky has a big problem

It was Saturday night and Mike, Davy and Micky were all hustling around the pad getting ready to go out for the evening. Peter stood leaning on the open door of the refrigerator, grinning at Davy as the smaller man ran past pulling on his shirt.

“Petah, are you sure you don’t want to go to the movies with me and Yvonne?”

Peter grabbed a root beer and closed the door, “No thanks Davy, I’d just be a third wheel.”

“Well ok then, see you lateh.” And with that Davy was out the door. Mike walked into the kitchen and grabbed his jacket off the chair.

“You goin’ to be ok by yourself, shotgun?”

Peter nodded his head, “I’ll be fine Mike really, and besides it’s not like you guys are going to be gone all night.” He replied over his shoulder as he walked toward the living room.

Mike walked to the door and opened it then turned to look back at Peter, “You know where I’ll be if you change your mind,” and closed the door behind him.

As Peter approached the couch his eyes shifted to Micky only to find the curly haired drummer regarding him with a somewhat somber look. Micky had been acting kind of strange toward him for the past couple of weeks, Peter didn’t know if he’d done something to upset him somehow and as he sat down the thought that he might have left him with a churning feeling in the pit of his stomach.

“Hey Mick, you ok?” Peter asked.

“Yeah Pete I’m fine, I’ll see you later ok?”

Peter watched Micky for a minute before nodding and replying “ok”

Micky walked out the door……
yeah, right I’m fine, I’ve just suddenly fallen in love with one of my best friends that’s all. All I can think about is that body of yours and how much I’d like to get my hands on it. Wondering what it’d be like to feel your lips against mine and run my fingers through your hair, how it’d feel to have your…… christ, Dolenz don’t go there, don’t even go there……

As Micky walked along the beach he couldn’t get the image of Peter out of his mind. He knew exactly when he had begun to develop feelings for his bandmate, it was three weeks ago. Mike and Davy had been out and Peter and Micky were at the pad alone. Peter had been quietly playing his guitar, learning the cords to a new song that Mike had wanted to perform at an upcoming gig.

“Hey Pete that sounds really great” Micky had said and Peter had flashed him one of his heart stopping smiles and that had been it, Micky was lost……
damn what am I going to do, I can’t keep going on like this….what if Mike and Davy find out….fuck what if Peter finds out……..great, just great, the words fuck and Peter in the same sentence…..Micky glanced down at the growing bulge in his pants…like that’s ever going to happen…….

As the shows closing credits rolled over the screen Peter got up, switched off the TV and walked over to the stack of magazines that Mike had put down next to the chair earlier. Spying the newest girly magazine, Peter picked it up and once again sitting on the couch started thumbing through the pages. Page after page of nearly naked and naked girls started having its effect on Peter. Glancing around, even he knew the other guys were still out, he started stroking himself through his pants. Soon the tightness of his pants became too uncomfortable and standing up undid the top button and pulling the zipper down, slid his pants down and off in one swift motion. Settling down once again he grasped his cock in his hand and slowly began to stroke himself.

…...ummmmm, man I hope the guys don’t come in and see this…..

Peter closed his eyes and began to lose himself in the moment.

Micky looked up to find that he’d stopped next to the stairs leading up to the beach house, he didn’t remember turning around but here he was again, right back where he’d started. Hoping that it was late enough that Peter had gone to bed, he slowly started to climb each step, each creaking step that would bring him closer to the one thing he desperately wanted but couldn’t have. He quietly opened the door, noting that the only light left on was in the kitchen, he tip toed through the living room and was just starting up the stairs to the bedroom he shared with Mike when he heard a low moan from the direction of the couch.

Micky’s eyebrows knit in confusion as he turned around and walked over to it and got the shock of his life. Peter was indeed still up and that wasn’t the only thing that was up,

Peter was jacking off……..

Micky’s breath caught at the sight of that massive erection being so skillfully handled and a sigh escaped past his lips……
man, that thing is huge…..Peter jumped and opened his eyes to see Micky standing there. A red hot flush of embarrassment immediately flashed across Peter’s face and he covered himself with both hands.

“I said that out loud didn’t I...” Micky asked, his own face suddenly turning bright pink.

“Um, yeah.” Peter replied, looking down at his hands, the red on his face becoming deeper.

Drawing a deep breath, Micky walked the few steps it took him to reach the couch and sat down next to Peter. He couldn’t stop his eyes from flickering to the lap next to him.

“Its ok Peter, you don’t have to hide it, to tell you the truth I was kinda hoping you’d let me……. Umm….”

……jesus, I can’t believe I just practically told him I want to hand job him….

Peter’s jaw dropped as he finally began to understand what Micky was trying to say and he looked at Micky with almost comically wide eyes, “You want to….I was….you

Before Peter had time to think about what he was doing (and before Micky’s sudden courage fled right out the door) Micky gently but firmly pushed his hands aside and ran a fingertip up the underside of Peter’s shaft.

“Sometimes it’s better when you get a helping hand.”

Micky continued the slow upwards stroke with his finger until he reached the tip of Peter’s cock and ran it over the crack, spreading around the pre- come that had collected there. He then lifted his eyes to Peter’s face at the same time bringing his finger to his mouth, slowly licked the slightly sticky substance off the tip of his finger.

Peter’s embarrassment quickly faded away as he watched Micky lick his finger and his cock twitched even harder.

“Do that again,” Peter whispered.

“Do what again Pete, this?” Micky whispered back, wrapping his fingers around Peter’s cock and slowly moved his hand up and down, pausing at the top and running his finger around the head.

“Ahhhhh, yeah,” Peter sighed and laid his head back on the top of the couch as Micky's free hand found it’s way under his shirt and began to stroke his stomach.

“Let’s do something with this shirt,” Micky said and Peter sat up and grabbed the hem and jerked it over his head then leaned back again and closed his eyes. Micky moved off the couch and placed his hands on Peter‘s knees, moving his legs apart and kneeling between them. Reaching for Peter’s stiff cock again he ran his tongue across the tip.

Peter gasped…...

“You like that, huh?” Micky said momentarily taking his mouth off the glistening erection in front of him. He grinned and opened his mouth, taking Peter all the way down to the hilt, but not before popping his finger back in his mouth again, wetting it.

“Oh shit,” Peter yelped, and grabbed hold of the couch cushions, arching his back against the relentless onslaught of Micky’s mouth. Suddenly he felt Micky’s finger rubbing his tight opening and groaned, gasping for air like a fish out of water.


Peter felt the finger enter him and began to stroke in and out in short jerky motions and began to buck wildly under Micky. The combined sensation of Micky’s mouth on his cock and getting finger fucked at the same time was too much for Peter. He groaned loudly as his orgasm crashed into him.

Peter sat trembling, breathing in big gulps of air as Micky moved up onto the couch next to him. Putting a hand on Micky’s leg Peter gazed at him.

“How….how….shit….can’t talk,” his voice wheezing. Micky laughed and said:

“How did I know how to do that?”

Peter nodded.

Micky shrugged his shoulders, “There’s something’s that I didn’t think I could talk about with you guys.”

Peter reached over and gently laid his hand on the side of Micky’s face.

“There’s nothing you can’t talk to me about Mick,” his breathing coming easier now.

“Thanks Pete, I guess I just wasn’t sure how you’d take it if I told you how I feel about you.”

Feeling suddenly shy, which was surprising considering what he and Micky had just done.

“How do you feel about me?”

Micky took a deep breath, “I love you Peter, I mean I’ve never gone over the top for another guy like this but there’s something special about you.”

“That’s why you‘ve been acting strange around me.”

“I’m real sorry for that,” Micky replied looking down at his lap. Peter placed a finger under Micky’s chin forcing the other man to raise his eyes again.

“I love you too Mick,” he said and wasn’t prepared for what happened next. Micky grabbed his shoulders, forcefully pushing the startled blond down onto the couch and clamped his mouth onto Peter’s.

Peter giggled into Micky’s mouth, the giggle quickly turned into a soft moan as Micky’s erection pushed against him through the material of Micky’s pants. He opened his mouth and instantly Micky’s tongue was in, tangling with Peter’s. Both men moaned as Peter wrapped his arms around Micky, gently running his big hands over the clothed ass on top of him and squeezed.

Peter’s mind was whirling
….wow, Mick sure can kiss….nice ass too……

Micky’s was on a similar train of thought…
my god if I’d known Pete could kiss like this….maybe I should have told him sooner……oh yeah, do that again…….hey his dick's starting to grow again……fast……

Micky broke the kiss and looked down at Peter, “Is it too soon to take this to the next level?”

Peter raised an eyebrow, “What did you have in mind?”

Micky lowered his head, placing his head next to Peter’s ear, “I really want to fuck you.”

His eyes narrowed in thought for a moment then Peter grinned and stood pulling Micky up with him.

“Your bed or mine?”

“Yours is closer,” Micky replied, remembering Peter slept downstairs with Davy. Once in the room Peter softly kissed Micky’s neck, running his tongue over the soft skin he found there. Unbuttoning Micky’s pants Peter worked his hand inside; running his fingers over the curly haired mans erection. Micky moaned at the feeling of Peter’s exploring fingers and Peter dropped to his knees pulling Micky’s pants down at the same time. Peter licked the tip of the hard cock in front of him then slowly began to take it into his mouth.

“Oh god Peter you don’t know how good that feels...”

“Yes I do, you just did the same thing to me remember?” Peter replied chuckling.

Peter stood and moved to his bed, lying down he extended a hand toward Micky.

“You coming?”

Micky lay down next to Peter and began stroking his cock again, “You’ve definitely got one hell of a big peter, Big Peter.”

Peter laughed, “I believe you called it huge.”

Blushing Micky retorted, “Yeah, it kind of took my breath away.”

Peter replied in a suddenly deep voice, “Lets see if I can still take your breath away,” as he wrapped his fingers around Micky’s cock and started pumping. Micky groaned and Peter stepped up his ministrations quickly running his hand up and down Micky’s member stopping long enough to run his tongue up the underside of his cock. Micky decided he couldn’t take much more and with a burst of energy rolled Peter under him

“I need to be inside you now!”

Peter reached into his and Davy's bedside table and drew out a jar of Vaseline and handed it to Micky.

Micky asked, “Yours or Davy’s?’


Micky took the top off and slathered himself with the slick substance then lifting Peter’s legs to his shoulders.

“This might hurt a little,” He positioned himself at Peter’s opening and slowly began to push in.

Peter exhaled the breath he hadn’t realized he was holding as he felt himself stretching to accommodate Micky’s cock. Then gave a startled grunt and his eyes widened as Micky’s cockhead cleared the tight ring of muscle.

“You ok, Pete?”

“Uh huh.”

After a minute or so Micky continued, slowly thrusting in then withdrawing, repeating until he was fully sheathed inside Peter. He held himself still for a moment then leaned forward balancing himself on raised arms above the blond.

“God you feel so damned good...” Micky breathed as Peter gazed up at him with a look of combined wonder and happiness.

Sheepish, Peter replied, “You feel……kind of strange.”

Micky grinned and began a slow thrusting motion, changing rhythm as the look on Peter’s face began to take on a rather pleasured look. Micky suddenly shifted and Peter gasped as a flash of pleasure so intense it caused his eyes to roll back in his head crashed into him.

“Fuck, do that again.”

Micky withdrew and thrust in again hitting that same spot, Peter’s back arched as a deep groan escaped him.

Micky liked to talk dirty when he was fucking and he talked now….

“Do you like that Pete, do you like having my dick up your ass?”

Driven by Micky’s words Peter reached down and grabbed the bed cover in both hands and surprising himself with its intensity gasped out

“Oh god yes, fuck me Micky.”

Micky raised himself to his knees lifting Peter with him as his thrusts became more frenzied, ramming himself into Peter almost pushing him off the bed. Wrapping one arm around Peter’s legs he grasped Peter’s straining cock in the other and jerked him hard and fast.


Micky roared, shooting his load into Peter.

Peter came at almost the same time, “Oh god oh FUCK FUCK YESSSS!”

Micky rolled off Peter before he could collapse on top of him and intertwined his fingers in Peter’s. They lay there quietly for a time as both caught their breaths. Finally when he could move Micky rolled onto his side facing Peter and resting his head in his hand said
“That was amazing, you’re amazing.”

Peter grinned and replied, "Just think this all started with a magazine.”

“No,” came Micky’s reply, “It all started with your smile.”