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"Homeward Bound"

Title: "Homeward Bound"

Author: HunyR0ry

Rating: G

Character: Davy

Summary: Is it really the end?

Author’s Note: Be prepared for tears

Everything was pain, inside and out.

Davy Jones could feel himself drifting as his vision greyed and the sound of voices faded away.....


Davy opened his eyes.  He was standing on the doorstep outside his fathers' home.  Slightly nervously he knocked on the door.

The door opened.

"Davy, lad.  It's wonderful to see you!"  His father smiled broadly.

Davy grinned.  "My hair's not to long to come in, is it?"

"Don't be daft, son!  It's your house anyway!  You bought it!  Come in.  Your mother's got the kettle on and Ken and Deborah can't wait to see you....!"

Davy entered the house and the door closed.