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"He Looked At Me"



Title: He Looked At Me
Pairing: Torksmith at first, with a Torklenzmith chaser. :)
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Naughty language and hot man sex.
Disclaimer: Do not own!
Summary: Mike likes the way Peter looks at him.
Author's Note: This one pretty nearly wrote itself after I re-watched the "Love is Only Sleeping" video from the end of the "I Was a 99-lb Weakling" episode. There was absolutely no overt slashy subtext in it, but I just found something sexy about it all the same. Plus, Peter looks absolutely sex-tastic in it. :)

“You just had to get me goin’ again, didn’t you?”

Even though the words were softly spoken, Peter nevertheless whirled around in surprise from his spot near the corner of their dressing room, where he had been putting his bass away after their performance at the Mod Spot club.

His alert posture immediately relaxed as he saw Mike slouching against the doorframe, his arms folded.

“You scared me,” Peter said, smiling a little. “What did you say?”

Mike’s eyes appraised him in a cool, measured fashion, his voice still calm and quiet as he repeated, “I said, you just had to get me goin’, didn’t you?”

Peter’s eyebrows drew together as he did the tiniest cock of his head. “What do you mean?”

Mike shifted his weight to the other foot, drawing himself up to his full height and taking a slow step into the room. “I saw those looks you were giving me during ‘Sleeping’, Pete. Don’t try to deny it.”

Peter flushed slightly and dropped his gaze. “Well, your voice does sound really sexy when you sing it.” He peered up at Mike through his eyelashes in an almost shy fashion that Mike found absolutely irresistible.

“Hmm...You think so, huh?” Mike asked, still speaking in that same soft manner as he drew closer to Peter. Peter swallowed hard, his eyes as powerless to move as the rest of him as Mike stood right before him. A soft sigh escaped Peter’s lips as Mike’s hand reached up to stroke over the side of his face with a light touch, the long lace-trimmed cuff of the coat Mike was wearing tickling his jaw line briefly along the way.

Then, without warning, Mike swooped in to claim Peter’s lips in a rough, possessive kiss, forcing his tongue into Peter’s mouth. Peter’s initial male instinct made him briefly fight for dominance of the kiss, but it was clear from the outset that this was one contest he was not going to win. He acknowledged defeat with a low purring sound in his throat as their tongues dueled busily with one another’s for nearly half a minute straight, until need for air drove them apart.

Breathing heavily, Mike quickly shrugged out of his long, blue dress coat. It was becoming much too hot in here for such a garment, anyway. The shirt and tie soon followed, and then he was drawing Peter’s body into his own again, feeling the rough texture of Peter’s suede vest rubbing up against his bared nipples, stimulating him all the more.

As their mouths clashed again, Mike grasped handfuls of the thin fabric of Peter’s red paisley shirt in both fists and yanked upwards, un-tucking it from his pants. Blindly, but with perfect precision, he swiftly unbuttoned Peter’s shirt and pulled both it and the vest over Peter’s shoulders, allowing Peter to quickly shrug out of them with ease.

Nibbling busily down the side of Peter’s neck, Mike reached around to cup the firm curves of the other man’s backside, kneading the slightly yielding flesh through the maddeningly thin white pants. Peter’s next sigh turned into a soft moan as Mike pulled Peter’s hips tightly against his own with a sharp grunt, grinding their swiftly hardening cocks together.

Immediately, Peter mirrored Mike’s posture, grabbing at Mike’s ass with something like desperation, sealing them together even tighter. Mike felt the increasingly urgent way that Peter bucked against him, seeking a quick, hard release, which caused Mike’s lips to curve into a smile even as he continued attacking Peter’s mouth with almost savage kisses. He had suspected that Peter had been getting pretty horny during the last couple of numbers they had played, but evidently his blood had been boiling much hotter than even Mike had expected. How fortunate for him!

As much as Mike would have liked to see Peter come completely undone right away, and even though this felt so good he was loathe to stop it, he knew that he was letting Peter have his own way much too easily. Mike realized he would have to regain total control of the situation before he got too drawn into it. After all, there were matters of principle to uphold here.

So instead of letting Peter dry-hump his way into an explosive orgasm, he instead backed his hips off, causing Peter to whimper with frustration and disappointment.

“Now just hold up there, good buddy,” Mike said. His cool, soothing voice masked the lust that he himself was feeling quite acutely right now. His heart pounded; His balls throbbed; His cock was hot iron in his now uncomfortably tight pants.

Not that Peter’s erection was any less impressive. It pushed eagerly at its white polyester prison, creating a sight that Mike knew would drive him absolutely crazy if he looked at it for too long. Although looking at Peter’s face wasn’t helping much either. The normally mild tawny eyes were dark and simmering with arousal, the cheeks beautifully flushed, the lips rosy, slightly swollen, and as Mike watched, Peter drew his tongue slowly over them in a move that was both achingly innocent but painfully seductive all at once.

Mike slid his hands up Peter’s chest, watching their slow ascent, his fingers slipping through the sprinkling of light brown hair, and then brushing against the strings of beads around Peter’s neck.

“Oh, I’d forgotten about those,” Peter said, his voice slightly hoarse as he reached up to his neck, intending to pull the beads off over his head.

“No,” Mike said softly but firmly, laying his hand over Peter’s. “Leave them on.” He let his fingers trail over them as Peter slowly lowered his own hand, looking at Mike with mildly questioning eyes.

Suddenly, Mike twisted one of his hands into the beads, swiftly tangling them into his fist and using them to drag Peter’s head forward into another hard kiss that literally took Peter’s breath away. He barely had time to recover from this sudden development when he was abruptly spun around and pushed face-first into the nearest wall.

He shivered and moaned in anticipation as he felt Mike’s slender, wiry body pressing up behind him. Mike’s hands slipped around Peter’s body, feeling the tremor of the tense muscles under the smooth, warm skin. He dipped his head to bite gently at one freckled shoulder as his fingers swiftly undid Peter’s belt and unzipped his pants. Peter splayed his hands against the wall, his fingers slightly curled into the plaster as Mike’s hand closed around his aching, needy cock.

“Oh!” Peter gasped, jerking his hips almost involuntarily at the contact. He captured his bottom lip between his teeth, his eyes closed as he pushed his erection through the tight ring of Mike’s fist again, and again, and again. His breathing quickened, and another shudder wracked his frame.

“Don’t you come yet,” Mike suddenly purred into his ear. “Don’t you dare. It’s not time to come until I
say it’s time. You got that, shotgun?”

A deep groan of frustration was the only audible response Peter was capable of right now, but he nodded all the same, a thin sheen of sweat springing out over his face as he tried with all his might to rein in his raging passions.

Dimly, he could sense Mike behind him, loosening his own pants, and then he was sliding Peter’s further down his hips until they pooled around his knees.

Barely able to control the tremble in his own hands now, Mike slipped the first two fingers of his left hand into Peter’s mouth. “Suck,” he ordered softly.

Peter wasted no time. He hollowed his cheeks and sucked hard at Mike’s fingers, twining his tongue around them sensuously as he did so. Mike swallowed hard, his cock twitching in response as he was reminded again of how talented Peter’s mouth could be.

That was for another time, though. Right now all he could think about was that luscious tight ass and how much Peter’s entire being was just begging to be fucked.

Withdrawing his hand from between Peter’s lips, he positioned his fingers at Peter’s entrance, pushing in slowly but firmly, scissoring as he went.

Peter leaned his head against the wall, moaning in an urgent, pleading tone that Mike absolutely loved. He slid his hand as far forward as he could, and reached deep inside in order to get to that treasured sweet spot.

“Oh god, Mike,” Peter whimpered as he was so intensely stimulated. He twisted his hips slightly, pushing back against Mike’s hand, and was rewarded for his efforts as that spot was touched again. This time the sound Peter uttered was closer to a growl of pure lust, such an un-Peter-like sound that Mike shivered with delight at the sound of it. Still, he steeled himself and managed to regain total control of the situation.

“Mmm...Greedy for it, are you, Peter?” Mike murmured into his ear, letting his lips just barely graze the lobe. He slowly moved his fingers in and out, teasingly, backing off just when Peter was anticipating having his prostrate brushed again, causing Peter to almost sob with frustration.

Mike smiled, loving the power he had over Peter. Micky was so quick to give Peter anything he wanted, whenever he wanted it. Mike’s experience was that people, whether they be male or female, appreciated pleasure more when they had to wait for it, and Peter was a prime example. Outwardly, Peter was sweet-natured, kind, and at times, naive to the point of seeming slightly dumb. But oh, underneath that was a free-spirited, highly sexual being, and it was that side that Mike really liked to fuck with. It was almost too easy, how he could get Peter to the point of begging for his cock, and Mike thought that was just fine.

Right on cue Peter’s tremulous voice, sounding deep and desperate and on the verge of tears, drifted to Mike’s ears. “Mike...Please, please fuck me. I need to...I can’t....oh please.”

Mike’s own arousal surged another notch, and he quickly spat into his hand to slick up his erection, at the same time easing his fingers out of Peter’s body, as Peter sighed with a combination of disappointment and anticipation.

Without uttering a word, Mike positioned himself and began to lean into Peter’s body, sliding inside inch by inch, not hurrying, though the heat and the tightness and the lusty groans that Peter was making were combining to really test his steely resolve.

Once he was fully sheathed, he merely stood there, slipping his hands around Peter’s slender waist, both to anchor himself and to keep some semblance of control over Peter’s own movements.

Peter whimpered again, swiveling his hips, trying to entice Mike to start thrusting. Finally he burst out in a totally uncharacteristic fashion. “Damn it, Michael! Why do you have to torture me like this? Fucking
move!! Please!!”

Mike laughed softly, grateful that Peter couldn’t see the beads of sweat that were rolling down his face and chest from the mere effort of staying still. Still, he betrayed none of that struggle in his voice as he murmured, “You want me to move, do you? You want me to fuck you hard? Is that what you want, Pete?”

“Yes!” Peter nearly shouted. “Yes! That’s what I want! I’d get down on my knees and beg for it, but under the present circumstances, that would be rather difficult!”

Now Mike’s laugh was genuine and hearty. He leaned his head on Peter’s shoulder, and for a moment he let his true tenderness for the other man shine through as moved his hair aside to gently kiss the nape of his neck.

“Peter, you are a wonder,” he breathed, almost to himself, though he was sure Peter heard him.

Then, without any further words being spoken, he resumed his firm grip on Peter’s waist and began to move, alternating short, quick thrusts with long, slow ones that had Peter almost melting into the wall.

“Oh yes...” Peter moaned, his short nails digging into the soft plaster. “Oh my god, Michael...That’s feels so good...”

You’re not fucking kidding, Mike agreed silently, sweat flowing more freely now from both of them, coating their bodies in a fine sheen as the tension and built and their motions grew more heated and urgent.

“Goddamn,” Mike ground out, his teeth clenched. As many times as Peter had been fucked by both him and Micky, it was amazing how his ass always felt as tight as a virgin’s. Amazing and downright torturous when one was trying to hold off from coming as long as possible, and especially criminal when that tight ass belonged to such a beautiful, sensual creature that was groaning his name over and over again and sounding so fucking

Mike growled, dizzy with lust, and started pumping faster and harder, pulling out almost all the way before slamming his full length back in again, over and over. He dipped his head to lick away a trickling trail of sweat that was running down between Peter’s shoulder blades.

Just then, a familiar voice suddenly sounded from behind them.

“Y’know, guys....You really should close the dressing room door if you’re going to be...you know...fucking in a public place like this,” Micky advised, amusement and just the tiniest bit of tension in his tone. He had been standing and watching the two of them for several moments, and enjoying the show quite a bit, but unlike the last time he had played voyeur, he was not content with being an entirely passive onlooker this time.

Mike didn’t stop moving, but merely slowed in order to talk to Micky, keeping Peter’s passion...and his own...at a high level.

“Well, now that you’ve seen what’s happening here, why don’t you take off that god-awful tablecloth you’re wearing and come help me send Peter over the moon?”

Micky grinned, both at the “tablecloth” reference to the long, brilliantly patterned poncho that he had taken to wearing lately, and also at the idea of sending Peter over the moon. Anything that had to do with helping Peter get off was one of the most brilliant ideas in the world to Micky, after all.

Swiftly, trying to take his eyes off the sight in front of him as little as possible, Micky quickly stripped down to nothing, then moved toward where Peter was leaning against the wall.

Micky’s heart almost stopped as he saw Peter. The eyelids fluttering over fully dilated pupils, the glow of perspiration on his tanned skin....god, he looked absolutely gorgeous. He was groaning, every muscle straining toward his release, his hair in sweat-soaked strings around his neck and forehead. Far from feeling jealous that he was witnessing these things brought about by someone other than himself, Micky was on the contrary absolutely galvanized by it.

“Peter...” Micky said in a soft, almost awestruck voice, and Peter immediately turned his head to look at him.

“Hi, Micky,” Peter breathed, his eyes lighting up as a smile curled his lips. The next thing Micky knew, Peter had hooked a hand around the back of his head, drawing him into a kiss that was so intense that Micky felt the sensations pass through his lips, down through his body, and straight to his groin. He uttered an almost helpless groan into the raging heat of Peter’s mouth and clung to him, taking everything that Peter was giving him.

Oh, this was just getting better and better, Mike decided as he began to pick up his pace again. He knew he was not going to last much longer. The added visual stimulation of seeing Peter practically devouring Micky’s face in the extremity of his arousal was too much for him.

“Oh fuck....Fuck...” Mike groaned, ramming Peter’s ass so hard that he knew those beautifully rounded buttocks would be black and blue tomorrow. “Peter, you’re going to make me come....Oh yeah....Here it comes, baby...Here it comes...”

One more brutal thrust and Mike was rocketing over the edge. He uttered a sharp curse, his fingers digging into Peter’s sides as shudders wracked his tall frame. He slouched against Peter’s back for a moment as the sensations subsided, panting, waiting for the colors to come back into the world after that amazing white-out he had just experienced.

When he felt sufficiently recovered, he slowly eased his spent cock out of Peter and stumbled around to where Micky and Peter were continuing their dance of sliding lips and dueling tongues. Mike slipped a hand around Micky’s thin shoulders, gently separating the two lovers and turning Micky’s face toward him to taste those lips for himself, finding them just as hot and just as responsive as Peter’s had been.

Y’know...I never really considered before what it would be like to fuck Micky. I might have to find out one of these days, Mike thought randomly, darting his tongue rapidly within the confines of Micky’s mouth and hearing the other man give a guttural sigh in response.

Peter whimpered as for a moment he was temporarily forgotten at the height of his passion. He was still as hard as a rock. Mike’s clever method of fucking him had kept him on the knife edge of tumbling over the brink without ever actually giving him that final push he so badly needed. Seeing his two friends kissing one another was not helping to quell his libido any, that was for sure.

Before Peter had to resort to outright begging again, however, Mike pulled back, licking his full lips. He winked at Micky and said quietly, “He’s all yours, Mick...Finish him off.”

Micky nodded and winked back with a smile, and then he dropped to his knees and moved in between Peter’s hips and the wall. Peter actually sobbed with relief as Micky’s eager mouth slid over his aching member.

“Oh Micky,” Peter moaned, feeling Micky’s tongue dancing over the head of his cock, feeling the glorious suction sliding up and down his shaft. Peter found himself bracing against the wall for support again, for he wasn’t sure if his legs were going to support him or not. Micky still had trouble taking all of Peter’s cock into his mouth, but he had definitely been making steady improvement toward that goal...improvement that Peter was most sincerely noticing right now.

As Peter hovered ever closer to his long-awaited finish, he suddenly heard a muffled groan come from Micky as well, and he looked down to see that Mike had joined Micky on the floor and had wrapped his hand around Micky’s erection, fisting it expertly, matching Micky’s pace as he intently watched Peter’s cock being so greedily sucked.

As was the case with Mike just a couple of minutes earlier, the combination of the physical, auditory, and visual stimulations were just too much of a sensory overload, and Peter found himself rocketing toward his climax in short order.

“Micky....Oh god, Micky...Ohhhhh god...I’m going to.....”

Then Peter tensed all over and a cry of pleasure and relief burst from him as he finally fell into that glorious abyss. Micky eagerly swallowed all that Peter had to give, feeling his own orgasm quickly approaching as Mike jerked him off so exquisitely. With a long, low groan of satisfaction, Micky came within seconds of Peter, gripping Peter’s thighs for support in his final throes.

After a couple of moments, at some unspoken signal, the two men on the floor stood in unison, Micky a bit shakier than Mike. They both embraced Peter lovingly; all three of them tired but sated, and ready to head back to the Pad.

Just then, another familiar voice rounded the corner of the doorway.

“Hey fellas, I saw the door was open and I thought....” Davy stopped, staring at his three naked, disheveled friends. “Oh bloody hell,” he sighed, face-palming. Without another word, he turned and walked right back out, shaking his head the whole way.







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