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"Good Clean Fun"



Title: Good Clean Fun
Pairing: Mike/Peter
Rating: NC-17
Author: Inger

Summary: Peter’s trying to clean himself of sand and enlists Mike’s help.

It was another day at 1334 Beachwood. Micky and Davy were just hanging at the pad. Davy, half heartedly looking at a magazine and Micky with his nose in a sci-fi book.

Mike comes through the front door.

“Hey Mike,” calls Davy

“Hey guys,” Mike looks around, “Where's Peter?”

“In the bathroom, cleaning up.”

Mike wanders into the kitchen and notices that the floor in the kitchen, in fact all the way to the back door, is covered in sand.

"Hey, what's with all the sand?”

Micky mumbles “Pete,” and sticks his nose back in his book.


“Petah came in, absolutely covered in sand and then headed straight for the loo .”

“What, on earth, was he doing?”

“You can never tell with Petah.”

The bathroom door was ajar and Mike figured he was gonna try and find out what the hell was going on.

“Hey Pete....”

Mike stopped short when he pushed the door open. Peter had his back to the door and was completely naked. Mike had never really seen Peter like this, as Pete bunked below with Davy and Mike was upstairs with Mick. Mike was entranced.

“Oh, hey Mike.” Pete said over his shoulder.

“Need any help, buddy?”

“That would be great! Could you help me get this fucking sand off my back?”

“Oh sure. Lemme help ya .”

Mike stepped closer and took in the young man's form. Slender but with well defined muscles all over. My God, he's beautiful. Why hadn't I noticed before. I gotta keep cool or I'm gonna freak him out.

Mike started smoothing the sand from Pete's shoulders and then down his back. Mike could feel his pants become substantially more snug and he was starting to sweat a little.

“I really appreciate this.” says Peter

Me too thought Mike, but says, “Not a problem,” trying hard to keep his voice normal.

He ran his hands down the backs of Peter's thighs on the pretense of getting the last of the sand off his friend. In reality, what he wanted to do was get closer to his beautiful ass – all round and firm flesh, fragrant with sun and a more subtle musk. He couldn't believe that Peter not only tolerated this intimacy, but seemingly, welcomed it. This made Mike wonder (and in wondering, desire the blond even more).

Mike decided to try and take this a little further. He stepped closer to Peter. There was barely a few inches between them.

Peter became very still. He could feel Mike's breathing on the back of his neck. He had been enjoying Mike's hands on him and, in fact, had been wishing for such a thing for years but would never have initiated anything for fear of losing a friend and getting a beating in the bargain, but also, what that could mean to the band.

Mike closed his eyes and took one more step forward so that their bodies were now pressing together. So far, so good. Well, here goes nothing.

Mike brought his fingers up to trace Peter's ear and down his throat.

Still no refusal, interesting.

Mike leaned in and breathed in Peter's ear, soft and warm.

Peter let his head drop back a little and a faint sigh escaped his lips.

Mike leaned forward and traced the inner shell of the blond's ear with his tongue, catching the lobe in his teeth.

Peter let out a genuine moan.

Mike ran his hands up and down Peter's arms and over his torso; stopping to tease his nipples. His skin was warm and smooth.

Peter was in heaven. He didn't know what to expect but he fervently wished that Mike would continue to explore his body, especially lower.

Mike wrapped his arms around his friend. One hand still rubbing and teasing a nipple; the other hand sliding down over waist, then hips to his thigh.

Peter was moaning in anticipation but didn't dare say anything for fear of destroying the magic spell that had fallen over them.

Mike inched his hand over and stroked Pete's balls; this made Peter grind his ass into the,obvious,hard on behind him.

Mike moved up and grasped Peter's straining cock.

Whoa. He's as big as me, easy, and he's really digging this. Good.

Mike began stroking him, slowly at first, then harder. Grasping it firmly, working it like he would his own.

Peter's head was now leaning on Mike's shoulder, his eyes closed and his mouth open. Peter was moaning deep in his chest and his breath was becoming ragged.

“I take it you like that.” Mike breathed in his ear.

“Uh huh. Ohhhhhhh....”

Mike worked him harder and harder. Peter's hips were moving in time with Mike's hands. Peter was close. A few more strokes and with a cry, he shot his cum all over the floor.

Peter stood gasping and leaning against Mike.

“You okay, buddy?” Mike was hoping that Pete wouldn't, suddenly, freak out and kick his ass.

You never saw Pete with girls much. He's always been so shy and quiet. Of course, you gotta watch out for the quiet ones.

Peter turned and looked him in the eye then pulled Mike to him roughly and kissed him with force; his tongue demanding entry.

Mike was taken aback but more than happy to let the blond assert the control he'd never shown before.

Lust was coming off of Peter in waves you could almost see.

Their tongues twining and dancing together as Peter, feverishly, unbuttons Mike's shirt and then his jeans.

Mike breaks contact, just briefly, to put some towels down before Peter leads him to the floor.

Peter removes the last of Mike's clothing and sits back, just admiring the man below him. Fair skin and long lines, he is beautiful to behold.

Peter couldn't wait to get his hands and mouth on him. He started running his hands, very delicately, over Mike's frame. Skin as smooth and fine as alabaster. How long had he dreamed of this. Peter didn't want to lose a moment; he was trying to commit it all to memory.

Mike felt like he was dreaming. The way Peter was stroking him and the look in his eyes made Mike feel beautiful and precious; not feelings he was accustomed to.

Peter leaned in to kiss him gently; deepening the kiss as he discovers a sensitive spot on Mike's body. The combination of sensations was intoxicating.

Peter kissed his chin and then down his throat; tracing lines in the hollows of a clavicle. Moving to nuzzle his face in the hair on Mike's chest; just breathing him in. Latching on to a nipple then moving to the other; eventually trailing kisses downward. Nestling in between his legs, Peter proceeds to take one of Mike's balls in his mouth; sucking and rolling it around, savoring the taste.

Mike's moans intensify as Pete moves to the other one.

God his mouth felt good, all warm and wet.

Pete started in on Mike's cock with long licks going from base to tip; hovering for a moment and then taking in his entire length.

“Uh! Oh god Pete! Oh, you feel so good!”

“I take it you like that.”

“Oh, please, don't stop.”

Unseen, Peter reaches for the tanning oil on the edge of the sink. He pours some of the oil in his hand and starts massaging Mike's balls gently.

The sensation is almost too great for Mike to bear.

“Oh my god. Oh god. Ohhhhhhhh......”

Still sucking on his cock, Peter rubs the entrance to Mike's ass with an oily finger and slides it in, then adding a second then third.

“Oh Pete! Fuck! Uhhhhh...”

Mike shoots and Peter happily swallows every bit, being careful not to miss any.

Hearing Mike call his name as he came has gotten the blond, almost painfully, aroused. He oils up his dick and moves up to look at his lover; kissing him gently and then harder.

“Please, Mike, I need to be inside of you. I won't hurt you, I promise. Please?”

Mike tries to focus his eyes on the man before him. He can only manage a nod, but that's enough.

Peter leans in again and covers the darker man's mouth with his own. He rubs the head of his dick against Mike's waiting entrance and gently pushes the head in. Peter wants to taste Mike's moans and swallow his cries of pleasure. Inch by, agonizing, inch he pushes until he is fully within him. A small thrust, carefully aimed, at the sweet spot inside makes Mike's eyes fly open and breathing catch.

Slowly and then building in intensity, Peter pumps in and out; trying to hold on as long as he can. Mike's ass so warm and so tight that Pete begins to lose it. He starts to pound harder and harder.

“You feel so good. so good. good. I'm gonna , uh, gonna ...Unh!”

With a jerk, Pete explodes in Mikes ass and collapses on his lover panting, sweaty and in ecstasy.

Gently, he slides out and rolls onto his side. Mike and he, just looking at each other.

“You are incredible” Mike whispers.

“You are perfect” Peter responds.

Laying together, their bodies touching, the two men luxuriate in the passion they have shared.

“For as much as I don't want to move, we should get cleaned up.” Mike says, trying to sit up. On the third try, he makes it.

Peter leans on one elbow, just looking at him. Mike gives him a smile and runs a finger down Peter's cheek and over his lips. Peter beams and kisses the calloused fingertip. He tries to speak.

“Mike, if only you knew how long...”

“Shhhhhhh....” Mike silences him with a kiss. “That don't matter any, now that we've found each other” Another kiss.

Mike rises and elegantly extends a hand to his lover, pulling him to his feet.

Peter turns on the shower while Mike tries to locate some towels that are neither sticky or covered in sand. When they enter, they both sigh. The hot water feels so good on their bodies.

They spend a fair amount of time holding, kissing and soaping one another.

Again, Mike is behind Peter, this time, scrubbing his back. Mike can't resist cupping Peter's buttocks and giving them a hard squeeze.


Peter's eyes go half mast and his dick twitches.

This does not go unnoticed by Mike, who leans forward and bites Peter's ear and growls “My turn”.

Another moan from Peter, who arches his back, making it very clear what he wants.

Mike is happy to oblige. He begins teasing him, running the head of his cock up and down the cleft of Peter's ass.

“Beg!” Mike commands him.

“Please Mike, please. I want you to fuck me. Please fuck me, please.”

Mike readies himself to enter.

Just as Peter feels the head breach his opening, he lunges back against Mike, driving him all the way in at once.

They cry out in unison.

Peter's ass is hot, wet and willing and Mike can't remember the last time he felt anything so wonderful.

“Harder, oh god, please” Peter gasps “oh god. Fuck me.”

Mike begins slamming into his ass as Pete starts yanking on his rod, none too gently.

With his orgasm only moments away, Pete's ass starts clenching around Mike's dick causing a chain reaction. Pete and Mike cum almost simultaneously.

Mike wraps his arms around Pete's waist and just holds him close. Breathing hard and with his head spinning he hears...

“Thank you, Michael”

Mike is speechless. Peter has,pretty much, taken him on the ride of his life and he's thanking him. What could I possibly have done to deserve this?

He straightens up stiffly and slowly pulls out.

He pulls Peter into a tender embrace, kisses him and whispers

“Thank you, for everything”

The hot water chooses this sweet moment to cut out.



They rinse as quickly as they can, hopping out in record time.

Toweling each other off, they open the bathroom door. Mike in his bathrobe and Peter clad only in a towel. Hand in hand they make their way up the stairs to Mike's room, completely oblivious to the staring eyes and open mouths.

Micky and Davy watch the retreating figures. When they hear the door shut firmly, they look at each other.

Micky tosses his book and jumps over the coffee table pulling his clothes off as he goes. Davy loses the mag and wriggles out of his shorts.

As Micky reaches the couch, Davy rummages through the cushions till he comes up with the bottle of lube hidden there for just such and opportunity.

Micky greases up his shaft and in no time he's pressing into Davy's waiting ass.

They both share a fleeting thought that life is getting more interesting around the pad before they are lost to their own pleasure.