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"Going Out With a Bang"



Title: Two Hearts - Going Out With A Bang
Author: Barrelracer
Genre: Slash
Pairing: Torklenzsmith
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: language, sexuality
Disclaimer: I don’t own the Monkees and do not claim in any way that this ever happened.
Summary: It’s New Years Eve and Mike is in a sharing mood.

Micky sighed and looked at his watch in the bright moonlight, seeing that it was just 11:00. He’d been sitting in the driveway for the past thirty minutes. After his date had started complaining of a headache, he’d finally relented and taken her home early. Not knowing what else to do and not wanting to interrupt Mike and Peter’s private New Years Eve celebration, he’d driven around for a while, finally ending up sitting in the driveway. Drumming his fingers on the steering wheel, Micky looked out the window.


Inside the pad, the only light left on in the living room cast a dim glow over the empty interior. Shadows criss-crossed the room and up the spiral staircase where the light in the bed room shone brightly under the closed door. A soft chuckle came from one of the two figures on Mike’s bed as Peter stretched out full length on top of his dark haired lover. Resting his elbows on either side of Mike’s head, Peter gazed down into Mike’s dark eyes. The corners of his lips were turned up in a not -so- quite innocent smile as he began to slowly rotate his hips in a circular motion. Mike groaned as his hands found their way to Peter’s still clothed rear end, grasping tightly then releasing in a sort of rough, off handed massage.

“Mmmm, is this your way of telling me this is going to be a long night?”

Peter’s smile grew wider. “A very long night.” He said just before he clamped his mouth down on Mike’s.

Mike was so caught up in the sensual feeling of Peter’s tongue wrapping around his that he almost didn’t hear the closing of the door down stairs.


Micky had just started across the room when he heard Mike’s voice. “Hey Mick, your home early.”

Micky looked up to see Mike framed in the brightly lit door way, his shirt hanging unbuttoned on his shoulders, showing the dark mat of hair on his chest. “Uh…yeah, Marney had a headache, so I took her home early.” Just then Peter appeared behind Mike draping his arm over the Texan’s shoulder. “I’ll uh…camp out here on the couch tonight.” Gesturing toward the darkened living room.

Mike nodded his head and closed the door as Micky made his way to the couch in the near darkness. Sitting down he groaned inwardly…
what a way to spend New Years Eve.....my date gets sick, Davy won’t be back for another two days and my two best friends are upstairs screwing… As the memory of what had happened a few days before Christmas flashed in his mind, Micky groaned out loud. The curly haired man felt his cock begin to twitch as he remembered how Peter had gone down on him, how good that sucking mouth had felt and how both Peter and Mike had made those incredibly sexy sounds as Mike had pounded into the blond.

Micky sighed and closed his eyes, briefly wondering if they would mind if he joined in just one more time but quickly decided against it. This would be the lovers first New Years Eve together and he didn’t want to seem like a third wheel.

“Hey Micky?” Lost in his thoughts Micky jumped at the sound of Peter’s voice.

“Yeah?” He swiveled around in his seat to see Peter standing in the open doorway.

“Can you come up here, please?”

Knowing there was nothing he could do to hide the bulge pitching a tent in the front of his pants; Micky climbed the stairs and walked into the room as Peter moved to one side to let him in.

As he walked in he saw Mike sitting on the edge of his bed, the Texan’s eyes dropped to the front of his pants then shifted to Peter’s face, giving the blond bassist a quick grin.

“Looks like you were right.” Mike said as Peter closed the door behind Micky.

“Right about what?” Micky asked turning toward the door, his breath caught in his throat at the heated look in Peter’s eyes as the other man stepped up beside him.

“That you might be a little lonely and it’s no fun spending New Years Eve alone.” Peter said, placing his hands gently on Micky’s cheeks then leaned forward and pressed his lips softly against Micky’s.

Peter slanted his head to one side gently running his tongue across Micky’s bottom lip, silently asking for entrance. Micky sighed and closed his eyes as he opened his mouth and instantly felt Peter’s tongue slide in. Micky’s hands fisted in Peter’s shirt then his fingers slowly opened as his hands slid around the blond's waist as Peter’s tongue explored his mouth.

Moving his hands to Micky’s shoulders, Peter gradually deepened the kiss, at the same time being fully aware of when Mike stood and moved silently to his side. The blond flicked his tongue over the roof of Micky’s mouth, softly caressed the insides of his cheeks before stroking his tongue in and out of Micky’s mouth, imitating the intimate movements of sexual intercourse. Peter slowly opened his eyes, softly pulling Micky’s bottom lip in for one last gentle suck before breaking the kiss. Micky’s eyes fluttered open, gazing first at Peter, then at Mike with a slightly dazed look.


Mike smiled a lop sided grin. “Yeah, I know.” As he reached over, he clasped a hand behind Peter’s neck and pulled him forward. Micky watched as Mike fastened his lips to the blonds in a kiss that said more than words ever could about how the two actually felt about each other.

As Micky watched the heated exchange just mere inches away, he was surprised by a hand on the back of his neck pulling him into the kiss. Suddenly three tongues were dueling and darting into a mouth and pulling out again only to enter a different mouth.

Finally, Micky pulled away and, drawing a ragged breath, said “Well that’s a first; I’ve never been involved in a three way kiss before.”

Mike said, “There’s a first time for everything.” Looking at Micky while at the same time slipping a hand down to Peter’s rear and massaging his left buttock. Peter sighed in appreciation and turned lust filled eyes on Mike.

Reaching for his shirt, Mike looked pointedly at Micky as he shrugged out of it and began to unbuckle his belt. Taking the hint, Micky quickly pulled his shirt over his head and let it drop to the floor. As he unbuttoned his pants he noticed Peter reaching for the buttons on his shirt, only to be stopped by Mike’s voice.


Stepping out of his pants and kicking them to the side, Mike moved behind Peter and reached around and began to undo each button. He looked at a now naked Micky over the bassist's shoulder.

“I’ll get the top, you get the bottom.” Mike said, giving Micky a wicked grin.

As Micky knelt at Peter’s feet he came face to face with a huge hard on straining at the zipper on Peter’s pants. Glancing upwards, he saw that Mike already had Peter’s shirt off and was running his hands up and down Peter’s arms. Mike’s eyes were glued to Micky’s face as he placed an open mouthed kiss on Peter’s neck. Shifting his eyes to Peter’s face Micky saw that Peter was also watching him with a hungry look in his eyes.

Giving Peter a wicked smile that closely matched the one Mike had given him just seconds before, Micky began to unbuckle Peter’s belt. Once the belt was undone Micky ran his palm up Peter’s clothed erection causing the blond to moan in anticipation. Unbuttoning the button and rolling down the zipper, Micky pulled Peter’s pants to his knees, freeing his massive erection. As his pants fell to his ankles, Peter leaned back on Mike who wrapped his arms around the blond's waist, supporting him as Peter stepped out of his pants. Licking lips that felt suddenly dry, Micky placed a kiss on the front of each of Peter’s thighs, grinning as he watched his cock twitch.

Until now Peter had been basically quiet but feeling Micky’s fingers wrap around his throbbing member he groaned.

“Oh, yeah.”

As Micky stroked Peter’s erection he was amazed when it seemed to grow and pulsate in his hand. Even as he watched, a small bead of pre come appeared at the tip of the bluish purple head. Looking back up at Peter’s face, Micky leaned forward and ran his tongue over the top, picking up the pre come, watching as Peter’s eyes closed and his head fell back on Mike’s shoulder.

Peter’s mind completely shut down as Mike began to shift his hips in a side to side motion, rubbing his erection against the crack in Peter’s ass and the sinfully erotic feeling of Micky’s tongue exploring every inch of his shaft.

“Oh, fuck.” Peter whispered to which Mike chuckled and replied. “Don’t worry babe, we’ll get to that eventually.”

Still looking down over Peter’s shoulder, Mike groaned inwardly as he watched Micky’s tongue lick up one side of Peter’s huge erection, across the leaking head and down the other side. Peter began to tremble in his arms as Micky reached up with his free hand, rolling the hard sacks of Peter’s testicles in his fingers.

Wrapping his lips around the head of Peter’s cock, Micky almost came unraveled as Peter’s gravely voice reached his ears.

“Oh yeah…that’s it Micky, suck me…”

Micky attempted to grin around the cock in his mouth…
ask and you’ll receive…

Micky lowered his mouth as far as he could until he reached the point of almost gagging before bringing it back up and repeating the process. Peter began to gently thrust into the hot mouth wrapped around his cock and Mike moved his hands to Peter’s hips, gently stroking the quivering flesh.

He knew how “thrusty” Peter could get while receiving a blow job and he didn’t want the blond knocking the curly haired drummer on his butt.

Mike placed a hand on Micky’s head to get his attention.

“How bout we move this to the bed before Pete here melts into a big puddle.”

Standing up Micky lifted first one foot and then the other, bending his knees to get the kinks out, then moved to Mike’s bed and sat down. He watched as Peter lay down and stretched out on his back, clasping his hands behind his head. Mike had walked to his bed side table and pulled the top drawer open, taking a jar of Vaseline out.

“Wanna do the honors?” He asked, tossing the jar to Micky.

Peter turned his head towards Mike. “What are you going to do?”

“Oh I don’t know, thought maybe this time I might watch for awhile, who knows this might be interesting watching you get your brains screwed out.” He said as he stretched out next to Peter.

Peter grinned. “You’re such a pervert.” Mike’s smile just got wider as Peter lifted his legs bringing his knees close to his chest. Shifting his eyes back to Micky, Peter said in a seductively husky voice.

“You heard the man, fuck me.”

Unscrewing the lid, Micky dipped his finger in, coating it then applying the slippery jell to Peter’s puckered entrance. Peter gasped as Micky’s finger stroked over him, massaging him, then moaned in pleasure as the finger began to push its way inside. Peter’s eyes fluttered closed as Micky’s finger began a slow thrusting motion. Mike grasped Peter’s arms, pulling his hands out from under his head and guiding them to the brass headboard. Mike carefully watched his lover’s face as Peter’s fingers closed tightly around the vertical bars and Peter made a growling sound in the back of his throat when Micky replaced his finger with the head of his cock. Slowly pushing in until he was fully inserted, Micky groaned, amazed at how tight Peter was.

“Oh fuck, Peter…you feel so good.” Micky gasped as he pulled Peter’s legs tightly around his middle.

“Oh…you too.” Peter moaned, feeling Micky’s hands grasping his hips.

As Micky set a gentle rocking pace, Mike leaned over and flicked his tongue across Peter’s nipple before drawing it in and lightly sucking on it. Threading his fingers through the light dusting of hair on Peter’s chest, Mike moved his fingers to the other nipple, gently brushing his finger tips over it then gently squeezing. As Micky’s pace started to become more vigorous, Peter’s sporadic moans began to overlap into long drawn out gasps and groans.

Mike rested his head in the palm of his hand and watched Peter’s face as his lover slowly started to unravel. Seeing Peter in the throes of passion brought on by someone other then him was a bigger turn on then he could have ever imagined. Considering how protective he’d become of this blond passionate man, Mike was still amazed that he felt absolutely no jealousy seeing Peter flat on his back, getting the living day lights fucked out of him by their band mate. As Mike slipped off the bed, settling onto his knees he knew why he wasn’t jealous, Peter had told him time and again how much he loved him and Mike knew in his heart that there was no reason to doubt him.

Peter’s head started to restlessly rock from side to side when he felt Mike’s lips wrap themselves around the head of his cock, sucking him in. Seeing Mike’s head buried between Peter’s thighs, Micky groaned deep in his chest and his thrusting became more desperate.

As Micky’s thrusting motions nudged the head of Peter’s cock against the back of his throat Mike reached down and started to jerk himself, making sure his hand moved in time with Micky’s thrusts. He knew from past experience that the harder he sucked, the louder Peter would get and damned if he didn’t want to hear the blond’s final cries of completion echoing off the bedroom walls.

“Oh god…oh shit.” Micky rasped as his orgasm began to take over; he thrust in again and stiffened, holding Peter’s hips firmly against his. Emptying himself inside the blond, he watched through hooded eyes as Peter’s eyes rolled back in his head, arching his back and letting loose a loud shout that to Micky’s scrambled brain seemed to bounce from one wall to another.

After his breathing had returned to a some what normal state, Peter pushed himself into a sitting position with his back against the headboard, flexing his fingers as Micky crawled up to sit next to him. Mike settled on the bed on his other side, brushing his bare hip against Peter’s and tossing a now slightly damp shirt to the floor. As the distant pops of fireworks reached their ears, Peter wrapped an arm around each shoulder.

“Happy New Year, guys.”

“Happy New Year, Peter.”

“Happy New Year, babe.”


Reflections Merry Christmas, Micky