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"Getting Down and Dirty"

Title: Getting Down and Dirty

Author: Barrelracer

Pairing: Torksmith

Rating: NC- 17

Warning: Slight BDSM, M/M sex, rimming, hand job, all the good stuff

Summary: Mike has a little fun with Peter.

Disclaimer: I do not own the Monkees and do not claim that this ever happened.


Mike finished tying the last knot and stepped back, looking down at the man displayed so wantonly below him, his hands and feet bound to each corner of the bed. Peter’s hazel eyes gazed back at him, tinged with just a hint of nervousness. The blond slid his tongue over slightly dry lips and gently tugged at each of the ties binding his hands and feet, testing the strength of the knots.


Mike watched for a few seconds, then apparently satisfied, gave Peter a cocky smile while raising his hands to the buttons of his shirt. He knew that Davy and Micky had planned to spend the day with their respective girlfriends, which was a good thing because he had no intention of letting the two know of the secret rendezvous he and Peter had been  having for the past four months. This had also given Mike a chance to turn his carefully guarded fantasy about the blond into reality.      

Peter’s eyes widened slightly as the first button on Mike’s shirt popped through the hole, and watched with rapt attention as the guitarists nimble fingers moved to the next. A self satisfied smirk curled one corner of Mike’s lips as the blonds eyes became more and more glazed as the buttons continued sliding through each hole, revealing more of the dark curls lightly covering the smooth skin hidden underneath.  

When Mike’s hands at last moved to the button on his pants, Peter groaned inwardly, tugging more insistently and silently cursing the ties that kept his hands from reaching out to his lover. Mike kept his eyes on Peter’s face as he bent forward, pulling his pants down with one swift yank, luckily he’d thought to remove his boots and socks before they’d started.  

When he straightened back up, the smirk almost gave way to a groan. The look in Peter’s eyes as the other man gazed heatedly at Mike’s erection went straight to said erection, making the ridged length burn for the hot depths of Peter’s body.  He took a deep breath, trying to calm himself when what he really wanted to do at that moment was jump on Peter and pound him through the mattress. Mike watched as Peter’s caramel orbs followed the bead of Pre-come that had slowly slipped over the edge of the helmet shaped head and was currently leaving a wet trail down the underside of Mike’s shaft.

Peter’s tongue darted out over his lips again as he tugged at the ties in frustration.

Mike was bound and determined to drive him completely insane with need as his finger slowly inched up his cock, picking up the pre- come.

He moved closer and leaned over, dipping his finger into Peter’s mouth and felt his cock bounce off his belly as the soft tongue swirled around the digit.

“I’m gonna make you come Peter…over and over” Mike leaned closer, placing his mouth next to Peter’s ear, whispering “then, I’m gonna fuck you, fuck that tight, hot ass hard and fast”

Peter moaned around Mike’s finger, sucking at the long extension as his eyes rolled back at the promise in Mike’s words.

Mike made himself comfortable on the edge of the bed, leaning his upper body over one of Peter’s outstretched legs and propped himself up on his elbow while his head found a resting place in the palm of his hand. His eyes slowly roamed down Peter’s body, taking in the small beads of sweat that had begun to appear on Peter’s forehead and chest, even though the temperature in the room was a semi cool 70 degrees. Peter’s eyes had gone nearly black with lust and his sides slightly quivered with excitement.

Mike smiled; Peter had no idea of the ride he was in for he thought, as he started to run his hand up and down Peter’s leg and thigh feeling the slightly courser hair underneath his palm. Mike’s eyes continued their trek downward until they landed on the object that had always held a great deal of fascination for him, the part of him that Micky had, for some reason, dubbed “little Pete”. A dark look momentarily crossed the tall brunets’ face, if Micky had any inkling of how inappropriate the joke of a nickname actually was, the band would have been minus a drummer. As it were, the nickname didn’t come anywhere close to doing justice to the appendage that was at this moment forming a huge tent in the gift that Mike had given his lover earlier that morning.

Mike’s fingers grazed the soft skin just below the outline of Peter’s testicles. Peter had flushed a deep red when he’d opened Mike’s gift that morning, almost as red as the garment he was wearing now. Mike hadn’t been sure he’d wear it at first but Peter had given in.

The gift was little more than a triangular shaped scrap of material, shimmering red satin in the form of a g- string. The shinny bit of crimson barely covered Peter’s cock and balls, a fact that Mike was more than happy to note.  


Mike’s fingers made light brushes against Peter’s warm skin, going up then turning back just short of touching the needy bulge, Mike was almost positive the mushroom shaped head was nearly purple by now, even though he had yet to touch it. Mike smiled for the first time when Peter attempted to turn his hips in an effort to make contact with Mike’s stroking fingers. The blond would be begging before long.

“Michael, please”

Mike chuckled, there it was “Please what babe?” he asked, forcing a somewhat innocent tone to his voice as his fingers grazed the skin just below Peter’s balls.

“Touch me…fuck, please touch me”

“Like this?” Mike brushed the backs of his knuckles against the satin covered sacks. He almost broke out in a full grin when Peter let out a cross between a sob and a moan, trying to widen the “V” between his legs in an attempt to force his nuts more firmly against Mike’s fingers.

“Aww, now that’s not nice babe…I’m still in charge here, I think you need a little remindin’ of that fact. I think a spankin’ might do the trick”  

Peter tried to wrap his desire riddled mind around the last part of mike’s statement. Now, how was Mike supposed to spank him when he was ti…….

“AHHHHHH……” Peter’s head jerked up off the bed to gaze in complete shock at the man perched in a lazy looking heap between his legs. Mike smiled and brought his hand down again, confident that he’d gotten Peter’s attention. He smartly rapped the backs of his knuckles up Peter’s cock then down to his balls and back up again. Being careful not to cause any real pain but just hard enough to get the desired results.

Peter’s body twisted and bucked under the assault while incoherent moans tumbled from his mouth. His cock and balls throbbed under Mikes’ attentions while the most intense feelings of pleasure and pain combined zipped through his body, robbing him of all thought.

Mike’s cock was heavy and dripping with pre-come, he knew he wouldn’t last much longer without having to bury himself inside the writhing body on the bed. Peter’s huge cock had slipped free of its confines and stood straight up toward the ceiling, Pre-come flew off the engorged head, landing on the bed and Peter’s chest with each swat of Mike’s hand, the huge appendage visibly vibrating as the semi rough blows rained down. Peter’s moans were steadily becoming louder, both in pitch and in volume.

At the very last second Mike swept downward, swallowing Peter’s cock and sucked hard.

Peter nearly rose off the bed or as much as the ties would allow, loudly announcing his release as his orgasm swept over him and sent him toppling over the edge.      

Mike wiped the side of his mouth with a thumb as he sat up, watching as Peter’s chest rose and fell with each ragged breath. He turned and slid off the bed rising to stand next to one of Peter’s feet, loosening the tie and tossing it on the floor. He then moved to the other corner, setting the other foot free as well. Climbing back on the bed Mike moved up toward the V in Peter’s legs, running his hand up a hair covered leg and thigh. Taking the thin sides of the satin undergarment Mike began to pull it down over Peter’s legs, moving slowly giving the blond time to recover and giving the anticipation for what he planned next a chance to raise.       

Peter’s breathing had returned to a somewhat normal state by the time Mike once again draped himself over one of his legs, he had given Peter instructions to keep his legs spread and by the look in the tall guitar players eyes Peter had been more than happy to oblige. Mike’s own growing need had lessened a bit while he had concentrated on releasing Peter’s legs and stripping him of the bit of silky material but he knew it would return with a vengeance when he started with the next part of his plan.

Mike held the red fabric in his hand, letting the sides hang down. He watched the string thin ends slowly trail over Peter’s balls and up to the tip of the blonds’ limp cock, smiling when it gave a small twitch. He continued to gently tease the appendage until it was again standing straight up from the nest of blond curls.     

Peter’s breathing became slightly raspy as he watched Mike’s long fingers wrap the satin around his cock. Nor could he hold back the appreciative moan as the hand holding that satin began a slow up and down trek from the base of his cock to the tip and back again.  

He closed his eyes and moaned a little louder…and heard Mike’s amused chuckle.

“Ya like that huh?”

“Ummm, feels good”   

Mike watched as his hand moved on Peter, the ends still trailing down and gliding against the round sacks of Peter’s balls. His ears tuned into the sounds Peter was making, small moans intermittently interrupted by light gasps. A small glistening bead appeared in the slit and slowly slid over the head. Mike watched with rapt fascination until the bead disappeared into the material, leaving behind a tiny wet spot and he began to gradually increase the speed of his hand.

Peter’s hips jerked erratically against the steady movement of Mike’s hand.

“Come on Peter, let it out”     

Peter announced his fall into the abyss with a harsh groan, his back arched as warm wetness rained down on his stomach even as Mike continued to milk him dry.   

The bassists’ chest heaved heavily while Mike untied his hands, massaging the tired muscles in his arms and allowing him to rest. A few minutes later he had Peter change positions again, this time side ways on the bed, on his knees with his shoulders flat against the mattress. Peter lay with his head turned to the side, watching Mike move around behind him.

“Pull your ass cheeks apart babe”  

Peter did as requested but couldn’t help being a little embarrassed at having his anus so blatantly on display.

“Since ya seemed to like the first spankin’ so much I think I’ll give ya some more”

Peter moaned pressing his face into the mattress, Mike was getting way too much enjoyment out of tormenting him and besides, he didn’t think his balls or any other part of his anatomy could take much more. Then he jumped and yelped as Mike brought his hand down on his left ass cheek, right above his hand. Mike smoothed his hand over the faint red mark, soothing the sting then repeated the maneuver on the opposite cheek.

Mike delivered two more hard slaps to Peter’s rear end, listening to the sounds the blond uttered with each stinging blow. The soft gasps and moans falling out of Peter’s mouth was sending his libido into overdrive and his own cock was aching for a desperately needed release. Mike gave one last downward swing watching as his own erection bobbed and twitched when his hand connected with Peter’s ass.

His eyes moved back to the perfect ass in front of him, or more specifically to the needy puckered opening and the dangling bags a few inches below. He figured he could hold back just a little longer, there was something else that needed his undivided attention.

The Texan bent forward at the waist, placing his hands on the backs of Peter’s legs, just below his knees and leaned in, nuzzling his nose against Peter’s balls. Then he opened his mouth and sucked one of the round sacks inside, rolling it around on his tongue.

He  smiled around the warm skin when Peter let out a loud groan. He suckled, gently, feeling the velvet like smoothness gliding over his tongue and breathing in the musky scent of Peter’s body. He gave one last gentle lick to the ball in his mouth before turning his attention to the other, giving it the same treatment.

Peter shivered when he felt Mike’s tongue begin its trip up toward his hole and couldn’t contain the pleasured sob from escaping when the appendage lightly flicked over the small pucker.

Mike’s strong hands rubbed along the still dampened skin of Peter’s back while his tongue began its dirty dance at Peter’s entrance.

Peter’s hands pulled his cheeks further apart, silently begging for more and a string of “oh gods” started a continuous loop when he felt the warm wetness slip inside.

Mike’s head began to rotate in tiny circles while the tip of his tongue remained inside the ring of muscle, alternately flicking his tongue along the outer edges then driving deep into the warm smoothness of Peter’s inner walls. His hands slid down Peter’s back, past his hips to briefly rest on Peter’s hands then began a path even lower. Mike continued fucking Peter with his tongue while his hands made themselves busy on the blonds cock and balls.

The “oh gods” quickly gave way to loud groans and Mike knew without having to look that Peter’s eyes had rolled back in his head and his mouth had very likely fallen open. He switched between deep tongue fucks and full on licks to the now quivering opening, his hands massaging and stroking.

Mike ran his finger over the slit in Peter’s cock, feeling the moistness at the tip and began to pump faster as Peter’s voice took on a desperate tone; it wouldn’t be long before the bass player came undone for the third time.


Hot strings of seed began to spill out onto the bed and Mike cupped his hand, collecting as much as possible. He rose to his feet, slicking himself up with Peter’s cum and pushed inside before the last drops had fallen on the bed.

Grasping Peter firmly by the waist Mike began to thrust, moving in quick, hard strokes. The sound of flesh striking flesh was loud in the room, but nearly drowned out by Mike’s loud guttural groans and Peter’s soft wheezing moans.

Mike leaned forward placing one hand alongside Peter’s head and the other wrapped around his waist as he leaned over the blond, his hips continuing the deep penetrating thrusts.

Although Peter’s body was almost drained he began to rock back, meeting Mike’s thrusts, feeling that hard cock spearing into him again and again.

He drug his hand up, his fingers finding Mike’s cheek and feeling Mike’s lips moving against his ear.

“Fuck Pete…gonna cum….can’t hold it……”

Mike slammed his hips against Peter twice more then stilled, head thrown back, mouth open as ropes of hot cum jetted out deep into Peter’s body.

The bed slightly shifted as two bodies heavily slumped down on the mattress. Peter lay on his side facing Mike, both men still basking in their post orgasmic afterglow. Chocolate eyes gazed into clear hazel and a satisfied smile spread across Peter’s face as he wiped the sweat from Mike’s brow.

And, under the bed, a bit of red satin lay forgotten.