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"Free From All the Helpless Worry"



Title: Free From All the Helpless Worry
Author: Gondorbunny
Pairing: Torklenz
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Slashy sex and naughty words
Disclaimer: Do not own!
Summary: Micky gets the scoop on Mike's latest activities.
Author's Note: I was actually a bit surprised at first that my Monkee Muses wanted me to write the story this way, but the more I thought about it, the more it makes sense. Peter wouldn't keep secrets from Micky, and Micky is firm in his belief of Peter's love for him. Plus, for the events yet to come, these two really need to present a united front.

“So you spent some time with Mike today, huh?” Micky asked without preamble as he entered the bedroom that he and Peter shared.

Peter had been sitting up in bed, reading, the only illumination coming from three candles placed on his bedside table that softly illuminated the curves and angles of his naked torso. The rich, heady smell of incense was in the air, but Micky could still easily discern the underlying aroma of pot. Peter’s usual nightcap, after his milk and cookies, of course. Micky smiled internally at the endlessly enigmatic combination of innocence and hedonism that was Peter Tork.

As Micky approached and sat on the side of the bed, Peter marked his place in his book and laid it aside. He sat up further and looped both arms around Micky’s slender body, laying his head against his shoulder with a contented sigh. “Mm-hm” he murmured in answer to Micky’s question.

“Did he fuck you?” Micky asked quietly, keeping his voice carefully neutral. He knew that was likely what had happened, but he also trusted Peter’s word. Peter had said that his love for Micky was total and absolute, and Micky didn’t want Peter thinking that he doubted that. After all, what Mike had with Peter was based around sex and with Mike’s infatuation with Peter....nothing more than that.

However, Micky was left surprised when Peter said lazily, “No...Actually,
I fucked him.

“What??” Micky asked, his eyes wide as he pulled back to look Peter in the face. “As in you...”

“As in he asked me to fuck him,” Peter said simply, shrugging. “So I did. He really seemed to want it, and who was I to turn down an offer like that?”

Micky couldn’t help but smile a bit, though his mind was working over this bit of news, analyzing it. Why would Mike suddenly decide to let Peter do that? Or maybe it wasn’t a sudden thing...maybe it’s something that Mike had been mulling over for a long time? It was all quite puzzling, really. Was this maybe some new ploy of Mike’s to try to woo Peter away for good?

Oh come on, you’re getting entirely too suspicious, Micky ol’ boy, he cautioned himself. Mike’s a friend, and he respects our relationship. What happened last week...that was just me being paranoid. He would never consciously set out to take Peter away. What’s probably more likely is that Mike realized how good Peter was in the sack and wanted to try a bit of life on the other side of the sheets for a change. I can hardly blame him for that.

Still, despite this logical explanation, the undercurrent of unease still held. However, greatly overriding it was something a bit unexpected...Micky found that he was actually getting turned on by this whole scene.

His dark eyes twinkling with amusement, Micky asked, “So you popped Mike’s cherry, huh? How did he handle it?”

Peter gave Micky a sidelong glance. “You really want to hear about it?”

Micky nodded, realizing that yes, he really did want to hear about it. In fact, the more he thought about it, the hornier he was getting.

“Sure I do,” Micky said, his voice now taking on a low, purring tone as he pulled his shirt off over his head. “I want you to describe every detail, in fact.” Now his pants were joining his shirt on the bedroom floor as he unfastened them and kicked his way out.

Peter licked his lips as he started to catch the familiar vibrations of arousal that Micky was giving off. He couldn’t believe that Micky was getting hot over something like this, but true to his agreeable nature, Peter was more than happy to go with the flow.

“It might actually be easier to show you than to tell you,” Peter said now, his mild expression now giving way to one that was significantly more predatory as he slid open the bedside drawer and reached inside to grab the jar of Vaseline. He abruptly tossed the jar to Micky, who was so surprised that he juggled it temporarily before cradling it between his hands.

“I think you know what to do with that by now, don’t you?” Peter asked sweetly, as he slid his legs out from under the covers and moved closer to Micky. His cock was already fully erect, and Micky quivered with anticipation at the mere sight of it, the way he always did.

Swiftly unscrewing the cap on the jar, Micky wasted no time in dipping out a generous amount of jelly and then kneeling in front of Peter, using both hands in slow, sensual motions to grease up the full length of his lover’s shaft.

Peter made a low, throaty sound of approval as he plunged his hands into Micky’s soft curls, pulling his head forward into a series of deep, languid kisses. Instantly, Micky reciprocated, twining his tongue busily around Peter’s. He left off massaging Peter’s cock and instead slid his arms around Peter’s body, sliding questing palms over his hips, and then around to that beautifully sculpted ass. He paused to give Peter’s buttocks a brief, playful squeeze, and then slipped his hands up to cradle his lower back, pressing his hips forward into his own as their kissing grew more and more passionate.

Unable to resist any longer, Peter put slight pressure on Micky’s body, attempting to lower him onto his back, and was mildly surprised as Micky resisted him.

“No,” Micky said as their lips parted. “I want you to be the the one to lie down this time, Peter.”

His eyes alight with arousal, Peter slowly reclined without a word, reaching back to pull several pillows beneath his head to prop himself up slightly as Micky straddled him. Peter wrapped both hands around Micky’s slim waist, both guiding and encouraging as Micky slowly began lowering himself onto Peter’s erection.

“Oh Micky...Oh, hell yeah...” Peter murmured hotly, sucking in breath as Micky slid onto him inch by inch, wrapping him in that deliciously constricting heat.

Micky chewed at his lower lip, his brow furrowed in a combination of pain and concentration. Dear god, Peter felt even larger than usual from this angle, but at the same time it felt so incredibly good that Micky continued his slow downward slide without hesitation.

Soon Micky had taken Peter’s full length, with his buttocks comfortably seated in the hollows of Peter’s hipbones. Peter gazed up at him, his eyes heavy-lidded and slightly glassy as Micky began to carefully rock himself in a smooth, steady rhythm.

“So did Mike like it?” Micky asked, his voice slightly strained as he moved. “Did he like having your big cock up his ass, Peter? Did he?”

Purring deep in his throat, Peter ran his hands restlessly up and down Micky’s thighs. “Oh yeah...He loved it. He took every single inch of it, too. I was impressed.”

Micky shivered with arousal at Peter’s words and the deep, resonant sound of his voice. “Yeah? Did he come?”

“Twice,” Peter confirmed, causing Micky to raise his eyebrows in mild surprise.

“Twice, huh? That
is impressive. You must have really been good.” He paused and hissed in a quick breath as Peter’s cock made glancing contact with his prostrate.

“Mmmm....Aren’t I always?” Peter asked, his tone taking on a smoothly seductive edge, his tawny eyes picking up the glimmer from the flickering candles.

“Oh god yes,” Micky almost moaned in reply. As his excitement and tension grew, his pace began to pick up. Damned if Peter couldn’t unravel him quicker than anyone else he had ever been to bed with. It was incredible.

Peter was thinking the same thing about Micky as he felt his own release churning within him. This afternoon with Mike had been really something. Taking someone’s virginity...be it man or woman...had never been an event that Peter had taken lightly. He always treated each time as a gift that was being given to him, and Mike had been no exception. It was a fascinating contrast to see the same man who was usually so cool and controlled completely putting his trust in someone’s else’s hands. Peter hoped that it had been an experience that would remain with Mike for the rest of his life.

What he had with Micky was different, though. He only had to look into those adoring, passion-filled eyes to know exactly where he belonged. Mike might mean fun and excitement, but Micky meant home.

“Micky....oh god....” Peter groaned as he knew his orgasm was imminent. His hands dropped to the bed on either side of him, grabbing up handfuls of the sheets. “Keep going, man...Don’t stop....Oh god...”

Then Peter bucked his hips up hard, almost throwing Micky off of him. Micky managed to hold on, however, and merely sat watching his lover in silence as he came, relishing every sight and sound as if it were his first time experiencing them.

Still on a physical and emotional high from his climax, Peter suddenly grasped Micky hard by the waist and pulled him off of his softening cock.

“Come here,” Peter purred softly, guiding Micky forward until Micky was straddling his chest, and Peter was encouraging him to slide his cock between his lips.

“Ohhhhh.....” Micky groaned as Peter swallowed him to the root. He leaned forward to grasp the headboard of the bed, his body trembling with tension as he was sucked off so exquisitely. “Oh baby....yeah....yeah, Peter...that’s it...”

Then Micky’s entire body went rigid as his own release slammed through him with walloping force. He let out a sharp cry that tapered off into a low moan as he was completely and skillfully drained.

Then Micky was rolling off to the side to embrace Peter, and they kissed softly. “Love you,” Peter whispered against Micky’s lips, before cuddling deeply into the other man’s body.

Micky rested his cheek against the top of Peter’s head, catching a lingering whiff of shampoo and the ever-present patchouli.

Mike might have your body every now and then, and he might have your friendship forever...if he’s smart, that is...Micky thought as he closed his eyes contentedly. But I can accept that, because he will never have your heart. If I was never a hundred percent sure of that before, I am now.










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